The narratives of white 'gods'

In every seminar, discussion, literature... when the white 'gods' are present and talking about China, the narrative is always about China as a monster, a communist country, an authoritarian system, no rule of law, no democracy, no human rights. China's intention is going to conquer and rule the world, that is the belief, the premises to start with. The white 'gods' are flawless, no violation of human rights, protector of the weak and small, democracy is the ideal state of govt, anything is bad.  The white 'gods' do not believe in conquering the world, just to maintain its Empire.

How did the white 'gods' get to this present state of affair to pass judgement on China and to presume that China is everything bad and must be opposed and condemned and should not be dealt with as another nation state, that China is untrustworthy, all lying?

Take a look at the white 'gods' about 700 or 800 years ago when they started to fan out from Europe to invade the rest of the world, to kill and loot and occupy lands that belonged to other tribes and people. Where were all the human rights, virtues, goodness, other than a bunch of murderers, thieves, robbers, gangsters, pirates and butchers?

Perhaps the white 'gods' had done all the killings they needed, all the looting and robbing of other people and their land.  Now that they have stolen all their lands and wealth, like the continents of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and many countries that they now called their own, there is no need to go on killing and robbing anymore. Now they are setting standards of conduct and laws to protect what they had stolen from the rest of the world.  Oops, the killings are still going on in many parts of the world by the white 'gods' in the name of freedom, human rights and democracy.

People living in non democratic system of govt have no rights to exist, they are bad and should be conquered and forced to live in a democratic system like the white 'gods' and to follow the rules of law and standards set by the white 'gods' ie, to protect what they had stolen as theirs, cannot be questioned, cannot be taken back. No conquered people, if they are still alive, have the right to fight the white 'gods' to reclaim their land and wealth stolen and looted by the white 'gods'.  It would be against the rule of laws of the white 'gods'.  All must live under the rules and laws set by the white 'gods'.

China is really bad. China is building military bases in the islands in the South China Sea. Guam and Diego Garcia are different. Never mind if the natives of Diego Garcia were forcefully expelled from their islands and these islands turned into bases for nuclear weapons. White 'gods' can built bases in islands in the ocean, China cannot.

China also have conflicting claims for islands in South China Sea and East China Sea with its neighbours. The white 'gods' did not have such problems. Why? They killed all the natives in the land they stole from them or made them so poor and so few that they could not fight back anymore. So problem solved. The white 'gods' are living peacefully with their neighbours.

And China is bullying the Uighurs. Why are the white 'gods' shedding crocodile tears when they were and are killing all the Muslims in the Middle East? Did the white 'gods' know that the Uighurs are fighting to take a piece of Chinese land to be another separate state through violence? China is bullying the Muslim Uighurs. What are the white 'gods' doing in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia and many parts of Africa and the Middle East? Protecting the Muslims minorities, Muslim majorities, defending their rights of existence, like the Palestinians? Why are the white 'gods' championing the cause of the Uighers but killing the Muslims in the Middle East and defending the rights of the Israelis against the Palestinians?

What about the rights of the people of North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia and many states in Latin America and Africa? Why are these people suffering in poverty? Who is forcing these people to live in poverty? Oh, they did not have democratic system of govt and it is the right of the white 'gods' to punish them.

Back to the monster the white 'gods' called China. Have China invaded any of the European countries or new countries the white 'gods' created from stolen land? Why are the white 'gods' spreading this lie that China might or would want to invade them when the truth was that the white 'gods' were the ones that invaded China. China invading the white 'gods' land is a big if, what if, and that is what the white 'gods' used to justify their demonisation of China. We did not know the intention of China, what if China attacks us?  China has not done that in its history. Only the white 'gods' did that to China and the rest of the world.

Who is the evil one? How many people believe in the white 'gods' narrative that they are all goodness and everyone must live under their system and their laws, their righteous conducts and values of human rights and democracy.


Anonymous said...

The white 'gods' are really very kind and good people. When they realised that the white settlers were killing the native Americans to near extinction, they quickly rounded up the few native Americans that were still alive and marched them to the wilderness, set them free in their natural habitat to protect them from more killings. Then they legislated laws to call these wild land 'reservations' so that the native Americans could live peacefully and not be killed by the white settlers.

If not of the good acts and good laws of the white 'gods', the native Indians would have joint the extinct animals as fossils.

