Covid19 - God's condemned nations and punishment

United States1,695,776100,047
United Kingdom267,24037,460
Saudi Arabia78,541425
As of 8:37am May 28, 2020
Source CNA

The above are countries that are condemned and punished by God for their evilness and crimes against humanity. The severity and rankings are preliminary and still evolving and some evil countries have yet to appear, notably Japan. Maybe the death and destruction from the two atomic bombs and the carpet bombing of Tokyo by the Americans did mitigate some of their barbaric crimes against humanity.

Look at the top 10 countries that have the most infected cases and the most death and it is clear that there is a pattern, not erratic or random occurrence. Practically everyone of them was a evil colonial power that invaded and killed many of the defenceless natives of the colonised countries. They are are being made to pay for their crimes against humanity that the western dominated and controlled international courts and media would not pursue. But God would not be restrained or incapacitated by the raw power of these ex colonial powers, and punished they will be.

As for those outside the top 10, they could be taken as collateral damages in this condemnation list of God. China was the odd man out as it was not a colonial power in the last 150 years but a victim of colonial invasion, exploitation and oppression.  And in this pandemic, it was inflicted by the virus by evil men, not an act of God. God simply took the virus and blew it into the ex colonial powers and made them pay the dearly for their crimes and excesses against humanity.

No one can escape their evil karma and it is a matter of time before a few more ex colonial powers find their rightful place in God's Ladder of Punishment and Condemnation. Justice is blind. Human beans can lie to human beans and pretend to be the good guys, but they cannot lie to God and cursed they would be. They would get their just desserts.

The positions in the Ladder are self explanatory, the more evil a country and its people, the more severe will be infliction by this virus, and the more will die to pay for their crimes.

The prayers of the native Americans and other native peoples have been answered. This virus is doing to the Americans and the whites what they did to the native people they invaded and killed in their war path over the centuries and still trying to do it to the Chinese people. The virus is doing what they did but in heavier doses to make them feel the pain. This is only the beginning.

The wrath of God. Be fearful, be very fearful, evil men and women.


Anonymous said...

You should hv published this a week ago. Brazil was not so high up then. God punished Brazil wrongly. They did not colonise or did serious crimes against humanity.
signing off, regards

Anonymous said...

The Most Evil Country of it all stood up like a sore thumb, unquestionable, without any doubt. God is not blind to evilness. Its position at the top is way way above everyone else.

They can continue to lie, continue to oppress other people, continue to fight wars and kill and destroy other people, God will deal with them with a little effort, in fact effortlessly, with a tiny invisible virus, unseen, tasteless, odourless and floating everywhere, to deal with the evil ones.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, I am curious why Brazil is up there. Maybe the majority of the people in Brazil have the blood of the whites in them, descendants of the whites. Anyway, only God knows what He is doing.

Remember, God acts in a mysterious way.

Anonymous said...

The Americans just celebrated their Memorial Day over the weekend, a day to honour the murderers of innocent men and women, young and old, children, in the name of war, freedom and democracy, the men and women that invaded other countries to kill and destroy for the Evil Empire.

jjgg said...

Singapore? 30000+ cases ..handful died..but this is not the end of story..the real deaths are in our smes..at least 20000 fnb outlets died.. at least a similar number of service industries gone the same way..owners n employees of all the above businesses gone kaput.. boutique fund managers on life support as fund withdrawals avalanches.. a case book of remedy worse than sickness? the budget responses mainly help the smes? Or who... judge for yourself..was it the pandemic that caused the problem or the government's response..judge for yourself

Anonymous said...

They are in the business of wars. They need wars to support their war industry, the biggest and deadliest industry and the biggest money maker. That is the main reason why they are fighting wars everywhere, starting wars everywhere, to keep the war industry humming and churning up more arms and weapons.

Without wars, their economy will collapse. And they need more violent men and women who cherished and are proud to go to wars to kill and destroy other lives and to be honoured as heroes, not murderers, not killers of the innocent, killers of young and old, killers of defenceless old folks and womenfolks.

This is the ethos of the Evil Empire.

Virgo 49 said...

Brazil, MONIES in pockets kings.

Our Rig manufacturers also got to grease their hands.

Petrobra. Petrol and Bra.

This pesky little pest indeed send by Heavens one hundred percent reversed the Human Beans roles in complete reversals and confusion.

