First world Parliament in session

The above pic is from theindependent.sg showing a session of Singapore Parliament in action. A picture like this is better than a thousand words. But without any explanation, people can come up with many ideas about what the picture is saying.

Let me start by saying a few positive things about the Singapore Parliament. One, Singapore is such a well run country that there is really nothing worth doing or talking in Parliament. So the absence of MPs and ministers can be expected as they are busy with more important things to do than to waste their time in Parliament listening to lesser important matters.

Some have commented in the times of Lee Kuan Yew, no one dared to be absent from Parliament and Parliament was always full house. Maybe during Lee Kuan Yew's time there were many problems and serious matters to discuss. Today what is there to discuss but about having or not having pets in HDB flats or whatever. I could not remember anything worth mentioning.

Efficiency is the key word in a first world Parliament. There is no need to waste the time of all the ministers and MPs in a Parliament sitting when all the important issues were already done outside Parliament.  Sometimes I wonder why bother to put up irrelevant or trivial matters in Parliament. Parliament is a very important arm of the govt and also very expensive to maintain. Think of the million dollar ministers and equally million dollar MPs in attendance and the cost of their time to be there. A Parliament with only a few attendees, not sure if they have the quorum, is the best.

This is first world Parliament not machiam third world Parliament that needs the presence of as many thugs as possible in case they start a fight or turn aggressive when numbers would be an advantage.

I really cannot think of any negative things to comment about an almost empty Parliament. Oh, maybe many of them just took a brief moment to go to the loo and would be back in full force and the pic was taken in a moment that would show a side of the Parliament that would give a bad impression of the ministers and MPs that were absent.

Put it this way, with or without the Parliament, whether the Parliament is full house or deserted, the country still runs smoothly and the people are so happy and contented and would continue to vote for such a Parliament. So what is the problem?

Please don't count who is present or not present. Very the pai seh.

PS.  Maybe due to Covid19, so many ministers and MPs chose to work at home.


Anonymous said...

No need Parliement to be present liow, now got video conferencing mah, techs like Zoom, Google Hangout meet etc. can liow lah. Maybe next time they juz put cardboard there or some virtual fellow present can liow lah, tis a First World Parliement not Kuching Kurat kind of meeting up, every secs count go poo or loo cost tax payers monies so to be efficient is name of the game, who knows next time the majority in parliement voted for no need parliement seating juz meet at Istana for kopi talk ho liow cos so little matters to solve or not any..

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... good morning everyone.

Not to worry. Full house or empty is ok.

They will smelly smelly get at least 80% at the next GE! Sure! Sure!

A GRC and H SMC will go back to THEM! Sure! Sure!

Look at the way Covid19 management in Sg... diamond standard!

Keep it up! All the best!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right. With million dollar salaries paid to ministers, time is very costly to be wasted in Parliament, where the outcome is predestined. And where MPs who obviously disagree will still need to pretend they agree in the final vote. Must be kidding the masses!

In LKY's time salaries were so very low, it was called mediocre. So mediocre ministers and MPs then would rather spend the time in Parliament, listening to at least some interesting debates when the old man was around.

I would not want to waste time either nowadays, watching Parliament in session. It is a pain in the arse.

Anonymous said...

Please someone, teach the parrot to say something else, instead of repeating the same thing over and over again.

Virgo 49 said...

Grace Disgraceful afraid that they will mumble and fumble even when asked trivial and irrelevant questions by our second team PAP WP party MPs. Now, surprisingly, most pointed questions asked by their own back benches PAP MPs instead of the Oppo MPs.

Scholar Saw Meow of WP where are you? No sight no sound. Not even a word in the House?

That's why she said NO! NO! No direct telecasts as lau kwee.

Also, Most would be empty seats as their MPs allowances of 16K is still mediocre and they need to score hundreds of thousands outside not to be mediocre. Or else seh suay by GCT's terms.

Disgraceful said NOT to have rowdy rolls in Parliament as it is disgraceful.

Then, if it is not a place for debate which may be sometimes rowdy as different in opinions, then what is Puzzlement or Parliament for?

Wow, posing yoga pose in her posh bungalow garden and said if you were to cut my pay, my lifestyle would be affected. Millions dollars still affected? What's about those living on a few hundreds per month in one room rental flats?

Only MP Lily Neo knew their plights.

So, better nip in the bud that no telecasts as when they have vocal and aggressive not their second team oppo party like LT, CSJ and TCB in Parliament as Opposition MPs, they were be at a loss of words and fumbling and mumbling when asked pointed questions by them.

KT said...

