Covid19 white lie - The Americans accuse China of wanting to steal their vaccine

Can you believe it, the most incompetent country in the handling of the Covid19 pandemic accusing China of wanting to stead their vaccine! HAHAHAH. The Americans have the vaccine? Or are the Americans thinking that their bleaches are vaccines, the cures for Covid19?  This is like accusing China of trying to steal 5G technology from the Americans, something like a beggar accusing a king of wanting to steal his money.

But don't laugh, this is serious matter. This is the modus operandi of the Americans, just make wild accusations, allegations or even fabricate lies, just blame someone else. The intent is to redirect the attention away from themselves, from their own incompetence and their crimes against humanity. When they do this, all their cronies and lackeys will instruct their media to repeat what the Americans said like reporting the truth. And many of these western controlled media would simply do it and many unthinking readers would read and think it is true.

This is the main reason why the Americans are accusing other countries of genocides so that no one would turn to accuse the Americans of genocides, past and present. They will accuse other countries of acts against humanity and human rights so that no one would accuse them of their killings and abuses of human rights and humanity at home and abroad. Today they are still killing the blacks like their slaves.

They are also accusing other countries of making wars, starting wars and war crimes. And you know it, the Americans are the world's number One warmonger, war instigators and committing war crimes everywhere. But by accusing others, they made others not only busy trying to defend and refute the allegations, they made others forget about the crimes of the Americans.

Unfortunately this stupid act of crying wolf, calling everyone bad and they are the good ones, the angels, is falling flat and on deaf ears. No one is going to believe the evil whites anymore. The internet and social media would tell the truth, would expose the evilness of the evil Americans and the whites.  They are no longer the superior race by being able to kill others with their superior weapons and soldiers.  The day will come soon when they will be hunted down in every corner of the earth for their crimes against humanity.

Today they are still attacking people of colour especially the blacks and Asians. Soon the coloured people will be attacking the whites just because of their skin colour, or pale colour. The whites cannot go on bullying the rest of the world and treat them as their punching bag. The day will come when they will become the punching bags, to have a taste of their own medicine. The day will come when they will be attacked in countries around the world because they are whites, not welcome.

Keep on lying, there is not much time left before this privilege is passe.


Anonymous said...

Rb. I agreed and hope one day we will have blondes with nice melons as our slaves

Anonymous said...

Till today the story of Blacks being persecuted is still relevant. The days of the Ku Klux Clan may be less apparently obvious, but the treatment of the Blacks by the Whites is still very much far from being fair and just, from a country that purported to champion human rights.

The murder of Ahmaud Aubery in broad daylight by two Whites showed how baised the White US legal system is towards the Blacks. The police had videos of the crime, but did not make any arrest until more than two months elapsed. And it was only after a reporter investigated and make public the video that forced the police to act. Otherwise the police, the white church, the senators just ignored the murder, just because the victim was black.

Asians, ie Chinese in the US think they can continue enjoying the best of the American dream, but if the Whites can treat the Blacks in such contempt, Asian Chinese will have to rethink their situation when this virus outbreak is over, and China bashing gets more intense. When jobs cannot return and people are desperate, minorities will always suffer the backlash. Even the Blacks will join in the mayhem of targeting Chinese.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The whites have been bullying and oppressing the coloured people of the world from the day they set out from Europe to invade the rest of the world. The blacks, native Americans, the Arabs, Africans, the Indians, Chinese and Southeast Asians all were their victims till today.

And they cleverly and sneakily diverted the hate towards the Chinese. After more than two centuries of western media, the hate against the Chinese was not only ingrained in the whites, etched in their bones, when the Chinese did them no harm but were their victims, the rest of the world also unthinkingly hate the Chinese through their propaganda and media.

What have the Chinese done to the rest of the world to receive this hate? What have the Chinese done to the whites to be demonised and hated by them? Nothing, nothing except being victims of their invasion and oppression.

This blood debt owed to the Chinese and the rest of the world must be repaid one day, with interest. If there is natural justice, if karma really works, the whites will have to pay dearly, must pay dearly.

