USA - The uncivilised state, the lying state

The lunatics in the USA are calling China an uncivilised state. When the Chinese were sipping tea the white apes were still struggling in the caves or swing from tree to tree. And the moment these uncivilised white apes got out of Europe, they went on a killing spree across the world, killing the natives and accusing them as half humans or non humans. Millions of natives across the whole were killed brutally by these white apes.

The killing instinct of these white apes is still virulent in their genes. While China is devoting all its energy and resources in economic development peacefully, the white apes continue in their killing campaign, nonstop all over the world since the end of WW2. These uncivilised beasts would not not stop killing even during this pandemic when the UN called for a cessation of all wars. The white uncivilised apes would not. They continue to kill the Arabs and Muslims and the Afghans and threatening to start more wars. And the got the cheek to call a peaceful nation like China, not involved in any wars as uncivilised!

And at home they continue to kill the blacks because they were blacks. Attack Asians because they were Asians. Look at the white beasts and their weapons hanging all over them in their protest for closing down because of the pandemic. The poor blacks, after being caught like wild animals to be beasts, continue to suffer under the hands of the white beasts that claimed to be civilised. Daily, the blacks are being killed in the USA by the white police apes that were supposed to be protect them.

And the white apes keep harping and smearing China, selling the narrative that China and Chinese are liars and untrustworthy. On the other hand their presidents, including the clown in the White House, have been on record, lying for thousands of times to the Americans and to the world. And there is this lunatic by the name of Pompeo that proudly told Congress that he lied, he cheated and he stole. And this big fat ape continuously accused China of lying. A professional liar calling others liars.

The white apes have been proven to have fabricated all kinds of fake news, lies, to kill and kill. Most glaring example is the accusation of Saddam Hussein having WMD. And after the dust had settled, all the evidence of the 911 bombing pointed to an internal job, a false flag incident and blaming on ISIS.

And now, with the pandemic, with all the evidence pointing to origin of the virus coming from Fort Detrick, USA, the white lying apes are trying to put the blame on China by screaming to the world daily and using the white media to do the work to demonise China.

This is outrageous, the most uncivilised white apes accusing China, a peaceful country of being uncivilised. A country of liars headed by a few lunatics, calling China untrustworthy. A bunch of white apes that refused to stop killing other people and claiming to be a peace loving nation.

The poor Arabs and Muslims and their very own black Afro Americans are at their mercy, dying everyday, being gun down on the streets like dogs. The blacks can only cry, hapless, as the country was ruled by white apes that hate blacks and killing blacks is second nature to them, after centuries of slavery and lynching blacks and exploiting the blacks as sub human beans. It would not end until the white apes are civilised, maybe another thousand years.

The cries of Martin Luther King for freedom, equality and being free in the land of the free is still crying to be heard. But the white apes would only turn a deaf ear to him. There is no freedom, no civil rights, no justice in the land of the free for coloured people, especially the blacks and Asians.

A black revolution is waiting to happen to turn the cart against the oppressive and uncivilised white apes.  All the sheepish plea for justice, calls for reasons and less racial discrimination would be futile. It is in the DNA of the white apes to discriminate against coloured people and the coloured they despised most, showed the least respect, is black people. 3 centuries have passed, the fate of the blacks is basically the same, still falling victims of the white apes, daily, on the streets of America. Many blacks are in tears to the news of so many killings of black people by the whites. And this is the only thing they could do, unless they overturn the table on the whites, by violence, the only language the white apes understand.

There is no way to talk reason with uncivilised white apes. They only know the rule of the jungle, when the white apes is superior to the rest and deserve the right to treat the rest as inferior to the white apes, to be oppressed and suppressed, to be bullied and to be killed at will, by the white apes. And this is applicable to the rest of the world.

Is the unnecessary death of George Floyd the straw that breaks the camel's back? Would the white killers in uniform be brought to justice, just like the killers of Ahmaud? Would the killers of the black frontline worker in her bedroom be arrested as well?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Minnesota is on fire. The blacks are in the streets calling for justice and an end to discrimination against the blacks.