This was not the only good act of the white 'gods'. When they found out that the white settlers were catching Africans and turning them into beasts of burden, into slaves, they fought to set the slaves free. They set the slaves free! Wow, so much humanitarian kindness. If not because of the white 'gods' the African niggers would still be slaves of the white settlers. And now they have white laws to protect them against slavery also. No more lynching. Very good laws.

And they denounced apartheid in South Africa too!

The world must be grateful to the white 'gods' for their kindness and protection of human rights and sense of justice. No wonder they are so cocky and talking down to China and other countries about human rights and rule of law. They wrote all the laws.

Oh, I almost forgot, the white 'gods' also allowed the colonised countries to be independent countries and the colonised people to have the right to rule themselves. Without the white 'gods' the colonised people would still be under bondage and ruled as subjects of the European Empires. No wonder all these ex colonised countries and people love the white 'gods' for releasing them to be free and independent people.

Anonymous said...

The white "gods" had recently beaten up Singaporeans on the streets in UK and Australia; thrown a wine bottle killing a Singaporean who was just celebrating house warming in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

You all must never forget that the white “gots” also brought along their priests and Jesuits to convert the mindless locals into faithfools in the name of Jesus..

“Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Gives us this day our daily bread and butter and deliver us from evils of evil empire’s evil doers.....
Praise Jesus!”

Virgo 49 said...

Right you are Anon 9.57

It's their supposed peaceful and goodness and loving White God with their Crusade Mentality that is the brunt of all miseries happening now in the whole wide World.

Their hypocrises in brainwashing and converting those gulliable imbeciles that became their ZOMBIEs.

Under the covers of their kindness they made all these idiots into their slaves.Their suppsosed God Fearing and serving servants sodomising and raping their innocent faithfuls.

See their wayward lifestyles of decadence and sins to the world and still trying to preach their goodness.

Stupidity got no cures indeed.

Anonymous said...

These asses are trying to start a war everyday, wanting to start a fight with China instead of helping to save their own people dying from the virus or stopping all the wars they have started. And they are accusing China as belligerent, aggressive and wanting to conquer the world by wars.

China is presumed guilty because they said so without fighting a war while these white devils are at wars everyday and everywhere.

Virgo 49 said...

CNN special now The President and the Pandemic clearly will nullified their accusations.

Main objective of the Dotard and Popeye Pompei is to cancel all debts obligations to China and the Rest of the World.

Chow Kar bastards who tried to wipe off their debts.

Sinkieland's Leaders still looked in awe of them.

Kena screwed by them then they will feel the pains.

Anonymous said...

Pompeo still trying to make the coronavirus outbreak from a Chinese lab stick on China.

What significant evidence is he talking about? There were also significant evidence that Saddam Hussein was making WMD. Fake evidence were manufactured to support the lies that later became the truth, and Iraq was invaded. The oilfields were seized and the country still mired in conflict mode and the people still suffering.

China should be alarmed that their US treasury holdings are in jeopardy state. The US is moving to seize or cancel those US$1 trillion debt owed to China. When asked about the likelihood of this happening, what did Kudrow say? The US is not yet 'CONDSIDERING' this move, not saying that it will not happen. Even if the US says it will not do it, their words cannot be trusted. It is time for China and the rest of the world to take note that the US has floated this idea and that it will happen some day. Buying US treasuries is now highly risky.

Virgo 49 said...

White God Trump ban si tong. Everything also he knows predicted that the Pandemic will end in Dec 2020.

Time comes, he will say "I did NOT said that"

Farking soothsayer Ang Moh Tangkee.

Anonymous said...

Sovereign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities (in billions of dollars) as at end

Japan 1268.3
China, Mainland 1092.3
United Kingdom 403.2
Brazil 285.9
Ireland 282.7
Luxembourg 260.8
Hong Kong 249.8
Switzerland 243.7
Cayman Islands 219.4
Belgium 218.0
Taiwan 201.9
Saudi Arabia 184.4
India 177.5
Singapore 165.4
France 147.4
Korea 116.1
Canada 113.9
Norway 103.3

Virgo 49 said...

Today's we also have one SOVEREIGN high caste instant Singaporean WHO the media is quick to quickly described as Singaporean so as NOT to aggrate any ill feelings towards this Foreign Talent as loved by the PAP in creating jobs or troubles for Sinkies.

