Covid19 will change the world and the domestic politics of Singapore

The most remarkable thing about this Covid19 is to show the world what an air head Donald Trump is and how he and his team fumble and stumble along in this pandemic, wasting precious time doing  nothing useful and confirm their idiocy by becoming the worse hit country in the world, leading by a huge margin on every count, more than a million infected cases and still counting and more than 64,000 death.  These are numbers that would make everyone's mouth gapping wide in awe.

While the world, including the USA were given ample notice of this virus outbreak, starting with China informing WHO on 31 Dec 19 and giving the world the virus genome in early January 20, the USA, the leading power in the world, stood still, doing nothing about it other than sneering at the information and treating it lightly like a hoax. When China informed the world, the Americans must be telling themselves it must be a joke as the number of cases were hardly anything worthy of taking notice. It was a Chinese domestic epidemic at worse or China crying wolf to cause fear in the world.

The USA missed the opportunity to show world leadership, to treat the epidemic that eventually a pandemic, to coordinate a joint effort to deal with this crisis. More than two months were wasted and now the USA stood up like a sore thumb, glowing red and swollen beyond recognition and the only thing it could do, or thought the wisest thing, is to look for scapegoats for its own blunders.

The Americans have shown the world its inability to lead and its inability to rise up to tackle a crisis like this covid19.  Everything that happened in the USA, in its response to control and contain this problem is at best ludicrous. It is incompetence everywhere and all Trump was/is doing is to lie and lie about how wonderful he and his clowns have done. Now is May and many of the medical professionals are still crying for help for medical equipment and testings for the virus that Trump said already solved, no problem.  Bill Gates even had to call out that the testings done in the US are bogus testings.

The Americans have done absolutely nothing for any country in this whole pandemic. Nothing, zero, zilch. Oops, they did a lot in stirring shit, sowing discords, blaming others, trying to start a fight, demonishing China in every opportunity until they forgot that their homeland is under attack and on fire.  Oh, they also indulged in modern day piracy. The whole world is watching how reckless, irresponsible and evil the Americans are.

On the other hand, China seized the bull by the horns, took swift and tough actions to lockdown and contain the problem from spreading all over China. If China had reacted like the Americans, the numbers would be quite frightening given its huge population and at a time when every Chinese was returning home for a family reunion. The infected rate and death toll would be unimaginable.

After putting this epidemic under control, China quietly went about helping every country with medical supplies, medical aid, expertise and medical personnel in the best way it could.  Many countries were very grateful to what the Chinese were doing but the ugly and mischievous Americans, instead of fighting this crisis in their homeland, had the luxury to politicise the pandemic and to smear China with all the negativities for everything China was doing to help the affected countries.

While China stood out as a silent benefactor to many countries, the Americans did nothing other than bahaving like pirates, stealing medical supplies from its allies for their own selfish use. Between the two superpowers, one was doing its best to help, the other was uttering rubbish and spreading its negative and destructive energy that were anything but being helpful. Covid19 has shown the world the ugliness of an inept and notorious shit stirrer in the Americans, no positive contribution except hot air and mishandling the crisis back home, leading to more American death in two months than the death of Americans in the 20 year Vietnam war.

Covid19 has shown the declining fortune of a has been Empire, hapless and clueless as to what this pandemic was all about but still has the energy to sow discord and ferment suspicion among countries.  This is exactly what a dying Empire in its last days is supposed to behave, making empty noises but doing nothing useful, incapable to doing anything useful in a crisis and still bragging about how well it has done to deal with this pandemic, in helping other countries. Which country did the Americans helped?

Where were you Americans, when your presence was sorely needed to lead the world in this world pandemic? The world post Covid19 will bade farewell to the dying American Empire and good riddance.  China will quietly do what it has to do and quietly taken over the role of world leader when the dust settles. The lack of positive leadership in the Americans is all there for the world to see, totally clueless and with a congenital liar clown in charge.  What a disappointment.

How would this Covid19 put the PAP leadership in the eyes of the Singaporeans? They were put to test in a crucial time when they were planning for an early GE after throwing out a series of goodies and thinking of reaping the rewards they were expecting. Now the GE is also in doubt, maybe a non starter. Would the PAP leadership pour accolades on themselves like Trump and his team for a job well done and go ahead with the GE? What is their own assessment of their performance, and what is the assessment of the Singaporeans?

If they is a GE, it will be a referendum on the ability of the PAP in tackling this crisis.  Good or bad, it will be reflected in the results. PAP will be judged by the people for sure.


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. If I not wrong, they having a Parliamentary Meeting this coming week. Passed a bill that Parliamentary Meetings not necessarily in Parliament House. From there dissolve Parliament.

Easing some restrictions to cajole the masses. Allowing home food businessess as greatly affected many Muslims Households who made incomes from their Hari Raya.

School holidays brought forward to May. Don't be surprised that GE will be thrown in as now best opportune to time to be re-elected.

Why some PAP MPs making secret rounds in their constiutuces giving masks. Especially those thrown in the SMCs? Those first term ones in by the cloak tails last GE.
They can be sacrificed.

