Tiffany Dover, nurse, fainted after taking vaccine jab


This is the link to nurse Tiffany Dover. The pics below showed her getting her vaccine jab,  feeling giddy after talking to the media, and as she stood up to walk away, she fainted. She recovered a while later to explain that she had fainting records.



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Anonymous said...

It appears damage control is out in full force.

Why did they choose someone with a history of fainting spell to do the advertisement, with three cameras for the shoot. Or was the fainting spell an invention after the event in order to cover up someone's arsehole? A stern warning or some fragrant grease is enough to make her say what they wanted her to say.

If the US President can lie with no responsibility, what harm does a little lying by a nurse can do to the nation?

1984 George Orwell said...

It is not logical for someone who knows that she has a fainting problem for a long time to volunteer and be selected for this video shooting. I am sure they would havd checked her medical records before selecting her (one out of 330 million people) for the snake oil sales publicity stunt, that backfired very badly.

All the excuses now being poured out are purely for damage control. However, a substantial amount of damage has already been done.

They can try to cover up by using all sorts of excuses but the damage is not recoverable.

Anonymous said...

It is blatantly illogical for her to have been chosen if they knew she already has a history of fainting. After all, it has already been warned that the Pfizer vaccine should not be administered to people with latent illnesses.

Knowing this warning, they should have checked her medical records, even if she had volunteered. I don't buy the fainting history story. That is for damage control. It does not add up!

Anonymous said...

White Men spoke with Fork-tongue and Fox-brain and Wolf-teeth, all the better to eat YOU, My Dear!

SSO said...

GCT uploaded a photo on his Facebook page showing “the custom-made mask to hold my head absolutely still while the machine zapped the bad spot on my larynx. No swallowing as it zapped. I focused on my breathing and the present – a little bit of mindfulness.”

"The procedure was all over in a matter of minutes.”

“One down, 19 more to go,” he added.

He wrote in his Facebook page last week that he needs a total of 20 radiation therapy sessions.

Why so many radiations? Is it cancerous?

Cancer of the larynx is a very serious matter at his age. Karma catching up?

Is it due to talking too much? Tall too much unnecessary things? Such as making too many promises that he didn't keep?

A few examples:

1. Swiss Standards of Living - this is the most glaring and disappointing one. Worst of all, only the Ministers achieved the Swiss Standards of Living. In fact, it's Out-Of-This-World Standards of Living. Heavenly Living!

2. More good years, or good ears? Neither has been achieved. In fact, it was more bad years down the road until now, for the masses.

3. Growing old graciously - by picking cardboards and empty drink cans as a form of physical exercise or selling tissue papers? Or washing toilets and washing plates and bowls at coffee shops?

4. ERP is to replace the Road Tax, that is still being conveniently and happily collected after 30 years,

5. Return your CPF savings at age 55 years old. What has happened now? Not only refused to return but keep delaying by shifting the goal posts. The scheme up compulsory insurance policies and forced you to buy so as to deplete whatever money you have left in your savings by using the premiums to siphon them off annually until it runs dry.

6. Asset enhancements for your HDB leasehold flat that will end up zero value at the end of lease and has to return it to HDB, the biggest landlord of the land.

7. World Cup 2000, came and gone 20 years ago.

8. Many more.....

Whether it's due to karma or not, he was once our PM, albeit a seat-warming one for 14 long years.

Wish him well. Wish that he recovers speedily. Hope it is not cancer. Pray for him.

May God have mercy on him and help him in his time of needs!