Saying she is above the law. Nothing to do with the Police. They cannot touch me. I am a SOVEREIGN from a high caste society.

Altercations with Sinkies and they simply advised we should cooperate with the CB rules.

Hello Shame What's happening?

No arrests?

Kai kee Langs or Lans?

SSO said...

Singapore Better Learn This Lesson From Japan

Shock beyond words! Why is the Son of A Gan so eager to relax the measures in place again and again?

As the Health Minister, he should be fighting for the measures to be more strict and prolonged. Instead, he is the one who has again wanted to ease the measures pre-maturely! It should be other Ministers like Trade and Industry who want to ease the measures as fast as possible, isn't it? Looks like this highly expensive millionaire minister, prone to blunders, seems to be only good for carrying his Boss' jewels.


Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido offers a grim lesson in the next phase of the battle against COVID-19.

It acted quickly and contained an early outbreak of the coronavirus with a 3-week lockdown.

But, when the governor lifted restrictions, a second wave of infections hit even harder.

Twenty-six days later, the island was forced back into lockdown again.

Anonymous said...

The Premature Lifting of the Circuit Breaker is gonna bring about the Collapse of Sin.
lt shall be fast and furious.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the fast & furious collapse of the "Oart-time Action Party"

Anonymous said...

Over the last couple of decades the world had been sold the idea that Islam is a threat to world peace. That is perhaps another bogeyman that was to be created to replace the earlier wholesale demonization of communism.

When communist Russia and China ceased to be intent on spreading their ideology, something else has to be invented to replace the communist threat and give the US reasons to continue it's military adventurism.

Looking at what the US had been doing over those decades I think most people would agree that the White man's God is even more a threat to the peace of the world than Islam.

SSO said...

When an Empire or a Dynasty is going to collapse, it is inevitable that it is blessed with a set of incompetent, idiotic, self-centred yes-men and yes-women surrounding an equally incompetent, cowardly, and weak but arrogant, impatient and shameless non-leader, masquerading as a God's gift to mankind leader to rule the Empire or Dynasty.

Anonymous said...

Virgo 49 s May 04, 2020 1:05 pm

New citizen high caste calling themselves "sovereign" above the law ?

Anonymous said...

Sovereigns are a class of people that own countries. Why, we have sovereigns in Singapore, or imbeciles claiming to be sovereigns?

Anonymous said...

We need to see what the Sham has to say!

Anonymous said...

K Shanmugam Sc
10 hrs ·
In the past few days, several have shared a video of a lady, refusing to obey instructions from officers, not wearing a mask, and saying she is "Sovereign".

The same lady had some days ago, also refused to wear a mask in a market.

She is being investigated for both incidents.

I checked up what she might have meant by referring to "Sovereign".

There is a movement in the US, and adherents to that movement, (broadly speaking) reject Government, reject the police and any kind of authority.

Well and good. But then such people should not live within society - she should not expect any of the benefits that come from this system of governance, including her security, medical care, other benefits.

If she doesn’t follow the rules and (say) ends up infecting someone - why should society accept that? Or if she falls ill herself, she will be imposing a medical burden on the rest of the society - whose rules she rejects, presumably.

Very odd.

Usually, in such cases, there will be more to it than meets the eye.

1.4K comments 2.2K shares

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Please do not abuse the word lady. Lady is reserved to refer to very fine manner and cultured woman. There are other words to use for this kind of specimen, woman, girl, dimwit etc etc, definitely not lady.

Virgo 49 said...

That's what's you get for having Talents Foreigners in Sinkiekand.

They had their ingrained lifestyles and wanted to upset our cultural and sets lifestyles with their alien life styles.

Trying to brainwash and influence our generation of mostly westernized and gulliable having too good a life Minnenials.

Sinkiekand with all these bad influences in will be going to the sewers.

Virgo 49 said...

Should be TRASH instead of Talents.

Virgo 49 said...

Sovereigns as what's they called themselves are just a group of parasite who lived off on their societies and don't want to comply with the norms of their own societies.

Behaving as Supremacists of their own as though they are God's chosen people.

Without the norm of society providing them with all the necessities of lifes, they be eating shits.

These comes from their White Supremacy and also the Indian Caste systems.

All the while, they been pampered and thought that they have all these rights and privileges.

Load of rubbish.

Chinese cultures deemed them as parasites when you does not contribute to society and be a burden to it.