It looks like the time is near with clown Trump being sent to deliver their ending as the evil rulers for the last few centuries. The covid19 will be the soldiers to destroy them with the rest of the world not having to fire a bullet. And Trump is doing all he could to bring this end faster, open up quickly so that more will die quickly to end the evil Empire. When the time has come, everything will fall in place. There is no need for a bullet to be fired, no more have to die in the hands of the evil white men.

Let God or Mother Nature do what is necessary, to bring down the curtain on the white men.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The whites in the US and Europe are cornered. Not to open their economies they would die, opening their economies they would die faster. It is between the devil and the deep blue sea. And they could not even come up with a vaccine except to inject bleach into their bodies to die a painful death.

The world shall just watch as the sword of justice is being brought to bear on them. One by one they shall fall. There is no where to run, no where to hide. No matter how they try to poison the minds of the rest of the world, it is not going to work anymore.

The rest of the world have their blinkers removed and are able to see the wickedness and evilness of the white men.

No more white lies to believe in. This is the Plague that has to come to bring justice to all the people of the world that were victims of the White Curse.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

Remember "Kunta Teke".

The Whites hunted the Negros in Africa for their slaves.

To work in their cottonfields.

These Whites prospered all the time thru the exploitation of others especially the coloured Race.

Even the Dutch, (Indonesia) Portuguese with the Brits (Malaysia/Singapore), the Spanish (Philipines), the Brits who colonised the ASEAN countries with the Americans trying to conquer Vietnam and scurried like rats by the Vietcong.

Actually, their Forces are NOT invincible as believed.

See their warships even in their own accidents and when confronted by the Russians just metres away in near collision they panicked and lao sai.

Their soldiers nowadays won't dare close combats with other forces as they already soft knees.

Just a myth that they are fearsome. Only in their bullshits war movies.

Now, they only bombarded with their going to expire soon ARSENALS on those weak nations that unable to hit them back just to show their muscles.

Feared North Korea, Russia. Iran and.China.

Just wayang to be a terror but actually now a Paper Tiger.

Their loots of the World including the pirates of Europe are finishing with their luxurious and bum lifestyles that now they look to rehash their old days of trying to conquests again.

This time, they be bashed into pulps and mincemeats.

Now, karma that heavens send that pest COVID to teach them and also the wayward rest of the world a lesson NOT to go on squabbling and killed yourself and Mother Earth.

Too much greed, avarice and wickedness all this time.

Post COVID, more sufferings than hopefully the human beans will wake up.

But memories are always short.

It will be sqaure one again like what's happened in South Korea with second wave that sneaky little mischievous pest to screw all again.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can see. The only contribution the whites brought to the world are their sexy blondes with very nice tits and nothing else

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It's Kunta Kinte.

They named their slaves after derogatory terms like Clay and Woods. Muhammed Ali was so pissed off that he was called Cassius Clay that he became a Muslim and changed his name to Muhammed Ali. How can his forefather be Clay, mud. He is a human bean, not dirt.

Virgo 49 said...

Right Mr RB.

Kunta Kinte.


Virgo 49 said...

Their Military Colleges only teaches propaganda, false flags in lying and cheating and sabotage others regimes.

Etc etc.

And our SAF scholars went went and learnt all these shits.

No wonder Sinkieland going to the sewers.


Anonymous said...

They are still killing the blacks like trash. After killing Ahmaud in broad daylight, they gunned down a first responder black in her bedroom in the middle of the night by spraying bullets into her house. Three white men, police rogues, just empty all their shells into her house. She died from 8 bullet shots.

This is 2020 and they still have so much hate against their blacks.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

Next would be the American Asians. Especially the Chinks, chinks.

Wah piang, two of my immediate neighbours sons flew back to Sinkieland just afraid they be the next victims.

Last time how lian. High caste or high class in UAssA. Parents used to boast. Green cards. Now free also don't want to go.

Even Aussies asians also back..

When unemployments hits the roofs, they will hits and killed outsiders.

Virgo 49 said...

In conversations with them said chia lat my children hard to find jobs in Sinkiekand now as they are So old and out of touch.