Like our Great MatHater said: Those Developed and how lian Countries that had been sponging on the blood, sweat and tears on their lesser poorer human beans had suffered the Greatest Calamities.

Also, the reverasl of those high flying and comfy professionals and jobs are practically all on stakes of eating grass now instead of abalone.

Those who had chewed more than they can bite now going to be choked.

Those blood sucking propertied owners of commercial buildings and industries gonna to chap lap in Cantonese bankrupts soon.

With new norm of working from home as the post Pesky virus period.

Retail, tourism and hotels service servile professionals and pilots and air hostesses high class in the air but actually sama sama as those in the shady lounges and workers be roaming the streets and luckily Ho Jinx and our great MOH asked them to be swappers with pay more than our trained nurses.

Causing disgusts among the nurses who at one time was also labelled by one of our Ministers as low class menial workers.

Now, they praised them as Super Heros.

What's hypocrises!

Also, last time Airport workers with jackets and ties as though they earning hundreds of thousands per month are now see liao. The labourers in the port areas under the hot sun now has more food on the tables than them.
Also, too many to add. The how lian hawkers especially those who served previously the working class of foreign talents and also no talents sinkies with their food normally sold out by two o clock and usually shuned us old ankors and aunties who wanted to buy from them like beggars now had to BEG us to buy from them as most office workers kena locked up at home.

Heavens really got eyes.

True reversals of roles.

Virgo 49 said...

Frankky Jjgg.

The REAL problem is the 200 to 500 thousands or million Migrant Workers that the PAP allowed them in plus their so called Talents PRs now became citizens extra choking beans in Sinkieland.

Till now, they adamantly still do not want to admit this deadly mistake.

We are suffering with this unnecessary what's CB or Chee B is because they are afraid that the infections were to spread bu them to the local community than the Medical Services and Hospitals will unable to cope with this outbreak.

If not long time already open up full steam like during our SARs period.

Also, with our old POP of even 3 millions, the Catastrophe of this Pandemic would NOT really affected us so badly with the now 5.2 or more million unnecessary inhabitants.

The unemployment rate would not be drastic as can be filled by the locals. Have to work whatsoever jobs to put food on tables. You see even high class stewardess also become ambassadors in wet dirty markets and hospital attendants.

Also, we do NOT even have to draw so much unnecessary funds from our Reserves.

All these due to their greed of what's good times are forever churning the economy and too many wasteage building of unnecessary infrastructures just to keep them enconmicable.

What's the White Elephants Terminal Four and Five. Now even had to close two terminals.

All these due to their no foresight and just backside.

GKS would not expand all these without much thoughts and deliberation.

Anonymous said...

extension of above list . . .

43,714 Qatar
36,756 Ecuador
36,198 Belarus
33,610 Bangladesh
33,459 Sweden
31,616 Singapore

Singapore is near the top 20 despite million-dollars-salaried Ministers in charge!

Virgo 49 said...

Right you are Anon 9.36

I tried to count how many Countries beneath our statistics but lost count as nearly another three pages below us.


Anonymous said...

But China had been demonised as the most evil country by the USA and the West for decades. Now God knows who are the ones that are really evil, and are punishing them.

Quit thinking that the coronavirus problem has passed it's peak in the USA and they are happily opening up. The real problem now, as in many other countries, is how to restart the job market and reduce unemployment, which is undoubtedly going to cause social unrest in the USA very soon, if unaddressed. Some jobs will never come back for sure. If you read the stories of how US citizens have been running around in circles trying to file for unemployment benefits, you can see the deep seated malaise of their system. Bye bye to the best economy in the history of the USA.

Many US citizens are caught in dire straits just trying to get the miserable unemployment benefits, after trying for months. They have no jobs, no income, little or no savings and some have not even received the US$600 check promised by Trump. Many will soon land up on the streets, when rents are not paid. Free food outlets have long queues, which makes a mockery of the richest country in the world that have the monopoly to print money out of thin air.

The reality is that those US$ trillions touted in aid money are used to prop up the stock market, crony businesses, big banks, oil companies, and only a trickle goes to the man on the street. Such is the scale of corruption, unbridled, unseen, seldom highlighted in the MSM, difficult to prove and no one, not even the Democrats will do anything to address. The reason is, the Democrats are equally corrupt and will do the same thing if in power, so they kept quiet. All dictated by the Deep State. And, as they say, the swamp gets swampier.

