America's multi-spectrum warfare against China to take down China and the Chinese people

     Urgent message and appeal to all proud Chinese people all over the world. Read this very important article and take it as your incumbent duty as a Chinese to forward the same article to all your worthy friends and relatives.

America, the Evil Empire has found itself unable to destroy China and the Chinese people through trade wars or military means unless it is prepared for mutual annihilation and extermination of mankind on earth in a total nuclear war with China. So the United States is now trying to take down China and the Chinese people through financial subterfuge.

Do not put your savings in any American banks like Citi Bank , Bank of America, Goldman Sachs or in British banks like Chartered Bank or Hong Kong And Shanghai Bank. Do not be tempted by their paying high interest on your savings or deposits in their banks.You will be entrapped and eventually you will lose everything both your capital outlay and the elusive insidious fake interest .

Be wise and smart . Avoid all American and British banks as they work in tight collusion to take down financially by subterfuge China and all Chinese people. Put all your savings and deposits in local banks for safety sake. Do not let them succeed in this highly evil sinister plot to destroy China and all Chinese people.

Be wary of the Five Eyes - USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as they are one and the same Anglo-Saxon family which imposed the Opium Wars on China 1839 to 1860, the wars of which destroyed China and the Chinese people, causing over a hundred years of humiliation  in lost of  million square miles of Chinese lands  as well as causing extreme impoverishment , hardship and suffering to the Chinese people and nation due to their imposition of war indemnities on China of hundreds of millions of silver dollars which in today's terms will be worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Be proud and stand up against the Evil Empire , the United States. Preserve our self-respect and dignity and make sure we  Chinese people will never be humiliated again by America and the West.

Below is the main story which all Chinese must take it seriously and never forget.

"America knows well that China is not a third rate power like Iraq or Libya. The People's Liberation Army ( PLA ) has more than sufficient ICBMs, nuclear warheads, submarines, long distance bombers and hypersonic missiles to thwart any US attack and bury the invader in retaliation.

So Donald Trump and his gang of racist mongrels have now decided to start a subversive financial war campaign against China instead.

The same dirty tactics which the United States employed so successively to overthrow the former Soviet Union is now being deployed against China.

This is what I saw last Saturday at the British owned Standard Chartered Bank.

"USD  *Term Deposit *  Interest  3.68 %
RMB   *Term Deposit*   Interest  1.39%

Herein lies the angle behind this devious US tactic.

The whole scheme is designed to create subversion , havoc and ultimate bankruptcy to China's banking and financial system.

Let this be known . The jackal - the Apostle of the Devil - has arrived. America the Great Satan disguised as Citibank has stepped into the land of our Motherland - China.

The Bank from America has now started opening small and medium-sized loans as well as high interest bearing deposit accounts in China's large and medium - sized cities.

This financial scam being perpetrated by Citibank is not difficult to see through. It operates as follows:

Firstly, Citibank dangles a bait before your eyes with a "reward" of 50,000 Yuan . Secondly, you recommend a friend or a person to deposit 100,000 Yuan with them. The more you recommend, the higher will your "reward be".

Unfortunately the public is woefully unaware of Uncle Sam's cunning scheme. Moms and dads caught unaware are being deceived into thinking they have a "sure winner" on their hands. Folks everywhere can be seen rushing to withdraw from local banks to be used as deposits so as to partake in the supposely 'reputable American bank's "grand offer."  Sadly, the suckers are now swallowing the poisoned Yankee bait , hook, line and sinker!

History tells us that before the disintegration of USSR , it was also the same US Citibank that first arrived at the Soviet Union advertising deposit accounts with extraordinarily attractive interest rates. At that time, the generally trusting and unsuspecting folks of the old Soviet Union were not aware of this slick American banking scam. All they could see was the attractive and high-interest paying deposit rates.

The people withdrew and emptied all their savings accounts from their local banks and deposited them straight into Citibank from the US. All the Soviet banks were emptied overnight and the Soviet Union immediately lost their economic foundation.

What happened? Citibank of America suddenly showed its true colours. With the tacit encouragement of the US government , not only it refused to pay the Soviet people the promised interests, the Yanks flatly refused to recognize those accounts or honour their commitments to their Soviet customers. Instead, they promptly  raided the accounts and transferred all the funds to New York.

When the people woke up to Uncle Sam's con game, it was too late. The financial backbone of the USSR was broken by the United States. Soviet Union went broke and disintegrated . Till today, it remains split into 15 smaller states.

