Covid19 - 21st Century Opium War

"We believe it could have been stopped at the source. It could have been stopped quickly and it wouldn't have spread all over the world."

Trump's criticism was the latest from his administration to target China's handling of the COVID-19 outbreak, which began late last year in the Chinese city of Wuhan and has grown into a global pandemic.

The US president said he may seek damages from China. Trump was asked about a recent German newspaper editorial which called on China to pay Germany US$165 billion in reparations because of economic damage done by the virus.  CNA

The above is what the western powers are thinking, to exact reparation from China for the Covid19 pandemic. The situation is quite similar to what happened in the Opium Wars of the 19th Century.  Then the British and several western powers were selling opium to China and was stopped by China. They started a war, China was defeated and had to pay for war damages and reparation.

Today, the Americans started the virus in Wuhan, China, China stopped its spread inside China. But the virus spread all over the world, especially in the USA, probably the virus was there in the beginning. The western powers again are trying to gang up to start a war with China and to demand war reparation after planting a poisonous virus in China, like they did with opium.

This time it is not so easy. When this is all over, China would be demanding war reparation from these vicious and evil countries, including what China paid during the Opium Wars plus interest. In the law of retribution, justice will prevail and the evil doers would have to pay for their crimes.

What goes around must come around, just like infecting European diseases on the native Americans to genocide them, now this new disease is going to genocide the Americans who did that to the native Americans.

Karma is fair and unescapable. What you sow you shalt reap.

By the way, when this virus hit China, it was completely new.  China reported it as a mysterious new virus which it had no knowledge of. When China reported to WHO, it could only report what it knew then as information on this virus was being investigated and it would take time to know its full potential.  Even today, no one can say they have known all they did to know about this virus.

It was so easy for the evil lying Americans and Trump to claim that China could stop it in Wuhan. When China was infected, the rest of the world was supposedly free from this virus. This does not rule out that the virus was already all over the USA.  With this as a starting point, the Americans and the rest of the world could not even stop it from entering their countries and not able to stop it like China did and allowed it to spread like wild fires.

This only proved that the virus is not that easy to stop and control. When the Americans and the rest of the world could not stop it from spreading with advanced warnings, the Americans expect the Chinese to do it when the Chinese were the first to be hit and did not know what this virus was in the first place.

The world must be alerted of this warmongering Evil Empire trying to start a war to take control of the world in the only way they know best, WAR. They have nothing to offer to the world anymore other than more weapons and more weapons of mass destruction. War is what that benefits them.


Virgo 49 said...

UAssA is now witch hunting that China is the Source of the COVID outbreak.

Their Republican Senators in unison are demanding an investigations into said allegation.

They trying to deflect attention to the handling blunders.

Also, instigating all other countries to go along with them.

World's Mafia behaving that their own the Universe and investigate anyone they wishes.

With their economy in Kaput and millions of unemployed fat arses Americunts, they trying to write off any debts they had owed.

China, must be prepared to give them a knock out lesson.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let's see if the loudmouths and idiots in Singapore will open their mouths to support the Americans against China.

Anonymous said...

You can see what they are looking at - China's treasury holdings!

Anything that can tie China to the outbreak will be fair game. So must make sure the accusations stick, by hook or by crook.

Trump talks about American intelligence being the best, but what happened in Wuhan in early February somehow escape their notice, when most Governments in East Asia were taking preventive action. Trump was calling the coronavirus a hoax then.

How did American intelligence fare in the Iraq War? They made up all the false accusations against Saddam Hussein, removing him on the pretext of regime change, then install a puppet Government there and have a free hand on the oil. Iraq is still mired in conflict mode and the people who welcomed the Americans are still suffering.

If the world still believes in the integrity of the US intelligence and the US Government, there is only one explanation. Attack dogs are bred to obey and will attack any one against their master. The Australian Dingoes, the German Shepherds and the Indian Pariah are now attacking China.

China must not help such countries by selling medical supplies to them. It will only attract more criticism and derision instead of appreciation. Provide them to countries like Russia, Cuba, North Korea and countries of Africa. They really will appreciate.

Since they want China to die, why should China even do such sales even on humanitarian grounds? Save a snake and it will still bite to kill you when it recovers!

Anonymous said...

Singapore's Top Honcho Bananas and Coconuts are clearly pro-US and anti-China. These Whitemen Worshippers will direct their mouthpieces CNA, ST, Todi, etc to publish wholesale what they buy from NYT, AFP, CNN, etc to add an extra mouth to bad-mouth and demonize China.

They are still thinking that as long as the US remains the Only Superpower, they will be protected. And as long as they pay protection money to the US by buying their F35s, Boeing's Commercial aircraft and IT equipment, in order to provide jobs to Americans and India Indians in the US of Asses, they can still punch above their feather weight, and make fun of China and the Chinese Civilisation.

China must always be very weary of these traitors of their motherland.

Anonymous said...

The most ridiculous thing is that the USA is demanding that China close all it's 'wildlife wet markets'. Imagine telling that to a country that it has no jurisdiction. Can China demand that the USA destroy all it's nuclear weapons or close all it's military bases around the world?

Moreover, 'wildlife markets' can be found all around the world, in South America, Thailand, Vietnam to name a few. Why just target China?

Virgo 49 said...

Eat Bats or kueh chee bak in JB.

Must close also?

Anonymous said...

Soon the racist white Aussies would be demanding that Singapore close all its wet markets.

Virgo 49 said...

Indian cobra Nick Haley bombarding China in Fox News.

Responsible for 23 millions of unemployed Americunts?

Sabotage Trump's miracle growth?

They can report what's they want?

Already in deep depression b4 COVID and they claimed fantastic, incredible?


Anonymous said...

