Covid19 - Xi Jinping and China save the world from this virus

If China had not detected or identified this virus... Yes, if China's scientists in charge of monitoring and prevention of contagious diseases were not alert, thought this was just another flu and passed it off like the Americans after the outbreak at Fort Dettrick and the numerous American deaths months before the outbreak in Wuhan, what would have become of the world? China not only detected this hideous and deadly virus, they even identified and determined its genome sequence and shared it with the world through WHO. If these were not done, and China did it very quickly, in less than a couple of months from first breakout to come to the conclusion that this is a very infectious and deadly virus, the number of infections and death today would be horrendous not only in China but the whole world.  China would be crippled with millions of Chinese infected and dead and the whole country under lockdown and the rest of the world would not fare any better.

China has saved the world from this man made disaster originated from Fort Dettrick, USA. The timing, the location of this outbreak and the deadliness of the virus were all hallmarks of a sinister plot in biological warfare. With a stroke of good luck, brilliance and conviction and good leadership, China had this virus under control within months though registering more than 80,000 cases, a very big number then when the rest of the world had practically nothing and the evil West were grinning and laughing in condemnation of China while quietly celebrating their success in this evil plot against humanity,  a crime against civilisation.

With so many evidence and records that the virus was already spreading in the USA, Fort Dettrick was closed down and many Americans dead, but simply and casually, intentionally written off as common flu, speak a lot about the intent of the Americans. They are the best, they are the best in everything! How come they could so simply, foolishly, negligently, or intentionally brush aside this deadly and infectious virus as common flu and people who died from it as simply from unknown causes, no need to look further, case closed? And it took a much and supposedly less advanced country in medicine and science, China, to be alert enough, sensitive enough and conscientious enough and responsible enough to dig into this outbreak to confirm that it is something new and very dangerous. Mind you, when it was unknown, with very few cases, many scientists might miss it, might not act so quickly to look into it to arrest it.

Intentional or not, the Americans and western countries did not have a clue about this virus until China told the world about it. It is possible that the Europeans, equally as advanced with many experts in infectious diseases, were still unaware of it, still sleeping, caught off guard, but not the Americans. They had to close down Fort Dettrick, an obvious indication that something very serious was going on. They had many cases of death from it, but chose not to do anything about it, even callously blamed it on vaping, can you believe that?

With the Americans not wanting to know, not wanting to talk about this virus, and if China was slow to react, to detect and confirm this new Covid19, what would the world be like now, today? 

China saved the world, saved this civilisation but conveniently blamed by the evil white men as the cause of this deadly disease instead of being appreciated and to thank for. When is the western controlled political organisation called Nobel Peace Prize going to award a medal to the Chinese scientists for discovering and identifying this virus? When are they going to give Xi Jinping a peace prize for saving the world with his decisive, tough no nonsense order to lock down Wuhan and Hubei Province just prior to Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner? 

Instead they would likely to  present a peace prize to the leaders of warmongering countries for starting wars and fighting wars and killing innocent people by hundreds of thousands. Obama had dropped more bombs than any American presidents in the Middle East and killing so many innocent Arabs and Muslims and was found deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize even before he did anything. The next candidate would likely be Trump or Pompeo, the two evil warmongers planning to start WW3. Trump would probably outdo Obama if he stays for another term in the White House, or no need to, he is going to do it soon?

More reports and confirmation that Covid19 virus were already spreading outside China before Wuhan are coming out. Here is a report by Bloomberg, 1 Dec 20, on the virus appearing in the USA at about the same time as in Wuhan.

(Bloomberg) -- Testing has found Covid-19 infections in the U.S. in December 2019, according to a study, providing further evidence indicating the coronavirus was spreading globally weeks before the first cases were reported in China.

The study published Monday identified 106 infections from 7,389 blood samples collected from donors in nine U.S. states between Dec. 13 and Jan. 17. The samples, collected by the American Red Cross, were sent to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for testing to detect if there were antibodies against the virus.