We must remember in our hearts. The painful lessons from the blood of the Soviet people must not be repeated in China . The Chinese people must be vigilant and work together to boycott Citibank and other foreign western banks. That way, the people of our nation will win this economic war without smoke.

Author :  A professor  , Sun Guilan  from  Tsinghua University.


22nd May, 2020


Anonymous said...

They have been floating the idea of 'bailing in' to support failing banks, instead of the Fed bailing out those big banks during the last financial crisis. They are also eyeing the Treasury holdings of China.

The idea of 'bailing in' had already been applied in Greece, and no revolt has resulted. Depositors can do nothing. So, it is always a feasible idea, that if this global crisis brings down some big banks, the same could happen anywhere. Bank failures will happen, or already happened, with all the bad loans, mortgages, derivatives floating around and about to explode under the coronavirus conundrum.

Big depositors, like pension funds are at big risk with their money. They have no where to park their extra millions. Small depositors, well, just keep the amount small. Not just in American banks, but locally as well. We are all enslaved by bankers and unfortunately they are the only place to keep extra cash. There is no longer any choice, except under the bed or inside the tummy.

Banking is a cartel, and where it matters, all will follow suit. You never know

Virgo 49 said...

China's Leaders are NOT so dumb as that Dotard Trump.

Their people simply obeyed any orders from the Top Putiburo or Leaders.

They will nip the buds of their schemes before they can more harm.

China ALREADY warned the USA of retailations if they dared impose any laws of whatsoever sanctions or such.

Just simply confiscated and close down all their properties and banks.

They can never win the China men and the Chinese brains.

More brillant and also more scheming if you want to put it their way.

See their Red Cliffs, Water margins heroic history of victories.

southernglory1 said...

Hi! Comrade Virgo 49

You posted a very good comment on my article, "White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted." This is native Americans warning to the world. Wednesday, 20th May, 2020

Can you please repost the same comment if you still have it. All the comments in that article had been inadvertently deleted by Comrade Chua Chin Leng. Also hopefully the other commentators can also repost their worthy comments. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

My advice to President Xi Jinping is that he should ASAP withdraw all China's gold reserves parked with Western nations.

Couple of days ago, Venezuela's central bank has to launch legal action against the Bank of England in a bid to access gold bullion worth around USD1 billion parked in the UK.

Anonymous said...

God's gravest mistake was to create the monstrous Evil Empire - The United States. Or rather was it created by Satan to wreck havoc in this world. Time for God to take down the Evil Empire. Hopefully then there will be peace in this world.

Anti-American imperialist

Anonymous said...

It was in late 1980s and early 1990s , Soviet Russia was under Gorbavchev and the drunkard Boris Yeltsin when the Evil Empire was playing havoc with Russia's economy and financial system. The Americans exploited Russia's reform and opening up by ganging up with corrupted Russian leaders to buy over hundreds of Russian state companies for a song. Russia's trade, economy and finance was then in an uncontrollable spiral down turn. The Russians were devastatedly impoverished by American exploitation and millions of Russians went bankrupt and starving with thousands committing suicide in the country. Fortunately Boris Yeltsin picked a right successor in Vladimir Putin, the KGB boss who slowly picked up the pieces and set the economy back on its own feet after he signed some important trade, economic and financial agreements with China. Putin was lucky to have China which was at that time growing in wealth and strong finance to give him a helping hand. Now Russia and China have very strong economic and financial ties. President Putin and President Xi have a common understanding vis-a-avis the Evil Empire and have adopted a common strategy against the United States.

Keen political observer.

Anonymous said...

China is doing right in spreading out their money by providing development loans to countries all round the world, like the OBOR, rather than just buying US treasuries or investing only in USA and EU. Buying more gold and keeping it inside China is also another alternative. They are smarter than us.

Putting all your eggs in one basket is very dangerous. Just look at what the USA and the Whites are now doing, coaxing their investors to move factories out of China. It will not work. Moving production out of China is not as simple as moving house, and in any case Chinese investors have already done so periodically to take advantage of wage differentials in other Asian countries. But for mass production for the world market, China is still the place to be.

New manufacturing locations need to have good infrastructure, transport facilities, manpower and above all must have all the supporting suppliers available to provide the essential parts and pieces. Not all supporting players can or will move with them. The manufacturing base in China has been built up over decades and everything is there to be tapped. In any case, the Chinese market itself is too important for most manufacturing activities to relocate.

Virgo 49 said...

Sorry Southern Glory.

Already forget what's my posting.

Appreciated and like your enlightening article.


Unknown said...

This is fakes article ! A pure Communist propaganda ! Only Fools will be influenced by this Article.