Malaysian Political Intrigues In A Nutshell

 SSO said... Malaysian Political Intrigues In A Nutshell

Malaysia has lost its direction. The present leadership is very weak.

The coalition of political parties to hold power by sharing power seldom work well. It is uncanny and strange that it can still hold together.

I think the Malaysian King (Sultan) is behind all the manipulations. He simply cannot and does not want to give consent to Anwar to ascend to the Premiership.

The fact that Anwar has received a royal pardon, and accepted it so willingly, means that Anwar cannot now claim that he was not guilty of sodomy, which he has been trying to do so even after being convicted for the second time. As such, in the King's eye, Anwar cannot be allowed to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He is taboo. Anyone else is still better than him.

Sodomy is taboo in Malay and Muslim tradition and culture. Public officials cannot commit the crime and still hold political leadership office. This is the bottom line. This has sealed the fate of Anwar Ibrahim's ambition to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia forever. Even Anwar himself could have realized it. That's why he looks so agonized and desperate.

UMNO is trying very hard to make a comeback. It can only do so by making all ruling party leadership and administration look weak and directionless, as it is at present.

In addition, for UMNO to return to power, Najib Razak's 1MDB fiasco has to be quickly done with. The 1MDB fiasco has tarnished UMNO irreparably. The longer this fiasco drags on, the more difficult it is for UMNO to return to power. Therefore, it has no choice but to go for second options, which is to become the puppet master, pulling the strings from behind and above the screen. This is what it is doing now. This is what it can and will do for the time being, into the uncertain future.

As the present unassuming PM is doing just nice, not too good but also not too bad. UMNO has to jump onto his bandwagon and ride along as a free-rider, as well as the puppet master.

PAS is eager to be involved in the governing, if given a chance because for the past donkey years that it was in existence, it has never been able to hold any governing positions. This time around, it is going to make inroads into the Malaysian governing body, so that it can at least be a factor to be reckoned with. Therefore, it will sleep in bed with any other political party that has the best chance to form the government, except Anwar's party. Because, as an Islamic party, it cannot openly be seen as condoning and supporting someone who has been convicted of sodomy twice. However, if Anwar is out of the way, PAS may also consider an alliance with PKR.

Going forward, as long as Anwar is the leader of PKR, there is very slim chance for it to gain enough votes to form the next Malaysian government. His wife would have done better, as she has shown while Anwar was in jail.

I, therefore, venture to predict that UMNO will eventually rule Malaysia again.

Old habits die hard. After 60 years under UMNO rule, the majority of Malaysians have become used to its style of governing. At least about half of the Chinese and Indian voters prefer UMNO than PKR or any other parties to be the government. Especially so after the collapse of Dr Mahathir's second premiership, due to his own idiosyncrasies and a series of miscalculations, culminating in his own resignation, a very costly self-snooks-self misadventure. From that day onwards, Dr Mahathir's time is up. No matter how he tries now, very few Malaysian voters would want to give him a third chance to be in power again. He is spent.

In conclusion, Malaysia is now in the crossroads of political re-orientation, re-alignment and re-adjustments. It will take at least another five years for things to straighten out. This is a very trying time. It will take a trying premier to try whatever he can try, in order to disentangle the mess in the whole political system of Malaysia.

SSO - 5th December, 2020


Anonymous said...

After 50 years of NEP, what have they achieved in developing the country other than throwing spanners into any projects to cripple them. So many big projects that could boost the economy were destroyed. Investors built projects to sell to make money.

After project completion, they changed the laws and said cannot sell, project stalled.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, 50 years of NEP has helped the UMNO political leaders and cronies reaped fortunes by the millions and some even billions. The name NEP was new, but the purpose is not new.

Suffice to say, the NEP is to help the UMNO politicians past and present, get rich and the rich get richer, not the poor being lifted out of poverty, as that was the original purpose. That is something Malaysians, especially Chinese and Indians, have to 'Tang Ku Ku' or 'Tunggu Lama Lam' or what to say in Hindu?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China has announced that they have wiped out poverty in 2020.This is what a people centred govt is all about. More than 800m Chinese lifted out of poverty by the CCP. They are now living quite comfortably and with dignity, with time for leisure and pursuit of happiness.

And the evil gangsters in Washington everyday tried to condemn the CCP. What have the gangsters and their party did for the American middle class, forget about the poor getting poorer. The American middle class are getting poorer by the day and many have to live on charity and food banks. The Chinese people are getting richer while the Americans are getting poorer.

The Chinese people have never had it so good in their lives and the CCP can count on 90% of support from the Chinese people. The handful of traitors in China that are working for the evil Americans, many have fled and would not dare to return.

More traitors would be arrested in Hong Kong with the new laws against sedition and treason and for undermining national security.

Anonymous said...