In my hearts, good gracious.

He who laughs last laugh the best.

Reversal of roles.

Now labourers still have food on tables whereas jackets and ties wearing beans in air con comforts eat grass.

Yesterday went to Everton ang koo kueh.

Wah piang queue likr snakes.

Somemore fussy sinkies ordered one yam, one coconut, two tau sar and two peanuts. Ten packets all different ah.

One person takes nearly ten mins. Aiyo, ten persons in front of you chia lat.

Talk to one behind me. In three months time, Sinkies will ordered grass and tell stall holders less mud and sand pls. Also please no manure.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Fauci will be sacked soon for telling the truth and not the lies that Trump wanted him to sell. This is how the rule of law and democracy work in the USA. No corruption or abuse of power. No dictatorship or authoritarian regime. The USA is democratic country run by a lawless clown, not by a dictator.

Anonymous said...

Hi Virgo

Funny thing is that nowadays those old stuffs like Ang Koo Kueh, Bread and Butter with coffee, Teochew Kueh (now expensive) are all very popular even among the young, when few decades ago these were considered things that only the oldies will eat.

And Stingray, the fish that few decades ago, few would want to touch, has become so popular over the last decade or two and is now quite an expensive fish for barbecuing, topped with sambal and dipped in Chinchalok. Over a cool beer, it is really nice.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, Sheng Siong west coast branch lots of stingrays.

Mostly Malays that area buy for chillies sambal style. As cheap as 5$ for a piece.

True, last time people avoided chow hee. Now delicacies.

Malay nasi Padang still have many. But chilli smabal styles.

Must go Matland plus rest and recreation stalls. Lots of them.


Anonymous said...

Fauci is between a rock and a hard place.

Lying means discarding facts uncovered by science and medical research. As a doctor, he cannot overturn the truth of what medical or scientific research has so far concluded. Doing so will make him lose all his credibility and his reputation that he has build up over decades.

Unlike Trump and his White House circus of clowns, they can lie all they want because they have no more credibility or reputation to uphold anyway. Lawyers like Pompeo are the biggest liars. They even teach their clients how to lie.

Anonymous said...

Fauci will be out soon. He will receive a tweet soon.

Fauci openly admitted that the US is under reporting infections and death rates, totally at odds with Trump, who claimed that the US is reporting more than necessary.

Fauci will be blamed with the most atrocious claims. Not to worry, they know how to frame and manufacture reasons to get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

And no one to accuse them of lying, no western media will report that they are lying.

Western media only report when they accused others of lying. Ask Channel News America.

Anonymous said...

The reason why so many countries are hating Chinese is due mainly to the smearing and badmouthing by the whites till today. In reality, wherever the Chinese go, they did not conquer or loot, they worked hard to build the countries. Look at all the SE Asian countries, without the Chinese contribution, the boom and prosperity would not be what it is, more like the slums of South Asia.

The contribution of the Chinese in SE Asia and now in Africa is for all to see. And the latest, Central Asian countries are going to benefit the most from the BRI.

But the west kept on badmouthing and spreading ill will against it. The rest of the world must take a step back and look at the contribution of the Chinese against the wars and destruction and colonisation by the whites and see who is the real devil.

Anonymous said...

The US government is actively deleting the report from California and Florida that COVID-19 was in the US last Nov 2019. California requested to access some of the FLU patients from the last year, the US government refused. The US CDC is not transparent. They are actively deleting the report of the early COVID019 incidents.

Virgo 49 said...

Now just reported earth quake in the State of Nevada and could be felt in San Francisco.

Wow, Heavens really punishing them.

Anonymous said...

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Virgo 49 said...

Kena 300 plus 1000 plus 3 years plus 3 strokes beh lean choo.

Don't play play.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkieland's Shame no chance given.

SPF very efficient on this.

See even go downstairs collect letters and strolls also they know. On SHN.

So don't look for troubles unless troubles troubles you.

Every where got kui kias.

Is this Matilah now desperate Auss Land now 6.5 % unemployment rate that he is now on.this line?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say that this is very well written and nothing vulgar. I will let it pass.