Idiotic Europeans or plain wicked bastards?

UNITED NATIONS: Britain, Germany, France, Estonia and Belgium raised North Korea's latest missile launches behind closed-doors in the United Nations Security Council on Thursday (Mar 5), condemning the tests as a provocative action in violation of UN resolutions.

North Korea fired two short-range missiles off the east coast into the sea on Monday, resuming testing after a three-month pause, South Korea's military said. The launch was the first since North Korea fired what it called "super-large multiple rocket launchers" on Nov 28.

In a time like this when the whole world is struggling to fight the deadly Covid19, these silly European bastard countries are attacking North Korea for testing short range missiles for the defence of their own country. What have the North Koreans got to do with the Europeans? Why no complaints when the Americans were testing more deadly weapons in the Pacific Ocean and in their home bases?

Would the North Koreans attack the European countries, can the North Koreans do that? Don't be silly. Just because you pretend to be silly, does not mean that the rest of the world is silly. The countries that have bad records of attacking other countries are the Europeans. The North Koreans have been the victims of foreign aggression, not for attacking another country.

Now shut the fuck up and go and do more productive work in trying to fight the Covid19 pandemic, started by the evil Americans. If you still stubbornly think and want to blame China for this, go visit https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.globalresearch.ca/us-cdc-director-admitted-virus-deaths-miscategorized-flu/5706233/amp and listen to the American confession.

Stop bullying the North Koreans and weak countries of the world. The Europeans are the aggressors and have more deadly weapons than the North Koreans. What God damn right should you be owning all the destructive weapons and not the North Koreans?

The killers and murderers of the people of the world are the Europeans and the Americans. And they are still killing the Arabs and Muslims daily, everyday.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the evilless of them all?


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB.

China must do what the North Koreans been doing.

Fired their missles towards the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.

Telling them that we can hit you REAL hard.

Being humble, quiet and meek, they take you as Sick Cats and Paper Tigers.

Sometimes, you need to floor a bully badly that they would NOT dare to bully you anymore.

If the Western World ganged up against the Asians and the Arabs, then they should just ignore their U.N.White Controlled Majority and do not comply with their Resolutions of what's Sanctions against those vulnerable nations or countries in which the Evil Empire UAssA has their Agenda to cripple and kill them for their own interests.

Let the Rest of the Nations just group amongst themselves and also trades amongst themselves.

See who will wither and die faster.

North Korea has to periodically attracted attention in their missles exercises as they were unfairly sanctioned and to them just simply wants to survive in their own rights.

That's the only solution to frighten the monkeys that if you go too far in blocking our survivals, then we are prepared to die also bringing you down together.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

While the Americans and the whites continue to lie and to bully the rest of the world, the rest of the world are watching. The rest of the world are no longer ignorant colonised people.

Russia and Saudi Arabia are killing the American shale oil companies breaking the strangle hold on petrol dollars. With oil prices at present level, and demand for oil almost a trickle, petrol dollar crush will kill the demand for greenbacks and destroy the American economy.

The next move is to work out an alternative to SWIFT, still under American control. As more and more countries turn away from the green back to Yuan settlement, and from SWIFT, the evil Empire will crumble by itself. This invisible virus is going to take down the American war machine without a fight. China's Alipay and cashless payment system using mobile phones will break the stranglehold of SWIFT in the financial system.

Everything is working against the Evil Empire. It is now a matter of when, and the collapse can come swiftly.

Anonymous said...

Rb. As I have always said. Someone need to be sodomized jialat jialat to wake up.

SSO said...

The United States of America should be called the Tripple E's or the Evil Expansionist Empire.

Anonymous said...

If Trump can act erratic, so can Kim.

China ought to play a more robust role and discard their inhibitive posture. This is their century. China cannot suffer another century of humiliation and alienation by the Whites in many fields of science and technology. China can now move along by itself, building on it's well educated engineering and technological manpower base. Isolating China from the space exploration business by the Whites did not dwarf China's foray into space. In fact, they helped China to be even more intent on moving ahead of the pack. It is the same in many other areas.

The US patriot defence missiles have been proven lame ducks against the recent attacks on the Saudi oil installations, even from a not too sophisticated military source, so the Saudis are perhaps having second thoughts, lured by the offer of an alternative defence system by the Russians.

Trump is, in effect, trying to save face by pulling some of those patriot missiles out in case of another embarrassment from another attack, citing the excuse that the Saudi side is not shouldering a fair share of the defence cost. The real reason is he is putting pressure on the Saudis to cut production much more aggressively to help American shale oil businesses, now tottering, with some already closing shop. The low oil price is already putting a strain on the Saudis and cutting more of their production is not feasible. Their relationship is not at all rosy as presumed.

I always thought the Saudis were buying up US treasuries like Thanksgiving day sales, but they were not. Instead it was the Japs doing that. This must be another reason why USA and the Saudis are suspected to be falling out.

