Hong Kong - Who would object to anti terrorist and subversive laws?

The introduction of laws against terrorism, subversion and treason in Hong Kong is a legitimate and normal process in many countries, in fact every country has such laws. Hong Kong is an exception because of the historical reasons behind its existence. Now, who on earth would be against the introduction of such laws?

The terrorists of course, and people that have intent to commit treason and subversion against the country, against Hong Kong and China. Would ISIS or other international terrorist organisations object to these laws? Yes, but they did not because they have no intent to commit such acts against Hong Kong or China. Only the guilty parties, the potential terrorists and mischief makers would.

The world's Number One terrorist country have objected the loudest. The evil Empire objects to the introduction of such legitimate and necessary laws to protect the interest of Hong Kong and China. Why, because they are the terrorists and the backers and financers of international terrorists and the terrorists and subversive elements in Hong Kong.

And they celebrate and cheer whenever Hongkongers riot in the streets, to burn buildings and cars and attack the police. This is what this wicked woman said of the rioting in Hong Kong. '“It is a beautiful sight to behold and I commend the courage of the people there for speaking out in light of China’s actions in Hong Kong these days…” said U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she applauded the violent HK protests.'

When Hong Kong burns, they rejoice and egg the Hongkongers to burn more, to kill more policemen. But now they are faced with the same problem in many big cities in America. And what are they saying, no violent protest, no burning of buildings and cars. Protest must be peaceful. They did not like the beautiful protests in the streets of USA like those in Hong Kong. Why? Should not they also be cheering and celebrating and calling their protests beautiful? This is God's message to the Hong Kong, see the true colours of the evil white men and women and their mischievous intent.

Why do these evil people encouraged the Hongkongers to be violent but not the Americans? Think. Would Hongkongers think and see through the hypocrisy of the Americans, making them their tools to bring down China?

The best thing for Hongkongers that do not like to live in Hong Kong under Chinese laws is to move out. The British are opening the door to welcome them. There is no need to be violent and be made use of by mischievous Americans to serve the agenda of the Americans and become cannon fodder.

There is now a way out, just get out peacefully. It is good for everyone, without the need for bloodshed and bad blood. Do the right thing. Hong Kong can never be separated from China. It is an integral part of Chinese territory. It is a lost cause. Just go when they are still welcome in Britain before they paint themselves into a corner and have no where to go.

Do not become the pawns of the evil Empire. Trump said, when the looting starts, the shooting starts, in American cities. When the Hongkongers pushed too hard, the shooting would also start in Hong Kong. Every country would do the same. It is the right thing to do. The USA and China would do the same thing.

PS. Trump called the rioters in American cities thugs but called the Hong Kong rioters heroes. He would not allow mob violence.  But why is mob violence in Hong Kong supported and encouraged by him and his evil men?  Would the Hongkongers think about this?  White men speak in fork tongue.


Virgo 49 said...

In one video, a Swedish gentleman, wow full of courage in the midst of the violent mobs shouted to them:

"You are so stupid! You have one of the finest police force in the world and you are harming them"

Continued: "You have all been brainwashed"

"This is your country. You are Chinese, why are you going against your own Chinese?"

One Hongkies woman shouted: "Who are you"

He replied: "Just a passerby in your country and sad to see that you are all idiots manipulated by others"

That's sum up all.

Swiss and Swedish are mostly genteel people unlike the shits stirers Brits, Americunts, Norwegian, Danish etc.

The worse lots among them, the bloody Brits who went every corners of the Earth and created havocs.Football hooligans every where.

Next, the Americunts.

Most courteous, the Dumb dumb sinkies. Been bullied and slaughter everywhere.


Virgo 49 said...

Forget to add the Frenchies.

Originator of French Caps.

Actually, Italians also very kwa lan. Since China good friend with them. Don't want to tar them.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi should stand by her window, encourage the 'beautiful sight to behold' protests in the US states, now spreading to 14 states if I am not mistaken.

The United Snakes of America knows that security laws in Hong Kong will make their intention to create chaos for China blunted, so they vehemently object to it. If it affects Hong Kong's status, so be it. It has to happen, sooner or later. After all, any anarchy inside Hong Kong ignited by those terrorist, will eventually end up with the same result of destroying Hong Kong's future. China can wait until 2047 to put it's foot down.

China did not send in the PLA despite a year of provocation in Hong Kong. On the other hand the USA had to send in heavily armed National Guards after just four days of unrest. China has been accused of violating human rights, ruled by dictators and killing people at will. How do you call Trump, inciting violence in tweets and sending in National Guards to harass protestors? None so blind as those who would not see!

The UK is said to be offering UK Citizenship to Hong Kong people, but it's citizens are obviously not much in favour of that move. China should not put too much effort to decry or object to such a move. It may be a blessing in disguise to use this chance to rid Hong Kong of all the subversive elements. I am sure most of those terrorist will go, wishing for more freedom, while many normal Hong Kong citizens even support the security law, so they may not take up the offer, seeing the racial breach in the West and the way Blacks are treated in the US. Anti-Chinese movements are also spreading in all White dominated countries.