If Trump does not open the states for business, his re-election is on the rocks. A prolong shutdown will escalate business closures. With job losses mounting and soup kitchens unable to cope with the demands of those jobless, soon, and very soon, social unrest will follow.

All along Trump had been boasting about the best economy and job creation in the history of the USA. All that is going to turn to dust. His supporters can continue to believe in Trump's lies, but when the reality of hunger strikes, I wonder whether they will, as we say here, die die must support Trump.

And what did Trump say? It is all China's fault. China is going all out to make sure he loses the re-election. You see, history is going to repeat itself. When Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, they blamed Russia. When Trump loses the November elections, he will blame China.

It is all part of the blame game that both parties are good at. If there is no one to blame, maybe they will blame the sky for being so high.

Anonymous said...

So lobg as Mainland Chinese are
there is nothing for them to fear anybody.
Nature has endow many countries, amongst them, China is Best Endow with a Great Culture. lt is the Oldest Civilization with the Most Humanism
Nature shall make China prevails.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 1108Am

Your Comment is pretty apt for Sg as well.
Chaos and Unrest can happen here anytime
starvation sets upon the Population.
Do not rule out the Likelihood of it happenning here.

Anonymous said...

Watch this funny but truthful video from China Xinhua News

China: Strange pneumonia cases reported
WHO: Roger that

China: We discovered a new virus
America: So what?

China:It's dangerous
America: It;s only a flu

China:Wear a mask
America: Don't wear a mask

China:Stay at home
America: It's violating human rights

China:Building temporary hospitals
America: It's a concentration camp

China:Built in ten days
America: Show off

China:Time to lockdown
America: How barbaric


China:It's overwhelming our medical system
America: Look how backward China is

China: The virus is killing doctors
America: Typical third world

China: It's airborne
America: It will magically go away in April

China: Everyone stay at home
America: Violation of human rights

China: Our numbers are now dropping
America: Impossible!! Look at Italy!

China: We wore masks
America: You lied to us

China: We made our data public
America: You kept everything secret

China: Your people are now dying
America: You didn't warn us

China: We said it was dangerous
America: You lied!

China: We said it was airborne
America: You gave false data. Why didn't you warn us?

China: We said it was dangerous.
America: The virus is not dangerous. But millions of Chinese are dead. Even though the virus is not dangerous, we are correct, even though we contradict ourselves.

China: Gosh!! Just listen to yourselves,
America: That's right. You lied! We did nothing for three months, and because the WHO agrees with China we're cutting funding for the WHO.

China: Are you listening to yourselves?
America: We are always correct. Even though we contradict ourselves.

China: That's what I love best about you Americans. YOUR CONSISTENCY.

Virgo 49 said...

Now 30 millions latest by Chris Cuomo's.

Anonymous said...

Mainland Chinese are united alright! The way they band together to fight the virus.

And why not? If the Chinese Government, communist or not, managed to lift hundreds of millions out of poverty and let them enjoy a better life, why vouch for capitalist democracy that they see is failing big time in the West. More and more in the USA are falling into the poverty trap, with the top 1% controlling 90% of the wealth, which is not shared among the poorest, there is nothing good about that scenario.

Anonymous said...

50% of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck and with less than $400 in their savings. Losing their jobs is devastating to them, unable to buy food.

30m already signed up for unemployment benefits.

And they are celebrating their freedom, at least half of the states are opening up to let the virus fly free and to live in them.

Anonymous said...

I think that dude needed to be sodomized badly

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's time to stop the PAP virus.
Vote them out before it's too late.

The parliament is already very badly infected with the PAP virus.
More than 80% infection rate.

Anonymous said...

For every month of lockdown or circuit breaker, the PAP govt should pay every Singaporean $600 each! Another month extension, another $600 should be paid to every citizen.

Anonymous said...


U.S. Buys 100,000 More Body Bags, Preparing for Coronavirus Worst - The Wall Street Journal, April 29

The federal government ordered 100,000 new Covid-19 body bags, in what officials described as preparations for a “worst case” scenario.

The giant order last week for “human remains pouches” comes as more than 63,000 Americans have died from Covid-19, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The order for 100,000 body bags, costing $5.1 million, was placed April 21 by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, federal contracting databases show. The supplier, a small California company, is supposed to deliver the bags by May 4, according to the contracting data.

Anonymous said...

I think they just found lots of bodies packed inside an unrefrigerated truck because they have no where to put them. They have not taken into account those dead bodies inside retirement homes, so the number of deaths could be more than reported.

Trump is not worried about his own backyard. He is more concerned about the death count in Wuhan.

This time around his war cry for re-election would no longer be 'drain the swamp'. It will be something like 'down with China' or 'blame China'. And he is going to build a nice beautiful wall around China and China is going to pay for it. Japan will build one section, India will build another section, South Korea will build another section, Vietnam will build another section, and his supporters would shout 'build the wall'. The circus is coming to town again! You guess who is going to play the clown?

Anonymous said...

The Supplier of the body bags in California must be a branch company from China?

Half of the properties and real estates have been bought by Chinese from China and Taiwan over the last 20 years.

And many of the busineses in California are owned by Chinese.

Anonymous said...

O.K. Lim becomes not OK. He revealed he hid more than S$1.14 billion in losses speculating in oil futures.

Anonymous said...

Trump wants to increase more tariffs on China, but it appears that besides doing this, they have floated the idea of seizing China's holding of US$1 trillion treasuries, or cancelling them.

This has been denied officially, but the fact that this idea had been discussed privately among White House officials is going to give some thinking to those still buying US Treasuries. China, as I said earlier, should now be moving out of being a major holder of US Treasuries, because the US is obviously targeting it when they talk about suing China for compensation.