Anonymous said...

Is China's cashless payment system using Alipay, free of charges, unlike credit cards? If so, it would be a serious threat to banks that is now reaping off credit card users with fees, exchange rate conversions, late payment interest charges etc.

Whether the system can work elsewhere besides China is another question. You know, anything working against the Western establishment is bound to be demonised, not that it is not better. You have to break their monopoly and stranglehold first.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Saudis have seen through the white lies after being controlled by the devil for so long. They are now working to break away from the clutches of the Evil Empire, working closely with the Russians and Chinese to kill the petrol dollars. After selling their oil, the money must be exchanged for American Treasury toilet papers that the Americans can flush into the sewers at their own convenience if the Saudis refuse to be a good and obedient dog.

The superiority of the American war machine is a lie that has been exposed in many wars. After the assassination of the Iranian general, the counter strike by the Iranians killed many American soldiers and mercenaries which they lied and called contractors. They claimed that no Americans were killed but hid their death tolls.

They even pulled back their strategic bombers from Guam knowing that they would be easy targets for China's DF26s.

The Americans have been lying to the world in so many things. The latest exposure was the lie of landing on the moon. They claimed to have landed on the moon so many times, like so easy to go there, a piece of cake. Now with China landing on the far side of the moon, they panic and wanted to race China to it. They faked all the landings and produced videos that were mostly made in Hollywood. They don't even have a working rocket!

After faking for so long, they could not even fly their astronauts to the Russian International Space Station and bluffed the world that they could fly to the moon and landed on the moon. What a joke!

By the latest 2024 the ISS would have to close down due to expiry of equipment lifespan. And the only space station up there would be China Space Station that would not have room for any fake American astronauts.

Can anyone imagine that going to the moon was like a child play to the Americans but they now claim they have lost the technology and all the records on how to build a rocket to the moon? They could do it with 1960s technology and engineering knowledge but cannot do it today?

This is the biggest White lie of the Century. First man on the moon, so many men and women on the moon, but now lost their way, cannot even go to the space station.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Several countries have already accepted Alipay outside China. They need this to attract rich Communist Chinese tourists. Money is power. Who does not like money?

As more countries start to accept Chinese cashless payment system, many things controlled by the West would go kaput.

Yes, they would try to block it if they can, like blocking Huawei. But what is good, in demand, will have takers.

Anonymous said...

The moon landing story, or video was concocted to prove that they beat the Russians to the moon race. They were so desperate to be ahead of the Russians that they had to produce a Hollywood blockbuster to fool the world, a hoax that they are now trying desperately to protect. All those stories by the astronauts about aliens on the moon warning them not to go there again, are probably to dissuade others from going to the moon, thus exposing their lies.

The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were also thought to be a public relations exercise to prove they are ahead of the Russians in developing a nuclear bomb. It was a test run, in fact, and it worked. Killing millions does not matter to their blood stained hands. It was a credit that they then took for themselves saying that that ended the war.

Virgo 49 said...

Why the bloody Whites and their cronies cannot just have North Korea coexist with the Rest of the World.

What's bullshits human rights that they are abusing?

Their own hypocritical human rights also abusing others.

Their Whites killing their Blacks and other coloured people.

Anonymous said...

So far away we never read about their vile acts in oppressing and bullying the countries in their backyards. They killed, assassinated and interfered with the politics of the Latin American countries at will, ruthlessly that the western media would not dare to report or took it as the normal in the area. Every country there is under their control.

Anonymous said...

USA only talks human rights, not practice it.

Their treatment of the Blacks, imposing sanctions on countries, killing of civilians in the Middle East and touting that as collateral damage, is testament to this.

And to think that they are championing human rights in Hong Kong? Laughable if you believe it.

Anonymous said...

If you believe this:

Trump admin warns LA mayor that extended lockdown is unlawful.

Trump may even make voting illegal.

Did most of us really think Trump will lose in November? He has nothing to lose.

He really has all the power to do as he likes in order to hang on. The prophecy that Trump will be the last President might yet be true. He will become dictator Trump. Laugh at Xi all you like, but maybe the Chinese will have the last laugh.

Virgo 49 said...

The Hongkies are gonna in for a hallowing time of their lives.

USA withdrawing what's nonsense preferential bullshits trade status from them.

To spite China the Hongkies gonna suffered greater damages on top of this Pandemic recession.

China will let them suffered at their own leisure to wake up their ideas.

Shouting that's the End of Freedom for H.K.

China allowed them 50 years of autonomy self rule and they themselves abused it.

So, now blame WHO?

They now get themselves into deep shits between the tugging cold war between USA and China.

Many had migrated even to Matland and willing to be under the Mats.

HK is doomed due to their own reckless fight for freedom and imaginary self rule or under the White Masters.

Anonymous said...