Anonymous said...

First she never wear her mask when going shopping for groceries at a wet market. Then a few days back, she again never wear her mask on at Shunfu mart and still can confront passerbys who advise her to wear her mask. Today, another photo of her has popped up on social media showing her going out buying food without a face mask again. Who does she think she is that she is above the law?

Anonymous said...

If this sovereign were to mutter the same trash in Australia or USA, you know what would happen to her?

Anonymous said...

After years of being bombarded by fake news, Singaporeans already forgotten that this is their country and they are the owners of this island. Now kena bullied and insulted by foreigners and lan lan don't know what to do. So pathetic, so helpless.

Singaporeans deserve to lose their country to foreigners if they continue to behave like zombies, feckless of what is going on, and resign to their fate that this is not their country, like CPF is not their money.

Anonymous said...

That human-animal is an American Trashy Species floating around in Singapore on the kindness of the Singapore government and Singapore Society.

If this "beetch" thinks and behaves as a "Sovereign", which means she is independent of all other countries' laws and regulations, need not follow the orders, instructions, social norms, etc of any Authority in the World, then she must be thrown out of Singapore immediately, after she has been charged and punished (at least 21 days in jail, so as to quarantine her aa potential carrier of the coronavirus).

"Get out of our Elite-Uncaring Face!" - This is what Wee Shu Min would have said to such a "Sovereign" trashy "beetch".

Sham must do the needful.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Hongkongers are fighting for an independent state to call their own in a mission impossible quest to rule themselves or even to be ruled by the Brits again.

Singaporeans have a country of their own but carelessly, stupidly and showing no interest when their country is being filled by foreigners, in another words, taken over by foreigners and eventually they would become a minority and ruled by foreigners. Can't imagine how the foreigners, aka new citizens, like this sovereign, would treat the clueless and stupid Singaporeans when they took over this island as their own.

This is how stupid Singaporeans have become.

Anonymous said...

She must have some kind of backing from some powerful organisations or establishments. Also, she must have a motive to be in Singapore and deliberately behaves in such a manner, calculated to confront the Singapore government and society.

Perhaps, she is one of a few groups of CIA operatives, throughout the world, with the mission to spread the Covid19 coronavirus as a 3rd Wave?

The 1st wave of infection was started by a group disguised as military personnel participating in the World Military Sports in Wuhan in September/November last year.

The 2nd wave was started by a group disguised as tourists on cruise ships and other forms of group travels, to many countries such as South Korea, Japan, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Germany,
and Iran, in January/February this year.

This may likely be part of the groups of CIA operatives disguised as "Sovereign" to spread the Covid19 coronavirus for the third time as an organized project?

If it is so, then it is very scary. And must he nipped in the bud or butt.

Virgo 49 said...

To me,she is just one of the unscrupulous opportunist who just simply married to an idiotic Sinkie and became an instant Sinkie.

Many imbecile Sinkies thought they are high caste marrying all these parasites.

Actually, they unable to find a female Sinkie to marry them.

So, she with her perceived high caste attitude thought she is special.

Thus, their beliefs in their decednece society wanted to impose theirs here.

Just a parasite worse than a beggar.

Virgo 49 said...

That's where you are wrong Anon.

Auss Land and USA will tolerate their rights and beliefs as they themsleves are the Origin.

Tried that in Indon, Matland and Tiger Thai Land.

They be mincemeats.

Only Sinkies let them have their ways.

First offence also let go liao.

Sinkies only Sinkies bully their own kind.

That's the realities.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A patient hospitalized with flu-like symptoms at the end of December in France turned out to have had Covid-19, a finding that suggests the new coronavirus was spreading there at least a month earlier than official records show.

The 42-year-old fishmonger showed up at a hospital near Paris on Dec. 27 with a cough, headache and fever and was treated with antibiotics and discharged after two days. Doctors found he had Covid-19 by retroactively testing his respiratory samples along with those from a handful of hospitalized patients, describing their work in a case report.

The finding contradicts official statistics, which show the first Covid-19 cases in France occurred in people who returned from Wuhan, China, at the end of January. They also raise questions about how the patient was infected. Virologists who studied the main strains of the virus circulating in France last month concluded that they probably didn’t come directly from China or Italy, and had been spreading undocumented for some time.

(Bloomberg May 5, 2020)