Singapore Education - How to punish AWOL students

'According to recent reports, Mr Ong’s (Ye Kung) announcement of the resumption of classes has raised concerns. Despite the new system that will be implemented, wherein students take turns switching from HBL to face-to-face classes and safety measures are enhanced, parents have found issues with certain aspects of the “new normal” of education. Some of these issues include the length of time children will have to don a mask and the risk of infection. Other parents also asked the Minister if they could opt to stick to HBL as they were concerned for the safety of their children. Though Mr Ong addressed some concerns, his statement regarding the HBL option was, “We cannot make attending school voluntary.”....

“We understand that to date, 10 pre-school staff have tested positive for coronavirus. And the testing is not complete yet and will only be completed by the end of the month,” wrote Mr Lim (Tean), arguing that the number of cases are expected to rise. He then questioned why Mr Ong did not seem to consider this as an increased risk for young children....

“Parents have every right to ensure the safety of their children and if they do not feel comfortable in sending their children to school at this point in time, what right has Ong Ye Kung to force them to do so?” said Mr Lim....'

Above are a few paragraphs in theindependent.sg that raised concerns about school opening in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic. Attending school is compulsory, not voluntary, according to Ong Ye Kung. On the other hand, Lim Tean was saying that given the risk of Covid19, this should not be and parents have the right to protect their children.

Assuming that the govt, in this case the Minister of Education, would have the final say and the law is behind him, school attendance is compulsory and not attending would lead to some penalty or punishment, how should this be dealt with.

In the armed forces, NS is compulsory by law and absence or AWOL means jail terms or minor cases mean detention barracks.  Going to school is compulsory but not really in the same category.  Can't imagine children sent to detention barrack, but not entirely true. Remember detention classes or being retained back in school as a form of punishment?

How is the MOE going punish school children that went AWOL? The consent of parents to keep their children away from school is no excuse.  AWOL is AWOL. There must be cases when children were not sent to school due to poverty, or parents having financial difficulties and unable to afford to do so. Providing financial assistance in a way would help in such cases.

In the context of safety from the virus, would the parents be punished and what kind of punishment should they decide not to send their children to school? Does the Minister have authority to punish the parents for making such a decision?

Or should the AWOL children be punished instead and how? The Minister has made it very clear that school attendance is compulsory and not up to the choice of the parents and children. What if they just vote with their feet, ignored this compulsory requirement and backed by law? The Minister cannot say nothing can be done and move on. If this is so, then what is all the hooha about compulsory attendance? A policy like this and backed by law must also be matched with the ability and will to enforce.

There must be penalties or punishment to the parents or to the school children. It would be interesting to know what MOE or the Minister has in mind in dealing with delinquent children with parental support or how to deal with such parents. Ong Ye Kung has made his position very clear, it is not an option. So what is he going to do about it when this edict is violated?


Virgo 49 said...

Now they allowed to don either Face Masks or Face Visors which Foo Mee Har or Fool Me Ha? now thrown into the SMC has to do extra leg works and encouraging her voters, I would try to have one. Easier breathing for old folks like us and don't bother whether that pesky virus will sneak thru or not.

Actually, to me all these are hogwash. Be brave like Dotard Trump. Just go out and enjoy your sun shine. Masks or no masks or visors, there human beans are just kidding themsleves with all these trails and errors fumbling not too sure protocols.

Now most Countries especially Sinkiekand and also Matland are using and abusing their unprecedented and extraordinary powers to dicate to their citizens their extraordinary protocols just to tame you that they are the Masters.

Peace time practice to break down your spirits to obey them.

AWOL pupils with the permission of their parents, they can slammed the laws on you?

Don't be surprised that they will have a bill and pass without any delay into law by next Parliament to ensure that we obey them.

What's farking quality of lives when we have to dorn face masks or visors like RETARDED robots the whole lives from now.

All due to their deadly mistake of having another 2.3M extra breathing and spreading of diseases beans here.

All for the sake of pleasing those capitalists in making their MONIES.

Now, they cajoled the Govt who had second thoughts to cut down the extra labour intensive workforce not to do so as they will affect the economy.

How's about the health and lives of the citizens here?

Greedy humans all over the World are not paying a heavy price for their greed and their own decadent lifestyles that have all these diseases that Heavens are punishing us.

Anonymous said...

Ong Yee Koon is still kooning. He had better wake up his fxxking idea. Otherwise, by next GE, his whole GRC will go to opposition parties. Being too arrogant, stupid and insensitive is the sure way to get kicked out for good.

The voters had already taught him a good lesson before. Yet this numb skull is still so stubborn and stupid.

