The White Peril aka White Curse

For a few centuries, the whites have been spreading the lies about the yellow peril to the rest of the world and teaching their children to hate Chinese. The whites hate Chinese to their bones.  Today they disguise their hate Chinese to hate China or hate CCP. China is just a name of a country that is meaningless to hate.  The CCP is the ruling party of the Chinese. Thus hating China or hating the CCP is hating Chinese.  Period.  The Yellow Peril is about demonishing Chinese and hating Chinese.

The real peril to the world is the White Peril or the White Curse. The natives of all the continents, Asia, Africa, North and South America and the Oceania, all fell victims to white aggression, conquests and colonialism, and many were brutally abused, beaten and killed, their land and country robbed.

The danger to the world is really the White Peril. But after spreading their lies against the Chinese for so long, many Asians and Africans also fell to this white lie without thinking why. The whites diverted the attention of the natives of the world from their atrocities and murders and genocides to hate the Chinese who did nothing to the rest of the world while also fell victim to the White Peril.  From 1840 to 1949, China was semi colonised and a non state and could not do anything to the rest of the world. It was the whites that were marauding China and the rest of the world. From 1949 to date, China was oppressed and isolated by the whites while busy trying to rebuild its own economy and to bring a good life to its people.

Today China is redeveloping and investing in Africa in such a scale that Africa is the next big thing in the world's economy with many countries moving out of the developing state world. Even with China doing so much to help raise the standard of living and development in Africa, the whites are still trying to smear and demonise China using debt traps as an excuse. China did not owe anything to rebuild Africa. The whites owe it to rebuild Africa after invading the continent, colonising the people, hunt down the Africans as slaves and practised apartheid in the most hideous forms against the black people, and robbing their resources and the pride and dignity of the Africans. They owe it to the Africans to build the continent for to repay what they had stolen.

Creating this Yellow Peril lie, that Chinese are warmongering, dangerous, is like their myth or lie that black people are dangerous. They killed millions of native Indians, they enslaved millions of blacks for more than two centuries, and till today they are still killing the blacks like animals. They impoverised the blacks and the native Indians in perpetual state of desperation and hunger, and branded them as dangerous, to be suspected and to be shot at will by any rogue whites.

Stop the white lie, kill the white lie. The most dangerous people are the whites. The most warmongering people are the whites. When they breed, you bleed. When arrived, you will be deprived. When they lie, you die.

The whites are the curse of human civilisation.  Look at the number of Arabs and Muslims they are killing everyday, today, in the Middle East with no qualms or sense of guilt. The crazy woman that once walked the corridors of the White House even joked about it. Look at the millions of people being impoverished because of their evil sanctions! They lie to invaded Iraq to kill Saddam Hussein and ruin the country and the lives of the Iraqis. They brought down their Twin Tower to invade the Middle East under the guise of killing Islamic terrorists when they are the real terrorists.

Beware of the White Peril, the White Curse.


Anonymous said...

Let the Universal Law of Cause & Effect or Karma do its job, the whites (aka 洋鬼子 Yankee Ghosts ) shall in the end be perished or subdued by the yellow ( aka 炎黄子孙 Decendants of Yan & Huang).

Virgo 49 said...

A good one as posted by a Mr Basil on Yahoo News.


His comments:

USA is willingly to kill their own people to have justification for war, false flag attack.just look at operation Northwoods,911, false flag WMD...In fact the whole history of flase flag operation.

Anonymous said...

"I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It's - it was like - we had entire training courses." - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Virgo 49 said...

So that means also all those jokers from so many idiotic countries went there especially their Military Colleges are trained to lie, cheat and stole and create false flags.

Wow, so proud to be graduated from there as dogs of wars and flew their flags so high.

Wah, West Point etc. Last time Sinkieland also West Point but nightclub.

Actually, frankly, armed services are for those who are parasites no value to societies.

See, how they acted so proud. Even a farmer or labourer is more productive in feeding and working fir society. Whereas they are the scums and destroyers of lives.

Yet, there scums so proud in uniforms and return to civvy lifes caused miseries to their own netizens holding high posts.

Anonymous said...

By Fadlullah Wilmot | 19 June 2019, 5:00pm | 36 comments
(Image via transcend.org)

The trajectory of the American Empire has relied so heavily on false flag attacks one could describe it as a false flag empire.

AMERICAN PRESIDENTS like to describe the United States as a force for freedom, but by any measure America has, from its early days, been an imperial power subjugating and ruling other people’s lands mainly through bloody conquests, often using false flags or provocation in order to have a casus belli.

Anonymous said...

After centuries of lies, much of the world are just like the other animals in 'Animal Farm'. The pigs (aka whites) can say anything and the rest of the animals (aka most of mankind) will believe because the repeated propagandas had sink deep into their mindset, and passed on from generation to generation.

