Beidou to replace GPS. No more weaponising of GPS

 As the Americans continue to weaponise everything to maintain their world dominance, from the greenbacks, technology, trade, vaccines, communications and the GPS, the backlash is surely to come and turn against the Americans.  There is a saying, if one keeps walking in the dark of the night, the chances of meeting the devils are higher.

The Americans have been controlling the world in almost everything and have taken the world for granted, obey, accept the American dominance and bullying as the way of life, American Exceptionalism. The world has no choice when there is no alternative, no country big enough to challenge the Americans, no alternative technology to go to and has to swallow whatever the Americans shafted into their throats.

This was the past. The greenback as the international currency would soon be no more. The petrol dollar would shrink by the day. Buying American debt would no longer be fashionable or necessary. China's 5G and AI would replace the American stranglehold on these communication tools. And now Beidou global position system is complete and will be an option for those that did not want to be oppressed and bullied by the Americans.

The Americans have been abusing their control of the GPS for political and military advantage. They switched on and off as they like, in the India Pakistan War, in the war against Iraq, against Iran.

The world has seen the abuses and rogue behaviour of the Americans and would not want to be controlled and be at the mercy of the Americans. Those that did not want to be spied on by the Americans have opted to use Huawei, to be freed from the Americans listening to them. Germany has just approved Huawei to bid for its 5G infrastructure development. Many countries have also done so except the 5 eyes and India.

The latest, to be freed from American control and hegemony, 165 countries out of 191 countries in the world have decided to opt out of GPS in favour of Beidou. The world is not stupid.  When given the opportunity to get out of the clutches of the evil Americans, they will march with their legs.

Good bye America. Good riddance. Your control of the world is weakening. your grip over the world is loosening. China is offering the rest of the world an option to be free from American oppression, control and bullying.

Here comes Beidou and 5G, from China. And Chinese vaccines, cheaper and safer, will be shipped to the rest of the world, to all developing countries. There is no need to pay for more expensive and not fully tested western vaccines. There is no need to accept unacceptable risk when the alternative is cheaper, safer and friendlier, not weaponised.


Anonymous said...

Sing-along Singapore is clearly aligned with USA, Australia, UK, India and Japan. It will continue to sing the tune of American Exceptionalism.

The bananas and mangosteens of Singapore are very happy to sleep with the enemies, taking them as friends and saviours.

Somemore, they have properties in those countries and also sink their wealth in those countries' financial institutions and stocks - especially in Australia, India and USA. Lately some of them have been shifting some of their funds to Japan as well.

In the event Singapore failed, the banana and mangosteens already have safe havens all planned out and secured.

Daft Sinkies deserved to be screwed good and proper.

Anonymous said...

In this dog-eat-dog world, one must prepare for all eventualities. Who can tell what will happen tomorrow? One has to be smart and not put too many eggs in a single basket. I am certain many Singaporeans, especially those with millions or billions have security contingencies overseas. It would be revealing to find out how much oversea investments the PAP ministers have.