Asean - Can Asean look after its own security and territory?

 The Americans are planning to take over the India Ocean and western Pacific Ocean as part of the American Empire by creating a First Fleet of American warships to patrol and control the region bounded by the two oceans. This aggressive expansionist move by the Americans have been met with silence from the Asean states that are about to come under a new Imperial power, to be subjugated into semi colonies of the American Empire. This is not a rumour.  The new temp Secretary of Defence, Christopher Miller, has confirmed the plan and its execution.

The fate of the Asean states are as good as sealed. Their seas around them would be patrolled and controlled by the American First Fleet, to protect them and keep them safe, from who? Not the Americans of course, as the Americans are the protectors, the Empire and they are now part of the Empire.

Why is it that the region needs to be protected by the American Empire? Who is going to invade and colonise the Asean countries? China? China had never done that even during the peak of its naval power in the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th Century under the Ming Dynasty. The Chinese Fleet under the command of Admiral Zheng He came, visited the region and as far as Africa but never attack or colonise any of the Asean countries that were then very small kingdoms at best. They were not nation states like we know today, no Malaysia or Indonesia but scattered islands with their village or tribal chiefs.

Only in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries when the European colonial powers came were the islands and land in the region conquered and colonised and became colonies of the white men. Asean countries only became independent nation states after WW2 when they were given independence, some fought for it, by the white colonial powers. Now another white colonial power is coming in, raising a strawman in China as the aggressive power wanting to colonise the Asean states and walked in as the new Imperial or Colonial power of the region. Yes, the white men are going to colonise and rule the Asean region again on the pretext that the Asean countries are incapable to looking after themselves and needed their protection militarily, with warships and gunboats.

Are the Asean countries unable to protect themselves and need become American protectorates? Is China really a threat, wanting to conquer and take over the Asean states? Or is the same white wolf, now in sheep skin, is the real threat and marching in to take over control of the region? What is the truth? Who is the real aggressor and expansionist power wanting to control the region?

The earlier colonial powers had come and left. The American Empire came and had stayed in South Korea and Japan.  They wanted to stay on in Vietnam but were driven out after a long protracted and destructive war in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. They are still clinging to their bases in South Korea and Japan, refusing to give up the bases, and with agreements with these two semi colonies that in times of war, both their armed forces would come under the command of the American Commander in Chief. The Americans based the HQ of its Seventh Fleet in Yokosuka, Japan.

It was a stroke of good luck that the Philippines were able to dislodge the American bases from their country. Now some quarters in the Philippines are toying with the idea of reinviting the Americans to set up their bases there again. This time if it happens again, they can forget about the Americans leaving again. 

Would Asean countries meekly accept the fate that the American Empire is coming in to rule over them, to be their protector, that they cannot look after their own defence against a fictitious enemy created by the Americans? Once the First Fleet is formed and moved into the region, Asean would be forever 'safe' as protectorates of the American Empire. They would be as safe as the Afghans with Australian soldiers running wild in their land, and as safe as Libya, Iraq and Syria, with their new colonial masters, the Americans.

Who in Asean would dare to stand up to oppose the American military presence in the region? Which country would dare to say no now that the Americans have officially declared that they are coming in, like they are flirting in the South China Sea?

Who is the threat to Asean independence, self ruled and neutrality? Some American cronies would not mind being ruled by the Americans for sure. As they said, silence is consent.  The Americans have flown the balloon to test the reaction of Asean states and the signal they are getting is that it is ok to take over the region as part of the American Empire. The Americans would soon be here to dominate the Asean countries and region.

Did the Asean countries remember who invaded them, who colonised them, who plundered and looted their countries, who robbed off their dignities as human beans? Did Vietnam remember who did carpet bombing in their country, who sprayed Agent Orange on their land? Did the Philippines remember who massacred their forefathers? What about Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar etc etc?


Anonymous said...

Aside from the Japanese invasion, who else has coveted ASEAN all these centuries?

China came to SEA much earlier than the Whites but have not stolen an inch of ASEAN soil.

The British and Portuguese came and took over Malaya, the Dutch took care of Indonesia, the French invaded Vietnam, the Spanish and later the Americans took over the Philippines.

So, it can be seen that ASEAN cannot look after it's own security and needs the White thieves, who were the main culprits, to tell us so, and it was the White thieves that now says China is trying to take over territories in ASEAN. ASEAN needs the White thieves protection. How ironic!

Now we can understand why the Red Indians say that 'White men speak in forked tongues'. The wisdom of the old never fails to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Who to blame, white men that spoke with forked tongues or unable to think Asean leaders?

Anonymous said...

It is not that ASEAN leaders are unable to think, but as poodles, they have to obey their master.

Duterte seems at first the one that was thought to use his head to think, and tried to disobey his master by leaning towards China, but just a veiled threat and he has now lost all his firepower. As he himself said so, because of his disobedience, he may not survive the CIA.

Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were chickens slaughtered to teach the poodles to behave. Who else in ASEAN wants to be next in the slaughterhouse? Remember the threat from the devil - You are either with us or against us.

1984 George Orwell said...

ASEAN is now under the umbrella of China, economy-wise, once the RCEP was signed.

Militarily, since the Evil Empire is still having the Superpower, it will flex its military muscles every now and then. But this is going to change.

China will be the one that will have to flex its military muscles, to show to ASEAN that it can replace the Evil Empire as their protector. So far, China has yet to flex its military muscles and so the chicken ASEAN countries are not sure whether China can protect them or not.

In order to protect the leaders of ASEAN against the Evil Empire, China must be able to counter the threats of CIA because it is CIA's murderous covert operations and regime-change tactics that are feared by the ASEAN leaders.

How to get rid of the CIA's threats? That is a grillion dollars question. The is the headache of Xi Jinping.

Anonymous said...

It is China building up it's military for defensive purposes that has been construed and interpreted by the USA as a threat, and given them the opportunity to propagate the Chinese positioning as a threat to other Asian countries as well. China has to balance it's stand, as being too dormant equates to weakness, and being too eager to confront as a threat.

The RCEP agreement on trade is a good opportunity for China, using soft power to lead the Asia Pacific Nations for regional growth. Needless to say, this is an affront to the USA and India and is another reason why the USA is going all out to counter the grouping.

This RCEP trade grouping is also a very significant sign why countries, like Japan and South Korea, all hardcore allies of the USA, are now realizing the importance of joining the grouping. It is to their advantage to engage with China, seeing that the USA is mothing into an anti globalization and mutating into a self isolation position. And the fact that Trump could unilaterally tear up trade agreements is not what the Japanese and South Koreans want to see.

For the grouping to thrive, they must never invite the devil into joining up. That will spell trouble. It is easy to invite the devil into the house, but getting rid of it is going to be very very difficult when it starts to wreck havoc. The world has seen the havoc the devil had inflicted on the global economic system.

Anonymous said...

Hello RB, you talk about ASEAN countries becoming " colonies " of the aggressive American policies. Why haven't you mention anything about the US navy based in Singapore. Very delicately avoided this fact.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 11:09pm,

Is that so? How come I didn't know about it?

Singapore is an independent state and would not become a colony of any country, not the USA, not India. Well at least that is what I was told. Singapore has principles and can punch above its weight.

We have the best talents in the MFA. Just listen to Bilahari you will know how independent Singapore is. Damn garang, not scare of any big powers.