Wolf Warrior Diplomacy too rough for the West to handle?

A speech by vice-minister of foreign affairs Le Yucheng at a Beijing forum over the weekend looks to be one of the most important references in gauging the guiding principle of future Chinese diplomacy.

Le addressed a key talking point regarding China’s international relations – its “wolf warrior” style of diplomacy. To many analysts and experts, including scholars within China, Beijing’s diplomatic apparatus is sometimes too confrontational to be constructive – there must be more sophisticated ways to engage than yelling at each other in the public domain.

The argument often goes that, if China wants to win respect in the international community, Chinese diplomats must be, well, more diplomatic. As such, the recent quarrel with Canberra seems unnecessary.

The above is from a post in SCMP by Zhou Xin. The argument, China is undiplomatic, not diplomatic enough, China is yelling, China needs to be more diplomatic. How true or justifiable are these comments? 

Just compare to what Trump and that ugly fat slob called Pompeo and their diplomacy or undiplomacy, what China is doing in reaction to these thugs is child play. China has been on the receiving ends for centuries, derided by the West, oppressed by the West, contained and isolated by the West, demonised and smeared by the West. Till today, and everyday, the West is still attacking China daily using all kinds of lies and disinformation.

Why is it that no one is commenting or critising the rogue and aggressive and lying behaviours of the West, the regular provocations and intrusions into Chinese territorial waters in the South China end, challenging the Chinese navy to a war? In the case of the silly brat called Australia, the 14 sins of Australia were accepted as normal behaviour against China when what China did was to trade and to invest in Australia, sending billions of dollars to Australia, did nothing to criticise or attack Australia.  The same also applies to the evil Empire. China is playing by all the rules set up by the West, in the WTO, but being accused of violating these rules when the Americans violated everyone one of the rules it set up to contain China and disadvantaged China.

Who is or are the real rogues in international relations and diplomacy? China's wolf warrior diplomacy is a response to the rogue and aggressive behaviours of the West. China does not engage in such diplomacy only till now.  The aggressors and rogues were the West led by the Americans and Australia. 

When they attacked China on a regular basis is a given, a normal behaviour and China has to accept the beating and not to retaliate.  When China hits back, it is unacceptable. What kind of rubbish logic is that? When you hit at China, you must be prepared to get a black eye in return. There is no such thing as a one sided diplomacy of aggression.  This is passe when China was weak and cannot hit back. Its embassy in Belgrade got hit by cruise missiles for no reasons killing several diplomatic staff. It is the victim of American unilateral trade war initiatives and all kinds of abusive attacks and prohibitions, tariffs, bans etc etc. 

SCMP, please grow up and stop accepting the bashing of China as a norm and agreeing that hitting back by China is unacceptable. China is no longer the Sick Man of Asia, to be kicked around by the West and still has to say thank you and sorry. When the rogues kick you, you have all the rights to kick back. Unless you are still living in a white man's world, under the rule of the evil American Empire and has to move around with your heads bent in the presence of white men.

Look at it the other way, if China were to do to the Americans and Australians what they were doing to China, would China expect them to sit idle and not reacting? They will hit back at China hundred times more than wolf warrior diplomacy. Just try sailing your warships into American islands to provoke the Americans using the scam called freedom of navigation or fire a cruise missile into an American embassy and see what happen.

China must be prepared to take the evil Americans head on, tic for tac, or forever be oppressed and ridiculed and attacked by them and still be called aggressive and belligerent. The evil Americans only respect one thing, might, military might is right.

What shall we call fat slob Pompeo's lying and gangster diplomacy? Wild Boar Diplomacy? China has called it 'Mad Dog Diplomacy'.


1984 George Orwell said...

SCMP is a well-known Anti-China, China-bashing and China-Demonising tabloid controlled by Western paymasters. Sometimes very subtly, sometimes outright callous attacks and sometimes in between. Once a while, it pretends to praise China but that is far in between.

