US admits China's missile supremacy

US rearm to nullify China's missile supremacy

HONG KONG: As Washington and Beijing trade barbs over the coronavirus pandemic, a longer-term struggle between the two Pacific powers is at a turning point, as the United States rolls out new weapons and strategy in a bid to close a wide missile gap with China.

The United States has largely stood by in recent decades as China dramatically expanded its military firepower. Now, having shed the constraints of a Cold War-era arms control treaty, the Trump administration is planning to deploy long-range, ground-launched cruise missiles in the Asia-Pacific region....

The US moves are aimed at countering China's overwhelming advantage in land-based cruise and ballistic missiles. The Pentagon also intends to dial back China's lead in what strategists refer to as the "range war."

The People's Liberation Army (PLA), China's military, has built up a huge force of missiles that mostly outrange those of the US and its regional allies, according to senior US commanders and strategic advisers to the Pentagon, who have been warning that China holds a clear advantage in these weapons.

The above is another piece of disinformation put up by Reuters and republished in CNA.  It is part of their superiority narrative that Chinese weapons are all inferior to them. When has China's military weapons, missiles been more superior to the American's? Now they are claiming that China has overwhelming advantage in cruise and ballistic missiles over the US. The sun is rising from the West or is this just another of their white lies to suit their interest? All the reports that came out from the Evil Empire is that China's military weapons are inferior, backward and unsophisticated, many generations behind the advanced American war machine. And the US has the biggest military arsenal in the world with many times more nuclear missiles than China.

How is it that the Americans have to roll out more weapons to bridge a gap that they are lacking behind in missile supremacy to China? The Americans are more backward than China, have lesser missiles than China, 7,000 nuclear warheads with advanced technology are less superior to China's 300 warheads that are backward and unsophisticated?

What kind of white lies are the Americans spreading? To justify having more and more advanced missiles? Is the world so stupid to believe in this distorted information, fake news? Or it is true the Chinese weapons are so superior that the Americans better run and hide? They did, their B52s and B1s strategic nuclear bombers have fled Guam, afraid of being hit by China's DF26s. But they still left behind a number of nuclear weapons in Okinawa and major Japanese islands and in South Korea which would be the primary targets of a Chinese first strike when hostility is declared. The Japanese and South Koreans could not do anything about it, knowing that they would be the first to be destroyed by Chinese missiles. They die their business as long as the strikes are not at American home bases. That is the fate of semi colonies, to sacrifice and serve the interest of the Empire with the lives of their people in the front line.

How many more missiles must the Americans acquire to be on par with the Chinese? If 300 missiles would demand the Americans to have more than 7,000 missiles, China needs to produce another 300 to force the Americans to acquire 14,000 missiles to be on par with China, and leading to their bankruptcy. 

Well done China, for being more superior to the Americans in missile weapons.


Virgo 49 said...

The Whites and other coloured people lest the Chinese people do NOT know of one Chinese Virtue or Secret.

That is to keep your Winning Stroke or Art a Secret..do NOT show to your enemies.

At the crucial moment when you need to use it or them, then release it or them with deadly effect that they do not know what's hits them.

A Master KungFu will always keep a step ahead in secret of his pupils or disciples in.case he need to use it to tame them.

They do not strut and boast of their hidden powess until the crucial moment.

This is the one virtue or lesson the Rest of the human beans does not learn from the Chinese.

Anyway, the Chinese Mentality is big matters dissipated into small matters and small matters into no matters.

But if the Aggressors were to cross the line and they have no choice but to retaliate.

Then Heavens or Hell Help You.

Anonymous said...

The real threat is not how many or what you have but whether you are willing to use them or not.

The US is willing to use whatever military weapons and powers it has on any country.

Russia has just started to use it weapons last few years.

China has not fought any war, except minor border incursions with India, for the last 30 or so years. Therefore, China needs to start a war in order to test all the weapons in the battlefield.

Weapons and users of weapons (soldiers, pilots, naval personnel) must practise together with the new weapons until they are synchronised as one. This can only be done through real practices during real conflicts, where the enemy shoots back at you, instead of shooting at a dead static target.

Anonymous said...

The USA pulled out of nuclear proliferation treaties with Russia for a reason. To amass more nuclear weapons, which have been constrained by those treaties. Also, as they found out with ventilators, the older generation nuclear missiles stockpiled may now function less confidently, so upgrading is necessary.

Thus they have to promote the narrative of China being ahead of them in missile supremacy, all propaganda at best, to legitimise their evil intentions going forward. The United Snakes of America is capable of lying whenever it suits them. Do not take their word for it.

Pulling out of climate change is also for a reason. They want to keep the world stuck on it's dependence on fossil fuel, so that their oil production capacities, such as fracking, can survive. They resent renewable energy generation, even threatening those who bought electric vehicles, demonised solar panel usage, and even blaming wind driven generators for killing birds. Suddenly birds are another of their animal rights championing.

Further, they even had to resort to sabotaging Russia's underwater gas pipeline project recently with sanctions on Russia's third party project partners, to promote their own agenda of forcing Europe to buy their expensive gas. The current oil price slump has also dealt a serious blow to their plans. They are very upset with Russia and the Saudis.

Heaven is well aware and looking!

Anonymous said...

