Covid-19: With Vaccines Available, What Next?

 1984 George Orwell said... Covid-19: With Vaccines Available, What Next?

While vaccines are being rolled out in various countries like China, Brazil, Russia, UK and USA, there are still infections and deaths occuring increasingly by the day in many countries.

The total world record has hit above 71,115,149 cases and 1,592,783 deaths.

Worldwide daily cases has reached 623,311 infections and 10,210 deaths. This is very serious.

The disease has hit hardest in countries like Brazil, France, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and Sweden. It is still raging havoc in these countries. There seems to be no end in sight yet.

It is likely that during the next 4 to 5 months, the Covid-19 pandemic will be at its highest. Therefore, to let the guards down now, that vaccines are being rolled out, would be a foolish move of unthinking people.

No country is safe until all countries are safe because it is a trans-border, cross-border, easily imported and easily spreaded and transmitted disease.

Countries like Singapore may have only a few or no community transmissions but the fact that imported cases happen on a daily basis is no good news at all. These imported cases can and will spread the disease if guards are down, if there is a relaxation of the controlling and containment measures, and if we move from prevention to fire-fighting reactive measures again, i.e. Let it happen, then react with whatever protocols in place.

1984 George Orwell


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Covid price leak

Price per dose ranged from €1.78 (US$2.20) for a potential vaccine by British-Swedish company AstraZeneca, to €14.70 (US$18) for the most expensive jab, from the US firm Moderna.

The price for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine - so far the only one to receive authorisation, for use in the UK, the US and probably next week the EU - was given as €12 a dose.

Contacted by AFP for comment, Pfizer did not immediately respond....

The tweeted information gave the following price per dose for each vaccine maker, in either euros or US dollars according to the respective contract:

1. AstraZeneca: €1.78

2. Johnson & Johnson: US$8.50

3. Sanofi/GlaxoSmithKline: €7.56

4. Pfizer/BioNTech: €12.00

5. Curevac: €10.00

6. Moderna: US$18.00

Separately, on Thursday, the European Commission announced a seventh contract with US biotech company Novavax for 100 million doses, the price of which was not given under the confidentiality agreement. AFP

SSO said...

It is happening. Idiots are very hard at work to ensure guards are down, borders are opened, restrictive measures are relaxed and imported cases keep them coming, the more the merrier. Why?

All this while, the idiots have decided to go ballistic - to aim for "Hurt" oops "Herd" Immunity Without Responsibility!

That was the whole idea. That was why you were all told "Not to wear a mask if not ill. Only wear a mask if you are sick!" Knowing fully well that at least 50% of those vulnerable people will die - those old, aged, immune deficient and weak will die.

Then suddenly the idiots switched course. Why? Because the experiments of achieving "Herd Immunity " by countries like Sweden and UK backfired. Herd Immunity has evolved into "Hurt Immunity". Meaning, in order to achieve Herd Immunity a portion of the population has to get HURT!

Now, with the vaccines available, the idiots are using this opportunity to go for Herd Immunity again. That's why they are not selecting the best of all the vaccines available. The have selected the 4th choice instead. Yes, Pfizer accine is not the best option. It is the 4th in line of efficacy. Even Moderna is better than Pfizer. Why Pfizer is chosen? Most probably because it is from Big Pharmaceutical companies, the ones that rule the world.

Today, there are two groups of evil people that rule the world:

(1) The Huge Military Complex that produces weapons for sale.

(2) The Big Pharmaceutical Companies that produce drugs, vaccines, poisons and chemicals (weapons).

Both of them are from the Evil US Hegemonic Empire.

The whole idea is to reduce world populations to only 500 million from the present 8 billion. This target was discussed at the Hindenburg secret meetings.

Who were at those Hindenburg secret meetings? Check it out.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are good examples to follow, there are bad examples to follow. Just don't follow the reckless and irresponsible Americans and Europeans. The conditions, infections and deaths in their countries are testimonies to what the rest of the world should avoid.

Cursed would be those that have eyes but not see.

Cursed would be those that have brains but would not think.