And Trump had the audacity to comment that Hong Kongers have gone through a lot. A lot inflicted by their own hands, manipulated by the USA. He cannot solve his problems at home and is trying to create diversions to cover up his failures, big time.

Anonymous said...

Probably Brazil killed a lot of poultry eg. pigs & export to other countries including Sinkieland. & Muslims r Halal & also forbids pork , which is why Allah or God punish Brazil its Karma ripens now. If Brazil still continues this way & no repentance, then they will suffer more.

Anonymous said...

The animals are now punishing humans for all the killings. This is only the beginning. There are said to be millions of virus like the one rampaging across the world now, any of which could wreck havoc at any time.

It is estimated that an outbreak occurs every five years, in one form or another.

Virgo 49 said...

Democrats and Republicans Both also sama sama crows of same feathers. Both just as EVILs.

That's why they have so many sandals.

Now, China and even North Korea as deemed dictatorial and socialists and what's commies proved that they took care of their people than those in their FALSE and pretenious demo crazies.

Anonymous said...

Beijing is drafting its 14th five-year plan, which will set out China's key economic and political goals for 2021 to 2025, with President Xi Jinping likely to lead China well beyond 2025. China is expected to rely more on its domestic economy - which now has a middle income group of between 500 and 700 million people - to ease its reliance on the US for technology supply and exports in the post-coronavirus world, and rely more on itself for development.

Meanwhile, US clown President Trump is focusing on plans for November re-election.

Anonymous said...

If Trump were to lose his re election, he would not be invited to China again as a private citizen. His family business in China would have to pack up and move out.

Anonymous said...

China should just go ahead to pass the security laws for Hong Kong and just ignore the USA and UK. Hong Kong's financial importance or not, it will be destroyed eventually by the terrorist, even without passing the laws, so there is nothing to lose. At least the Hong Kong Government can then restore law and order, and not allow anarchy to be capitalised by the US and UK.

What China may lose out in Hong Kong, whatever USA and UK investments in Hong Kong will also lose out, maybe even more. That is the reason for their issuing doomsday scenarios after the security laws are in force.

If the USA can arbitrarily pass nonsensical laws targeting China, why should China give them too much face.

Virgo 49 said...

Wow HSBC, AIA with their coffins like design building, DBS number One Bank in Sinkieland gonna chap lap.

Cantonese for bankrupts liao.

Karma. Real karma.

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone..

GOD loves❤️❤️❤️ YOU!

SSO said...

Though Brazil did not attack and invade other countries, Brazilians are mostly descendants of the Portuguese. PORTUGAL was the VERY FIRST COLONIAL POWER to invade many countries and killed the inhabitants in those countries, started on 1402, more than 600 years ago.

Moreover, Brazil is a highly dangerous country with very few relatively safe places for tourists and even their own people. Crimes are rampant everywhere. You simply do not know when you will be killed, murdered or robbed in the streets. Just like the USA COVID 2019 virus from Secret Military Biological Warfare Lab at Fort Detrick.

So, all the Gods have decided to punish Brazil also, by putting a moronic dictator like Dotard Trump there as their President.

Anonymous said...

Don't Listen to the ‘China Covered Up the Coronavirus’ Narrative

China made some mistakes, as did every country, in responding to the coronavirus, but China’s overall response was more effective than most countries, with domestic quarantines of inter-city travelers, widespread mask-wearing, and a testing and tracing regime with access to a vast trove of data. And the claims of a “cover-up” are inaccurate. They are nothing but a cover for politicians and countries with antagonistic relationships towards China to defend themselves in front of their domestic publics and to pressure China internationally.

To hold that China could have or should have been able to know from day one that these cases of pneumonia were actually coming from a new virus, or that it should have known the virus spread through the breath of apparently healthy people, and that it should have been able to track every case of the virus, is, somewhat ironically, to hold China to higher standards than the most developed democratic countries in the world. When China mishandles a pandemic, it is ascribed to malfeasance; when the United States and Europe do, it is the ordinary, expected incompetence.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to listen to, or believe, from the USA's propaganda machine.

Their job is to lie, produce wholesale lies, and nothing but lies. Lying, cheating and stealing is their forte. They admitted that. So help us God!

SSO said...

COVID-19: CHINA Saved The World

With hindsight, China in effect has saved the whole world from a horrendous catastrophic global disaster.

By locking down the whole country, China has checked further spread of the disease by travellers from China to other countries and vice versa.

