Has China Won - The main theme in Kishore's book


This 40 minute video put up by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs discussed why the Americans are hell bent to bring down China and using a fake reason for it. At the end of the video it was clear that the American could not find anything meaningful to object to the rise of China but fell back on a clumsy excuse that it is the CCP that they were not happy about. They did not want to see the CCP entrenched as the only ruling party in China. That is why, and the only reason you see the Americans shouting and screaming in every opportunity to curse and swear at the CCP as if it is the devil that must be removed from this world. (That is the American agenda, the American narrative, the same narrative repeated insanely and desperately by the American agent that I have booted out from this blog.)

In spite of the explanation put forth by Kishore that China has no ambition to want to conquer the world, to want to export Communism, which they quietly conceded, and not valid arguments to use to demonise China, the Americans could only resort to this weak excuse to attack China. So, what is the problem of the CCP being the one and only political party and power in China to the Americans? What has it got to do with the Americans if the Chinese population want the CCP to be in power?  Why are the Americans not having sleep over the CCP being in power in China or China being a Communist country?  China is not going to change the USA into a communist country and the USA should not insist or demand that China should be like the American democracy. What is so great about democracy when it is so often that crooks, scoundrels and clowns are elected to be the head of a govt?

What is your problem, Americans? Why are you up so uptight, disturb and angry with the CCP? It has absolutely nothing to do with the Americans. Just mind your own business and look after your failing economy and Empire. It is none of your business. China does not need a democratic process to elect clowns like Trump and his evil men to run the country. Can't imagine China would become if clowns like Trump and company would to rule China. Good riddance.

Actually the attack on the CCP is just a red herring. The fear of the Americans is for China to be stronger and richer and more powerful than the USA and China must be brought down, like Japan, Russia and the EU. China must be like before, poor and weak and to be kicked around by the Americans, bullied by the Americans as and when they like it. In a simple analogy, the USA is occupying 60 squares of a 64 squares chess board. China sits on 4 squares and China must remain in the 4 squares, nothing more nothing less. China is assertive and aggressive if it wants to move around in more than the 4 squares it is cornered in. This cannot be, cannot be allowed. That is what the Americans expect of a well behave China.  The whole chess board, ie the world, belongs to the Americans.

As Kishore added, the CCP's primary interest is to make the Chinese Civilisation great again, to be a strong, rich and respectable country. The CCP is not planning to conquer the USA to make America another communist state. Stop lying to the world that it is the CCP that the USA is against and that the rest of the world must blindly go against China for this stupid fake reason. The CCP is just a political party ruling China. Period. And stop lying to the world that the CCP/China is an aggressive and expansionist power. It is the evil American Empire that is aggressive, belligerent and expansionist.

PS. If you are interested, this is another discussion by China Institute on the same subject matter. The die hard pro American and anti China tribe is furious at the comments of Kishore on the rise of China.


Virgo 49 said...

The Americans used to say."We are not against the Chinese People but their government"

What's wrong with their government if their people is comfortable and supported their Government?

All the century, they been prograting that Communism is Evil.
Now that's the Communist Socialist system is one up against them and even all their lackey democracy capitalists systems, they were afraid that this would be the New World Order.

Elites and their Rich capitalists were just afraid that they would be stripped off their status quo of still yoking and leashing all their fellow beans to create WEALTH for them.

That's why they are so adamant to make sure that their lies in bringing China and their Socialist system down.

CNN had a documentary the Hidden Secret of China of the COVID soon to be telecast. Another attack on China to be blamed and rallied all demo crazy nations to do against them.

In the 50s, the Pioneer Papies were fighting for the workers.

Even had posters of Employers stepping on workers as slaves.

Now, after been raised to be "employers" they themselves trampled on the workers.

Also too afraid to lose their status quo of good lives.

Anonymous said...

The Hegemonic Evil US Empire is desperately running out of ideas. This shows that it is declining fast and furious on all fronts - even to the extent of formulating new long-term strategies and adapting to changes in the modern cyberspace world.

This Evil Hearted Beastly USA is so used to making other countries change by dictating its terms that it is unable to change and adapt. It is so consumed by it's own unscrupulous and dubious ways that it expects other countries to be the same. China and Chinese people must also be unscrupulous and dubious, cannot be compassionate and kind, cannot be magnanimous and generous?

Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire and its allies in the West must know that 99.99 percent of the Chinese in China support the CCP and at least 80 percent of the overseas domicile Chinese also support the CCP. All Chinese people know that without the CCP there will be no China today and without a strong, rich and powerful China today, Chinese people everywhere the world over will continue to be trampled, spit at and treated with derision and contempt by the white Americans and its Western European allies.

The CCP is the saviour of China, the saviour of the Chinese people. The CCP has brought back self-respect and profound dignity to the Chinese people and China. Every Chinese worth his salt on earth must support the CCP. All the Chinese traitors like many of those in Taiwan and some in South East Asia must be exposed and eliminated.

Long live the CCP. Long live China.


Anonymous said...

PAP is behaving almost like the Hegemonic US Mafia Gangsters at the White House.

SSO said...

The next step China, lead by the CCP, must do is to reunite Taiwan with the Mainland quickly. This state of a treacherous Taiwan must be arrested and punished to appease the 1.4 billion people of the Chinese Civilization.

southernglory1 said...

The CCP is also doing good and great things to help most of the poor countries in Africa, Asia and South America to climb up the economic ladder of success. For about 500 years these countries have been subjected to Western and American imperial aggression suppression,oppression, exploitation and colonization. Now a successful China under CCP is liberating the disadvantaged countries all over the world from the yoke of American and Western economic and political exploitation. They are grateful to China. This the reason why the Evil Empire and its western allies hates the CCP, hates China for stopping them from being able to continue exploiting these third world countries for their own economic benefits.


Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP is just like America?

Workers' Party win only 1 GRC at Aljunied.
- PAP and LKY not happy
- and say Singaporeans must repent

Anonymous said...

Three cheers to Dotard Jabber Trump, the self-confessd Pussy-grabber! You are doing a great job for America (not USA). Keep up the good works.

Congratulations to the Trumpet voters. You have elected the Best President for USA and your Comedian-in-Chief. Please vote for him again in the cumming US Presidental (not Presidential) Election. You all need him to Make America Grieve Again! The number of infected Coronavirus infected has reached 14 million but under reported as 1.4 million. The number of deaths has reached 2.8 million but covered up (as deaths caused by inflienza and pneumonia) and reported as only more than 400,000.

Continue to Make America Grieve Again, Trump. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Because the CCP is doing so much good for the Chinese people, while USA democratic government only cares for their top 1%, that is reason enough to demonise the CCP. One party rule must never do better than capitalist democratic rule. If left unchecked, it will bring down the whole house of cards that the USA and the West had been building for decades. It has to be stopped.

Honestly, do we see any real or substantial differences in policies effected by the Democrats or Republicans in US politics? Behind the curtain, they are all puppets of the Deep State. Whichever party comes into power, the script is the same, albeit with minor side rhetoric like 'drain the swamp' or 'building a big beautiful wall' and Mexico will pay for it, all irrelevant side issues. And all but empty promises made to win votes and to make the clueless voters enjoy that 'feel good' moment of ecstasy. A two party democracy that, in reality, is no more than a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

The main preoccupation of both parties, whoever is in power, will always be under the narrative of the Deep State, and had always been to find a bogeyman to further their military adventures and help to preserve their US$ hegemony. That status cannot be eroded. That China and Russia together may put an end to that status quo will be a terrifying ordeal for the US to suffer. End of US$ hegemony means end of US financial domination and end of helicopter money.

With their massive propaganda machine, they were able to sell their demonising stories of Russia, Islamic Terrorism and now China, to the unsuspecting puppets. Will it still work? They are trying extremely hard and getting more vile with their propaganda. Day by day they are dragging more countries into the fray. From the Five Eyes, to Taiwan, to the Panchen Lama, now edging India into conflict with China. That is how desperate they have become.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the 50s, the Pioneer Papies were fighting for the workers.

Even had posters of Employers stepping on workers as slaves.

Now, after been raised to be "employers" they themselves trampled on the workers.

Also too afraid to lose their status quo of good lives.
May 21, 2020 9:52 am

Singapore is the perfect final chapter of the Animal Farm.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The only good for lackey and crony countries of the Evil Empire is to be good barking dogs to be patted on the head and thrown a bone to fetch. There is no pride in being poodle dogs of the Evil Empire, only shame and disgraceful.

Just listen to Channel News America and you will know what a poodle dog means and what they are expected to do.

Anonymous said...

RB agreed. Those behind should be sodomized jialat jialat till cry father and cry mother.

Virgo 49 said...

Another F-35 Fighter plane crashed.

What's Super jets fighters?

Chinese made Fighter jets more superior than them.

Still buying from them?

