Singapore - A country slipping away to become a non state

SINGAPORE: To help Singapore residents through their efforts to stay home in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19, a series of media and digital-related initiatives was announced on Wednesday (Apr 8).

These include providing more content for viewers on free-to-air channels, as well as on Singtel and StarHub's pay-TV platforms.

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) said it will also support telcos in making investments to upgrade their networks. In addition, it will help low-income students who require digital access for home-based learning.

These initiatives come as Singapore kicked off a month-long "circuit breaker" period on Tuesday. Most workplaces are closed, schools have moved to full home-based learning and dining in at food and beverage outlets are not allowed.  CNA

Can anyone pick up what I am going to say from the above quotes from CNA? Some say this is Channel News America, instead of Channel News Asia. Is Singapore a country or a hotel where its primary concern is about the residents, NOT Singaporeans? The narrative and words are slowly changing. The first few words in the opening paragraph, 'To help Singapore residents....' , (bold is inserted by me), not to help Singaporeans show how important are residents over citizens. This is similar to the often used word like locals in govt statistics instead of Singaporeans, where locals means citizens and PRs.

This is a trend in diminishing the importance of Singaporeans, the citizens of this nation state, towards the importance of non citizens like PRs and work pass holders and now residents which means anyone living here. We are so caring and so concern about everyone in this island. Hopefully we don't forget about the citizens, the Singaporeans in this island as time goes by. Why would a country, a nation state, be emphasising the importance of residents and not citizens?

Is Singapore moving towards a hotel, a non state, when citizens will gradually become not important or less important, when all the govt is concerned is about residents, about headcounts, citizens and non citizens all same same.

The narrative is changing. But before the distinction is blurred over time, Singaporeans must wake up to this trend and must not allow this to go further at their eventual demise and irrelevance. This nation state is a country, though small, and must not be turned into a hotel, a non state, belonging to every Tom, Dick and Harry that happened to be here. Singaporeans must be politically conscious of their well being as citizens of this little country before it becomes a piece of rock that belongs to everyone, to anyone and Singaporeans don't count anymore.

What do you think, words are not important. Subtle changes, nuances, innuendos would not mean anything, just like the little incremental changes to your CPF savings that was uttered in Parliament that it is not your money. Then whose money?  What about this island state, whose country is it?

When the first thought that came to people's mind is about residents and not Singaporeans, you know things are changing against Singaporeans right under your nose.

Do Singaporeans matter any more?

Below is posted in theindependent.sg claiming that foreign workers are part of Singapore society by a Anna Maria Romero.

'Netizens have spoken up on social media, saying that migrant workers are part of Singaporean society and should not be seen as, nor treated as, separate. These “woke” folks seem to acknowledge that part of Singapore’s success has been made possible because these workers, the majority of whom come from South Asian countries such as Bangladesh and India, who have come to work here, doing the menial and low-paying jobs that Singaporeans refuse to do.'

Foreigners that are working here are starting to claim that they are part of Singapore. Why? Just because they worked here and claiming credit? Did they work for free or a big sacrifice for Singapore like our NSmen? Why are these foreigners feeling that they are the one that contributed to the success of Singapore and Singaporeans owe them a gratitude? Why is it not that Singapore offered them a decent job and a pay relatively better than what they could get at home or be jobless, and that they should be grateful instead?

Oh, Singapore belongs to everyone here. They heard this and thus wanting to claim a part of Singapore, to be one of us, to be given citizenship as a right because they contributed to our success? Is Singapore citizenship so cheap and so easy to get? Just ask, just demand and it is yours?

The latest, there is another group appearing in Singapore calling themselves 'sovereign'. How did this group get to thinking that they are sovereign in our country needs to be investigated. Sovereign, according to this group of people, one just surfaced, is that they are above the law, they don't have to put on mask in public as required by the law on all Singaporeans and non Singaporeans here. They need not minimise contact with people in public, they need to keep a safe social distance from other people. This sovereign idea must have been talked about and did not flow freely from the mouth of an imbecile in a market place.

