Kishore Mahbubani giving a lesson to an unthinking parrot of the West


Watch how Kishore gave a lesson on critical thinking and not talking like an unthinking parrot to this Ramesh Ramachandran, Senior Consulting Editor of DD News. This parrot started the session by spitting out a number of standard American lies against China, can China rise peacefully, that China is aggressive, assertive, that China is launching a debt trap in the BRI project, that the CCP is an authoritarian and unpopular communist regime and must be bad, etc etc. It was apparent that this parrot swallowed hook, line and sinker, everything he read in the western media and narrative that he thought he was telling the truth about China and Kishore would be there to agree with him.

You could see the expression in Kishore's face and how exasperated he was with this unthinking parrot that he decided to educate him on the basics of critical thinking in philosophy. The parrot was annoyed and started to raise his voice when he realised that Kishore was not in the same wavelength as him but to no avail. By the end of the session he surrendered and thanked Kishore for a lesson in philosophy and, hopefully he gets wiser a bit which I am not a bit optimistic. Parrots are just parrots, can only regurgitate, GIGO, no processing, nothing new can come out from the vacuum in between his ears. You can see how disappointed he parrot was, unable to push the American propaganda across.

It is only 27 minutes of pure entertainment and a lesson in realpolitik for the amateurs. I think many in Channel News America think and talk like this parrot without knowing why and very proud of it, thinking that they are highly intelligent to be able to parrot a few American catchphrases as if they had done the thinking.


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB.

This morning BBC morning talks of Kishore also lambasting Dotard Trump of his poor leadership in handling America COVID pandemic.

The interviewer seemed to press Western Propaganda on him and a lady Dr if I not mistaken of China's irresponsibility in been NOT transparent.

Kishore point blank replies that China's decisive action in locking down the City of Wuhan and near by States is a real action of strong leaderships unlike the UAssA.

They tried to prevent the spread to the outside world. Yet, the imbeciles kept blaming them for their inaction.

It's their own inactions that they should blame themselves.

Also, that Lady Co host agreed with him willingly.

That shown the Trust between the State and the People who believed in their action.

My opinion, so you think Commie or Socialist system is inferior to their bullshits cronyism Democracy Capitalist systems?

Only Elites and Wealthy feared the Socialist system of more fair sharing of Wealth.

Nowadays, Kishore been in the LKY league is more pro China than those nutty professors domineering our Unis systems.

Think should have a Rerun of this interview as most always go reruns to cover their broadcasting times.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Our millionaire ministers would not want to be getting the salary Xi. Our neighbours too.

Kishore is gaining more respect and recognition in his views on China from the west and being much sought after today than any Singaporean leaders or fake thinkers could muster. If he goes on this trajectory, he would become the voice of Singapore and Asia, the thinker of Asia on China. No need to wear any silly clothing to create an impression. It is the idea in the man.

Anonymous said...

The more successful the communist system is, the perception in the West will be that the progressive nature of communism today is posing a more serious threat to the democratic capitalist system, and is getting more difficult to counter.

The days of demonising communism, with propaganda linking communism to backwardness, poverty and draconian rule is slowly dissipating, because in this globalised world, nothing can be kept from people's eyes forever. More Westerners are living, working and travelling to China and they cannot be as ignorant as those clueless US citizens at home. Most of the latter are said to be unable to name even ten countries in the world. So much for their world class education system!

Had China been still backward and underdeveloped as in the era of Mao, I am sure the West will now still be sitting pretty on and relishing their accomplishment of having defeated communism, lock, stock and barrel. And China would have been left alone, to be demonised and shamed to no end.

Now, communism is more a threat not in ideology, but more in being attuned to lifting people out of poverty, building infrastructures to improve peoples' lives in isolated areas, not only in mainland China, but all over the world. The evidence are all there and not just propaganda to create a feel good image of China. Those infrastructures are not imaginary or fictitious, but real. They do not lie!

The demonization of China is not working. So does the propaganda machine of the West.

Anonymous said...

China’s ambassador to Israel found dead in his Tel Aviv home on Sunday. Could be murdered by US operatives using hard-to-detect means!

Anonymous said...

The evil and irresponsible Americans cannot be ruled out. So many brilliant Chinese scholars have also been killed in the USA. When would China start to kill them in return?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese ambassador's death comes just two days after he condemned comments by visiting U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who denounced Chinese investments in Israel and accused China of hiding information about the coronavirus outbreak.

Anonymous said...

The CIA is the best in the world I. Dirty tricks. The ambassador died in the line of duty

Anonymous said...

China cannot always do nothing when it senior people are killed at will by the enemies. When is China going to kill a few of the enemies to give notice that China will adopt an eye for an eye? If China is afraid to retaliate, the enemies will keep killing the Chinese.

Wake up China, time to stand up to defend your people and your right to live in peace.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, 2 former diplomats with opposing views on China . Kishore is an established and world recognised diplomat/academic who speak well, impartial and understand China better than many of his western peers.

The other former diplomat take a pro- western extreme view on China. That China has hegemonic motive, out to do harm the region and the world and if US is not in this region to balance and contain China, the consequences would be dire.

It is comforting to know that at prominent international forums and discussion, Kishore is in demand to share his balanced and circumspective views on China especially on US-China geopolitical rivalry . The other former diplomatic has been put in his place without any invitation to such and can only comment on home ground. After all, who needs his take when there is abundance of similar opinions from the rightwing liberal press and politicians.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon

That Baharahi is it?

Or Hillary or Harri of Matland calibre or Bidaharri.

Bidaharri @Mount Vernon already demolished just like him.


Virgo 49 said...

China investing in Israel now.

So USA is afraid that their strongest shits stirring ally in the M.E. might lean to China more than them.

So, no further manipulating them to stir more shits.

That's why they have to assassinate that Ambassador.

Now also Israel change or reshuffle of leadership that may NOT lean to them too much.

Also, as previously rumoured that the USA secretly cautioned Israel to be prepared for a Epidemic of some kind.

They might afraid that the Israelis might betrayed them and leaked out this secret.

Their planting of the COVID virus in Wuhan.

Virgo 49 said...

Also understand that Israel helped China in the beginning stage when China is battling the Virus.

Also, in return China reciprocated in return to Israel.

This is what's the Americunts feared most.

Anonymous said...

i think redbean never works for prc chinese before.
never really know their snakey ways.

Anonymous said...

And you defintely did not work with some of the pompous Indian PMETs esp in the shipping industry. I have and we locals are sometimes treated like lower ranks in their caste/class society back in their home country. Many here just suck it up because they are Bigshot customers.

Anonymous said...

Bidadari already demolished and is now a HDB enclave.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.01am is another unthinking twit that believed in what he read and see in the media. Chinese bad, communist bad.

There are worse snakes than the Chinese. The Americans/whites are the worse but to him Americans are so gentlemen, so honest. And he would also say the Indians are so nice.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder how India and US get together so well? One is a snake charmer. The other is the snake.

You can bet they are together doing some hissing, slithering, snakey business.