Sinkies knew recession on the cards. So Best bets still Papies.

Even Oppo Parties having their members scandals.

Still disunited and having same mentality Sinkies I smarter than you arrogance.

All wanted to be Indian Chiefs but no capabilities.

So, it be a quick and PAP Parliament again.

Anonymous said...

The epic failure of the PAP 4G elites in their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Singapore's confirmed cases at more than 17,000 and moving up to 26th spot on the Johns Hopkins global index, is precipitating a crisis of confidence in the elites and calls for a re-configuration of all PAP's policies.

Anonymous said...

Hi V49 921am. Good morning.

Yes! PAP smelly smelly at least 79.9% at the next GE!

A and H will return to pap!


Anonymous said...

The corona virus under the microscope seems to have a face!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah the Pendamemic Against People party will sure win tis coming erection lah. Why? Majority SingaporeLang r kiasi, kiasu & KiaChengHu, they can kpkb now but when erection comes majority will cast their votes to the whites lightning peoples no doubt about, most viewed oppo useless can't do anything can't dispense monies in time of need. Worse, most r selfish lots trying to gain in this CB period. In the end is still status quo bziness as usual with some calibrated restrictions till an antidote is discovered. SingsporeLang, aiyah me chiem sim, stupidity is no beyond cure for them lio.

Anonymous said...

The parrot still parroting it's limited vocabulary!

imho said...

PAP will win one lah.
Its giving so much money away making people happy.
Many sure will vote pap.

Anonymous said...

American still cannot escape from the 'feel good' falsehoods, despite the dire straits they are in.

'Drain the swamp' they chorused, but it looks like the swamp is even more swampy and stinky.

'Build the wall, and Mexico will pay for it' they cheered and clapped, but who is now paying for the wall?

'Bring the jobs back from China' they commented all the time on social media, but the jobs are all going to Vietnam, India, and anywhere but the USA. In fact all the jobs created during Trump's tenure have all but been wiped out. Trump has no more bragging rights come November. Sadly, the Democrats have another dim wit pitted against him, so come November, the world may have to endure another four more years of that rabid dog.

'Relocate US factories back home' they demanded. Perhaps they are thinking that moving manufacturing home is as simple as building factories with Lego Bricks. Does the US have the necessary manpower to cope with manufacturing and will the people accept wage levels that are multiple times that of China? How are their products going to compete against China and Vietnam? For home consumption maybe, but US citizens are going to pay a hand and a leg for their purchases. The US manufacturing base anyway had all gone for good.

The US has been shown to be unable to cope with a crisis like the coronavirus. Mentally, logistically, politically and has lost all it's moral authority as a world leader in dealing with a major global crisis.

It's days are numbered. It will, of course, survive as any country would, but no longer the country to turn to when oil and the US$ hegemony comes to an end.

Anonymous said...

Looks like many US prisons are infected. One such prison had 80% infection.

Are they purposely going to let those prisoners die? So much for the global human rights mouthpiece.

Anonymous said...

Ironically this virus & recession will boost PAPpy votes. Previously they may get 70% again. Now 80% is easily obtainable, just like immediately after 9/11. My estimate of GE is for Sep school holiday.

SSO said...

USA Under Trump Today:

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway sold ALL its stakes in the four largest US airlines in April, chairman Warren Buffett said on Saturday (May 2) at the company's annual meeting, saying "the world has changed" for the aviation industry.

In Dec 2019, the company had held the following positions in the four US Airlines:

1. 11% of Delta Air Lines,

2. 10% of American Airlines,

3. 10% of Southwest Airlines and

4. 9% of United Airlines.

Warren Buffett said that times have changed for the airline industry.

Since Singapore likes to follow the lead of the US, it is likely that SIA and other smaller airlines in Singapore may also change their fortune going forward?

Anonymous said...

No cannot.
Die, die we must invest billions of dollars more into SIA.

Die, die, we must complete building Terminal 5 at Changi Airport.
Terminal 5 ... scheduled to be an even bigger white elephant than Sports Hub.

Virgo 49 said...

Too many Airport Terminals now.

Aviation industry will take at least another five to ten years to pick up.

Most Countries KAPUT liao with the World's recession and depression.

Travel industries in doldrums now.

Those who wore jackets, ties and work in clean and high class environment gonna eat grass liao.

Only labourers wearing singles and ate our food under container platform trailers like us who previously and now worked in the dirty port areas will still have some scraps on the tables.

Thus, this God or Heavens send virus turned the whole world upside down.

Those who used to enjoy their past luxurious lifestyles in air cond comforts will now be reversed to eating grass.

Whereas, those who suffered and have low paying labourers wages under hot sun like malays and Indians will still have some food on the tables. They contributed to the Nation's economy on the quiet with fanfare and pompous.

Thus, men prosposes and heaven disposes.

Now roles reversal. So those now in cushy and comfortable high wages jobs need to learn a painful lesson and must be humble and have empathy for their less endowed fellow men.

Anonymous said...