“The findings of this report suggest that SARS-CoV-2 infections may have been present in the U.S. in December 2019, earlier than previously recognized,” the paper said....

The revelations in the paper by researchers from the CDC reinforce the growing understanding that the coronavirus was silently circulating worldwide earlier than known, and could re-ignite debate over the origins of the pandemic.

It’s not the first evidence showing the virus could have existed or infected people outside China before 2020. A patient in France was found to have contracted the virus after being hospitalized with flu-like symptoms at the end of December, contradicting official statistics showing Covid-19 reached the country from people returning from Wuhan at the end of January.

The CDC study indicated there were isolated infections in the western part of the U.S. in mid-December. Antibodies were also found in early January in other states before the virus was known to have been introduced to those places.


A study by the National Cancer Institute of Milan found the novel coronavirus in blood samples collected in October 2019, and research led by the University of Barcelona showed the presence of the virus in samples of sewage in Barcelona in March 2019.

This is irrefutable proof that COVID-19 does not originate in Wuhan. China merely was the first country to discover the coronavirus.


SSO said...

How do you explain those US Naval personnel having been infected by COVID-19 in their aircraft carriers and warships when they have been out at sea for months, without setting foot on land, during the time (Jan to March 2020) when China was having a hard time trying to contain the spread of the virus?

Where did the US Navy's personnel got the COVID-19 virus from?

Anonymous said...

Oily Pompeo would oink oink, 'China beamed the virus into the American ships in high seas.'

And Trump would say the Chinese miraculously sent the virus through the phone lines to the ships out at seas.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese have vaccinated more than a million people with their vaccines with no side effects.

These 3 western vaccines only tested on a few hundred or a handful of thousand candidates and they declared that they are safe and quickly want to sell them to the world and many gullible suckers rushing in to be infected and killed.

SSO said...

China"s National Space Administration has announced that the Chang'e-5 Lander-Ascender Module touched down on the lunar surface near the peak of Mons Rumker.

This is a mountain in the Oceanus Procellarum (Ocean of Storms) region of the Moon.

According to Chinese scientists, the area’s soil is several billion years old, and the study of samples retrieved from this zone will help scientists to gain a better understanding of how the Moon was formed.

Anonymous said...

History is going to be rewritten when China's taikongnauts landed on the moon and found no traces that the Americans were there. The Chinese would then become the first man to land on the moon.

Anonymous said...

China's message to Australia: "The Chinese people endorse a philosophy that does not intensify conflicts and cherishes peace. But Australia has been excluded from this philosophy by the Chinese people. Australia treats China's goodwill with evil. It is not worthy to argue with it. If it does not want to do business with China, so be it. Its politics, military and culture should stay far away from China - let's assume the two countries are not on the same planet .

As a warhound of the US, Australia should restrain its arrogance. Particularly, its warships must not come to China's coastal areas to flex muscles, or else it will swallow the bitter pills."

Anonymous said...

Australia is an arrogant white dog in Asia and needs to be taught a painful lesson to behave like a decent country.

Anonymous said...

New war crimes twitter cartoon for Australia : APOLOGIZE !!

1984 George Orwell said...

Twitter on Tuesday rebuffed Australian calls to remove a Beijing official’s incendiary tweet targeting Australian troops, as China doubled down on criticism in the face of mounting international condemnation.

Anonymous said...

China complained about Oz media, politicians,think tanks and academics maigning them in a bias way, Oz dismissed it as freedom of speech for liberal democracy. One tweet from a low level Chinese official, obviously trolling, triggered an out of proportion response from the PM as repugnant,offensive and belittling China which should be ashamed. Suddenly that cherished freedom of speech no longer applies?

Anonymous said...

You forgot Singapore bananas are whites.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Banana Leeders make their political party's uniforms White-White in order to imitate the Whites and to serve as a signal to their White Masters that they are pro-Whites and anti-China. This started since 1959.

