Singapore's new reality - CMIO redefined

All Singaporeans are familiar with what CMIO means. This is the general classification of the racial composition of the Singapore population comprising Chinese, Malay, Indian and Others, with Others meaning the minorities that are not of the three major racial groups. Since independence, the composition of the population has a Chinese majority of about 78%, with the Malays about 12%, Indians 8% and Others 2%. The composition could be quite different today given the huge influx of foreigners, and though the Chinese is still the majority, the percentage of each racial group could be different. What is the official statistics?

Many are still calling this a Chinese majority state, legally, according to what were stated in their Birth Certificates and Identity Cards. But there is a new reality in Singapore based on a different definition of race officially sanctioned by the govt with a President that is legally Indian according to the race in the identity card/birth certificate but accepted officially as a Malay be virtue of her adopted way of life and acceptance by the Malay community. I stand corrected as to what was her legally stated race as written on her IC or birth certificate. I don't know as this is not made known publicly.

Using this new interpretation of a person's race, the racial composition of Singapore population is quite different, starkly different. The Chinese is not the majority race in Singapore if the chosen way of life of a person is good enough to redefine his race. Quite a significant number of Chinese in Singapore, particularly the English educated, do not see themselves as Chinese. They would only want to be known as Singaporeans. They have no race or refused to be identified as persons of the Chinese race. Some hate be called Chinese, ashamed to be called Chinese. Some hate being Chinese, anything Chinese, anything to do with China. They lived more like westerners, think like westerners and know more about Snow White and the 7 dwarfs and all the western fables and fairy tales but nothing about Chinese fables or nursery rhymes. And of course they could not speak Chinese, refuse to speak or learn to speak Chinese, and got angry with anyone speaking to them in Chinese. How can they be Chinese, when they even despised Chinese?

Under the new officially sanctioned definition of race, these ethnically Chinese are anything but Chinese. They should more appropriately be classified under the Others category. There are also the nyonas and babas, ie Straits born Chinese that have been here for many generations whose way of life is more akin to the Malays, speaking Malays and not a word of Chinese. And there are also the mixed parentage with many chose to live like the other half than the Chinese half and did not know Chinese and did not want to be called Chinese. Ask a Straits born and he would say he is a baba, not a Chinese.

Added together, these groups of ethnic Chinese but not wanting to be Chinese, also known locally as OCBC, should be classified as Others rather than Chinese. If this is the case, then the biggest racial group in Singapore should be Others. Thus it is not right to call Singapore a Chinese majority state. The Chinese, or those that still identified themselves as Chinese, could be a minority or would be a minority given the trend.

The implication of this development is that being a state with a Chinese minority, with Others as a majority, it is a fallacy to make the accusation that this is a racist country with the majority Chinese in a way practising racial discrimination against the minority races. The Chinese is not the majority, the majority is Others. If one is to look at the govt set up, one would not fail to notice that many top appointees are actually not Chinese. And to add the Chinese/Others into this interpretation, the Chinese in top govt positions is even smaller. How many of the top appointees, political and administrative, are or should be classified as Chinese/Others or rightly as Others? How many of these top appointees would call or rather identify themselves as Singaporeans and not Chinese?

This is a new phenomenon in Singapore where a people have chosen to have no ethnicity except a nationality called Singaporean. Oh, this only affects the ethnic Chinese, not the other races. The Indians and Malays are proud of their ethnic origins, not the OCBC 'Chinese' that have chosen to be 'raceless', a people that has no ancestry and can choose whichever ancestry they preferred as reflected in their thinking and way of life, what they like and what they dislike or even hate.

So, instead of CMIO in that order, perhaps it should read OMIC or OIMC, with O the majority and C the smallest minority group in Singapore.

What do you think?


Virgo 49 said...

Good Morning Mr RB

In time to come many Sinkies Chinese would called them."SOVEREIGNS" a higher caste or class higher than human beans.

Now with what's "AI" - Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Insemination human beans became semi robots and hobbits.

Long time ago, overseas Chinese do not recognised or called themselves Chinese anymore.

The acronym "OCBC" NOT Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation" as a Chinese sailing junk signifies their
Origin from Mainland China made Good in Singapore but as "Orang China Bukan China" already applied to them.

Under the White Rule for so long, mostly became Bananas already.

China before poor and miserable, no Chinkee worth their salt would not want to be associated with them.
Been bullied and humiliated by so many that the Overseas English speaking Eng Kok would definitely declined to be associated as Chinese.

Be too embarrassed and shameful.Also, so many already shouted "Hallelujah" to the White God. You think they will called themselves Chinese?

