Bill Gates and Fauci - What are their motives?

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar has a virtual sit down with Patrick Bet-David. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnbf9wccdxE

In this video Dr Rashid asked what is the motive of Bill Gates for owning not one but 4/5 patents on coronavirus. Gates has all the money in the world that he could not use for generations to come. He does not need more money as more money is quite meaningless to him. He has too much money. Then what is his motive to want to have these deadly patents? 

Oh, Bill talked about vaccines and ID2020, that he is spending money on inventing new vaccines for these coronavirus and the patent to have such an ID2020 or tag for every human bean in the world. What for, for more money? Oh, Gates also has another agenda, to reduce the population of this planet to 4 billion to make it more sustainable. Singapore will protest.  We need to pump in more people into this island to build more homes and properties and to sell them at higher prices. We need 10m, 20m maybe 100m people eventually to keep our economy and GDP growing.

How do these goals of Gates make sense for him when making more money really does not make him any more richer in life?

The other big question, has this Covid19 pandemic got anything to do with Bill Gates and his motives, to create a vaccine for it, to reduce the world's population to 4b?

Sure, the patents for vaccines and ID2020 could make him more money beyond his imagination. For what? He is 65 and not many years to live.

And why patents for coronavirus? Oh, viruses can only be patented if it is man made. Does this ring a bell?  Natural viruses cannot be patented. They are nature.  Having patents for viruses do not mean that the viruses cannot be hijacked by criminals or big powers that want to use them as biological weapons.

What is the motive of Bill Gates?

The second part of the video discussed Dr Fauci's role in developing a more virulent and more powerful coronavirus, starting in North Carolina University and then moved to the Wuhan Lab with US$3.7m tax money when modifying coronavirus to become a more deadly virus was banned by the US govt in 2014. And in 2014, Fauci also made a statement in Georgetown University saying that this govt would face a surprise pandemic. How did he know?

What is the motive of Fauci to finance the development of more virulent virus in Wuhan with American tax payer's money? Why is there a need to develop more deadly viruses? What is the relationship between Fauci and Gates?

Another part of the video questioned the link between the outbreak of this virus in Wuhan and 5G.  In 2017, the Chinese govt announced that 5G would be rolled out in Wuhan in December 2019, and this outbreak in Wuhan happened in December 2019. And from Wuhan, instead of spreading elsewhere, to Shanghai or some Chinese cities, this virus went abroad to hit two countries that announced that they were implementing 5G against the objection of the US govt, ie Iran and Italy. 

Coincidence? What about the rumour that 5G caused this virus outbreak? So better don't use 5G. Some idiots even went ahead to tear down 5G communication towers in the USA and UK. Do these events make sense?

Dr Rashid Buttar, an American doctor, recommended to Trump to investigate Gates and Fauci.  What is the truth to this pandemic?


Virgo 49 said...

Person with conscience and riches that they had made thru the human beans will donate or give freely to the World the vaccine if able to cure this deadly Pandemic.

Something to give back and gained Good Merits or Karma.

Oh, forgot they prayed to their White GOD that forgives every sins that they committed as they were ALREADY saved.

NOT to patent and made more WEALTH from it.

So, this must be their evil agenda to make more Wealth on the miseries of others.

So, letting their foxes tails that they must be the culprits behind all these sufferings.

If the Chinese were to have this antidote, I believe that they would give generously and maybe just at cost or gave to others to manufacture their own to save Humanity.

For the Chinese believed in Karma and deeds and retributions.

Anonymous said...

Don't buy or boycott any Microsoft products, don't donate to the Bill Gates Foundation.
If the above is true, China CCP will punish Bill Gates & its Foundation for sure liow.

Anonymous said...

If the Chinese were to give vaccines generously the evil whites would find something to accuse them of, maybe substandard, poison, or drugs to get them hooked.

If the Chinese were to make profit from the vaccines, they would be accused of profiteering.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What is the motive of someone who invented and patented the most deadly weapon? To save lives! The logic, no one would dare to start a war knowing that this someone has the deadliest weapon to destroy them. The caveat, no one would dare to start a war, but this someone can start wars with anyone, to threaten anyone to control everyone.

This is the same wicked logic of the Americans for having the most powerful military arsenal, can start wars and hit everyone, but no one dares to or can hit back. So clever logic. The same logic they apply to N Korea and Iran. No nuclear weapons or else....

Anonymous said...

What else is new about China, said Trump when asked about the accusations that China is hacking the US virus vaccine research papers. I anticipated this will happen and that the US will come up with a new accusation every other day against China. Did their accusation against Huawei stick? Where are the evidence?

Yes, what else is also new about the US wholesale lying, cheating and stealing?

The USA lied about Iraq's possession of WMD and biological weapons. Chemical Ali and Saddam Hussein were targeted for killing and Iraq was attacked by the evil empire and it's poodles. Now Iraq is still in turmoil! Venezuelans have seen it all, that is why the people are against US interference in their country.

The USA cheated on allies by using the CIA to sell rigged encryption machines to them, and the allies did not know that the US had privy to their secrets through using such machines.

The USA stole the whole country of American States from the native Indians and committed genocide by getting rid of millions through direct killing and infecting them with white men's diseases.

So, what else is new?

Virgo 49 said...

Their remaining tribes of Sioux etc had erected barriers and check points to their reservations and they demanded that they take them off.

Reservations as their last long possessions also must obey their taunts

Tribes AFRAID that they annihilated them.

Anonymous said...

It is apparent that the US is not testing as much as they claimed and their reported figures have slowed down considerably. This is expected to happen after Trump claimed that the US is over-reporting cases and said it should be lower. Why would any country want to report more instead of less?