1984 George Orwell said...

But now Alibaba owns SCMP. Even though some of the writers are on the take from Western intelligence organisations, especially from the US and UK.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China has just banned all American diplomats and their families and NGO staff from entering Hong Kong. They should not stop at this and ban foreign journalists in Hong Kong newspapers and the foreign judges from the supreme court.

Any country that stupidly allowed foreigners to control their media and write on their domestic affairs is asking for trouble, or be controlled by foreigners, with foreigners meddling in their domestic affairs and setting the agenda to control the thinking of their people.

Anonymous said...

RB..fyi..your website is not accessable in our library multi media station. You may have step on someone toe up above.

SSO said...

ST, on the surface is owned and controlled by SPH.

Beneath the surface, I strongly sense that it is a different ball game altogether.

My 6th sense tells me that most of the writers are either "pawned", "played" or "planted" by Western intelligence organisations (covert spies) or diplomats (official spies) for the last 14 to 15 years.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 9:50am,
Which library are you referring to? This blog is accessible even to the American Library of Congress.

Is your library blocked intentionally or unintentionally by the software guy that conveniently blocked everything?

You may want to ask if it is a management conscious decision or otherwise.

The quality of thinking among the IBs and people in charge is quite shallow, kiasu, kiasi, kia chenghu.

Anonymous said...

I was able to access MSN from the NLB multi-media early this year, before the COVID-19 circuit breaker started.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A few years back the National Library wrote to me for permission to include this blog in their records on the development of social media. They should have a copy of this blog like the US Library of Congress.

Check with the librarian about this.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A good example, I was unable to access All Singaporean Stuff for a while and thought it was blocked. Maybe someone fiddled with my blog and blocked my access to.

I just read someone quoting ASS and do a relink and it is now accessible.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think I know the reason why my link to ASS was tempered with. There are a few very interesting articles there, one by the famous Scroobal.

I would like to reproduce it here but there was another article on the Sue and Terry Xu that warns me not to do so.

Anonymous said...

Westerners's attitude and actions against China can always be explained as based on racism, hypocrisy and double standards.

Anonymous said...

Ask the Whites what kind of diplomacy did they exhibit in the days when they tried to force China to open up to their opium trade?

The Whites are trying to teach what they themselves failed to do. The hypocrisy of the Whites is a shameful piece of history since they learn how to walk.

Anonymous said...


They can continue stealing from each other on home ground. After all, stealing is in their genes, among others. No one is going to complain this time!

When the violence starts, the shooting starts.

When the shooting starts, the show begins.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

India CECA news: From 37% to 20% . . .

The West Bengal government will soon become the single largest shareholder of Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Ltd (BAPL), that owns Andal airport near Durgapur. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee, during her recent trip to Asansol, had announced that the state will have 47% stake in the airport. Changi airport of Singapore is also a stakeholder of the Andal airport along with a host of Indian promoters.

Currently, the state government has 26% equity in the company while Changi airport has around 37% and the rest is with other Indian promoters. Sources close to the development told TOI that the state will convert some preference shares acquired during financial restructuring of the then ailing BAPL in September 2017, to equity shares. As a result, the shareholding pattern, too, will change as Indian promoters will settle with around 26% and the rest will be divided between Changi airport and IL&FS. Changi airport is likely to have 20% after the state's conversion of preference shares into equity.

Anonymous said...

From one-third stake to one-fifth stake - Good Luck !!

Anonymous said...

This is looking like Clob shares, eventually the dilution will be like dwindling to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Imbeciles will never learn and love to throw money into a black hole.

Anonymous said...

This is the price to pay for trusting foreigners with your savings and allowing foreigners to do what they like with your savings.

Anonymous said...

All sg library..am not able to access after cb..last yr was fine

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anyone wants to hand me his life savings and let me play with them as OPM?

Oops, I mean invest them, like my money, but loss is your money.