Many also have the clout and privileges as Bananas for most plum jobs by the White colonists that they pushed a mile away from been Chinese Educated as so not to jeopodise their prospects.

Many living and studying Overseas in the White countries had been converted mainly to be Whites and be too aahamed to be called Chinamen.

Now, frankly, only Mainland Chinese will proudly called themselves as Chinese and the degoratry term as "Chinamen" been pronounced as labourers.

The sad part is that these overseas Chinese became Traitors to their own kind after been influence and afraid of losing their luxurious status quo of been por lam pars to the Whites.

This is the Reality today of our Overseas Chinese.

Virgo 49 said...

Just one Fine Example-

The Hong Kies of Hong Kong of Today.


Anonymous said...

My grandparents and father came from China. I am born here, but have never set foot on Mainland China. But I am proud to be of Chinese ancestry. China is still the motherland of all Chinese, wherever they may be living, because all Chinese originated from China, directly or indirectly. We cannot forget our roots, and our skin colour can never classify us as anything else.

People need to wake up. There is no such thing as trying to become and act like 'kay ang moh'. The Whites will never look upon other races as their equal. The reality of the Red Indians and Blacks in the USA is there for all to see, after hundreds of years. Trying to be, and claiming to be so, is a disgrace to one's ancestors. Those helping to destroy their motherland are traitors. Only traitors help the enemy.

Virgo 49 said...

Well said Anon.



Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should be classified by 2 types of ethnicity:

PAP (White)
Non-PAP (non white)

Anonymous said...

We see with seething anger the more-than-2-million foreigners in Singapore holding good jobs while our Singaporean children are graduating facing bleak job prospects or doing underemployed work.

Anonymous said...

Be grateful to these foreigners, or else Singaporeans would have no jobs and Singapore would become another third world state. With so many incompetents in charge, the foreigners are indispensable to do the jobs for the incompetents.

Anonymous said...

The incompetents are so in awe of the foreigners and appointing them to take over all the important positions without fear of the foreigners conducting a coup to take over the whole country.

Anonymous said...

Modi has set Singapore as a pawn in India's geopolitical move against China by flooding the tiny city-state with its nationals.

Anonymous said...

Pawn or no pawn, India is dreaming of being World No. 1 economy and military power. One snake aiming to take over from another snake.

Anonymous said...

PM Modi
cannot do anything in Sin,
Sin is not sold
and Sinkies pawned
the Sin Leeders.
aware of the

Virgo 49 said...

Just back from my neighbourhood provision shop. Play safe go nearby provision shop and NOT to malls or supeematkets or else kena Detention Barracks if one of the jokers who also goes there had that little naughty virus. You become collateral lock ups.

Had a tete-a-tete with the proprietor.

Told him never in my 71 years of life had to wear this bloody masks for long. Farking Dotard TRUMP and their migrants nehs.

Without them, no need to suffer as now.

Buy lunch, with masks really hard to breathe. Walk 100 metres.

Pity those who had to wear them whole day.

Now visor shields. You think that pesky naughty virus cannot sneak thru your visor masks meh?

Stupidity got no cure.

Virgo 49 said...

You must be a NEH- Ng Eng Hen?

Talk cock!

Anonymous said...

Singapore able to invest in India and India nationals able to flood Singapore to take up jobs thanks to CECA negotiated by Heng Swee Keat and team

Thanks to the India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA), Singapore entities like Singtel and GIC are able to invest in India with less restrictions. As part of CECA, investments into India are not required to seek foreign investment approval generally. Also, investors are allowed to freely transfer funds related to their investments, such as capital, profits, dividends and royalties.

CECA also formally recognised Temasek and GIC as distinct entities, and they are allowed to each own up to 10% of a listed Indian company, similar to other Foreign Institutional Investors.

Under CECA, it also enables Singapore and India to trade goods freely, and allows professionals to work in each other country more easily.

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat who was then Permanent Secretary for Trade and Industry led the Singapore side to conclude CECA with India after 13 rounds of talks. Heng and his team essentially did the ground work together with their Indian counterparts before presenting their proposals to the politicians for approval. Areas covered by CECA include: Improved Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement, Trade in Goods, Customs, Investment, Trade in Services, Intellectual Property, etc.

However, controversial ones like concluding further Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) so as to facilitate the freer movement of professionals between Singapore and India are also present in CECA. It helps to recognise each other’s education and professional qualifications so that Indian and Singaporean professionals would be able to practise in each other country.

Then there are clauses which permit “intra-company transferees” to easily work in each other country. An employee needs only be recruited by a company for as little as 6 months to be considered for transfer. Some politicians may argue that CECA would also benefit Singaporeans wanting to work in India but the question is – how many Singaporeans would want to work there earning Indian rupees?