At one stage Singapore Chinese were banned from visiting China. I still keep my old passport that has a stamping that said I am prohibited from visiting China and a few other countries.

Anonymous said...

The illusion that worshipping the whites stands for the good side is well ingrained in the minds of humanity.

The world had been brainwashed for centuries that anything linked to white stands for righteousness and anything black is to be despised.

Angels are always in whites. Religious leaders of the West are always in white robes to denote purity and goodness. Yellow bananas tried very hard to pretend they are whites to be looked up to. And of course we know what white stands for in Red Dot.

Black or dark are always denoted in the negative sense. A black list denotes bad people. A black mark against anyone means that person is a flawed character. Even diseases have black names like the 'Black Plague' or 'Black Death'. And what of the 'Dark Ages'? Why not called all these using the colour 'white'?

1984 George Orwell said...

We shall from now on call the COVID-19 as the "White Plague"!

How does it sounds? Perfect.

Anonymous said...

The Istana is the official residence and office of the President of Singapore, meaning "palace" in Malay.

So other Presidents live/work in "house", "halls"; ours live in Palace !! Royalty !!

Anonymous said...

Only Sultan/King and Queen live in and work from the Istana/Palace.

That means all this while, for the last 55 years, Singapore's Presidents have been treated like Kings and Queen.

By propriety, the name Istana should have been changed long ago. It should be known as the White Hall Of Residence (WHOR)

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon

"WHORE" better


patriot said...

China identifying COVID-19 and did the Hitherto Unprecedented Lock-down, damage could have been 10 Folds and more.
World should be grateful to China indeed.

Anonymous said...

Virgobro u better be careful with your comments lr. U going to get rb into trouble writing like this. U kena dodomuzed nevermind but don't get rb kena sodomized jialat jialat too

Anonymous said...

Hindustan Times - Sandeep Kataria is Bata’s global CEO: Here are other top Indian-origin executives of major companies

Bata Shoe Organization on Monday announced that Sandeep Kataria has been appointed as the company’s chief executive officer (CEO). With the announcement, Kataria became the first Indian to be elevated to the company’s top post.

Kataria is the latest addition to the list of Indian or Indian origin CEOs leading global brands that have been expanding steadily, recently. From fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) to information technology and food and beverages, many companies across multiple sectors are now being led by Indian CEOs on the global stage.

Here is the list of global chiefs, who trace their origin back to India :

1. Satya Nadella has been the CEO of Microsoft Corporation since 2014, taking over the reins from Steve Ballmer. He was also the executive vice president of the software giant’s cloud and enterprise groups before becoming CEO.

2. Sundar Pichai became the CEO of Google in 2015 and has since then also joined the board of directors of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. He has been active in the company’s efforts in the latest technologies and global outreach programs.

3. Shantanu Narayen is the CEO, chairman and president of Adobe and currently leads the company that is offering services like Illustrator and Photoshop.

4. Arvind Krishna succeeded Ginni Rometty in April this year to lead the global technology and consulting company IBM.

5. Indra Nooyi lead PepsiCo, one of the largest food and beverage companies, until 2018. She has remained with the company for 24 years.

6. George Kurian, the CEO and president of NetApp, the storage and data management company, took over the role in June 2015 after being in other executive positions inside the company.

7. Micron Technology Inc appointed Sanjay Mehrotra in May 2017 as their CEO and a member of their board of directors.

8. FMCG major Reckitt Benckiser is led by another Indian origin CEO, Laxman Narasimhan.

9. Diageo, one of the world’s leading spirit makers, is led by Ivan Menezes.

10. Mastercard, the global payment processing network, is led by another Indian Ajaypal Singh Banga, who is its president and CEO.

10. Pharmaceutical major Novartis is led by Vasant Narasimhan.

11. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu was another company to appoint Punit Renjen as their first Indian global CEO in 2015.