Unofficially, it has been claimed that the US had more than 2.4 million infections instead of the 1.3 million reported. The death figure of 80 thousand is therefore also suspect and tempered with.

But the truth cannot be hidden forever.

Anonymous said...

They are very smart. When leaks occur they close down Fort Detrick, otherwise there will be calls for investigation.

Why should China allow the US and it's poodles to even think of starting an investigation into the workings of the Wuhan lab? Would the US allow China to do the same to Fort Detrick? They would definitely not. If a push comes to a shove, they will probably just demolish the lab and all the evidence.

That is how the US elites takes care of things when they are cornered. How in the world would anyone believe that Jeffrey Epstein's death was suicide, when security is supposed to be so tight around his cell, and this was supposed to be a high profile case involving multiple high level people? It is true that with money, one can pervert justice. With power, one can invoke justice.

Anonymous said...

With 5G, the world will not be held ransom by Bill Gates' stranglehold via Microsoft and Microsoft Windows monopoly platform any more.

Therefore, Bill Gates' empire will be crumbling down (together with Google, Facebook and Twitter, etc. - all the Giant Tech monopolies of USA).

Bill Gates is already many times filthy rich, yet his yearning for more money never stop but grows even more ferociously frightening. He managed to "talk" Warren Buffett into surrendering his entire wealth (US$75 billion) to him and giving Buffett's own daughter with only US$1 billion. That is how greedy Bill Gates has been/is/will be.

Therefore, he has to do something to protect his own empire. China is an easy target to him. Because China has never suspected what kind of a hidden evil man Bill Gates is. In fact, many countries and even CIA, MI6, Mossad and KGB do not suspect the Evil heart of this man, until now.

Anonymous said...

Heng ah!

PAP MP kena dengue fever.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiya. What's you expect from CHOW Ang Mohs?

Last time, I even brought this bloody Brit to my flat and show him the problem of his aircon pipe water dripping into my flat.

Then when he started to torture my family with his purposely created nusiance noises, I requested the HDB officers to jointly inspect his unit to find out the noise problems, he flatly said no.

Too afraid that he had even a home gym with weights throwing down heavily that created these noises.

The farking Chinkees HDB EO and HTI even said they do not see any of these lying around.

Farking sei suay own Sinkies sided with him.

When he shifted OUT at the lift lobby where I was there unfortunately at that time, heavy gym weights of dumbbells and barbells kept rolling out from the lift.

That's why I said farking Sinkies would never side their own especially our Chinese Sinkies but bowed and licked the arses of the Whites.

Knnccb. Sei suay.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates & Dr Fauci = Hitler & Josef Mengele (Angel of death)

Virgo 49 said...

All are NOT invincible.

Only tip of the iceburg.

Millionaires, beggars or what's beans All is fair in diseases, wars and love.

Anonymous said...

COVID-19 may have surfaced in USA as early as July 2019 in Virginia

'Respiratory outbreak' being investigated at retirement community after 54 residents fall ill - 12 July 2019

Two people have died and 18 others have been hospitalized after a "respiratory outbreak" at a Virginia retirement community, according to officials.

The Fairfax County Department of Health said that 54 individuals had become ill with "respiratory symptoms ranging from upper respiratory symptoms (cough) to pneumonia" in the last 11 days at Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield.

In a letter Wednesday to residents obtained by ABC News affiliate WJLA-TV in Washington D.C., Greenspring described symptoms as "fever, cough, body aches, wheezing, hoarseness and general weakness."

Benjamin Schwartz, a health department director, told ABC News on Thursday that the outbreak had been reported in the assisted-living and skilled-nursing sections. He said the outbreak began with the first case on June 30.

The specific cause of the outbreak had not yet been identified but additional tests of samples were being done, according to Schwartz.

The assisted-living and skilled-nursing facility in Greenspring is home to 263 residents, Schwartz said. He said the two patients who died in the outbreak had been hospitalized with pneumonia but were "older individuals with complex medical problems."

"One of the things about skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities is [that] when you have a lot of people in close proximity, who have underlying medical conditions, there is an increased risk for outbreaks," he said. "Seeing a respiratory outbreak in a long-term care facility is not odd. ... One thing that's different about this outbreak is just that it's occurring in the summer when, usually, we don't have a lot of respiratory disease."

Of those initially hospitalized, seven have returned to the retirement home, said Courtney Benoff, regional communications manager for Erikson Living, which owns the retirement home.

The health department said that although there had been no new hospitalizations in the "past couple of days," residents were still getting sick in the outbreak.

In a statement, Greenspring said that its "highest priority is the welfare of those who live and work on campus."

"In keeping with this commitment the community has acted with an abundance of caution, and in partnership with the Fairfax County Department of Health, has taken all necessary measures to fully implement proven infection prevention and control strategies. We remain vigilant in our response and will continue to provide frequent and transparent updates to residents, staff and family members," the retirement home said in a statement.

The Fairfax County Health Department said it is investigating the incident.

The department said that appropriate measures had been taken to reduce the risk of infection and keep residents safe, including closing the facility to new admissions, cancelling group activities, keeping ill residents in their rooms and increasing cleaning.

Residents experiencing any of those symptoms were urged to call the community's medical center.

Anonymous said...

Bats of Virginia

There are 15 bat species living in Virginia.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They can test them for Covid9 antibodies and conduct posthumous tests on the dead.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi, now China collaborating with Canada on their vaccine clinical trials.

So they cannnot anyhow said fake.