Chinese diplomacy - The Bruce Lee Way

China is now one of two super powers in the world. This status of a super power did not come easy and it is only in recent years that these words reluctantly slipped out of the lips of westerners. For a long time, they had always took the position that China was not there yet with all kinds of lies and excuses. Now China is a de facto super power and in many areas already ahead of the Americans. But this stature did not come with the respect that a super power should be accorded, and often, not only the Americans would be doing the bullying and threatening, even small pariah states would also stand up to shout at China with total disregard to their own little stature in all aspects as a state.

Today, daily, the Americans have been doing their best to belittle China, to smear China, to demonise China and with China barely throwing back any punches other than some weak attempts to avoid a direct confrontation with the aggressive and thuggish Americans.  As long as China continues to behave the way it is, walking away from a fight, the Americans would keep on pushing, taking the avoidance as a sign of weakness and an invitation to throw a few punches.

China must change its way in dealings with the Americans and other smaller powers and small little countries if it wants to keep trouble away. The best way to deal with them is the Bruce Lee Way. Bruce Lee did not get any respect from the Americans and the West by being nice. He tried to initially but was taken for a ride. They continued to treat him like a sick man of Asia, to be taken advantage of and not to be taken seriously, not to be respected.

After trying for several years to be nice and thinking that his sincerity and talent would be accepted by the West, by Hollywood, he learned a painful lesson, in a hard way. They cheated him again and again and ignored his ability. They simply refused to accept him or to respect him because he was Chinese, except when they needed him to do things the westerners could not do, like the role of Kato in Green Hornet or the part of Grasshopper in the serial Kung Fu. The serial Green Hornet was terminated prematurely when they found out that Bruce Lee's role as Kato was more popular than the main actor played by a westerner.  So insulting. In the case of Kung Fu, they sweet talked Bruce Lee to teach David Carradine kung fu only to have him to take over the starring role as Grasshopper.

Bruce Lee decided to fight his way to be recognised and respected. He fought everyone that came his way, defeated them, to gain fame and dignity. This was and is the only language the West understand. China has to fight to be respected. Being nice and diplomatic would only be pushed and kicked around by the Americans and by little countries. There is no other way if China wants to be recognised as a big power, to be taken seriously, other than to carry the big stick and to whack the daylight out of any one that tries to be mischievous.

History has also taught the world that being able to kick asses is the only way to be looked up to, even in fear, and be taken seriously, not as a joke. Look at how the ex colonial people respect their former colonial masters till today after being conquered, ruled, abused, looted and robbed of everything, including their country and dignity. They still held their colonial masters in high regards, and hated China because China did not conquer and rule them but tries to be nice to them, gave them aids, low interest loans with no strings attached, helped them build their infrastructures, only for them to turnaround to badmouth China and to ally with the Americans to attack China.

China not only has to confront the Americans head on, punch for punch, but also to kick asses when little countries try to be funny and mischievous. Niceties would only encourage and embolden little countries to go against China thinking China is a lame power.

China needs to stand up a second time, to tell the trouble makers that China is a super power and would kick asses when provoked.  China must make the world know that it has arrived and means business and not to be mucked around. The frivolous and provocative freedom of navigation operations conducted by the Americans and western powers must be treated as such, hostile and unfriendly and must be challenged with equally unfriendly responses. Only then would these mischievous trouble makers know their place and allow China to have peace in its backyard. Trying to be nice and avoid a confrontation would means endless trouble for China in its neighbouring seas.

It is time China take a stand, a militant and firm stand against all trouble makers, especially the Americans and its mischievous allies and lackeys. China must adopt the Bruce Lee way if it wants to be taken seriously as super power, to be respected if not feared. Its diplomacy of minding its own business and walking away from trouble when provoked is obsolete and not working and must be discarded. Walk with a big stick and swing it when needed, when silly little countries stand in its way. That is the only language the silly little countries understood, and the Americans too, will know that they have to stop their bullying.  China has stood up in the international arena as a super power and will behave as a super power, confident of its power and willingness to use its power when confronted.

The day China stands up, it is the day the Americans and silly little countries would stop creating trouble with China. Until today, several decades after he passed away, Bruce Lee is still respected all over the world because he stood up and fought to be respected. No one or country would respect anyone or country trying to be nice but weak and when slapped, would turn the other cheek.


Anonymous said...