Poor Anwar. After the spat with Mamak Kutty, going to jail, receiving blackeyes, jailed a second time, he has lost lots of opportunities. He has through his years fighting and landing in jail, all but missed the gravy train. He probably is not even rich, maybe moderately, but way behind some of the UMNO leaders in financial pecking.

Now, even the PM's seat is beyond his reach. In terms of capability he seems more sensible and smarter than the present seat warmer, but still lost out to Mamak. But then who could have envisioned the seat warmer becoming PM through the back door. Even Mamak could not foresee this coming. Or was it all engineered by Mamak to prevent Anwar ascending the throne? Mamak was almost cornered into giving up his seat due to repeated calls by many.

All this now puts back the advantage into UMNO's hand. Ya, UMNO will be back for another 60 years of NEP. No need to wait for the resolution of Najib's IMDB scandal or Najib's presence. Could be back by the next election. We'll see!

SSO said...

Is Anwar Ibrahim Really That Smart?

Let me tell you what I think.

1. The fact the Anwar got kicked out by the then PM Mahathir, when he was his DeputY PM, showed that he was not smart after all.

Rule No 1 - Never make your boss so angry with you until he has to kick you out.

2. The fact that Anwar got charged and convicted for sodomy (1st count) and got black-eyed in the prison, showed that he was not so smart after all.

Rule No 2 - When you are in deep shit, do not give those around you a chance to take advantage of your predicament and screw you up.

3. The fact that Anwar got charged and convicted for the same offence (sodomy) a second time, showed that he was not only not smart after all but also an extremely careless and
weak person.

Rule No 3 - Never be found wanting and get caught for the same mistake a second time, because the first time can be given benefit of doubt but the second time removes all doubts. Even if he has been framed, as he claimed, the second sodomy charge sticks to him like a leach throughout the rest of his life.

4. The fact that Anwar had accepted, and even rejoiced at, the Agong's pardon, shows that he is not only stupid, but very stupid. Whoever had helped him to get the Agong's royal pardon had actually wanted him to be destroyed completely. A pardon is not the same as a vindication. When you accept a pardon, it means you have accepted that you are guilty and therefore wanted to be pardoned for what you have done. A vindication means you are not guilty and you have been cleared of the wrong conviction.

Rule No 4 - If you want to clear your name, never accept a forgiveness or a pardon from anybody, irrespective of whether He is God or King. It you do so, you are forever condemned as a guilty person in the eyes of the world.

So, for those who still thinks that Anwar is smart, think again.

Anwar has dug his own grave by being carelessly over-confident and as a result over-stepping on many big toes that count in his political life. That is sheer stupidity of a politician-wanna-be.

Not say I want to say, but I just must simply say so from my heart.

SSO - 8 Dec 2020.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I read it differently. From day one till now, Mahathir wanted to be PM all the time. No one stood a chance, not even Anwar. It was always Mahathir's call and he would not give up even now. He still wants to be PM today.

Anwar presented Mahathir the chance to take him down and out.

SSO said...

You are correct to perceive it that way.

Mahathir initially had thought Anwar would be an obedient lieutenant to him, doing his bidding as a DPM and then become a seat-warmer PM, just like Wooden-Head, to hand over the Premiership to his son, because his son was then too young and inexperienced to become PM. However, Anwar was not what Mahathir had at first thought he was.

Anwar was too impatient and was moving too fast and tried to outshine Mahathir in his economic development plans. That was a big mistake.

How can he be trusted to be just a seat-warmer? Not possible. So, from then Mahathir made up his mind to get rid of Anwar as a political threat forever. And he finally succeeded.

Even after trying out Abdullah and Najib as seat-warmers, Mahathir's son is still not in a good position to be the next PM. So, Mahathir has to, by hook or by crook, take unto himself to be the PM in order to ensure that his son will be the next PM.

But now, everything is history. Mahathir is finished. Therefore, his son is also finished, unless a miracle can happen.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree, Mahathir is finished this time. Anwar doesn't trust him, UMNO also doesn't trust him, no one trusts him. But he still thinks of becoming PM.

Why? He needs to protect his family fortune. If he is gone, his family will come under investigation and risk losing all the billions they have accumulated. He needs the power, to be PM, to do that.

Unfortunately, ill gotten gained will not last and will have to be returned. This is why die die, even about to die, still wants to stay in the PM seat.

How to account for having so much money? Want to hide the money also cannot hide, overflowing everywhere.

Anonymous said...

"How to account for having so much money? Want to hide the money also cannot hide, overflowing everywhere."

Sounds the same in Singapore?

Singaporeans are little bit smarter. Eat already, knows how to wipe the mouth clean.

However, at the end of the day, the tortoise's legs will eventually crawl out. If there is a strong and upright new party to form the government, all stones will be overturned to see what's underneath. All the dirts are sure to come out.

In fact, things are starting to get ugly already. Only the Emperor does not know he has no clothes on. Some more keep provoking public unhappiness about his dirty linens.