Not sure how big is this group of sovereign in Singapore. Are they the new royalties, the new owners of this island? Has Singapore been sold to this group of sovereign that Singaporeans are not aware of, still going about their lives in ignorant bliss? We have sovereigns living among us and we don't even know. Isn't this frightening?

PS.  The relationship between the FWs and their employers is simply contractual and subject to supply and demand. Nothing more, nothing less. If gratitude is a factor, then all employers in every industry must be grateful to their employees.


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB.

Long,long time ago, the meaning of citizenships in Singapore is no longer in the Dictionary of the Elites and Leaders.

With the new nonsense G string Leaders and also some old senile dementia leaders who forgot their roots classified all staying in Sinkieland as RESIDENTS.

Caught with their create more wealth greed with the europhia of globalisation and their perceived big POP with forever booming imaginary economy they brought in millions of inhabitants thinking that they would be a boon to the economy and their wealth of performance bonuses.

With Heaven punishment of just a simple outbreak of virus,their boom became a bang and disaster.

With their pampering that the trashes are here to help the local citizens and creating jobs for them, they became so swellheaded that they became the Masters of the local Citizens.

Sinkies themselves have to pay for this babe as they themselves are even more maganimous to others than the own.

Long time ago when you are back in aplane, they will announces welcome back to Singapore,all Singapore RESIDENTS and not Singaporeans.

MOT this place is doomed if the Sinkies do not want to reclaim back their rights and land.

Anonymous said...

Actually Hah if not wrong in the past the old man said SG is a work in progress it's not a nation or a country yet. With this, someboLee took it as SG is belong to anyone (from all over the world) who r here to contribute. So droffs of Foreigners came to tis island, from Foreign Workers become Foreign Talents then become Locals then become Residents then become Sovereigns then what will it become ? Probably it will become the Supreme Race of this island lording over the true pink IC SingaporeLangs, these r the Untouchables Race of Supreme Rights ! So where will SingaporeLang stands? ...probably like that Screwty Guard being shouted at by some South Asian, it's a sad scene in tis tiny red dot as majority of them Sinkies r in a slumber for many decades or even century to come, stupidity has no cure liow lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If they keep spreading the narrative that foreigners are creating jobs for Singaporeans, foreigners are building Singapore, Singapore's progress depends on foreigners and Singaporeans must be grateful and thankful to the foreigners, then where is the place of Singaporeans in the progress and prosperity of this island?

Should all Singaporeans go down on their knees and say thank you to the foreigners? Singapore becomes prosperous because of these new foreigners and citizens? When did Singapore become a first world economy? When did these foreigners come to our shore?

Is there any wonder why the foreigners think the prosperity and well being of Singaporeans depend on them? They are our saviours, our benefactors, we must be grateful, very grateful to them. Please open your homes to share with them, please open your bank accounts and share with them, please share your country with them. Please share your national reserves with them.

Is this where we are heading? Is this the new alternative truth?

Anonymous said...

Now about that 'Sovereign' woman who was at the centre of the Shunfu Market incident. What is the NEA saying? She had been caught without a mask in an earlier incident, and they now say they are going to fine her S$300. Was she not fined earlier for the first incident? For this second incident she should be fined S$1000 on top of the other charges.

Is that how we treat 'Sovereigns' over and above non sovereigns, if such special class of residents is now among us? I wonder! An explanation is certainly in order.

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition if you want PAP to start treating you better.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the PAP 4G elites in action amidst the pandemic crisis, we've spent many sleepless nights very restless in deep worry over the future of Singapore.

Loser comments from them like "we do not have the luxury of the benefit of hindsight"; "if we were to be able to rewind the clock"; "don't demoralise my team", etc doesn't help.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I wrote earlier, April Fools Day was the beginning of the day of reckoning. A decision must be made by then, and they made the decision, to go to Dorscon Yellow instead of Red.

SSO said...

What is a Sovereign Citizen?

1. Sovereign citizen movement.

The sovereign citizen movement is a loose grouping of American and Commonwealth litigants, commentators, tax protesters, and financial-scheme promoters.

Participants in the movement argue this concept in opposition to the idea of "federal citizens", who, they say, have unknowingly forfeited their rights by accepting some aspect of federal law (similar to the 70% robotic voters in Singapore?)

