Positive news article about China became a negative one

A few days ago something happened in Beijing

Reporter Brett Sutton of Bloomberg wrote a News Article: Beijing slowly goes back to Normal amidst Covid 19 concerns

He mentioned clearly that Beijing was going back to normal, malls were slowly filling up and the people were starting to have a feel of the pre-pandemic days.

The Article was uploaded at 10:43 PM IST (1:13 AM China)

Then BOOM at 4:53 AM IST (7:23 AM China) - the Article disappeared.

I searched a lot but it vanished.

Then I realized the Article was still there but the Headline had changed to: Beijing stuck in Rut as Crematoriums and Hospitals flooded

It was edited by some person sitting in USA (or in the West).

The body of the news was virtually the same but the English was so subtly modified that a positive news article became a negative one.

Brett had said: The Head of Epidemiology said that they were optimistic about the lower severity of the disease and the far lower hospitalizations compared to the Shanghai outbreak that China managed to contain by breaking the chain of transmission.

This was completely deleted.

Brett had said: The crematoriums were working at full capacity owing to a severe staff shortage. The average waiting time was almost 6 hours compared to less than 90 minutes in the pre-pandemic days.

Thus clearly demonstrating that the crematoriums were full because of staff shortage and not due to extra deaths.

This was modified to: The crematoriums are working at full capacity and it now takes 6 hours for a family to finish the formalities due to the place being overrun with families mourning their dead.

Now implying that there were lots of bodies, cleverly bypassing the staff shortage.

Finally Brett spoke to someone who was identified by name who said: We were prepared for a wave of infections. We had been warned that it would rise to a peak before it would end and we are ready. We are satisfied with the response with the Government and the Fever Clinics have proved very useful. I am just glad we are going back to normal at last.

Instead this was deleted to a source that did not wish to be named said: We are scared and worried about the Efficacy of our Vaccines and that we may never go back to normal again. We don't know how many are dying everyday.

Now the Censors Office decided to Summon Brett to their offices and asked him for an explanation.

How is it that an Article that you upload at 1 AM changes so dramatically by 7 AM?

The Reporter looked genuinely embarrassed and said: The Editors are changing the news!!! They are modifying everything off site.

Thus Brett who is on the ground and writes reality is being phased out and his article is openly being manipulated into lies by some people in US who want to shape the news as per their narrative.

Their excuse - China is a Authoritarian Nation and is intimidating everyone and hiding stats.

Next Question: Who is this Unnamed Source? Produce the Sound Byte File please or the Video please

There was no Unnamed Source and no Sound Byte

That's how bad things are!

The Western Media is SO VICIOUS that they are ignoring whatever comes from their own reporters back in China.

The excuses they make is that the reporters in China are being intimidated or even worse - that anyone who says he is relieved that the lockdowns are ending - is subject to brutal CPC oppression.

How can you fight against such an Enemy?

They will write whatever lies they want to and they will ignore all the truth citing some bogus excuse - whatever number China gives is a Lie; whatever positive a Chinese says is because of Intimidation.



Anonymous said...

That shows you can never expect the truth from MSM like Bloomberg, CNN, BBC etc. They are so used to lying, the truth is alien to them.

Because they cannot handle the truth, they have to delete it or add in the toxic stuff to make it palatable to them. To those who know the agenda of those MSM, they can sieve through and uncover the lies, but to those unwary, it is poisoning their minds.

Take what they push out with lots of salt is my advice.

Anonymous said...

How to trust main stream media?

Virgo49 said...

Aiya aiyoo, the White Monkeys and Scoundrols will write all things adverse of China lah!

They what's Chinese said" Chiak Liao Bee, ahem should be "Chiak Liao Flour" as they will expend all their energies to demonise China and awaiting for China to Collaspse.

All the World's Dafts supplied them with all their food and all resources of their purchasing with their unlimited printed currency and all the imbeciles worked till their bones to feed them.

See most if not all like water Buffaloes and Gorillas that no need to work and spent their time stiring shits and chaos.

The World's Dafts must wake up in unison and bankrupted them till they have to be papuers and begged for their survivals.

Then also Sinkies will also joined them as their loyal dogs and allies and become maids and servants in all other countries and just like our arrogrant and cruel Sinkies who taught that they had arrived would also get the same treatments in Indon and Myanmar and Philippines and will also be ordered to slap themselves harder and harder and same time yell We are stupid.

Please like this hard enough or NOT or u want me to slap harder.

You or me to slap?

Virgo49 said...

You tried to be funny ah? U or me slap?

Wait I starved you to jusy 10 kgs and also goes blind then u know.

Don't know our Sinkies's Odours ah?