Trump administration discussed conducting first U.S. nuclear test in decades to kill Chinese people - Washington Post

Anonymous said...

Trump’s demonization of China puts U.S. in financial peril - Washington Post

Blaming China for the coronavirus might seem like smart politics, but insulting a creditor when the U.S. is running up a huge debt to stimulate the economy isn’t a good idea.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hong Kong is just a tool of convenience to the Americans to attack and destabilise China. It is just like the so called support for the militant Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang. The Americans love the Uyghur Muslims and fighting and defending their rights.

Turn and look around the Middle East and ask who is the biggest Number One murderer of Muslim Arabs, the Palestinian rights and who is taking their rights away and gave it to the Jews? The evil Americans of course, the haters and bully of Muslims and Arabs. Destroy their peace, steal their oils, kill and maim their people and turning them into refugees.

Americans love Muslims? American are protectors of Muslims, of human rights and freedom? Ask the Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East, in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Morocco, in Iran, Afghanistan etc etc. The Hongkongers really believe the Americans are there to protect their human rights and freedom?

Anonymous said...

When the Americans have pissed off enough countries, they would gang up and dump the US dollars, sell the treasury bonds instead of buying them. They are not doing it yet as they are waiting for the bubble to grow bigger for a bigger bang.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump's administration has discussed holding the first US nuclear test since 1992 as a potential warning to Russia and China, the Washington Post reported on Friday (May 22).

Such a test would be a significant departure from US defence policy and dramatically up the ante for other nuclear-armed nations. One analyst told the newspaper that if it were to go ahead it would be seen as the "starting gun to an unprecedented nuclear arms race". CNA

Nuclear testing is far more dangerous. Why is it ok, taken as normal but NK testing of short range missiles not ok?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Whle Alipay and Wechat pay are starting to gain acceptance overseas, China has launched its version of digital Crypto currency backed by RMB. This would compliment Alipay and Wechat pay and turn China into a cashless society.

The digital crypto currency DCEP could be used internationally and would be the game changer to challenge the US dollar's dominance as the most widely used world currency.

China is pushing ahead with new technology faster and far ahead of the ageing and slowing American Empire., 5G, AI, driverless vehicles, free internet across every corner of the world etc etc

Virgo 49 said...

Frankly, Mr.RB.

This is just UAssA desperate attempt to still want to show their muscles they they are more powerful than other nations.

Chinese Saying for bullies: "Hang Lau Tau" Frightening the children and the meek and timid.

They think that their Nuclear is more superior than others.

Telling the World that you don't listen to us, we will show you our powers.

They think they have, people don't have?

You can land a punch on one but others will also can land theirs on you.

This, just how lian only.

Last desperate resort for the rest to fear them.

Only Paper Tigers.

Anonymous said...

Could China’s Digital Currency Unseat the Dollar?

Imagine that it is 2022 and the United States has received intelligence from the Mossad that Iran is procuring essential components for nuclear weapons and missile programs. U.S. economic sanctions on Iran remain in place, but Iran has shifted much of its international commerce to a new yuan-based system—a Chinese digital currency that allows Tehran to avoid dollar transactions and thus evade U.S. financial institutions. As a result, Iran’s oil sales to China, India, and Europe are up, providing the Iranian regime with critical revenue streams that U.S. authorities cannot monitor. And when Iran decides to move quickly toward the development of nuclear weapons and new medium-range missiles to deliver them, the United States can no longer turn to sanctions as one of its primary means of responding to the threat.

This scenario may seem far-fetched given the long-standing dominance of the dollar. But in late April, China reached a significant milestone: after more than five years of research by its central bank, China became the first major economy to conduct a real-world test of a national digital currency. The pilot project, which is occurring in four large Chinese cities, is a clear sign that China is years ahead of the United States in the development of what is likely to become a central component of a digital world economy.

U.S. policymakers are unprepared for the consequences. The advent of digital currencies will degrade the efficacy of U.S. sanctions, limiting the country’s options to respond to national security threats from Iran, North Korea, Russia, and others. It will also hamper the ability of U.S. authorities to track illicit financial flows. And China, meanwhile, will use the combination of its digital yuan and strong electronic-payment platforms (such as Alipay and WeChat) to expand its influence and reinforce its capacity for economic cooperation in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile North Korea says it is expanding its nuclear deterrence. We are stepping into a free for all nuclear world.

How is it that North Korea, despite decades of US sanctions, can still reach nuclear status and still firing rockets like fireworks?

Iran will be there sooner or later, and one more thorn in the evil empire's side.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The last two obstacles to break the American dominance in the international financial system are the petrol dollar and the SWIFT banking and money transfer system.

The petrol dollar is about to go. The next target will be to by pass SWIFT and the Americans would no longer be able to use it to stop the transfer of funds to and from the sanction countries. And that will be the end of the Evil Empire.