Covid19 - The Mad Piper leading a flock of sheep over the cliff

REUTERS: Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which US President Donald Trump says he has been taking, is tied to increased risk of death in COVID-19 patients, according to a study published in medical journal Lancet.

The study, which observed over 96,000 people hospitalised with COVID-19, showed that people treated with the drug, or the closely related drug chloroquine, had higher risk of death when compared to those who had not been given the medicine.

Demand for hydroxychloroquine, a drug approved decades ago, surged after Trump touted its use as a coronavirus treatment in early April. Earlier this week, he surprised the world by admitting he was taking the pill as a preventative medicine.  CNA

The Lancet is a very serious and highly respected medical journal and what it published are based on medical and scientific studies, not the belief of conmen. When the Lancet said hydroxychloroquine is dangerous, it is dangerous. However, many unthinking leaders chose to listen to a clown and join the queue behind the Mad Piper to authorise use of this drug.  Maybe after centuries of believing in white lies, they cannot differentiate between truth and beliefs. It is unbelievable that when a clown claimed that he took poison and lived, and the minor clowns got hysterical for the magical cure.

The Lancet article cautioned, 'The Lancet study authors suggested these treatment regimens should not be used to treat COVID-19 outside of clinical trials until results from clinical trials are available to confirm the safety and efficacy of these medications for COVID-19 patients.'

Above picture is just an illustration. Photo credit to Reuters.

Do not be surprised if one peels the label off these bottles it would reveal another label with the word 'hydroxycholoroquine' on it. And if one peels it off, there will be another label with the word 'bleach' on it.

Stop believing in white lies or products promoted by a clown, a congenital liar.


Anonymous said...

Come on.
US President Donald Tramp took placebo and claimed that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine.
Do not get conned.
as a believer in god, he should not have to resort to taking medicine.
He should have faith and trusts his fate to his almighty.

Virgo 49 said...

CNN just now reported DEATH statistics in USA as 9,662 and still going up.

How many in this statistics took Hydrochloroquine as prompted by Dotard TRUMP?

Thought the Americunts are very SMART electrocuted beans to believe him.

So, it's just a myth. They are still hillbillies as they were as before.

No wonder they are seventh in literacy, 27th in Maths, 22nd in Science, 49th in life expectancy.178th in infant mortality.

Number Four in labour force, and number four in export as expunged by a Prof.

That was quite some time ago. Now maybe worse.

Only Number One in killing their own and others. Number One in stirring and instigating shits and unrests.

Number One in manipulating other countries affairs and kayoh number one.

Number One in lies and deceits.

Etc, etc.

So no surprise that they took Dotard TRUMP's suggestion in taking this What's Hydrochloroquine which Dotard Trump seemed unable to pronounce in one straight word on TV.

Virgo 49 said...

Sorry 96,662. Not 90,662.

Sinpools when you opening for 4D bettings. Aiyo, very restless and anxious that mixed up the numbers.

Think would be Final Phase. My God cannot tahan man. Genting also cannot go. Sinpools also cannot bet.

What's the use with nearly 16K MONIES Solidarity Fund of Self Employed from Mr Heng?


Virgo 49 said...

Tuesday maybe got somemore Top Up.

If open 1st or 2nd phase, lau ankors and aunties would line up like snakes queues and they scared Seniors inflected as they deemed to be vulnerable. Actually, I got account. Should let us bet to keep us busy and no DEMENTIA.

So, think will be Final Phase. My God another six months?

No interest liao. Sinpools got to retrench their staff and eat grass liao.


Anonymous said...

Did Trump really took it? Some people are sceptical about his claim. I am one of them. Because they know he always lie. What is one more lie added to Trump's tens of thousands of lies?

Now many drug manufacturers are claiming some success, in coming out with a vaccine every other day and are now testing it. But let's hold our horses.

The medical and scientific community says it is unlikely that a vaccine would be available by end of this year. Big and small drug manufacturers will claim otherwise, because there is big money in it. I hope I am wrong.

If small drug manufacturers get it out first, imagine the kind of money big Pharmas will pay to buy it over. The stakes are high. But with so many parties dipping their hands into it's development, maybe no one will have any chance of monopolising any one vaccine, unless they can buy over every drug manufacturer that succeeded. If not, maybe, like what happens to Huawei, spin a web of lies to put down the competition. The USA propaganda machine is capable of that, by a long shot, and there are the poodles to amplify the war cry.

On another note, just look at the number of brands of masks now flooding the market and the number of production houses churning them out. From big producers to small home grown set-ups, it is a mad rush to have a piece of the pie. But when this is not even over, some who have invested tons of money, not just on assembling the pieces together, but on producing the layers of plastic materials that go into the mask, may be left with white elephants.

But one argument is that with masks having an expiry date, as all things are today, whether edible or non edible, demand may still be there, nonetheless it will be, at best, sporadic or intermittent. Frankly, to be honest, who bought masks to keep before this coronavirus outbreak? And who knows when the next outbreak will come?