12. Singapore based financial group DBS has been headed by Piyush Gupta since 2009.

13. Popular co-working start-up WeWork appointed Sandeep Mathrani as their CEO citing his ‘turnaround expertise.’

SSO said...

Rename Of Istana Contest

Let me suggest one.

I think it should be called
Office Of the President of Singapore (in short, OOPS)

Anonymous said...

Just label it as the

Office of People's Unelected President Put Exclusively There,

or as

The Office of PUPPET

Or simply as


Anonymous said...

Virgo dude, cool down lar. People just concern about your welfare. I do notice that in the past your comments are quite objective plus talking mostly on how u kena screwed by your ang moh neighbour but increasing I think u have self radicalized. Do be careful 1as anon said u kena u deserved it but don't get this blog and rb into trouble

SSO said...

As predicted and expected, DBS has got itself into hot soup territory.

Read this:

It was reported that the Indian High Court in Madras passed an interim order last Fri (27 Nov), proceeding to protect the interests of the Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) shareholders.

The Indian government has earlier announced to merge the loss-making LVB with DBS India.

It has also allowed the entire amount of the paid-up share capital of LVB to be written off. That is to say, LVB’s equity will go down to zero and the original shareholders of LVB will get nothing.

Following this announcement, LVB shareholders filed a petition to the High Court in Madras demanding compensations.

In its interim order, the Madras High Court directed DBS that no further prejudicial action should be taken against the LVB shareholders and asked DBS to furnish an undertaking to compensate LVB shareholders in case the Court rules so at a later stage.

The High Court further directed DBS to create a separate reserve fund in its books of account to the extent of the face value of shares of the transferor company (LVB) and maintain the same subject to further orders from the Court.

“…completely reducing the shares is not an exercise which has happened in the public domain and the shareholders do not appear to be aware of the exact reasons why this is so,” the Court observed.

Further, the court added that even if the authorities have the power to reduce the share value during an amalgamation under Section 45 of the Banking Regulation Act, reducing it to zero or negative, prima facie, it cannot be done without very compelling reasons.

Major shareholders in LVB include Indiabulls Housing Finance (4.99 per cent), Prolific Finvest Private Ltd (3.36 percent), Srei Infrastructure Finance (3.34 percent), MN Dastur and Co Pvt Ltd (1.89 percent), Capri Global Holdings Pvt Ltd (1.82 percent), Capri Global Advisory Services (2 percent), Boyance Infrastructure Pvt Ltd (1.36 percent) and Trinity Alternative Investment Managers (1.61 percent).

As of 27 Nov, LVB ceased to exist and have become part of DBS India. LVB was founded in 1926 by a group of businessmen in Tamil Nadu. The bank rose to prominence lending to small businesses.

But the fall came quick after it aggressively shifted from retail to wholesale loans, resulting in a lot of bad loans.

The next hearing is likely to be held on January 5 next year.


It is like Robin Hood of the Sherwood Forest. Robbing the rich to give to the poor.

Robin Hood tells the Rich Man, known as the Damned Boaster of Sinaplenty:

"You must give me an undertaking that you will put sufficient money at your home, enough to compensate all the poor in my village, in case I come tomorrow to rob you. Is that clear?"

Anonymous said...

When IBs used words like radicalised to threaten bloggers, you know where they are coming from and their intent.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the evil Americans labelled a person, organisation or country as a 'threat', be it a red herring, a myth, a wild imagination, an exaggeration, a fiction, what they are saying is that they are going to attack the person, organisation or country.

They are using the term 'threat' to justice their violent and evil intent to kill. How can poor Afghan or Taliban soldiers in the mountains of Afghanistan or in the Middle East be a threat to the evil American Empire thousands of miles away? How can a small country like North Korea or even Iran be a threat to the evil Empire when they could be turn into dust within minutes if the evil Americans wanted to?

Labelling a person or country as a threat is just their modus operandi, a licence to kill. The biggest and real threat to anyone, any organisation or country is the evil American Empire and the evil Americans. Period.