War Crimes - ICC probe but not in Afghanistan when throats of young boys were slit by Aussie soldiers

International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said on Friday that a "broad range" of war crimes were committed in the Ukraine since 2014, as she pushed for a full investigation.

Hague-based ICC prosecutors launched a preliminary probe in 2015 after Kiev gave it the green light to look into alleged crimes committed during the pro-EU Maidan demonstrations, which came to a head in February 2014 when pro-Moscow president Viktor Yanukovic was ousted.

Ukraine, which is not an ICC member state, later also gave Bensouda permission to broaden her scope and go beyond February 2014 to include the deadly conflict that has since wracked the country's east.

Bensouda said her initial probe had now finished.

"My office has concluded that there is a reasonable basis at this time to believe that a broad range of conduct constituting war crimes and crimes against humanity within the jurisdiction of the court have been committed in the context of the situation in Ukraine," Bensouda said.  AFP

Steady lah ICC, working so fast and so hard to conduct war crimes probe in Ukraine. Why not war crimes prosecution of Australians in Afghanistan when the evidence is already available? Why no war crimes investigation of American and Allied Forces in Iraq, Libya and Syria, and of course Afghanistan? No reasonable basis to believe there were war crimes in these war theatres? Or is it becomes the investigators would be attacked, blacklisted and even killed by the war criminals' countries?

Or is it the that the American and Allied soldiers were soldiers from heaven, all wearing a halo on their heads and would definitely not conduct crimes against the people and soldiers they are attacking? No war crimes in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prisons?

Who is controlling the ICC and setting the agenda?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

THE HAGUE: The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor announced Wednesday she was shutting down a preliminary probe into alleged war crimes committed by British soldiers after the US-led invasion in Iraq.

Fatou Bensouda's announcement comes after a "rigorous" six-year long investigation into the conduct of British military personnel, particularly into the treatment of Iraqi prisoners in detention.

The prosecutor based, in The Hague, had said in 2017 there was "reasonable basis" to believe British soldiers did commit war crimes. On Wednesday however, she said she could not find any evidence that Britain had shielded suspects from prosecution before British courts.

"Having exhausted reasonable lines of enquiry arising from the information available, I therefore determined that the only professionally appropriate decision at this stage is to close the preliminary examination," Bensouda said in a statement.

As a result the court will not proceed to a full ICC investigation....

Human Rights Watch however lamented the decision, saying the British government "has repeatedly shown precious little interest in investigating and prosecuting atrocities committed abroad by British troops."

"The prosecutor's decision to close her UK inquiry will doubtless fuel perceptions of an ugly double standard in justice: one approach to powerful states and quite another for those with less clout," said Clive Baldwin, a senior legal adviser with the group.

The world war crimes court is also involved in probing possible war crimes committed by US and other forces in nearby Afghanistan.

The United States has always refused to recognise the ICC's authority, and a move to go ahead with that investigation earlier this year provoked anger in Washington.

US President Donald Trump then took the unprecedented step of ordering sanctions against Bensouda and another senior court official. CNA

Anonymous said...

Who is controlling the ICC?

Who pays 'the most' to the piper calls the tune.

Who can't call the tune at the WHO refused to pay the piper.

Who is using this tactic to call the tune in other global entities, like the UN, IMF, World Bank etc.

Anonymous said...

The USA has always refused to recognize the UCC's authority when it involves investigation into their criminal activities and war crimes eg in Iraq.

But when it involves China, Russia, Iran or North Korea, I think the Whites will bark the loudest.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The bullying Americans always tell China and other countries to observe International Law but they refused to, they are above all laws, they can break all laws.

Anonymous said...

The Whites claimed that China is bullying Australia.

The USA has been bullying everyone who disagreed with them, with sanctions, threats and subterfuge. If this is not bullying, then this is hypocrisy of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

The USA is sanctioning Turkey for buying Russia's S-400 missile defence system. As an ally of the USA and member of NATO, this shows Turkey has more faith in Russian military ware than in the USA's.

Even the Saudis have been eyeing the S-400 after the failure of the USA's missle defence system found unable to protect the attack on their oil installations by Yemen a while ago, using unsophisticated missiles.

Now, is this sanction against Turkey not bullying, even of their own ally?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The evil Empire, the world's number one bully and trouble maker, will threaten and bully every country it wants as no one can match its military might.

But day it would be broken up and be at the mercy of the rest of the world.

Evil warmongers will meet its judgement day. Live be the sword, die by the sword.

Evil cannot triumph over goodness.

Anonymous said...

The world's Number One Terrorist!!!!

Anonymous said...

Americans pressuring a reluctant Singapore to host the US First Fleet?

Anonymous said...

Police are investigating protests held in several locations in Singapore in support of farmers in India.

Anonymous said...

"Foreigners visiting or living in Singapore should abide by our laws," said the police.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If Singapore is to host the American First Fleet, Singapore's position will be compromised. The interest and safety of Singaporeans would be put at risk.

Singapore will become priority target for China's DF26 when there is a war with China.

The Asean countries would not be happy with Singapore becoming an American stooge.

China will cut off all trades and potential development in Singapore. Without China's economic growth engine, Singapore's economy will tank and its importance as a trade hub will be history. All Chinese ships will by pass PSA and use Malaysian ports or the Isthmus of Kra will be cut.

Singapore has nothing to gain but all losses if the imbeciles will to take sides with the Americans.

Anonymous said...

Just remember all imbeciles are educated either in the USA or UK, so it follows that they will all side with the West. More obvious is the fact that not all imbeciles are Chinese, but also Indians that do not see eye to eye with China.

Therefore whether Singapore has anything to gain is not on the minds of those imbeciles. They are well paid and have all the resources to withstand whatever difficulties that may arise in future. They are well prepared for that, or have the capability to migrate to second homes in the West but the common Sinkies will have to bear the brunt of the issue should a conflict arise.