Anonymous said...

the Annual Smog that comes without fail,
is just not right that Sin does not have mask in stock.
is the Claim by the PAP Charlatan that they are ever-prepared for contingency after the SARS Experience.
What a pack of liers.

Anonymous said...

By Monday, USA death toll will reach 100,000 and Trump will still claim he is doing tremendously well in fighting the virus. He will then just have to move the goalpost to 135,000.

Trump has no sympathy for those who died. He touted that people die every day. So, what is a hundred thousand deaths to him.

Trump cannot afford to lose the November election, or he will face persecution for his crimes. Whether that will happen is not a forgone conclusion though. He is going to use every means available to hang on, by trickery, fraud, foul play, threats (which is already being used), subverting of legal processes or the electoral college etc. He may succeed, because his opponent is Joe Biden. Forget about the lead of 8% that Biden holds over Trump according to Fox survey. Hillary fell into the same trap in 2016.

Anonymous said...

lie with their eyes
open wide wide.
the Daft Sinkies
swallow the Bait, Hook, Sinker and Line.


Anonymous said...

U.S. could be coronavirus-free by late September, Singapore scientists say

The US could finally be free of the coronavirus in late September, and the whole world can expect to put the pandemic behind them in December, say scientists in Singapore.

The rosy forecasts are from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, where researchers are using artificial intelligence to continually update their charting of the pandemic’s “life cycle” by country.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

You believe these book worms robots sub humans?

Design. Better go and design some panties. Bras or masks.

TangKees forecasts more accurate than them.

Just boots licking.

FALL. Or Winter period worse.
Virus thrives on.cold weather.

Be worse than now. Second wave more deadly.

That's why our Great Leaders so cautious in what's three phases.

See whether up to Late year more infections or NOT as they feared hospitals and medical services over whelmed by these their deadly mistakes of having these migrant workers.

If NOT, cannot cope and more DEATHS.

They knew that once last control they be losing their credibility and a lost political cause.

Elections bye bye.

Anonymous said...

to wear mask when well ?


Anonymous said...

Like trumpet like Trump.

Trump said it will go away from USA by April, like magic. Little trumpet said it will go away by September by AI. Why not predict Red Dot instead?

Little trumpet trying to out-trump Trump!

Anonymous said...

I guess fortune telling is not fake news.

Oh, it is not the work of any human, but indirectly. It comes from a computer with AI. Therefore cannot be fake news, coming from a non human, right?

Anonymous said...

Lancet articles have been known to be wrong. Just because Trump is taking the hydroxyQ drug does not mean others should copy him or criticise him for doing so. The drug is generally safe and has been taken by millions since it was approved 45 years ago, when there was no covid19. Trump does not have covid19 and is not suffering any hydroxyQ side effects. So who cares? Truly a stormy issue over nothing by the fake US Media.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon

Did they mentioned that those tested postive after eleven days will NOT be reinfected again? ?

Saying they are NOT contagious and would NOT affect others?

Actually, all those mumbling and fumbling Expurts I seen on the Media World wide are just fumbling along as they tried to reassure their own citizens.

Mostly guessworks and cannons.

They are actually ALL at a complete loss and just make up their tested long ago protocols of what's social distancing.

What's masks and common sense of hygiene washing hands, Sanisters etc.

Dotard Trump thrown all caution to the wind and completely open all to defile his greatest hate China's virus.

Today, Han Fook Kwan said Sinkieland leaders are just too afraid to be nailed as the most casualties to be affected that why they so cautious in opening up.

Tug along and learn from others mistakes and their trials and errors.

The opening phase of One is just the same as the CB we are experiencing now. Only few liberties.

Many businesses gonna suffered by the time we go phrase two in four weeks time.Worse, by the time phase III, KAPUT.

They are just too cautious..That's why HSK must give supplementary budget to support these businesses.

Anyway, still it will benefits some groups and kills other groups.

Benefits those with Free spending monies that they don't really need them.


Anonymous said...

The real issue is not whether Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine, but his insinuation that the drug works to prevent covid19.

The drug has never been found to be unsafe for those who need to use it for other reasons other than Covid19. It is the purpose of it's use that is controversial, especially in the context of patients with coronavirus.

Anonymous said...

Trump has faith in his God.
But just to double confirm.
Trump is also taking hydroxychloroquine.

Anonymous said...

Death sentences awaits Jimmy Lai, Joshua Wong - China's "modern-day traitors."

Jimmy Lai Chee-ying, a key anti-government figure in Hong Kong and founder of Apple Daily, recently opened a Twitter account to seek public attention, but has instead provided evidence for national security agencies for acts of subversion.

From May 22 to Sunday, Lai posted 21 tweets, most of which attacked the new national security law, saying it would "hurt human rights and freedom." For example, on May 22, he tagged the US President Donald Trump, saying "Trump remarked 'HK's gone through a lot.' Rarely have HK people heard more sympathetic words about their plight. Coming from the most powerful leader of the world means a lot," which resulted in the Chinese public blasting him for openly colluding with foreign forces.

