Great culture of the most elite Australian military personnel


Quoting from an article in the Australian Guardian and substituting China for Australia and vice versa, this statement makes more sense.

'We can summarise the moving parts in this way.

Given the human rights atrocities that occur on the watch of the authoritarian regime in Canberra, Australia is in no position to criticise China for its record in Hong Kong. If Australian forces faced similar allegations, nobody would ever know about it, because truth isn’t tolerated by the Australian govt.

But Australia also needs to remember this: something went badly wrong in the culture of our most elite military personnel. We need to understand what, and why.'

What is this culture of the most elite personnel? Let me see....ok, here it is. 'As well as the alleged murders and two instances of “cruel treatment” carried out by 25 Australian perpetrators either as principals or accessories, included in Brereton’s catalogue of horrors was a practice known as “blooding”.

Junior soldiers were allegedly required by their patrol commanders to shoot a prisoner in order to achieve their first kill. Brereton says this apparently normalised culture of extra-judicial killing was “reinforced with a code of silence”. 

 Wow, wow, great Australian culture, must have inherited from the days when they invaded Australia and massacred the native aborigines...like this  “members from the SASR were driving along a road and saw two 14-year-old boys whom they decided might be Taliban sympathisers. They stopped, searched the boys and slit their throats.”

The Australians military has great culture and traditions and proudly telling the world about it. Somehow the Americans, the British fighting in Afghanistan did not have such great culture, or was it that their 'reinforced code of silence' was more effective and no one squealed?

It is looking like only the Australian soldiers were the bad guys standing up like sore pricks to be recognised. The rest, especially the Americans and British, were so angelic, pure as white, no dirt on their beautiful white skins, definitely no blood in their hands, no throat slitting of young Afghan boys.

The Australians have a lot to learn from the Americans and the Brits. Wait a minute, did not the British and Americans trained the Australian Special Forces, sharing the same doctrines and modus operandi and warrior codes?

PS. Shouldn't this culture be kept hush hush, not to be told so that no one will know about it, about blood letting and first kill, a secret warrior code? Now who is the idiot that revealed this to the public and to the world? If no one exposed this great culture, no one would know and no one is wiser.


Anonymous said...

The great culture is like killing and bullying the aborigines and no one would know about it if their own media did not report it.

Anonymous said...

The white Australians are really nice as long as you are not coloured and did not become a victim of their white supremacist rogue behaviour.

Anonymous said...

The first reason is the fear that the Chinese would overtake them and tear down their superiority complex, and is therefore the uniting factor pitting the Whites against China's rise.

The second reason is the ability of a communist country, long propagated as a basket case and not able to compete with the superior democratic system, has now shown the rest of the world that communism is not just content to play second fiddle to Western democratic ideals.

The third reason is that the progress and innovative spirit of the Chinese is making the West nervous, especially when the Chinese were able to master space technology, AI and missile technology, sectors that the West had never allowed China to participate in. What else can the Chinese not do?

The fourth reason, which by the way just came up into focus, was how the two systems dealt with the COVID19 pandemic and who emerged the better at controlling it. The emphasis on human rights above all other factors contributed to the crippling effect brought about by the pandemic upon the West and tarnished the image of democracy, showing that it basically failed to deal effectively with a major crisis where, to them, human lives play second fiddle to human rights. This is one occasion that shows that human rights, when taken to extreme, can be a double edged sword.

1984 George Orwell said...

There is only ONE reason for the West to behave as an aggressive, hegemony:


Anonymous said...

The readiness to kill the non whites.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Bloomberg News employee held on suspicion of endangering national security.

Haze Fan, who works for the Bloomberg's Beijing Bureau, was last seen being escorted from her residence on Monday by plain clothes security personnel.

Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait says he is deeply concerned and organisation is doing everything it can to get her back.

Sure or not?

Anonymous said...

For every one Chinese held by the US of Ass, China should reciprocate by holding one each of the 5-Eyes spies in China or HK for "endangering national security".

1984 George Orwell said...

Haze Fan was spying for Bloomberg against Chinese National Security interests. She is a traitor of the Chinese People.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't China be concerned about National Security like the USA? Of course Bloomberg chief will say he is deeply concerned. China also said the actions against Huawei and other Chinese companies is also of deep concern!

Why is the USA so upset about Huawei and other Chinese companies being a threat to national security of USA? There is also no proof whatsoever, just speculation or intimidation.

Two different countries with two different interpretation of what constitutes national security? One view does not matter, the other view is of international concern?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just put up a post to answer 11:22am's question.