The population of China is 1.435 billion (2019), which is more than the combined population of USA (382 million), UK (67 million), Canada (38 million), Australia (26 million), New Zealand (5 million) and the European Union (514 million).

My advice to President Xi Jinping is that he should increase the size of China's stockpile of nuclear weapons to more than the combined total of the Western nations.

Anonymous said...

You need to include India and Japan.

Anonymous said...

China already got their best weapon - 5G & even beyond. They probably have a cure or antidote to this Covid-19 & is keeping quiet to see how the world react first, they wud eventually help when the time comes..

Anonymous said...

RB, in fact actual Bruce Lee Way isn't the Best Way to lead this world. China is using all its Soft Power while at the same time improving on its Hard Power. China CCP knew an eye for an eye is not a good solution to deter aggression from the West. China is adopting Sun Zi Art of World whereby to win its opponents without to go to War cause in war much destruction to infrastructure s & many people will be killed which is against humanity,however China would not hesitate to defend itself once they r being attacked or their territory being threatened by others. China today is a very different than in the past, many science & technology r quickly catching to the West and in not so distant future China might be the next Leader of The World.

Anonymous said...

Correction from above: "...Sun Zi Art of War.."

Anonymous said...

Do you think Singaporeans are just like China?

After being bullied and scolded for so many years by PAP.
We are still so nice to PAP.

Do you think we should stop being nice to PAP?
Do you think we should just anyhow vote Opposition this time to teach PAP a lesson?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Under the present circumstances, to win a war without fighting is tough as the Americans are bent on bullying China with its superior military power. And if China does not stand firm, many little countries would just join the Americans and make life for China that much more difficult. If the Americans could do another 8 nations invading China, it would be a disaster to China. China must avoid this and it must do enough to make the little countries know that China will kick them in the ass if they take one step too far. If not, China would be seen as weak and weak means inviting more trouble at its door step.

The last few days the Americans have been increasing their provocation in the SC Sea and all the little countries are watching. If China dares not do anything, the little countries would be embolden to join in. They are all very eager to ride on the back of the Americans.

To win without fighting is idea and that can only happen if the Americans keep the distance. But they are not andare inciting the little countries to join them.

Australia is first in the queue. After their arrogant insistence to investigate China, China reacted with a stern warning to boycott and kill their economy. Now they are softening. If China did not stand up to the little Aussies, they would shout louder and push harder. See what the Aussies would do next.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Lee?

But Bruce Lee was born and raised in America, u know. He also spent most of his time in America. He even got a Angmo American wife.

So you want China people to follow Bruce Lee way? LOL

Anonymous said...

The trade war may yet turn out to be a blessing in disguise for China. China is now trying to steer the economy towards internal demand. With 1.4 billion population, the market is still huge. More than that, the New Silk Route is going to open up more markets for Chinese products. China is planning long term. The US planned for yesterday, as can be seen today in dealing with the coronavirus.

Sure, the US can continue increasing tariffs on everything from China, but what damage will that US$550 billion export to US do to China's GDP of US$14.2 trillion. That may work out to be about 4% of China's GOP. But of that US$550 billion, a huge percentage of those exports are from US companies operating in China. Besides exporting to USA, such companies also do production in China and export to the rest of the world. How much do such companies profit from doing business in China? Take that away and the effect could be less punitive than apparent on the surface.

And what about the effect that will have on the US itself - the farmers especially. Subsidies by the State in China's context is condemned. What about Trump subsidising farmers and bailing out banks? The pot calling the kettle black?

Sure, Trump can shout, until kingdom come, to bring back those companies from China, but will such companies do as he imagined? They might as well shift to Vietnam, India or Indonesia, where labour is so much cheaper than in the US. Chinese companies already did that long ago.

Added to that, how are manufacturers of clothing, consumer goods, handphones, mask and cheaper stuffs going to compete with China or made elsewhere in the world with cheaper labour compared to US, if US citizens are employed? With Trump erecting walls against migrants from the South, how are factories going to find workers?

Trump has painted the US into a corner and now has little space left to manoeuvre. Resorting to foolery and underhand tactics is the only way out.

Virgo 49 said...

In desperation, TRUMP gonna unleashed Second Wave of COVID-20 this coming Fall or Winter.

This time round, make sure their creation more potent than the First.

FALL, really FALL they called.

Boomerang, the Chinese will be more aware of their sabotage.