If China's President Xi Jinping had not bothered and followed the ABC (Attitude, Behavior and Character) of the US President Donald Trump, just imagine what the result would be today!

It would definitely be far worse than 5 or 6 million infections. It would easily be 500 million infections and 10 million deaths. OR MORE!

Anonymous said...

Exactly because China did a good job and the USA botched their response from day one, that is enough for the USA to target China for overshadowing them.

God must have seen the injustice and is out to remind us who still has the last say. Remember, man proposes, God disposes!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Trump admin has just declared the start of a Cold War with China.
His campaign for reelection literature has just be leaked and the main narrative is to attack China aggressively and to blame China for the Covid19 pandemic. All his republican supporters are to go all out to attack China.

Next, about 100 countries have signed the EU proposal to conduct an investigation into the cause of the pandemic. The Americans refused to sign for fear that they would be investigated and exposed as the source of the coronavirus.

Virgo 49 said...

First few weeks China had to make sure the source and cause and tracing, testing the disease before they can report to WHO.

Likewise, any country.

So what's the cover up?

If USA they will take months or even years to report as this is bullshits nothing to them.

What is few hundred thousands DEATHS compared to what we been killing all the while.

One missle already how many.Dead?

Anonymous said...

The US refused to sign because prior to Wuhan, they were already covering up by forbidding testing of those who died from the 'flu'. They were all the time calling for investigations into the outbreak isn't it? Investigations would perhaps be conducted on those deaths much earlier and were blamed on the 'flu'. Digging further may lead to investigations of Fort Detrick, and all accusations of China will be for nought. They would not want that to happen.

The US just wants to investigate China and the Wuhan lab, but obviously does not want investigations to lead to Fort Detrick. The more they try to keep out investigations of Fort Detrick, the more the suspicions will grow over the role that Fort Detrick played in this outbreak.

SSO said...

China must launch a counter-offensive against the Trump Administration and the US immediately. This counter-offensive must have a long-term strategic objective.

Failing to do so, delaying or by dragging their feet, Chinese leaders will face more problems in the future.

The main objective must be to garner national and international support for China's cause. What is that cause?

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB.

If I not mistaken, reports that 200 countries by a Malaysian Minister had signed and USA not willing.

They are the Ones WHO cried Wolf Wolf and instigated all and sundry.

Now they don't want to sign.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I just deleted a comment by an asshole who claimed that my articles are full of hatred. Did he not read the outright disinformation of hate against China and Chinese in the main media and social media that are hundreds of times more vicious than what I wrote here?

If he is so ignorant of what is going on in the western media, just google and read what lunatics like Pompeo, Navarro, Steve Bannon said or go to Fox News, Sky News Australia and many anti China and anti Chinese broadcast in youtube to know how evil and wicked the whites are.

What I wrote here is very tame, mild and polite compare to the vile and mischievous white lies in the western main media and social media.

Just because this asshole is ignorant does not mean the world is so beautiful, full of lovig tender care. Open your eyes to the plight of the Palestinians, the Arabs and Muslims in the ME, the North Korean people, the people in Iran, Venezuela, Colombia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan just to name a few.

The evil white gods are there killing and starving these people in the name of white injustice.

Anonymous said...

As investigation continues into the pandemic, it looks like the arrow is starting to point in the direction of the USA being the original source. Now they fear the investigations will confirm this fact. The outbreak in the USA in late 2019 had been reported as the seasonal flu, and testing of those swaps taken from those who died in late 2019 had been denied. This clearly means there was a cover up by the USA.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:49 pm

Not true. RB is much much better than those creepy, unscrupulous, under-cover Main Western Media and Social Media that are thrashing the Chinese people. No Chinese worth his salt should tolerate such injustices being dished out by the US.

Your comment shows that you must be very hurt. That's why your thinking is skewed.

Anonymous said...

RB, if my guess is right, that asshole is Matilah.

Anonymous said...

If it is true that the USA is not signing, that is a good thing for the investigation.

With them in, any investigation that points in their direction is going to be given warp treatment by Trump.

There are many examples utilised by Trump in his playbook.

He will claim ignorance.

He will deny responsibility.

He will denigrate the whole group of investigators as 'China-centric'.

He will brand them as 'Puppets of China'.

He will instigate his supporters to push the idea that China paid lots of money to those investigators to get the US implicated.

And finally, when he fails to nail China, this 'twit' will engage in cyber warfare on Tweeter.