And WHO is sending a delegation to investigate the cause of Covid18 in Wuhan, but not Fort Dettrick, USA?

Why, because white men said the virus came from China, China virus. What happened in Fort Dettrick that had to be closed down for more than a year was due to unknown flu and vapings. So virus cannot come from Fort Dettrick, USA, not American virus, no need to check, despite all the evidence pointing to Fort Dettrick.

The white spread infection in the USA is another sign that it was all over the USA before it was planted in Wuhan.

Anonymous said...

"While the US government has said the initial doses will be administered at no cost to the patient, Moderna has said people in other countries could pay as much as $37 (US) per dose, depending on the size of the order."

From BBC.

Anonymous said...

Right, no country is safe until the whole world is safe. It would be foolish to assume that the ability to control the virus spreading makes a country safe. But in the West the people say they have the human right to spread the virus, which is a democratic right. And so they have all along been against lockdowns, mask wearing and safe distancing. They even protested and rioted against it. So how can this problem be resolved?

Therefore, can any country be safe if they open their borders to Western travelers, in whose country the virus is spreading like wildfire? Most cases in countries like China and Singapore, where strict lockdown is observed, have encountered mainly imported cases. That tells the whole story.

As I see it, even imported food, especially meat, from countries with the virus ravaging is probably unsafe, but impossible to prevent such activities. China, especially, should be wary of this avenue of sabotage as it is being targeted by many. We have not read about whether they have done a study of whether the virus is active in meat imports. How much checking or testing is done is just a question of trust. There have been instances of the virus being present in food tested, but whether the virus is still virulent is unknown. Just pray!

SSO said...

Proof Of Data Released Earlier By MOH Was Not Accurate:

"MOM and MOH revealed in a joint statement on Monday that 54,505 dormitory residents had a positive result from a polymerase chain reaction of PCR test, while another 98,289 were tested positive from a serology test – a test for past infection – as of Sunday (13 December).

This brings the total number of infected workers in dormitories to 152,794 for both PCR and serology, said the ministries. This figure makes up almost half of the 323,000 migrant workers living in dorms across the city-state.

While the 54,505 positive cases among dorm residents were made known to public previously, but the 98,289 positive cases were only released by the Government on Monday."

Anonymous said...

Government statistics don't lie. Main media don't lie. So what is the real number of infection?

Anonymous said...

Total number of infected persons so far is actually more than 156,000.

Anonymous said...

The real number is unknown.

1984 George Orwell said...

Covid-19: Inaccuracies Of Statistics

Inaccuracies of statistics reported by all governments in the world is understandable because of various reasons.

The main reason is due to lack of testing, selective testing or deliberately not testing.

The secondary reason is to attribute the cause of illness or death to other causes instead of to Covid-19.

The joint announcement by MOH and Mom is an indication that there are much more people infected in the community too, but they have not been tested, and therefore not detected, and therefore not reported.

As I have said before, no report of any infection does not mean there is no infection. It only means the real number is hidden through non-reporting, which in turn is due to not detecting, which is a direct result of not testing or limited testing of a few selected groups, such as foreign workers and those who reported sick only.

Lesson learnt:

In order to get the full picture of the actual Covid-19 pandemic situation in the country (any country), the whole population has to be tested in one way or another.

There is not short-cut. There is no other way out. To forgo mass testing of the whole population is to opt for the X factor to continue and keep everyone in the dark, including the decision-makers.

1984 George Orwell.

Anonymous said...

Countries that initially had very low infections are now reportedly having big problems with escalating cases. This shows that even letting guards down a notch is not advisable. Hence it will be a very long long way yet to reach normalcy for the world at large. You may be free of the infections and ready to do business, but others that are not cannot function normally to do the same.

Whether vaccines will solve the problem is still not a sure bet. How this will end, how countries are going to cope with it and move along is a very difficult question to answer. Rich countries may have the resources to weather the long term effects, but poor countries cannot continue to close down activities that are necessary for their survival.

Difficult days are still ahead for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I got a feeling that the vaccines will make the existing bad situation worst.