Anonymous said...

The whites called George Floyd, the victim of white police racism, the son of bitches.

Anonymous said...

Black lives are worthless to the whites. Killing blacks is ok if done by the whites.

Anonymous said...

There are many foreigners that came to this island, given citizenships and PRs and accusing Singaporean Chinese of racism when they themselves are the real racists.

Look at the killings of the blacks in the USA. This is what racism is all about, not in Singapore, never will it happen in Singapore.

Virgo 49 said...

Now CNN riots getting out of hand.

The Mayor calling National Guards.

Dotard Trump had one more shits on his hands.


Anonymous said...

The land of the free is meant for the Whites only. Free to kill black people in the streets of America.

Free to kill coloured people all over the world by the whites, especially the ARabs and Muslims.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China must speak out for the injustice against the black people in the USA. Raise the issue in the UN on grounds of freedom from racial discrimination, human rights, equality etc etc.

Make it big, like the lunatics in the White House trying to blow everything out of proportiion, politicising everything they fabricated. In this case, the killings of blacks and discrimination of blacks, are not fabrication, but very real.

China must stand up for the black people in the USA.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon

Next will be the ABCs?

American Born Chinese and Aussies Born Chinese?

Yayapapya, looks and slanged like them.

Matilah, your time is up!

Look behind your back when you walk.

Anonymous said...

The blacks in limited way already taking some revenge. U can see many Porno video the blacks gathered to screw the white girls. U can see the face expression on them humiliating the white girls

Anonymous said...

It is a blessing for the world that Trump keeps lying to his supporters, even in this episode of coronavirus. It will bring the United Snakes of America on to it's knees. Coupled with the racial tension simmering on the surface, and the blacks waking up, it still wants to dip it's dirty hands in Hong Kong, North Korea, Venezuela, and the Middle East, all to distract the massive failures at home.

In this coronavirus outbreak, he lied about being in control of the situation and the people believed him, no dissent. He lied about the virus going away like magic and the people believed in him, again no dissent. He lied about 'doing tremendously well' if the death toll stays below 100,000 and the people believed him, again still no dissent. Now the 100,000 mark has been breached, and I wonder what his new target for 'doing tremendously well' is going to be. A million deaths or two?

Now, upon his inciting his supporters to protest against shutdown, counties that did open up too early are beginning to discover new outbreaks springing up and are panicking.

On most social media, the US trolls always belittle China, saying China is just dreaming of overtaking USA in economic, technological and other fields. Now, if China is just dreaming, let it dream, why is the USA suffering from China phobia for nothing? A dream is only a dream right? Why is the USA even terrified of Huawei and fighting tooth and nail against one Chinese company?

Let not Huawei end up like the Japanese and French conglomerates ending up paying billions in compensation to the USA and forced to accept conditions. They are nothing more than extortions for doing business in the USA, because they are ahead of the pack. Huawei should not bow to the USA but, like the North Koreans, be more determined on moving ahead in adversity. Sanctions have also made the Cubans more determined to fight against it, and Cuba has shown it's resilience after more than half a century of USA sanctions.

Anonymous said...

China should support the Blacks in USA. Nothing wrong with supporting human rights, like what the USA is doing in Hong Kong. The sword cuts both ways.

What the Blacks are really angry about is why, with the murder committed and captured clearly on video, the White controlled administration, police, and justice system still did not charge the murderers immediately, but just fired them. Many are quite sure they Whites will now be digging up George Floyd's criminal record to justify the police action. However, many have argued that even criminals cannot just be murdered in broad daylight without the murderers facing justice. It was murder, pure and simple.

Another salient point brought up was the murderers' lies about George Floyd resisting arrest, all proven to be untrue by bystanders and the video. That the police constantly lied wholesale about their criminality, had been the trademark of the USA police force and this is only the tip of the iceberg. In most cases, it is the word of the police against the victim, and in a White justice system, you know whose words carry more weight.