Singapore’s mask stockpile has “progressed” but gov’t will not be “overconfident”, says Minister Chan Chun Sing


Ah Sing, Ah Chan or Ah Beng.
I don't know what to call you and your shit show Ministry.

You had 17 years to prepare since the SARS outbreak.
- and you still dare to say you are not 100% confident about your mask supply?

Anonymous said...

Ah Sing.

What kind of shit-fuckery are you doing with our mask supply?

Anonymous said...

A typical PAP shit show.

Anonymous said...

MTI is Ministry of Tricksters and Incompetents.

Anonymous said...

soldier boy Ah Sing is a joke.
Luckily Ah Heng overtook him and now has a ex-3star General Ah Meng as his buddy.
Ah Sing oso got one buddy but, as a Siasuay, he can oni hopes to be a calefare that costs taxpayers millions of Sin Dollars for farting through his mouth.

Anonymous said...

China's Defence Minister Wei Fenghe for first time directly named the US as an adversary in a rare statement.

“The United States has intensified the suppression and containment of our side. We must strengthen our fighting spirit, be daring to fight and be good at fighting."

Wei’s comments were made available to accredited journalists covering the NPC in Beijing.

Chinese President Xi Jinping also said Tuesday that China must be ready for war, ordering the military to think about worst-case scenarios, scale up training and battle preparedness.

Anonymous said...

While concentrating on USA, China must also watch the other snake, India.

Anonymous said...

The snake is raising tension in Lakdah and blaming China for it. They need to be taught another bitter lesson to make them remember for good not to fool around with China.

This is the most dangerous third world shit country behaving like a big power.

Anonymous said...

By labeling Singaporeans as "SHIA SUAY" (Disgrace) Chan Chun Sing is the real DISGRACE to Singapore and Singaporeans, the SAF and the PAP.

Why is he still holding the post of Minister?

He should either resign or be kicked out by the Cabinet. A Minister who calls his own countrymen as a DISGRACE behind closed door should be considered as an enemy to the country. Whose side is he on really?

How can the PAP accepts such a person without even an iota of political acumen and common sense as a politician and made him a Minister?

Non-action by the Cabinet or PMO means the Government condones his disgraceful behavior.

Anonymous said...

India has moved additional troops along its northern border as it prepares for an extended conflict with neighbor China, after several rounds of talks failed to ease tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals.

China has already placed about 5,000 soldiers and armored vehicles within its side of the disputed border in the Ladakh region, an Indian government official said. India is adding a similar number of troops as well as artillery guns along the border, the official said.

The standoff began on May 5, when troops clashed on the banks of Pangong Tso -- a glacial lake at 14,000 feet in the Tibetan plateau -- leaving scores of soldiers on both sides injured. Since then there has been a steady build up of troops amid continuing face-offs.

This stand off between the nuclear-armed neighbors is more serious than the Doklam conflict in 2017, officials said.

Anonymous said...

MSCI Sees Singapore No Up, Inks Pact With Riots-Stricken Hong Kong

Shares in Singapore Exchange Ltd. plunged after MSCI Inc. announced it will move licensing for derivatives products on a host of gauges to Hong Kong from Singapore.

SGX’s stock fell 12%, the most since 2003, amid concerns over the loss of revenue. MSCI has struck an accord with a Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd. unit to sell 37 futures and options contracts based on its Asian and emerging-market measures, according to a statement issued by the index provider.

It will stop licensing indexes for most derivatives products with SGX early next year after the present agreement expires, the bourse said in a separate statement.

Anonymous said...

The Indians have been trying to show they are up to it to take on China. These irritating ants are getting swell headed and China is preparing to teach them another lesson they would not forget.

It is like slum dogs thinking they could fight and win against a well organised and advanced army.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 7.39

Actually, this would be a opportunity for China to show the World her powess.

Whacking India with her Military Might and teaching the White Monkeys and their kow kias, kow soons, that kept disturbing them to behave.

Like in a Mixed Marital Arts Fight, whacked that kwa lan bastard cannnot recognise his own house and have his parents come and pick his bones.

Then, the Rest of the Monkeys will never dare come and swing here and swing there to provoke them again.

It's time to show the World that they are not sick cat and paper tiger.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Totally agree. China must be prepared to strike back to show the cronies and lackeys of the Evil Empire that it should not be trifled with. This happened during the silly Hague Tribunal on the SC Sea and after China started to kick the asses the problem subsided.

China must follow the example of Israel to make it a policy that once attacked, it would bit back doubly hard on the offender. No buts but a matter of when to hit back. Once this is made known, no silly cronies and lackeys would dare to be mischievous.

China must now hit Australia and Canada real hard or these two white monkeys would think they could do as they like to attack China's interests.

Anonymous said...

Pompeo says Hong Kong no longer enjoys US special status. Who cares? The less the USA gets involve in Hong Kong, the more peaceful it will be.

If this message is meant for China, Pompeo can find a spider to screw. Whatever sanctions, withdrawal of special rights etc will hit Hong Kong citizens, not China or it's leaders.

China no longer is the China of 50 years ago. China do business with the global community, not just the USA. USA can coerce their allies to stop trading with China, but they will suffer the consequences more than China. Just look at Canada and Australia now. China should brand Canada and Australia US-centric and are puppets of USA.