This pandemic in Singapore will hopefully change the way Singaporeans as a whole treat the the domestic helpers and the cheap foreign imported labourers. There should be maximum working hours for the domestic helpers with ample rest hours throughout the day. For the cheap foreign workers better working conditions, better pay and improved housing. Safer transportation to and from work is a must, and not like the current "cattle truck" mode of travel. If your school children require seat belts in school buses, why not for the cheap foreign workers? Their lives are also precious to their loved ones in their home countries. Think about this Singaporeans, let your conscience tell you what is right and what is wrong.

jjgg said...

Wonder what SIA price will be tmr.. wonder how many more billions will be spent propping it up..wonder how many more terminals will be closed..wonder whether all the retailers in the terminals will go bust..wonder whether SIA financing hedging n method of buying planes will ever be called into question..so many wondering!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One thing that would happen to aircraft, like oil, no demand, no takers. SIA could pick up aircraft for a song, fire sales. The caveat is that would there be any demand for air travel in the next few years when the virus is still everywhere and every country would still be imposing restrictions on travellers and aircraft seating capacity would be halved or less with social distancing inside the planes?

Maybe SIA can sell all their existing fleet of aircraft for a song and buy a completely brand new fleet also for a song. But be careful, no Boeing 737s.

SSO said...

I wonder how much more money the ministers will increase their salaries and bonuses and benefits and reward?

I wonder how much more the PM's wife will post in her Facebook during office hours and using office computer and internet services?

I wonder how many fat-ass chia-liao-bee part-time MPs will be voted into pa-lee-men and then absent themselves when pa-lee-men is in session?

I wonder how much more taxes will the easy-way-out Money-Face Millionaire Ministera increase our taxe

I wonder how long more the general commoners have to suffer in silence, without any avenue of venting their frustrations and great disagreements and let-downs by their MPs and Millionaire Minister

I wonder how many more millions of foreigners the PAP Government will be importing to take away our jobs uber the guise of creating jobs for us? The government creates 10 jobs, foreigners given 9 jobs and 1 job is given to us. That is the meaning of creating jobs for us? I wonder.

I love to go a wondering
In the wee hours of night.
And as I go I love to bring
A big knapsack on my being.
Vera ree, Vera la, Vera see
Vera knapsack on my being......

SSO said...

Russians Are Following The Footsteps Of Americans?

Moscow: Russia has reported 10,633 new confirmed COVID-19 infections in the last 24 hours. This is the highest daily rise since the outbreak began in the country in February.

Russia's total number of COVID-19 cases is now 134,686. This is 7th position in the world.

But Russia's mortality rate remains low relative to other countries, such as the US, Italy and Spain.

Another 58 deaths due to COVID-19 were added, bringing the total to 1,280 in Russia.

Moscow, like New York, has become Russia's epicentre of the highly contagious disease. It has been hit particularly hard by the virus, leaving its healthcare system In a state of almost collapsing.

Is Russia playing catch-up with USA? Looks like it is.

SSO said...

Evil Trump Is Bullying China For His Own Personal Presidential Campaign.

Trump on Thursday threatened new tariffs on Beijing as his administration crafts retaliatory measures over the origin of the pandemic which has swept through the U.S. and crippled its economy.

Trump also suggested that the long-awaited phase one trade deal signed between the two nations in January was now of secondary importance.

Anonymous said...

COVID-19 Pandemic Latest Brief:

UK provides 76,496 tests in 24 hours, a figure short of the 100,000 daily target

Hospital admissions are past their peak, particularly in London.

Businesses could be asked to stagger employees' working hours when the UK lockdown eases.

Russia records its highest daily rise in coronavirus cases with 10,633 new cases, now in 7th place of the coronavirus race.

Churches in Germany are open for Sunday services for the first time since the lockdown began last month.

Mosques in Iran, closed since mid-March, are to be opened in some cities from Monday.

People are falsely testing positive for a second time due to dead lung cells, says WHO expert.

US wants to impose sanctions and trade tariffs on China because of the coronavirus, though there is no evidence that it originated from Wuhan’s lab, while there are indications that it came from a US biological warfare research lab by accident or by mistake in September 2019 or before.

Singapore is now moving up to the top place for the most infected per million population. That is quite a great achievement within a very short period of one month. The coronavirus just loves to outsmart the smart technocrats?

Anonymous said...

Trump now says the trade war is no longer important.

Did he win or lose the trade war?

Trade wars are easy to win was what he said. That was two years ago.

Now he wants more tariffs on China, to be paid by US consumers, who are awfully clueless about who is footing the bill.

China is not paying! Mexico is not paying! Who is paying?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

– Japan set to extend virus emergency –
Japan’s government prepared to extend its nationwide state of emergency to the end of May as it braced for a lengthy battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared an initial month-long state of emergency for Tokyo and six other regions on April 7, later expanding it to cover the entire country.

It is to expire on Wednesday, but Abe is expected to announce an extension to May 31 after a panel advising the government approved the plan.

Above report of Japan in theindependent.sg. Similary reports also appeared in the main media. Why no one dares or bothers to report about the number of cases infected, how many deaths?