Americunts gonna suffer more as Winter the Virus strived in cold weather.

Advise better go ahead have your flu and pneumonia jabs earlier.

At least, some defence of the flu.


Virgo 49 said...

Then Yip Mann!

Last episode before his Death. He kicked the arses of the Whites.

Wing Chun - combination of TKD and TaiChi and Cha boh koon and Shao Lin Kongfu beats their Boxing.


Anonymous said...

Kim Jong Un is alive and well.

China should follow Kim Jong Un's way. Trump has no idea how to deal with him. He keeps firing missiles and the West just bang their marbles.

Kim's tactics of confusion, distraction, antagonism, mysticism and occasional absentism keeps the West busy for nothing. Even the attack dogs keep their distance.

Anonymous said...

The country most willing to carry the can for the Americans is Australia, their cheerleader in the region, despite China being the hands that feed them.
Recently, they broached the subject of an international inquiry into the origin of COVID19 pandemic.

Of course at the behest of the US. How so? immediately, Mike Pompeo the anti-China US SOS congratulated and thanked Australia for doing so and appealed for world support . Unfortunately many of their allies who have suffered worse in this pandemic -Germany, France, UK aren't so willing to be onboard.

Why is Australia so anti-China? You flip through their dailies, watch ABC and Skynews Australia, listen to many of their politicians, academics talk and you get a general idea that China is a demonic filthy country up to doing no good to the world.
Perhaps, China should stop being nice and once and for all put Australia back into their rightful place.

Anonymous said...

The descendants of convicts and criminals acting as if they are the only good people on earth. Did out their shit and everyone of them smell like hell. These anti China racists have been bullying the Indonesians and got away with it and think they can bully the Chinese. They are all swines waiting to be slaughtered.

Singapore and Malaysia should boycott Australian goods after those white bitches attacked our girls in Melbourne. Beat them up when they come to this region. They like to go to Bali. Let the Indons roast them on sticks.

Anonymous said...

I have only one thing to say:


Virgo 49 said...

Our Ministers first thing first already declared border openings with them.

They can bullshits their reports of low infections.

Immediate neighbours ASEAN still hands off.

You can fathom Sinkieland's Leaders which side they will lean on.

All ex Brits colonies. Same wave lengths and brains DEAD.

Anonymous said...

shall have much natural disasters
There id no need for China to be bothered with it.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate the magnitude of Soft Power. In nature, a single drop of water consistently dropping into a stone can go make an impact on stone. China CCP soft power of diplomacy is China first line of defense. In Chinese history a well verse Diplomats can save a country from going into war. Past Sages like Gui Gu (鬼谷子) who had disciples learnt under him adopted his diplomatic strategy of soothe sayings had help countries gang up together to go against a big aggressive country of that time. China will not give its first strike unless its territorial land or sea r being threatened. Of course China will fight tooth for tooth with any aggressive force when they r being attacked. China is able to deflect or counter any aggression with its military might ( using strategy of Tai Ji like 四俩破千斤 and its soft power of 以柔克刚,this would make its powess superior than any aggressive forces to be deflected).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I just deleted a comment by a smart aleck claiming that it was foolish for China to fight the Americans and risk a nuclear war of mutual destruction. If the Americans are not afraid of it, and take it as their right to kick China in every opportunity, so China must let the Aemricans kicked for fear of a nuclear war?

It is exactly to avoid a nuclear war that China must stand up and tell the Americans they are prepared to take them on, a kind of chicken game. As long as the Americans think that China is afraid and would not fight back, they would keep on kicking China as and when they like. They would only stop when China gives them a bloody nose, just like the strong stand against the Australians. Now they are back tracking, not that gungho anymore.

Just a few days ago, China's Xinhua News Agency has put up a cartoon to mock the Americans for refusing to admit their failures in tackling the virus and blaming China. This is unprecedented. China is standing up to fight back, in its official media. That's the way to do it. No more walking away from trouble when trouble comes calling.

Anonymous said...

No need lah, jus send One rich pretty Pussy to Dotard Trump & UAssA will jus fall lah..

Anonymous said...

No need expensive war or nuclear weapons, juz send One Pretty Lady pussy to Dotard or the 5 star Pentagon General & Americans will jus declare we r all Abang Adik no need to fight lah, war over case close.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China's military might today can take out all the aircraft carriers in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, including the military bases in Guam and Diego Garcia. The Americans knew that and have withdrew their strategic bombers from Guam back to the USA. Guam and Diego Garcia and all the bases in Japan and South Korea are key and primary targets to take out on the first few minutes of a declaration of war.

