Covid19 - When war and hostility are more important than saving lives

NEW YORK: An attempt by Estonia and Germany to overcome an impasse between the United States and China at the United Nations Security Council instead appeared on Thursday (May 14) to have reinforced their stalemate over action on the coronavirus pandemic.

For more than seven weeks the 15-member council has been trying to agree on a text that ultimately aims to back a Mar 23 call by UN chief Antonio Guterres for a ceasefire in global conflicts so the world can focus on the pandemic....

"All we want to see is a resolution that states the ceasefire," US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft said during a Thursday online conversation with the Institute of Politics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

"It doesn't matter what country puts forth that resolution. What matters is that it's streamlined, it speaks about the global ceasefire and making sure that humanitarian aid is reaching those people that are most in need," she said, signalling support for Estonia and Germany's draft....

It appeared last week that the Security Council had reached a compromise on the French and Tunisian-drafted resolution. Instead of naming the WHO, the draft referenced "specialised health agencies". The WHO is the only such agency.

But Washington rejected that language, diplomats said. The Chinese diplomat said Beijing had agreed to the compromise.  CNA

The above report clearly revealed what really matters to the Americans, their evil motive and intent. It is not about saving lives but about politiking, about the evil Empire. They want to bring down the Director General at all cost for appearing to be pro China when the DG was merely doing his job objectively and not wanting to play politics. So when the issue is stopping all wars, that the Americans are fighting and killing other people, these are secondary. If the Americans cannot remove the DG of WHO, the wars can continue and people can die, it does not matter to them.

This is how evil the American Empire is. Other than calling for an end to all the wars they are involved, the UN is also calling to end all sanctions to the states that the evil Empire had successfully coerced other nations to abide or else. The sanctions are crippling the economies and lives of victim countries but the evil Empire does not care a damn.  It is all about how they controlled and messed up the world and the lives of other people.

For a better world, this evil Empire must be put to an end.  And Covid19 will do it as no other country is powerful enough to stop the evil Empire. They are still behaving like they are the rulers of this earth. Their arrogance and cockiness will end soon like the silly mirth in their faces when the virus attacked them in full force. They think they can continue with their wicked ways as they liked.

Just because they are unhappy with WHO that would not toe their line or take orders from them, they would not stop their wars and killings and sanctions on other people. What you sow you shalt reap. There is no running away.


Anonymous said...

“It has recently come to my attention that the Chinese government has threatened to interfere with the work of American journalists in Hong Kong,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement Sunday....

“Hong Kong affairs are purely China’s internal affairs,” China said Monday, without directly addressing or denying the allegations from Pompeo.

“No foreign government, organization, or individual has the right to interfere,” foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters at a regular press briefing.

Mad dog Pompeo thinks the Americans own Hong Kong and they could send in their journalists to mess around with Hong Kong, China affairs.

China should just show him the middle finger and tell him to fuck off. They could bully the Arabs and Muslims and the Latin Americans, not in China.

southernglory1 said...

You can't talk reason to wild beasts like hyenas, bears, tigers, hippos, leopards, wolves and wild dogs. And that's what the White Americans are. The wild beasts want to devour you and the white American barbarians want to destroy you and take what you have.

Remember the native Americans perpetual warning, " White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted. "

If you look At Trump, Pompeo, Peter Navarro and all the American political leaders, do they look human. No they are demons with fierce looking face, wild sunken eyes and aggressive outlook.

Let their own Fort Detrick war biolab genetically engineered Coronavirus haunt them and kill them . This is retribution, Karma or in Chinese dictum, Pow Ying to let wicked and evil Americans know that they cannot go on killing, stealing, robbing and destroying others with impunity.

As I had mentioned many times in my previous articles that China will be their nemesis if they try to bully and attack China which is rich and powerful with nuclear armed teeth.

The American political leaders and all Pentagon generals are all thugs, gangsters, hooligans and bucanners. They should all be destroyed by God via their own engineered American Coronavirus.


Tuesday, 19th May, 2020

Anonymous said...

Trump called the WHO the puppet of China. From China-centric to puppet of China. A very rapid development or should I call it 'warp' speed!

Very soon Trump will start branding all those taking part in the OBOR countries as puppets of China too. African and South American countries that co-operated with China in development will also be branded as puppets of China. But these partners in development, if they are considered puppets, are not there by coercion or arm twisting, but by their own choice.

Now lets count the number of puppets that the US has - UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Brazil to name a few of the hard-cores. Most of these, and others, are either in the mafia gang by being arm twisted or blackmailed with 'You are either with us or against us'. That is the choice the US gives to their puppets.

What about the IMF, World Bank and even the Academy Award and Olympics? For decades these world bodies were all US-centric entities. The puppet master's reach is far and wide and they have fingers in every pie. Now that it is loosing it's iron grip with competition from the AIIB bank, the OBOR project and China financing the infrastructure developments all over the world, the evil empire has to resort to underhand measures to derail all these projects. Even Russia is not spared, with their undersea gas pipeline project derailed under sanctions imposed by the evil doer.

Now Pompeo is even bringing up the issue of the Panchen Lama and 'demanding' that China reveal his whereabouts. Who the fat fuck is Pompeo to demand? This shows how really desperate the evil empire is to pile on the pressure to undo China. All these are geared towards the November election, which Trump is now lagging behind Sleepy Joe in support. If Trump loses, he is in deep shit. But then, their corrupt justice system may not be successful in persecuting retired Presidents, unlike Japan and South Korea.

Anonymous said...

The evil Empire only knows how to oppress and suppress smaller countries. The fate of the Latin Americans are just as bad as the Arabs and Muslims, and worse, the Palestinians.

There would be an uprising soon. In the USA, Trump is going after all his enemies, including Obama and Biden and all the Democrat governors and Senators. He just arbitrarily sacked 4 Inspector Generals appointed by Obama and released or dropped charges against in cronies.

Democracy at work in the USA, or is it authoritarianism or dictatorship?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China agreed on the investigation on the origin of the pandemic. Why don't they include the condition that the investigation should also be done on Fort Detrick or else no go?

Virgo 49 said...

Also US2 billion for WHO and Dotard Trump wanted to freeze their contribution.

Peter Ninlaubor had the check to say China purposely exported the virus by having their travellers to USA.

Think they purposely inject the virus and travelled to USA and die themsleves?

Bunch of idiots with arse holes brains.

Anonymous said...

The more Trump talks, the more he twisted himself into a knot.

Trump claimed that the US already started work on making a vaccine on January, 11th, hours after the Chinese successfully crack the genetic code of the virus on the same day, and informed the WHO on January, 12th.

The first known case of a patient with covid19 infection landed in USA on January, 15th.

How could the USA be in the process of making a vaccine on January, 11th when they had no infected patient at that time and had only information derived from the Chinese side? How could they be making a vaccine without having the virus at that time?

Trump claimed that they started work on the vaccine just hours after getting information from the Chinese. Yet he also claimed that China had kept him in the dark, when he was already making a vaccine.