During the months of protests that turned into riots, which heavily impacted Hong Kong's social stability, Lai and other anti-government figures have had unprecedented levels of contact with the US government and Western parliaments, forming increasingly brazen collusion tactics that have fueled the expansion of street politics in Hong Kong.

Lai once said in public to a US official that he is leading a war in Hong Kong for the US fight against the mainland government. "We are on your side sacrificing our lives, our freedom, everything we have, fighting this war in the frontier for you."

Once the national security law is implemented, Lai's Twitter remarks could serve as evidence of subversion of sovereignty.

As a major activist who colluded with external forces to undermine the rule of law in Hong Kong and cross the bottom line of 'one country, two systems', Lai cannot escape from the national security law.

In addition to Lai, the young leader of violent protests in Hong Kong, Joshua Wong Chi-fung, last year constantly tweeted to gain attention and begged for US legislators to vote on the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019, which would "give the president of the United States the power to penalize Chinese officials who interfere in Hong Kong affairs."

The US passing of the bill for so-called human rights and democracy only provided more solid evidence proving that the protesters have colluded with Western politicians.

SSO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SSO said...

The Mad Piper Is Sacrificing The Innocent Kids For Personal Benefits

During our NS days, we took that malaria tablets everyday when we went to the jungle for training. The malaria tablets by itself is not harmful nor alarming, though there are side-effects to some people.

What is really harmful and alarming is that Trump is trumpeting for the "hydroxychloroquine" drug because he had bought millions of shares in the company that produces this drug in India.

When India's PM Modi stopped the export of hydroxychloroquine, Trump was jumping mad and threatened India with sanctions. When PM Modi reversed his decision, after Trump's thteat, Trump was visibly elated.

Whatever Trump says or acts is in his own selfish interests. Other than to win his second term, his own business empire has always been at the back of his mind in most of the tweets, speeches and policy decisions he has made. He manipulated the stock markets with his intentional flip-flop decisions and conflicting statements to create ups and downs in the markets, so that his sons and son-in-law can reap benefits by secretly and indirectly trading in selected stocks. Even most of the Congressmen are benefiting from the Trump's cues.

In brief, it's all about Trump himself! From the way Trump handles the COVID-19 Pandemic, anyone can see that he does not have the heart for the welfare and health of Americans at all. All he cares is about himself - his image and big ego. And most importantly, money to be made - big time! Once in his lifetime opportunity must not be wasted. This dirty and cunning businessman knows what he has to do for himself alright!

What is politics without personal benefits? Altruism and Chivalry are dead long ago. Even Lee Kuan Yew recognized this when he moved the motion for ministers to enjoy obscene salaries and bonuses 30 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Despite his greediness to make dirty and evil money, Trump still bankrupted himself six times. He must have cheated lots of money from others by pulling those bankruptcy stunts.

He is indeed a master con man to be able to convince every successive creditor to fall for those stunts, knowing his dubious record. Or they are complicit in his ability to pull off such crimes.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

From May 22 to Sunday, Lai posted 21 tweets, most of which attacked the new national security law, saying it would "hurt human rights and freedom." For example, on May 22, he tagged the US President Donald Trump, saying "Trump remarked 'HK's gone through a lot.' Rarely have HK people heard more sympathetic words about their plight. Coming from the most powerful leader of the world means a lot," which resulted in the Chinese public blasting him for openly colluding with foreign forces.

This chap is definitely wrong, out of touch with reality. Trump is not the most power leader in the world. Trump is the most powerful clown in the world.

SSO said...

Chinese Netizens Support Donald Trump's Re-election As US President in November 2020

Hu Xinjin, editor of the state-controlled Global Times and regarded as an unofficial government spokesman, tweeted his response to President Trump’s claim that China wanted former Vice President Joe Biden to defeat him.

Hu Xijin 胡锡进


On the contrary, Chinese netizens wish for your reelection because you can make America eccentric and thus hateful for the world. You help promote unity in China and you also make intl news as fun as comedy. Chinese netizens call you “Jianguo,” meaning “help to construct China”.


11:18 AM - May 21, 2020

3,439 people are talking about this

“Chinese netizens wish for your reelection because you can make America eccentric and thus hateful for the world. You help promote unity in China and you also make intl news as fun as comedy.”

It’s the wrong question to ask whether coronavirus has rendered China as a stronger or weaker player on the world stage.

It is weaker economically and reputationally, yet more determined geopolitically. It is more fragile and dangerous simultaneously. Even as the Xi’s National People’s Congress ditched its growth target for the first time, with a first quarter contraction of 6.8%, it at the same time moved on Hong Kong and ratcheted up actions against “foreign influence.”

That said, America’s greatest weakness is its “Pogo problem,” referring to the often-repeated phrase from the Walt Kelly cartoon character of the 1960s, who said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Hard as it is to think and act for the long term in an election year, that’s precisely what the United States must do.