Covid19 - A vicious biowarfare of genocide turns bad and backfires

The intent and motive of the evil Americans were simple and clear. China is growing too big and must be destroyed before it overtakes the American Empire. The figures and numbers are showing that China would overtake the USA by 2025 and become the biggest economy in the world. Drastic actions must be taken now before it is too late. And Trump immediately surrounded himself with a team of hate China lunatics the moment he stepped into the White House and worked on a strategy to destroy China and its economic growth. They had done this to Japan successfully and Japan could never recover from the American attack and since then remained where it was, no more Japanese miracle or Japan Number One.

China is a different kettle of fish, many times bigger than Japan in every way, and has achieved an economy in PPP terms bigger than the Americans. The same strategy against the Japanese would not work on China. And couples with the racist hate Chinese, hate China psyche and the self fulling myth of the Yellow Peril, there was nothing that the evil men Trump assembled in the White House would not do.

Everything is on the table. They fell back on well tested methods, strategies they had executed in the past so effectively, flawless till today, without much condemnation from the world community as no one was left to prove the American atrocities against the native Americans. The century old biological warfare against the native Americans together with economic and military pressure used on the Japanese would work against China.

The details and meticulous execution of this biowarfare strategy were as perfect as they could have been, the timing, the location, the confluence of events and the secrecy of the covert operators made tracing of this operation almost impossible. It was meant to be a self inflicted crisis by China, starting from the wet market in Wuhan and linked to a natural origin, the bats. Period.

China would suffer the biggest genocide in human history, more death than the genocide of the native Americans, and only China got to be blamed for it. The Chinese economy would collapse and vaporise and China would return to the fate of being the Sick Man of Asia once again. No more China Number One, no more overtaking the Americans as the biggest economy in the world and the new Number One super power.

All the maths were worked out to the finest details. The Americans would be so innocent, nothing to do with them in bringing down the Chinese economy and the genocide of the Chinese population.  And the Americans could step him to offer assistance and help to fight the epidemic in China, to save China and the Chinese people as what the world's Number One super power would do. The American Empire would be more glorious after the collapse of China. This is like a textbook play produced in Hollywood.

The Americans did not count on the ability of China to kill the crisis in a matter of two months with minimum death and spread of the disease. China has been practising this strategy of localising a problem, even to the extent of locking down a province or two to contain a problem while the rest of the country could go on business as normal. This strategy was first shared with the Vietnamese during the Sino Vietnam Border War in 1979. Then China was prepared to sacrifice two provinces, Yunnan and Guangxi to fight an endless war with Vietnam while the rest of China continued to develop and grow, shielded from the war.

The strategy of closing down Hubei and the city of Wuhan worked.  China is now practically free from this virus except for a few imported cases that could be counted by the fingers on one hand, China is saved, but this is not the end of the story for the Americans.

Yes, the Chinese growth machine was halted for 3 months and the economy would not grow as fast as before. But this is a temporary hitch. China is picking up the pieces quickly and restarting its economy and business would be usual again.

The story is not as pleasant for the Americans. Not only that they failed to destroy China and crippled its economy and its rise as the next Number One super power, the virus flew back to the USA and the rest of the world. The world's economy came to a grinding halt. But more seriously is the American economy and the impact of this pandemic. America becomes the worse hit country by this virus, with millions of Americans infected and the most Americans dead. And this is just the beginning. The worse is yet to be.

This virus is going to bring the Americans to their knees to beg for mercy. It is going to destroy the American economy and kill as many Americans as the Americans had planned for China. The story is unfolding everyday. But the Americans refused to concede, refuse to let go and insist on continuing with their plans to bring down China. The first part of this biological war has failed. There is plan B.

In plan B the Americans would put all the blames on China for starting this pandemic and demand for compensation in the trillions. All sorts of wild fabrications of evidence would be used to tell the world that China is the culprit when China was the victim, the original target for this biological war.  Unfortunately for the vicious Americans, they have cried wolf once too often. The world have yet to forget their fabricated WMD story to invade Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein. The Plan B is looking everything like the WMD story. Not to forget, the doubts as to who really brought down the Twin Tower in New York is still lingering in the minds of many watchers. Many evidences point to an American inside job to blow up the two towers and blame it on the Arabs and Muslims to start another war in the Middle East.

Whether it is Plan B or Plan C, an open war with China, the world is not going to be taken in lightly. Everyone is watching this evil American play by liars and cheats led by a self confessed professional liar in Pompeo and a pathological liar in Trump. The rest will be history.  The American Empire will be history when this crisis is over.  No one is going to believe in the Americans anymore. Unfortunately or fortunately, many Americans will become war collateral of this biological war started by the American regime in the White House.

What you sow you shalt reap. The original mission was to kill as many Chinese as possible and to destroy the Chinese economy. It has backfired and now the world is counting on how many Americans would be dead when this is over and the destruction of the American economy. Hopefully the evil doers would be brought to justice, charged as war criminals in the International Court of Justice.


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB..

No need 2025 to be the World's biggest economy now.

China on the feet now and soon functioning away.

Americans still struggling with their DEATH Tolls and in dealeattiins wants to reopen their economy by having MORE Deaths.

Dotard Trump and his henchmen said it's unavoidable. These DEATHS are nothing as we have been having wars and stirring shits all the while and these DEATHS are a common sight.

Their mentalities of Heros and Purple Hearts and challenging them to be Heros.

Dr Fauci said how much sufferings you have to bear before you come to your senses.

CHINA's philosophy: Every Life Matters.

That's why they have to churn lies and blames every now and then blaming China as they afraid that they be discovered as the Culprits.

SSO said...

Only one word: RETRIBUTION!

God has eyes and ears but no mouth; only ACTION!

Anonymous said...

Another word is called KARMA.