It is not possible to change that mentality overnight. But it is changing because social media can afford the avenues to dissect and counter the lies. Of course it will be a monumental task given the massive number of paid pro-US centric trolls posting on every website. But that is enough to give the evil empire the reasons to target China more aggressively.

One day, the whites will tell everyone that four legs are good and two legs are bad. And the rest of the world will just follow that belief. Then we may yet see humans walking on four legs instead of two. People have lost the ability to differentiate between evil and good, truth and lies. It does not matter that the sufferings created by the evil empire are there for all to see.

Nothing is more sad then to know of people with eyes that refused to see, ears that refused to sieve out the lies from the truths, and minds that are forever controlled by satanic evils out to destroy mankind.

Anonymous said...

The "White Peril" aka the "White Curse" ... oh you mean PAP issit?

Anonymous said...

Men In White = MIW. Or
Men In White Sheep-skin = MIWSS.
Same as White Peril or White Curse.

Anonymous said...


Part-timers Action Party

Pro Apuneneh Party

SSO said...

China And Chinese: If You Want Peace, Prepare For War!

Officially, the United States has some 7,700 nuclear warheads and Russia has 8,200, while China has only 100.

Unofficially, the United States has more than that. Probably double that number, and still in the process of making new nuclear warheads of lesser destructive capabilities, in order to destroy other countries without the backfire that can be caused by nuclear fallouts.

From the way things are - on the political, diplomatic, economic, cultural, historical, scientific, technological, medical and military fronts - the United States has been moving more and more aggressively and relentlessly in the last decade towards a serious and direct confrontation with China and stirring up hatred on the Chinese all over the world. This is an extremely serious matter! Not something to be taken lightly or simply brushed aside without a second or third look.

If the Chinese people as a whole and those in China, in particular, want to seek long-term peace and prosperity without the tragic and shameful experiences of 100 years ago, then you must be prepared for war with the United States and it's Allies.

To deal with the United States' continuous unprovoked aggression, China seriously and urgently needs to increase its nuclear warheads from 100 to to at least 2,000 (200 long-range, 800 medium-range, and 1000 short-range nuclear warheads) as a deterrent as well as to support any military options in the near future.

Even though China has vowed never to be the first to use nuclear weapons, China still needs a larger nuclear arsenal to curb US strategic ambitions and habitual aggressive impulses toward China. As such, it is therefore imperative that China and the Chinese people be fully prepared to meet the challenges with a solid will and stronger determination as fast as possible. This means that the strength, quality and quantity of China's nuclear arsenal must be good and sufficient enough to serve as a real indisputable deterrent, not just a paper tiger.

In addition, China's nuclear submarines must be able to move undetected and close enough to continental USA as well as US military bases, such as Guam, Diego Garcia, Hawaii and Australia.

Don't be naïve. Don't assume that nuclear warheads are useless. In fact, they are being used every day to shape the attitudes of US elites toward China.

Some Chinese leaders and thinkers say China doesn't need more nuclear weapons. I think they are either NAIVE or outdated.

There is no more time left to debate whether China needs more nuclear weapons or not. With the US war-mongers and war-hawks consolidating their positions at the White House and the Pentagon, over the last 12 years, culminating with President Donald Trump putting blame of the COVID-19 Pandemic wholely and directly upon China's and Chinese shoulders, AND suggested that it is worst than Pearl Harbour (sneak attack by Imperial Japan) and September-11 (surprise attack on WTC attributed by the US to the Jihadists), it is quite certain what the US Administration is thinking of, and what they are gearing up to. To them, "War with China is inevitable!" it's only a matter of condition and timing!

So, for those who still think that you can sleep in bed peacefully with a poisonous snake, please WAKE UP!

If you want peace, be prepared for war! Any war!

From the doctor who talks a lot but talk sense.

Anonymous said...

First step is to vote out the Pro American Party in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Ho Ching <--- 1st billionaire blogger?

Virgo 49 said...

Right you are Dr talk a lot with sense.

See even North Korea with their just deadly Nuclear Arsenals had put the Americunts into panic stations and fears with sleepless nights.

Also must act like them kamikaze like the North Koreans.

Psychological warfare show of strength and not afraid of DEATHS.

Actually, China just also need the supports of NK, Russia, Iran and just a few nations more in sync with them will also able to destroy and defeat the UAssA.

See in fighting, one deadly or accurate hit can even put a burly and aggressive man down in seconds if you hits the vital part.

So, it is NOT necessarily that you have abundant more weapons than China, you pak chiak.

Even if China will to hit them in one or two cities, they also be running wild.

In a fight of ten men to a man, usually one to one will approach each other. Too crowded and coordination that the ten can hit the man at one time.

So, if that man is a martial art exponent, he can defeat them one by one without much problems.

Definitely, he will suffered a few hits that's for sure. But, psychologically, when a mob saw that their kakis are been brought down one by one, psychologically the fears are there and without much confidence, you be surprised that they scurried away like rats.

The SOC ah kuas of today must learnt this very useful lesson.