I think I know why so few attending the Pariahment. With so many GRCs of 4,5, and 6 MPs, the team needs to send one or two represent them in Pariahment and thereafter, they will inform those absent members. So, GRC is also an advantage to them.

But why need so many MPs in Pariahment ? Why need so many highly educated MPs in a small country like Sinkapor ? Isn't this is a waste of national human resources and wasted tax-payer moneys in million$$$ dollars.

jjgg said...

Who knows what's in the parliamentary complex ah.. could there be barber shops..hairdressers..restaurants.. gym..cinemas..supermarket? What RB mean to say is that the great hall of the people are unoccupied n underutilised..I'm sure parliamentary facilities are very well utilised.. but of course..I'm no mp so I don't know n 99.99% of the citizens also don't know.. but I do know if I elect parliamentarians there must be some basic commitments from them to be counted.. direct telecast of parliament will show how good or how bad these people are.. whether we like it or not..the 4g "leaders" have shown themselves to be less able than sph would have us believe.. with lhl bumbling along n trying to whitewash his missteps in covid 19 responses.. you would actually allow these 4g blokes to stutter n wait for textbook responses? Where are the leaders that we need huh. Don't need too much imagination to realise that singaporeans are in deep shit.. not from the current pandemic because it will come n go.. but from the increasingly lack of competent leadership brought about by a failed system of patronage.

Anonymous said...

Why need so many MPs in Parliament?

More MPs means opposition needs to find more manpower to contest, more money for deposits and more opposition MPs need to be elected to be effective.

With a fragmented opposition, which party can afford that? Even with a united opposition of many parties, they will start their cattle trading nonsense about who should be the leader, who gets a bigger piece of the cake, who sits in Parliament and who runs the Town Councils, even before they are elected.

Hope for 'Harapan'? Just look what happened across the causeway.

Anonymous said...

“Singapore is one of the greatest failures in the world now,” says Australian communicable diseases specialist"



Lampar Song Boh ?

Anonymous said...

70% PAP VOTERS !!!!

Lampar Song Boh ?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi KT.

The Senior Ministers members, i.e. the previous incumbent MPs and also their old birds MPs in their GRCs just simply pushed their meet their people's sessions to the newer MPs.

Where got Ministers want to sit down and listened to the grouses of their residents or voters their problems of monies not enough and their pigeon holes pipes leaking?

You think LKY, GCT, NEH.., oops Ng Eng Hen, LHL and etc wants to listen to your trivial grouses.??

That's why they created the GRC. Only those in SMCs, no choice they lan lan have to take this mundane task.

Sometimes, also leave it to their balls carrying RCs members to do on their behalf.

Only LTK, CST and others does them seriously.

The worse is just One Term Minister Howe. He ever behind the scene blared to one of the Por lan pars helpers: "You expect me as ex Please Suck Again aka PSA chairman and now Minister to listen to their peasants grouses of their leaking toilets?"

That por lam par no choice helper who needs a promotion is seconded to help him is a HDB official. Happened to be my friend.

So you see why they have the GRCs

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Jjgg,

They had a nice and cosy Happy Hours Bar or Club after Parliamentary Session in their annexed House for their relaxation on tax payers MONIES.

Whats there to relax when they are always RELAC as our Malay Bros used to say.

Relac without worries both as MPs and Ministers as well as billionaires in their other professions.

Anonymous said...

Me think only those that have nothing to do, no portfolio to keep them busy, would attend parliament. Those very busy making money would not have time for it.

jjgg said...

Bar got 100 year old scotch?.. wine got chateau lafite?..screaming eagle?

SSO said...

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Virgo 49 said...

Think better than that. VVVIPs deserved better than that.

Also got Karoake Lounge.

Frankly, I don't envy those who sponged on other account or expenses and drank like goldfishes. Like those Marketing and Commission Agents who had a company's expense account for entertainment

As most paid for their sons when their livers starting failing and other illnesses seeped in.

Also achoholic problems.

Virgo 49 said...

SINS not Sons.


Anonymous said...

Aiyah Parleement empty or full also no difference one. Most of them sleeping there anyway. Very paiseh if people see. They will say sia suay.

SSO said...

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Anonymous said...

may like to forgo the Events taking place at the Parliament House.
The Place is the Territory under a tribal chief that has no acceptance and tolerance of any other tribes.
it is better for the Sessions to be empty. Otherwise,
Sinkies will have to witness more maulings of the Minority in the House.
Not at all pleasant to say the Least about the Ways things are done.

Anonymous said...

The old man would not have tolerated sleeping in Parliament. Nor MPs who 'ponten' sessions. In the early years anyway, though not in the latter years under lesser mortals.