These subversives can queue to take up UK Citizenship and try to compete with the Whites for jobs and housing. They will be heavily discriminated against. Whilst under British rule in Hong Kong, these people are already considered serfs by the British, with no voting rights. They think the UK will give them more freedom than they currently enjoy in Hong Kong, which is ranked far ahead in the Human Freedom Index at No. 3, while the UK is at No. 15. Fancy that!

While in UK they can bring with them their brand of rioting to demand more freedom. Burn down Downing Street, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace to make their demands. I am sure the Brits will oblige, seeing how they supported such rioting in Hong Kong.

I would love to see the day, like what I see in the USA now, happening in the UK. Who laughs last laughs best. Please let it happen!

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon

Wait till the day they also kena whacked by the Brits and knelt down by the Americunts.

Shouting I cannot breathe and fark.

That's be their Glory Days.


Anonymous said...

In my experience, working for many nationalities, the Dutch seems reasonable and easy to get along with, the Danes are snobbish and arrogant, the Japs are overbearing and too stuck with rules, the Chinese petty and opportunistic, the Brits worst of the worst, though some Scots are quite genial.

Anyway, I am Chinese. Those are only my opinion.

Anonymous said...

“It is a beautiful sight to behold and I commend the courage of the people there for speaking out in light of China’s actions in Hong Kong these days…” said U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she applauded the violent HK protests.'

How about:

“It is a beautiful sight to behold and I commend the courage of the people there for speaking out in light of USA police actions in Minneapolis these days…” said pro China supporters as they applauded the violent USA protests."

southernglory1 said...

Those who still believe in the shit of western ( especially UK, USA and France ) Christian preachings please read and digest their doctrines of hate for non-Christians like 'The Doctrine of Christian Discovery, 'Doctrine of America's Manifest Destiny, Doctrine of American Exceptionalism and the Jewish-Anglo-Saxon-Rothschild-Illuminati 'Doctrine of Paul Wolfowitz'. They are all very hateful and poisonous doctrines against non-white countries and people and the worst thing they claim innocence because they feel it is so natural to them.

The white American Christian church, their preachers and pastors always interfere in Chinese politics and internal affairs. It was during China's weakest period during the Opium Wars 1830s - 1860s that the Catholic Pope of the Vatican used subterfuge to help Catholic Christian Zarist Russia to steal over three million square miles of Chinese lands from Lake Baikal to Vladivostok in the Pacific coast. Vladivostok formerly a Chinese city by the Chinese name of Haishenwei was taken from the Chinese in 1885 by the Christian Russians without even firiing a shot due to the intrigues of the Vatican's pope in tricking the Chinese emperor to sign away Vladivostok and huge swathes of Chinese lands to the Russians on false promises of Russian help against the British and the French attack on China.

The European and American Christians helped the corrupted Ching government to put down the Chinese Taiping revolution because the Western evil imperialists would never accept a strong united Chinese nation where they cannot continue to exploit.

Last year 2019 the American churches and White American personnels and preachers helped the HK rioters and terrorists with not only encouragement but also with financial and material aids with the intention to bring down China and the Chinese people. The white Americans and the Europeans are inherently wild,evil and wicked. The native Americans have constantly warn us that 'White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted.'

Below I quote the hypocrisy of a white American pastor in his differentiate comments on the riots in HK last year and the black American protests and riots against the injustice, unfair and cruel unequal treatments of the blacks by the white American government.

Reverend Patrick Mahoney @revmahoney

On Hong Kong riots 2019.

" I am so deeply touched by the courage and passion of the Hong Kong protesters. As they risk all to stand for freedom, the US and the world must stand with them."

Reverend Patrick Mahoney @revmahoney

On America's black protesters against white injustice to blacks.

"My heart is very heavy this morning as I am watching events in Minneapolis , Violence is never the answer, even to the most horrific acts of injustice and racism."

What do you make of this white American Christian hypocrisy? Don't you agree white men have no moral rights to lecture or preach to non-whites on matters of human rights and democracy. They are in severe travesty of both.



Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous 10:03

Hi! Comrade , you make a very astute comment. Good . Hope to see more such well informed comments.


Virgo 49 said...

Southern Glory 1

These African American Blacks also damn cock.

Easily pacify and brainwashed by just a few of their own traitous kinds.

CNN and other Medias, they get a few of their ball suckers and benefactors to appeal LIVE on their televisions urging them to stop and be maganimous.
Quoting Martin Luther King.

He was murdered still they do not understand.

So many times these killings by the Whites happened and after these appeals they calm down.

Less than the wink of an eye, the Whites started killings again.

Even those White Commentators who appeared sad and sympathetic are just wayang. Only the black Don Lennon can feel the pains

Now, they have this opportunity, they must go all out and make sure the Whites wake up their ideas.