He is not of ministerial quality, yet PAP Chief has made him one. This reflects very badly on the Chief's ability to select good quality people. So far, most of his Ministers are wash-outs, as far as I can see.

Anonymous said...

Does Ong's edict covers international schools where rich foreigners roam?

Anonymous said...

Even K1/K2 will resume on 2Jun. Can you imagine a 5/6 year old wearing face mask / shield throughout the kindergarten hours? What is the rush to sent preschoolers back in phase 1? Are the parents clamouring for school to restart? Will the preschoolers suffer a huge setback by missing school for one more month? What is that oyk thinking about? What is the gain compare the the huge risk that parents are taking when the covid numbers are still in 3-digits everyday?

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 1008am

He is not Kooning lah!

He is very very very very very very very very confident!

He knows for sure they pao chiak in the next GE!

They know smelly smelly they will get at least 80% votes!

You think so?


Anonymous said...

Actually asking pre-school or primary students to wear a face shield or mask the whole morning in school is a long order. Children are children and the face shield is a big hindrance to their movements, even a hazard.

I find wearing a mask irritating, uncomfortable in this hot weather and the worse part is I have a skin allergy that itches when in contact with any material. But I have to bear with it, and make sure I go out only for short stints.

How can children do the same in school. Imagine them running around and sweating in this hot weather. Parent's concern are not unfounded. Some teachers also have misgivings about the face shield or mask wearing and are concern about the problems they will also face in school.

I am afraid what we say is going to land on deaf ears, like sounding the alarm long before the outbreak in those dormitories and the potential spread on crowded trains. We are just nothing but noise to them.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon

Had just ordered from Q0010 face visor.

They said can wear then we wear.

Or Kong chia lat!

All their nan sai laws.

Hard to breathe wearing masks.

Last time SARs no wear mask even for a day.

Now chia lat. What's hapoen if we were to wear for the Rest of our lives?

Better go to Matland.

Just to add off topic

Bullshits Americunts space NASA space Voyager delayed due to excuse bad weather.

Bluff cannnot launch say cannot launch.

Just like India. Up ten seconds KAPUT!

Anonymous said...

Wear mask for life is not far fetched. If the evil empire and the rest of mankind keeps experimenting with bio-weapons, there are so many millions of virus to choose from.

Now, it is every five years we have one outbreak. Soon, it may be every three years, then even yearly. If we do not go like the dinosaurs from nuclear catastrophe, there is always the virus to consider. The day will come when it will be better to go early than late.

Anonymous said...


Today Thursday 28/5 Sg/PR=0 case!


Virgo 49 said...

Anon 3.59

Should have open all businesses and allowed travels as per pre COVID.

If not for all the migrant workers.

Made lives real HARD for Sinkies.

Yet, Sinkies as prograted by the Media kept praising the migrant workers as though they're their GOD.


Anonymous said...

Back to school is a must. Children must be quite bored staying at home for such a long break. I think the PAP government is doing the right thing on this issue. Well done PAP. Come gE I will surely vote for the MIW.

Anonymous said...

@ Balls-Carrier/PAP IB
@ Anonymouse @ May 28, 2020 4:40 pm:

"Back to school is a must."

There is no such thing as MUST. Only idiots obey orders of their Masters like a well-tamed dog! Making the children back to school while more and more clusters of infections are being discovered everyday is not a wise, but a foolish, move.

"Children must be quite bored staying at home for such a long break."

Children have Home-Base-Learning from SLS to occupy them the whole day from 0800 hours to 1800 hours. They won't be bored. You are deliberately neglecting this good works of the Teachers.

Children get infected and stay in Isolation in the Communicable Disease Unit will be even more bored, plus SUFFERING throughout their whole life because their LUNGS will be forever damaged even if they recovered from COVID-19.

Children get infected and suffer from the rare effects of blood vessels expanded and DIE, then MOE and people like you are responsible for their deaths.

"I think the PAP government is doing the right thing on this issue."

I think you, being a natural Balls-Carrier, are blinded by your eagerness to please your Master. That is why your judgement and perception are all skewed. PAP has screwed up big time for this Pandemic right from the very beginning in January onwards.

"Well done PAP. Come gE I will surely vote for the MIW."

Giving credit while credit is not due is a clear indication of Hypocrisy and corrupted thinking of one who is keen to rub shoulders and score points.

Anonymous said...

Hi 440pm

Not to worry.....

PAP sure smelly smelly at least 80% at next GE.....


Anonymous said...

What is the difference between a ball carrier and a ball smeller?