Anonymous said...

How true is it that F 35 stealth fighter jets can still be tracked using special radar?

Is it also true that Russia and China, besides others that cannot divulge this information, have that technology to do it?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China has proven to be able to track the F35s/F22s using quantum technology. The Americans are now afraid to fly these aircraft in the SC Sea.

F35s is the export version of the twin engine F22s, a much less powerful and effective commercial multi role fighter. It is technically inferior to the J20s and J31s that are as good if not better than the F22s.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Many American pilots pushing their luck in the SC Sea were blinded and lost control of their aircraft when China shot them with their laser guns.

Anonymous said...

They will still have to buy them because the USA had them by their balls. They have to support the US military industrial complex, like it or not.

Virgo 49 said...

Now they the USAsses purposely instigated Taiwan to be a thorn into China's arse.

China losing her patience and warned the asses not to cause further troubles.

Popeye to get Black Eye or Orr Bak Kat if he goes too far.

Anonymous said...

Not only Taiwan. The USA is telling India to beef up it's border defence using the warning that China is building up its forces near the border.

Why poke their nose into this too? Why is the USA suddenly so caring about India? Everyone knows there is an ulterior motive, which is to create as many diversions as possible for their failures at home and Trump's falling support in November.

Virgo 49 said...

One Anon posted:

Snake Charmer and the Snake.

Snake Charmer: USA

Snake: India


Virgo 49 said...

CNN coming documentary is China Hidden Secret.

On the Coronvirus.

Now Republicans using the same dirty ruse/method in bringing Biden down as they did Hillary Clinton.

Subpoena a witness to testify against Joe Biden.

Approved by their Senate.

Dotard Trump another term to make America Grief again?

Hope so.

Anonymous said...

Married-tocracy in Singapore.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lampar Song boh?

SSO said...
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SSO said...

Husband-Wife Team-Up Power (& Wealth) at the Apex of the Multi-Billion Multi-level Marketing Pyramid Ponzi Scam.

Husband-Wife Teams at the 2nd Level, monkeys see monkeys do, as in all MLM-style scams, also form Team-Up Power (& Wealth) next level naturally and without qualms, conscience and shame. And so the same modus operandi trickles down the lower levels of the whole pyramid until the level of Grass-cutters with all the C's.

Husband-wife here, husband-wife there.
Husband-wife everywhere. Not a single opportunity for others to share!

Point 2:

Sad to say, in reality, in most countries, whether advanced or backward, the legal systems are like the Indonesian Wayang Kulit, skilfully controlled by unseen hands with invisible puppet-strings from the top of the curtain on the stage. With such a system, the commoners simply do not have a chance to win any contest. They either do not have the means to possess the same level of legal-muscle flexibility or, even if they have, will never win any case brought against them.

This is the legal system that man has devised and developed over time. The US legal system is one glaring example, followed very closely by the UK, most of the EU countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Even India, Pakistan, Israel, Russia, China, ASEAN countries, Latin American countries, Africa states and the Arab World are invariably similar.

Come to think of it, I simply can't think of any country in the world that has an impeccable and unblemished legal system!

Reason: No man is perfect; legal system is created by imperfect man and operated by imperfect men. So how can it be a perfectly just system? It bounds to have fakes and flaws, like any other system created by imperfect men. Even God made a Big mistake of creating Man!

Point 3:

The original good intention of law creation was to protect the poor against the rich. But in practice today, sad to say, it literally and legally protects the rich from the poor.

The original good intention of law enactment was to protect the lowly educated, meek, naive and innocent against the highly educated, cunning, smart and wilfully criminal. But in practice today, extremely sad to say, it craftily and silently protects the highly educated, the cunning, the smart and the wilfully criminal.

The original good intention of law enforcement was to protect the weak against the powerful. But in practice today, so sad to say, it vigorously protects the powerful against the weak. Just look at how many layers of physical, electronic and legal protecton that the most powerful man in the world is given day and night 24/7.+


Every journey of human endeavors starts with good positive intention but the end is never the same as the beginning.

At the end of the day, the masses begin to realise that there may be only one set of laws in their respective country, however there are various deviations in practice, and that 99 out of 100 times, they will never stand a chance against the powerful, rich, cunning and highly educated.


SSO (aka Simply Say Only aka Say Say Only)

Anonymous said...

Laws are made by the rich and powerful to protect who? Them of course!

Made by them, interpreted by them, and enforced by them.

Does not matter. All will still be judged by our maker.