Want to bathe, make sure get all wet and soak

Famous quote by one of our wise ex-marketing manager when he entertained clients for business.

Don't just rinse and not wet.

The Blacks now most show Pelosi what's beautiful sights all over UAssA.

Anonymous said...

Let America burn. This is retribution and punishment for what they did and are still doing to the rest of the world.

Burn America, burn. Wait to see Trump ordering his fierce dogs to attack the niggers like they did during the days of slavery. Wait for more blacks to be shot and for the blacks to take up arms and shoot back at the white policemen.

This would keep them very busy and home and no time to stir shit and start more wars elsewhere.

God is finally taking actions against the white racist Americans.

Virgo 49 said...

This also applies to our own Sinkies who wayang and carry the PAP balls to smoothen their blunders.

The issue of the Migrant Workers.

Anonymous said...

When I watch sleepy Joe and his pretences calling for a stop to white racism it was so hypocritical. He said he was behind the blacks and with the blacks and this must stop right now.

Did not sleepy Joe know that this has been happening for the last few hundred years and never stop? This did not happen yesterday. Every other day a black would be killed by the whites, policemen, ex policemen, civilians, etc etc. It will not stop just by a few pretentious words to get him elected.

Sleepy Joe was caught making snipe remarks about the blacks and taking them for granted and had to apologise for it. He is just another hypocritical anti black white. Period.

Anonymous said...

For a President to incite violence is unheard of. Tweeting for shooting to start if looting starts is adding oil to fire. Trump is no better than a child, throwing tantrums without realising the damage he is inflicting.

But, to be realistic, this is the kind of mindset prevalent in all USA leaders, Republicans or Democrats. They serve the same master. They promote the same ideology. The ideology of divide and rule, war and destruction, without any respect for human lives. What the Whites are saying about following peaceful demonstrations, follow the actions of Martin Luther King, obey the laws, are all hogwash and mere verbal garbage, that only the hypocritical Whites can espouse. Do not the Blacks believe a word because if they relent on this again they are going to regret having to ask 'Am I Next' again and again.

Anonymous said...

What is happening in the streets of USA will show to the hongkies how kind China was in dealing with their violence on the streets of Hong Kong. China could have let the PLA to deal with the hongkies and see how many would be shot like the National Guards shooting the protestors in the US.

The hongkies be warned. Whatever the American police and national guards are doing would be used by China to deal with them. The PLA would just do what the Americans are doing and the Americans could not say no. The Americans are setting the example, the norm on how to deal with violence and what is acceptable and what is not.

Anonymous said...

The way China dealt with the rioters on the streets of Hong Kong is like a loving father trying to restrain a beloved son led astray by foreign enemies.

The way Trump dealt with the rioters on the streets of US cities is like a white supremacist out to kill black people!

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

This Sleepy Joe also another Devil.

As Vice President to Obama.

He now got caught as he promised to have a Black Vice President in debate with Sanders.

Now, he hesitatant not so sure as most Whites spoke with double tongues whether to have a Black Vice President.

He promised just to beat Sanders in the Primaries.

Never trust a White and Indian Snake.

Both same features but only different colour.

Anonymous said...

Just enjoying the 'beautiful sight to behold' protest in LA live on YouTube. Just like the days of the Iraq War.

Trumps is boasting that his army is ready to move in, after the National Guards, Pentagon Military Police have joined the fray. Bring them on! We love the show. Make it more exciting!

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

Star hub free preview CNN till June 02.

Big screen


Anonymous said...

US politicians are now also enjoying the 'beautiful sight to behold' from their windows.

Trump will tweet that the view is 'tremendously exciting', the most exciting in the history of the USA.


Anonymous said...

These protestors are not thugs. They are 'freedom fighters' according to Trump's definition of the same type of protestors in Hong Kong.

The world should support these 'freedom fighters', and since the USA has openly supported them too in Hong Kong, it should do the same at home. If not, they are hypocrites through and through.

Virgo 49 said...

Understand that they had broken into the White House.

Dotard TRUMP and family fled to Kansas.

CNN not showing at this time.

CIA urgent meeting.

Aiya, these. National Guards also all Bullshits just like their Marines lah.

For show only lah.

Just like Sinkies SOC.

Lau kue!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wow, if this is true, it is earth shaking news.

Anonymous said...

Can't be true. Trump has just gone into hiding. He is absconding from responsibility. He is a coward, only knows how to bully the weak.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

About 350,000 people in Hong Kong currently hold British National (Overseas) passports, which allow visa-free access to Britain for up to six months, Johnson wrote.

Another 2.5 million people would be eligible to apply for one.

"If China imposes its national security law, the British government will change our immigration rules and allow any holder of these passports from Hong Kong to come to the UK for a renewable period of 12 months and be given further immigration rights, including the right to work, which could place them on a route to citizenship," he wrote.

This is a good opportunity for Hongkongers to leave Hong Kong if they fear living under Chinese rule after 2047. They should all go to UK and form a new community there. No need to knock their heads against a wall.