Anonymous said...

But if China supports the Blacks, Trump is going to:

Blame China for wanting to kill his re-election.

Blame the Blacks for being China-centric.

Blame the Blacks for being puppets of China.

Takes no responsibility for the racial riots if it erupted nationwide.

Or feign ignorance about police brutality and about the circumstances of the case.

Anything else happening in USA and around the world is all China's fault.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

The HydroxyMoron just tweeted last night,
"All over the World the CoronaVirus, a very bad “gift” from China, marches on. Not good!
10:34 PM · May 28, 2020·Twitter for iPhone"

comment: i thought he agreed with china last month not to use the term China virus anymore?

Virgo 49 said...

Now UK side kick of UAssA, both trying to coerce the U.N to censor China on the Security Law.

China said it's our Internal Affairs.

They said Agenda on other Security Matters as allowed on other matters in the UN.

Die, die they must tried to cripple China.

Anonymous said...

He lied!

How can a habitual liar believe in what he lied about in the first place. Look at all the lies about Mexico paying for the wall or China paying for the tariffs. Or that the coronavirus will magically disappear and that he has everything under control. Nothing but lies to fool the clueless living dead.

Anonymous said...

The whites will lie without blinking an eyelid. It is in their DNA.

When China support the blacks or not, China will be blamed for everything.

Thus it is better to do something and be blamed for it than to do nothing and be blamed for it.

The whites have just declared a New Cold War against China. China must strike back in every way. The decoupling of the two economies is imminent. And soon it would be open warfare.

The only ONE that can help China and destroy this evil Empire is God. While the Americans are stirring shit everywhere against China, God is starting to do what He needs to do to bring down this evil country. After Covid19 will be an uprising by the blacks with massive violent demonstration in the streets of America, much bigger scale than in HK.

Anonymous said...

Once and for all China must not back down. When pushed to the wall, the dragon will jump over it.

Anonymous said...

Brendt Christensen abducted Zhang Yingying, a visiting scholar from China in Illinois, then raped, stabbed and beat her to death with a baseball bat before beheading her.

Brendt laughed about how he ‘chopped her head off’, his girlfriend says.

The American jury only sentenced him to serve out a life sentence in prison.

Zhang's parents were devastated.

Anonymous said...

President Donald Trump tweeted about shooting black people in Minneapolis.

“Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts ,” he said on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Nice if this mad man starts to shoot at the blacks. Let the violence begins. They only think of killing the blacks and the blacks cannot or afraid to hit back.

Anonymous said...

Two days into a protest and the USA already called in the National Guards.

China tolerated Hong Kong for more than a year without the PLA getting involved. Had the PLA stepped in to quell the Hong Kong riots e year ago, China will be accused of using excessive force, violating human rights, clamping down on human freedom and all the poodles will sing the chorus.

Where are all the human rights poodles doing now? No voice?

Where are the denunciation by the five eyes now? Blinded? They only open their eyes the moment the evil one spills vitriol against China.

Anonymous said...

in view of the China and India border dispute, Trump offered to mediate.

Both China and India told Trump to lay off, we can solve our problems talking to each other. They know that solving problems among themselves is better than getting the USA/Trump's dirty, pussy grabbing hands into the fray to stir more animosity.

Anonymous said...

America is fully controlled by the evil jews. All levers of power are controlled by the biggest killers, schemers and thieves, the world has ever known. They are not even human. Their genetics are neanderthal. They are ugly on the outside and the inside. They are totally corrupt and evil to the core. Only when the human race, as whites, asians, hispanics, africans, etc, stand up the jews and obliterate them off the face of the earth, this planet and humanity will always be under perpetual control by a satanic cabal and their corrupted minions, always inducing hardship, war, famine, and a state of degeneracy and devolution as a society.