We 1st World you know!

Ah beh see kay?

Anonymous said...

Our local msm also copy with purpose

Anonymous said...

Key pts:

The NIH funded gain-of-function research at the Chinese lab, according to government documents obtained by The Intercept. The story countered claims from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the outgoing head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and Dr. Francis Collins, who was the head of NIH at the start of the pandemic.

Medical experts noted that this NIH-funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan, where the virus first spread, could not have directly caused the COVID-19 outbreak but suggest the lab may have lacked proper oversight and engaged in risky research.
NIH admitted last year that the organization it funded for research in Wuhan, EcoHealth Alliance, failed to immediately report an "unexpected result" from its research in 2018 and 2019 that created a coronavirus that was more infectious in mice. The agency terminated the grants to Wuhan in August after a two-year investigation. Previous government-funded studies in Wuhan included funds from Fauci’s NIAID on bat coronavirus research.


Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 6.38

Just saw one of a Republican Senator grilling Democrats Budget of allocation two or three millions in their stupid research of injecting cocaine into the Beagles Dogs to see their relations.

My God inject cocaine into the dogs to see their reactions?

What's Stupidity! What's you expect their reactions?

High or Low?

Spend millions when he said so many Americunts are homeless and lining up Soup Kitchens.

Virgo49 said...


Just one first. Many more

Virgo49 said...


Anonymous said...

The Western narrative system about China is very hypocritical and driven by malicious intentions.

When China carried out dynamic zero-COVID approach, some Western media had been calling for China to reopen. But when China recently eased its COVID-19 measures, not surprisingly, they badmouth China's move.

Some Western media have recently slandered China's adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policy from various perspectives. The Associated Press on Sunday posted an article entitled "China's COVID-19 surge raises odds of new coronavirus mutant." A report by the Telegraph on the same day said China's COVID-19 "catastrophe put the global economy at risk." An opinion piece by Washington Post's editorial board brazenly attributed China's surge of infection to vaccines, claiming that "China unwisely eschewed the effective mRNA vaccines for less-effective Chinese-made shots."

For Western countries, especially the US, the matter has never really been related to the epidemic or how China responds at any time. After regarding China as their main competitor, some Western media outlets, notably those from the US, have speared no effort to smear China on any topic that can criticize China. The COVID-19 epidemic has also become one of their anti-China tools and has been entirely weaponized even since the initial stage of the outbreak.

At every turn of the pandemic, many Western officials and the media faithful to them have sought to score political points by pointing figure at Beijing. Whatever China does, there will always be a steady stream of attacks pursuing to exploit the pandemic to discredit the Chinese government.

By badmouthing China's policy adjustment, these Western media outlets intend to sow discord between the Chinese public and the government by inciting the public's dissatisfaction toward the current approach to epidemic. Preferably it could provoke a color revolution, an old trick they are good at playing.

In addition, they want their groundless smear to defame China's international image and global influence, so as to isolate China in the international community.

- Global Times

Virgo49 said...

So many of their spread of deadly diseases that affected the World in the past like their mad cows, birds flu etc and no one cristised or mention about them.

Why the World is real scared of this Mafia Gangster.

China should also start cristising their foul odours to the World.

Anonymous said...

"When poor countries go through an economic shock, the vultures of Wall Street descend upon them and destroy their currencies and bonds. "

And their stock markets also.

How did the American banks operate?

When they want to target a particular Asian country, first the US bank borrow say USD 2 billon worth of that Asian country's currency. Then they sell USD 1 billion worth of that Asian currency, causing the currency to collapse in thin (ie no liquidity) forex markets.

At the same time, they short-sell the Asian country's stocks, causing the stock market to tumble.

The Asian central bank, wanting to punish short-sellers of the Asian currency, then raise sharply their local interest rates to make borrowing costs very high for FX short-sellers, which also exacerbate the fall in local stock prices. That's when the Asian central bank fell into the US banks' trap. Because the US bank still have on hand USD 1 billion worth of the Asian currency (remember, they borrowed USD 2 billion worth and shorted just USD 1 billion worth of the Asian currency).

With the remaining USD 1 billion worth of Asian currency, they lent these out at very high interest rates, thanks to the central bank's rate hike.

After the Asian currency and stocks plunged enough, the US banks covered their short Asian currency and equities positions.

From their vicious operation, the US banks made very huge profits in their short-currency, short-equities and high-interest lending - all out of thin air !

So China is wise not to lift all its yuan forex capital controls.

- me, ex-interbank FX market maker

Virgo49 said...

The Asian Financial Crisis attacks on Thailand and then Malaysia and then throughout Asia.