2. Sovereign Citizens.

Self-described "sovereign citizens" see themselves as answerable only to their particular interpretations of the common law and not subject to any government statutes or proceedings.

3. Doctrine.

They maintain that they are free from of any legal constraints.

In the United States, they do not recognize the U.S. currency. They treat the USD as non-legal tender because the US Treasury simply print money without concern, without qualms, without backup and without respect for the value of money and people who hold the USD as a medium of exchange.

They especially reject most forms of taxation as illegitimate.

The doctrines of the movement resemble those of the Freemen on the land movement, more commonly found in the Commonwealth, such as in Australia, Britain, Canada and South Africa.

4. Opponents Of Sovereign.

A. All kings, queens, emperors, empresses, royalties and their dependents.

B. All dictators.

C. All governments of authoritarian states.

D. All governments of socialist states.

E. All governments of democratic states that are controlled by lobbyists from big private enterprises.

F. The Deep State of United States.

G. Any citizen who willingly give up their personal sovereign rights to the state

Anonymous said...

As long as she votes Opposition;
- it's okay if she does not wear mask.

Better dead than lightning.

Anonymous said...

Foreigners that are working here are starting to claim that they are part of Singapore.

You invite a guest into your house and he wants to bed your wife!

Anonymous said...

The wife will juz yell at tat guest and say ;"...I m Sovereign, Fxxx Off Bastard !".

Anonymous said...

@ 5.42pm
You invite a guest into your house and he wants to bed your wife!

You vote for some people to serve Singapore;
And they make themselves emperor and want to rule over us.

Virgo 49 said...

Wah, the other night, lightning heavy rain happened to strike near our corner block.

Circuit Breaker tripped. Real CB. Wah piang have to reset many electricial appliances with timers and clocks.

Don't play the fool with the lightnings.

Anonymous said...

Sovereign will be remanded for 2 weeks at the Institute of Mental Health and will be back in court on May 19. Gila !

Anonymous said...

Singapore IS already a non state, and by design. I remember one self-appointed natural aristocrat declared some years back that Singapore was not a nation, only a city. It is a country transformed into Singapore Inc by these greedy so-called natural aristocrats to be a cash cow or honey pot for themselves and their cronies.

Anonymous said...

When a minister's salary is say $100,000 a year, he would resign honorably if he's underperforming, to let a more competent person take over, as in many other countries.

But when a minister's salary is $1 million to $2 million dollars a year, to resign is too huge a monetary sacrifice. Die die must stay on the job!

Anonymous said...

"Singapore belongs to everybody."
- guess who say?
- knnb his monther's ccb

Anonymous said...

When a fund manager is paid $100 million dollars a year;
You think she will resign or not?

Anonymous said...

You think she will let public know or not?

Anonymous said...

A Super Jackpot Machine That Has Only One Player.

With a basic salary of $100 million per year, does it not mean:

10 years = $1 billion?

20 years = $2 billion?

Plus compound interests earned?

Plus owning numerous overseas properties rentals?

Plus share from father and mother in laws' distributions from their last wills?

Plus perks, monthly allowances?

Plus yearly bonuses (both performance bonus and special bonus)?

Such jackpot striker will become a Multi-Billionaire in 20 years sitting on the golden throne of a carved-out, cosy, easy, peezy job for sure.

Poor Donald Trump had to work and scheme like a snake for 50 years in order to accumulate only $4 billion!

Anonymous said...


US rate of infection is 3030 per million.

Singapore rate of infection is 3508 per million, now the HIGHEST IN THE WORLD!

Congratulations! PAP Multi-Million-Dollar Salary Ministers! You have scored another 1ST!


Anonymous said...


End of the Day,
the Conclusion is that Daft Sinkies have abetted their Sin Rulers to sell Sin and pawn themselves over the Years. Thus losing their Liberty and Dignity. lt was all done wittingly and willingly.

Blame who???

Anonymous said...

PAP scores another first
Means Daft Sinkies voters also scored another first.

Clap clap clap ... Daft Sinkie voters, congratulations!