When Guam and Diego Garcia are hit, they would blow out in smokes with all the nuclear bombs in them, including those on board the strategic bombers. Okinawa too would nuclear itself out.

The strategic balance between China and the USA has reached a point that both sides would not dare to take the first move. Just barely 10 years ago, the American aircraft carriers were untouchable by China and could sail all over the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean and hit China with impunity. Now they are sitting ducks waiting to be hit and sunk in any corners of the oceans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This invisible virus is all it needs to take down the American Empire, effortlessly.

Anonymous said...

Hu Xijin (Global Times editor-in-chief) tweeted at 1.46 am May 03:

"The US, for its own agenda, often puts together Five Eyes Alliance and some other Western countries, pretending to be international community. It is just a small gang, with combined population much smaller than China’s or India’s . The UN is not a holding company of the US."

imho said...

Make peace not war. Aggression is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

What do you think the Americans were busy about during this pandemic?

Virgo 49 said...

How to be Lam Par One when their states had green or DEATH light from their Dotard President that they can have their so called freedom of no more lock downs.

The first thing they do is to go to their beaches and other places of enjoyment to enjoy themselves.

Just forgetting their lines of queues for food.

Many scared to lose their unemployments benefits declined to work.

All these parasites westernized decadence lifestyles as also now been aped by lots of young manure generation are going to be the downfall.

When China opened up they rushed back to work. Chinese cultured mentality of hard work and independence.

Shameful to depend in alms.

So, all these Western and westernized nations will fall behind China in MOT.

Anonymous said...

The 5 eyes intelligence grouping has a report that the virus originated from a biolab and looks like Trump will pursue China on that after ordering the Intel to check earlier.
This is a like fabricating a case and then tell the investigators to come up with a smoking gun.
Btw, as soon as I got the news on text, I checked on all the major intl news channel-BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Skynews Uk etc.
None of these channels even reported on it except Foxnews which reported on its main bulletin interviewing 6 correspondents on the case. As usual, the news was structured to their bias anti-China agenda.
Foxnews is really toxic,unbalanced, antagonistic and even disseminating lies by all its opinion hosts. Starhub should not have carried it for subscribers.

Virgo 49 said...

Fox News is the Republican Mouth piece as supported by them.

CNN is by Democrats. Anti-Republicans.

NOW TRUMP and Republicans in control. So have to prograte their propaganda.

Trump called CNN FAKE news. Tried to avoid all their questionings. Ordered their journalists to last seats.

Chris Cuomo anchor for CNN anti Trump.

I always prefer CNN to see them lambasting the Dotard clown

Hannity for Fox.

Starhub now even give free preview of CNN. They are just cable operators as business.
Sinkieland Leaders maybe now wants Sinkies to learn and wake up more politically and see more of their political squabblings in the Real World rather than just watching imbecile Soap operas and be pawns to be swallowed by these vuktures and eagles of Wars.

You must see all sides to know who's the Devils and Angels or Devils and Devils.
Cannot shut your eyes and minds on one sided track


Virgo 49 said...

USA main objective is to cancel all debts obligations primary to China and the rest.

Already KAPUT!

That's why the bickering on China supposed Wuhan Virus.

Tune to Liu Xin at CGTN latest in Wuhan in the Lab regarding this issue.


Anonymous said...

Sandra Moses
Sandra Moses

The US is a warmongering lawless rogue state. It is founded on genocide, slavery and wars. By the time the Indian wars ended in the late 19th century, the original 500 Indian tribes and two million natives have been reduced to a few tribes with the few thousand survivors incarcerated in reservations or concentration camps. 14 million African slaves were kidnapped to the Americas. Wars with Mexico and Spain expanded the American empire.

Trump is a low life pathological liar and a little Adolf Hitler while Pence from the fascist Christian Right is a little Joseph Goebbels.

Anonymous said...

China has donated 500,000 surgical masks and 100,000 KN95 masks to Singapore's national stockpile to help the city state manage the coronavirus outbreak.

China's ambassador to Singapore Hong Xiaoyong handed over the masks to Singapore's Senior Minister of State for Health Lam Pin Min at the Ministry of Health on Tuesday (May 5).

(ST May 05)