The Works of the UAssA and their cronies.

Virgo49 said...


GOLD for Oil. Collaspse of UAss $$$$!

Russia proposals.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add if Sinkieland is still too loyal and scared to antagonise UAssA NOT to depose the Uss$$$$ fast enough then the Sin $$$$ may be lower than the Malaysian Ringitt if Matland depose off fast enough.

Now safer for any currency as pegged to UAss $$$$ is to buy Gold as security.

Invest or have all your savings buying Gold Units and wait for their upwards valuations.

Long ago had wanted to invest in the UOB Gold Units as allowed by the CPF's invested Funds and now should be worth three to four times after so long if invested.


Anonymous said...

Indian fake news media especially the Sinophobe WION and GRAVITAS are already spreading the fear that China will cause another wave of COVID to the world with opening up. One irritating mf Singaporean titkoker also jumps on the bandwagon when local infectious experts dismiss such fears because of our high vaccination rate. And irony is it was India that incubated the more deadly Delta variant that spread and killed the most people.

Anonymous said...

I cannot find the article nor the mentioned journalist. Any chance to get a link?

Anonymous said...

Hi all. The article mentioned, nor the author named, can't be found on Google nor other search engines. Any chance to get a link? Or at least a screenshot?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Would the Anonymous author please assist in this request?

I think it would be difficult to trace, as Anonymous said, the original article was deleted. Maybe the edited copy is still available.

patriot said...

So long as the China People stay united and take care as they have being
doing since the Outbreak took place,
China should and shall do fine.
The Days of the Evils are coming to an end as dictate by nature.

Wr shall see the Collapse and Downfall soon.


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB. Think I have seen it.
Will check my History Screenings


Anonymous said...

This type of misinformation amongst western mass media has been around for a number of years and has completely brainwashed the whole population of the collected west. It is so bad that their leaders are now prone to be completely ignorant of the realities of present day conditions around the world. They make foolish decisions with dire consequences. Examples of such leaders are Liz Truss of UK, Analena Beerbock and Ursula Van Le Leyen. They have succeeded in getting their whole continent enslaved by the American imperialists. Now their have completely destroyed their economies at the behest of the Us. Blowing up of Nordstream 1 and 2 was something they accepted and just grit their teeth without any investigation and search for justice. Where is your sense of justice for all and freedom from authoritarianism! Where is your DEMOCRACY! This trend of behaviour has clearly led them to the present sorry state of doom for Europe and the US.

Anonymous said...

This is the power of the invisible hand. The Americans and the Europeans could not do anything about it when they start to destroy themselves.

The Europeans are behaving like lame ducks or sheep, allowing the Americans to kill their economies. The Americans on their own are destroying their own economies with stupid sanctions, weaponising of the dollars, printing money crazily, fighting silly trade and chip wars, and continue to spend millions and billions on wasteful wars

They are speeding up their own destruction. No one is attacking or fighting them. It is like digging their own graves. This is the best thing to have happen. No need world wars as it would be very deadly on both sides.

They American and western countries are on a path of self destruct.

Anonymous said...

I have difficulty appreciating the logic in journalist Brett’s statement that crematoriums were operating at full capacity due to a staff shortage. Any facility can run at full capacity only when it is fully- and not under-manned.

Anonymous said...

A mischievously doctored article would definitely have a lot of gaps. No need to sweat the small stuff. The gist of the article is about editors editing articles to tell lies.

Anonymous said...

US politicians have to continue lying about China, no matter how rediculous they are. Otherwise those kids in Hong Kong and in Taiwan will cease to be their front line fighters in the coming war with China.

patriot said...

@ Anon 1123 am.
Well said.
Whites are throwing rocks at their own feet.
They are lost and not knowing what to do except to stomp themselves.

Anonymous said...

China welcomes you to visit with open arms now, no quarantine required, what are you waiting for? Kiasi, izzit?

Anonymous said...

Waited for 2 long years. Finally it is here, to return to the village to reconnect with my roots.

Anonymous said...

It is not for nothing that western MSM are also known as presstitutes, with Biden providing bounty money, which is actually good for the toilet only.

Truly Malaysian said...

All the media happenings commented above are signs of a collapsing empire that is struggling and clinging on for dear life. It shows the end journey of a lifeline just like when a critically ill patient is in the ICU ward. So just sit back and watch the interesting show in front of us. Meantime take preventive measures on your wealth values. Take care of your health to live long enough to watch the show till the end.

Anonymous said...

The world over must contain the US hegemony and denounce it to the core. Karma will serve upon this country and other countries who lend their support. God bless the affected countries.

Anonymous said...

Nicely said!