The vaccines are making the dafts, the stupids and the idiots off-gurad, both leaders and citizens alike.

Anonymous said...

From CNN:

London: England's chief medical officer has warned that a newly identified variant of Covid-19 "can spread more quickly" than previous strains of the virus, prompting speculation Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have to order further restrictions before Christmas.

The Covid-19 virus mutates at a faster rate in the human body than other viruses.

Vaccines may not be effective in the long-run. Moreover, those who have been vaccinated may still be able to spread the mutated virus in their body to other people.

Anonymous said...

USA approved the Moderna vaccine. Now the dimwit presidents (both the incumbent and the incoming) are throwing cautions into the air.

SSO said...

Pfizer Vaccine: Why Approved And Accepted So Quickly, Readily And Willingly?

Pfizer said many countries had agreed to waive liability, including Latin America. Did Singapore also waived the liability? I presume so. Otherwise, how else could the sale/purchase contract with Pfizer be signed?

If Pfizer can demand waiver of liabilities, then it is highly probable that the ones who accepted this waiver could have demanded or negotiated an under-table commission (read kickback) in return. And Pfizer could have readily agreed. This is common sense. Don't you agree?

This is once in a lifetime big money. There's huge profits to be made. In business, there won't be big money coming in unless small money goes out. I am sure big pharma like Pfizer understands this practical business philosophy very well.

A business transaction is usually a two-way traffic, but sometimes it is three-way, with a middleman in between. And this middleman will not do things for free. He has to earn a living. Therefore, it is only proper that a commission or momentary reward be given to the middleman.

Usually, for government contracts, this middleman is the one the government sent to negotiate with the other party. Sometimes, this middleman is also the Chief of the Approving Authority.

I am very curious why so many countries' governments' health agencies' Chieftains are so quick to approve the Pfizer vaccine without waiting for others to come out and make a good and proper comparison before approval and signing contracts, especially so in USA and little USAs.

In fact, China's five types of COVID-19 vaccines have been out there already, well ahead of all others. Yet, interestingly, very few governments' health agencies were quick to approve it. I believe Singapore has just started to consider it, isn't it?

The key point is: Does not the waiver of liability clause rings a bell loud and clear? That means Pfizer itself is not really very confident in the vaccine that it is selling. That means the Pfizer vaccine has not met the legal definition of a "merchanable product".

That also means that it is prudent to exercise caution - don't be hasty in your decision to buy, give or accept this product.

Moral of the story:

When big money does the talking, the devils will willingly do the walking! It is up to humans to wake up and do the thinking.

Think three times before you act.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Waiver of liabilities means you die your business.
Would people being injected with the vaccine be made to sign an indemnity form to prevent them from Sue.

Anonymous said...

Quick approval means quick money before the market gets saturated.

The USA has to be the first in everything. They dropped the bomb on Hiroshima to prove they are ahead of the USSR. They made the moon landing blockbuster in the Hollywood studios to show they are ahead of the USSR again. But they could not beat the USSR in sending the first man into space.

But never mind, the USA is first again in COVID19 infections and death. I think they should be very satisfied for being great again.

Anonymous said...

Pfizer is charging different prices for it's vaccine sold to different countries. This was accidentally disclosed by someone from Belgium, which paid several pound less than that charged to the EU. Pfizer was of course peeved by the disclosure.

Anonymous said...

US fat slut Mike Pompeo blamed Russia for the worst-ever cyber espionage attack on the US gabramen.

"We can say pretty clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity," Mr Pompeo said on Friday.

US Mafia Chief Don Trump downplayed the attack's severity and projected that it was China instead of Russia.

The hacking was only found out last week, though it has been there before March this year.

Among the US agencies targeted were the Nuclear Weapons Management centre, the Pentagon, the State Department, Homeland Security and the Defense Industry.

Russia and China have denied any involvement in the attack.

It could well be an internal job or a false flag. With liars as President and Secretary of State, anything can be created to put blame on other countries as an excuse to cripple their competitive advantages.