What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha.
Both USA and little usa are the most infected countries in the world on a per 1,000 person basis.

In little usa.
We need the ageing Leedershit to get infected.

Anonymous said...

Today, the two biggest evils are ranked No. 1 and 2 in number of deaths from coronavirus. Karma is working. The UK is in big trouble with containment, with the revelation that travellers from Europe during the escalation over there have not been tested. These are the current spreaders. Like the US, with so many 'sovereigns' going against efforts to shutdown, the containment battle is at best a matter of patchwork.

The US is obviously upping the stakes and going for war, after experiencing failure after failure to bring China down under so many plans. The trade war is said to be 'easy to win', but after two long years, what is the result? Trump claims that China is paying for the tariffs imposed by the US, but the reality is that US citizens are the ones paying for it with higher prices of imports from China.

With the oil market in the doldrums, Trump has to find more bailout money to keep oil companies, big and small, to survive. Then there is the big banks with defaulting mortgages and debts, and the monster derivatives market waiting to collapse. No amount of bailout money can keep this one afloat.

Look how desperate they are with every quarter trying to pin the coronavirus outbreak on China, while experts have repeatedly disproved those allegations. Some European countries have now revealed that the virus was already present in some European countries even before the outbreak in Wuhan. The US did not and even forbid testing prior to the outbreak in Wuhan, and those that died were blamed on the common flu. Did they cover up?

Why is the US demanding inquiry and investigating the Wuhan Lab? What is their objective?Why is the whole world not demanding that the Fort Detrick biological lab leak be investigated. How many leaks have occurred in the hundreds of biological labs operated by the US? Why is the whole world keeping quiet about this?

Virgo 49 said...

Top US General.

"We don't know whether virus came from Wuhan Lab or Market"

Anyway, still China as the culprit.

Fauci: Evidence shows Coronvirus evolved in nature and jump species.

One Latest Video. President Xi in an Armed Forces Parade told them to Prepare For War.

This might have shaken their Top General Chief of Staff to say the above.


Anonymous said...

Aids, small pox, etc are all white man's diseases and are the cause of near extinction of the natives of America and Australia. Did the world demand compensation from the whites for causing all this? Just because the natives have no avenues to do that does not mean no one has to take responsibility.

Did the world bodies representing war torn countries demand compensation for all the civilian casualties in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea and Syria?

What has the UN been advocating? What has the human rights group been advocating? By keeping mum means all these world bodies are US-centric.

Anonymous said...

China must be prepared for an ALL-OUT WAR, prolonged, not just small scale limited war. All nuclear threats must be considered from different angles. Even Japan and South Korea may be equipped with tactical nuclear weapons by the Evil US Empire in times of war. Even Singapore and the Philippines might be a staging area for the launching of tactical nuclear weapons by submarines and airborne forces.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

An all out war means going nuclear, will be short and sharp. Everything goes up in smokes.

The Americans would try to create tension and problems for China in other forms. Any skirmishes could turn into a full scale war which both sides would avoid. There could be some hit and run small scale contacts in the South China Sea with both sides avoiding a scale up.

China would have to be tough and take punch for punch or else it would be bashed up by the Americans for appearing to be weak.

Anonymous said...

Will Singapore organize a peace summit between China and USA?

Do you think LHL got any use or not?

SSO said...

COVID-19: Singapore Situation As At Noon Today

Ministry of Monitoring Health has revealed that to date only 5.3% of the 300,000 foreign workers have been tested. However, we know that the total number of foreign workers is probably more than 500,000.

A glaring question that begs to be asked is:

Why is it taking so long to test so little?

How long is the snail pace of testing going to take? Until all the cows got infected?

The Ministry of Monitoring Closely has also "preliminarily confirmed" an additional 788 cases of COVID-19 infection as at noon today.

This breaks the 20,000 mark with a total tally of 20,198 cases. And jacks up the infection rate to 3544 persons per million, overtaking USA to become World Number One!

And the media have suddenly stopped reporting the number of new clusters. I believe it to have breached the 180 mark, which is the most alarming of all the statistics reported so far. This means the clusters must have encapsulated the entire island until it is meaningless to report the new clusters any more!

The whole of Singapore has become One Big Cluster!

Anonymous said...

5.3% of 300,000 is slightly less than 16,000. The Son of a Gan has boasted that Singapore has the capacity to test 8,000 people a day. That would mean that the 16,000 test could have been conducted in only 2 days. Something is not right here. Either someone is lying or someone is taking things too easy. If MOH claims to be able to test 8,000 cases per day, then why only tested 5.3% to date. Four solid months have past (from January to April) and now we are in the first week of May. I think Lee Kuan Yew must rise up from his ashes to kick some butts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ministry of Monitoring Health has revealed that to date only 5.3% of the 300,000 foreign workers have been tested.

Taking this number at face value, it means only slightly more than 15,000 FWs have been tested. If this is true, it is very frightening. We have 20,198 cases in total of which probably 18,000 are FWs, which is not right. Even if 16,000 or 15,000 cases are FWs, it means 100% or more tested positive.

Or is it 5.3% of 500,000, ie about 26,000 were tested. In this case the positive cases would still be more than 50% as the number of FWs infected is around 16,000 to 18,000. 18,000 is about 70%, 16,000 is about 63%.

Yes, the number a bit cloudy.

Question, 5.3% of what?

Anonymous said...

Question, 5.3% of what?

May 06, 2020 6:05 pm

True or not?
If they wanted to tell you, they would have made that transparent and easy to understand.

If they are hiding something ... do you think it is because it will make them look bad if the truth comes out?

Anonymous said...

Racist white attacker punches Asian woman in face in Vancouver

Anonymous said...

The day will come when the whites would be beaten around the world because they are whites.