Just charge and hits them hard and they usually thought that they must be very well trained and scurried like rats.

For they are just mobs. Not trained and cohesive for these riots.

If you show fears, then you are dead ducks.

Our time, the SAF had joint drills and exercises with the SPF RU.

See the combinations strike fears in any supposed rioters.

For they always thought that they must be deadly trained to take on them.

Already lost half the battle.

Psychological warfare is very important.

Why they drop this joint exercises now?

Now, it's even more imperative with so many aliens in Sinkiekand to have this operational again.

Virgo 49 said...

See, even Tourists hits our policemen in Airports.

These bastards thought that we Sinkies are lame ducks.

In Airports and other check points with every different nationalities of all sorts of kwa lan bastards, you must have a special type of force like the Guards or Commandos types to deal with them.

Dressed up like going for war with battle order uniform like the South Korean Forces In their airports and make them fear with urine coming out from their trousers. When they saw them.

NOT ordinary Airport Auxially Police.

Physiologically they are afraid.

This is to maintain peace and order.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear hits on nuclear power plants are the most effective. Just look at Chernobyl and Fukushima and how they are still dealing with the leaks. How about a nuclear barrage inside Yellowstone National Park that will create a fallout of gigantic proportions if the super volcano erupts at the same time. Even then, an eruption in the future will also spew nuclear dust all over the USA. Every strategic target is important.

As a matter of deterrent, China should have more nuclear warheads, but China does not have the spread like the US, with military bases all around the world. Nuclear submarines may be one alternative, but I wonder how many nuclear submarines does China have. Being able to launch a counter strike is of strategic importance even if all land launch sites are disabled.

Just my two cents worth!

Anonymous said...

I will call it 'White Plague'.

Anonymous said...

No need expensive nuclear warheads or nuclear weapons, China CCP cud juz send some Pretty rich Pussies to the POTUS or the Pentagon 5 stars General & declared both r all Abang Adik and rest be assured at least no war for the next few decades or so..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ May 09, 2020 7:25 pm:

"No need expensive nuclear warheads or nuclear weapons, China CCP cud juz send some Pretty rich Pussies to the POTUS or the Pentagon 5 stars General & declared both r all Abang Adik and rest be assured at least no war for the next few decades or so.."

RB, the above looks like Matilah the American running dog has sneaked into your blog?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7.59pm

What if all nations r equip with nuclear weapons, it will be the end of this planet and Humanity once there is a war. Using other methods to allay the situation first, eg diplomacy, spies & agents etc, when all else fail then it's better to take cover (probably underground, or other places or other planets..)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not necessary. Only the evil whites would use nuclear weapons on other human race. They did it to the equally brutal Japanese and have been threatening to use it on other countries, several times wanting to nuke China. They have even developed so called tactical nuclear bombs for smaller area of nuclear fallouts.

Oh they had let the Pacific Islanders in the Marshall Islands to suffer the effect of nuclear radiation by detonating a nuclear bomb in a nearby island to see the effects on human beans. How evil can they be but the silly world still idolise them as gods, compassionate, protectors of human rights and peace loving murderers.

China is the only country that has made known to the world that it would not be the first to use nuclear weapon. It would only use when others use it on China.

Anonymous said...

The whites would only tolerate the Asians/Chinese if they remain as cooks and laundrymen.

The daft Hongkies had lived under the British Empire as second class citizens but are fighting to be second class citizens again. How daft can they be? No pride, no shame of their ethnicity. You are yellow, Chinese, not whites.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong is history. The rich have fled, tourism and related businesses dead, country gone to the dogs, what else is 'fragrant' to outsiders?

China is developing Hainan Island big time instead, and is leaving Hong Kong to fester and rot in its own self inflicted disease.

Anonymous said...

China will just let the stupid Hongkies to do what they please and let it die a natural death. It will become the slum of Asia, congested, over populated, with no natural resources, no real economy and out of this world property prices that no one can afford.

No Chinese tourist or business allowed to go into Hong Kong. Then they can have all the democracy and demonstration and rioting every day.

Anonymous said...

Like Iraq, the Iragis wanted Saddam Hussein out to enjoy democracy under the US. Now most are regretting their decision.

Oh yes, Hongkies will also live to enjoy their democracy. But when jobs are scarce, and life becomes intolerable, let us see how they will continue to love Western idea of freedom, demonstration, destruction, terrorism and anarchy.

There is no turning back for Hong Kong. Regret is going to come too little too late!

Virgo 49 said...

Better don't laugh at HK just like our Leaders on.the wearing of masks.

After that have to back track.

B4 no masks FINE. Now no masks FINED.

China, as the Mother will still have no heart to see her children suffer.

Whereas Sinkieland has no Mountain behind us.

Sink, Kaput!

imho said...

Just beware of anything foreign.
There is no free lunch.
No one is so free to help you.
There is always a motive irregardless of colors.