Covid19 - What the evil Americans want you to believe

There was only 1 case of infection in early March and in less than 3 months this one case of infection spread across the whole American continent to infect more than 1.4m Americans, and the number is believed to be much more, as much as 20m! This is what the Americans want the world to believe, that their infection cases were imported, not indigenous. And China is to be blamed for spreading the virus to Europe and then to the USA. And this one case could even infect American soldiers in their warship, in aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines out in the Pacific Ocean.

Does anyone have any doubt that this is unlikely to be the truth?

The lie that the Americans want the world to believe is that China did not control the spread of this virus and allowed it to spread all over the world. If this is true, the neighbouring states of China would be the worse affected as the virus were likely to hit them first and spread widely. If this is true, that China could not contain the spread of the virus, the whole of China would be infected with this virus. If neighbouring countries of China are not badly affected, how is it that the virus took a big leap towards Europe and then America? Is this not strange, unusual and illogical?

The facts, other than Wuhan and Hubei province, most parts of China were not affected, there was no spread in China. It is also a fact that neighbouring countries of China where many Chinese traveled to were hardly affected. Even Hong Kong and Macau were practically free of the virus. And Taiwan too has very few infection. How to explain this phenomenon if China failed to contain the spread of the virus? Are these not obvious that the virus was well controlled and contained in China and very few cases did leak out of China.

Then how to explain the widespread of the virus in Europe and the USA? One high possibility, the virus were already very widespread in the USA and Europe. And once they started to test for it, the cases simply got detected and confirmed. This is the main reason why till today Trump is refusing to test the Americans in a big way, better not to test. The virus was already in Europe and the USA long before it was planted in China. The Americans knew about it and deliberately kept quiet about it, sneaked the virus into Wuhan, China and blamed it as the source.

Would WHO demand an explanation, or conduct an investigation into the leaks in Fort Detrick and do posthumous testing on the thousands of Americans that were certified to die from common flu and pneumonia in the months immediately after the closure of Fort Detrick, several months before the outbreak in Wuhan?

Would the New York state provide the data of their antibody test conducted and investigate how far back were the infections of those Americans tested positive of the virus? There is nothing to hide if those Americans that died before the first case in Wuhan did die from common flu or pneumonia. The Americans must come clean and be transparent and cooperate with the WHO on these investigations. Stop being the biggest liar and asking China to be transparent.

The likelihood that the virus originated from the USA, spread across to Europe long before it was inserted into Wuhan is very high. It is near impossible for 1 case in March to spread to 1.4m cases in less than 3 months.  It is not possible for the American soldiers in nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers and warships out in the Pacific Ocean to be simultaneously infected by this virus in the US mainland unless the virus was already there many months earlier.

How did one case in New York spread across the American continent to so many states and counties and nursing homes and prisons and meat production plants in less than a month?

The facts are telling the world that the virus was in American and European soil much earlier than in Wuhan, China. Blaming China as the source of this virus just does not make sense, a diversion tactic clear for all to see. The two strains, one in China and the other in Europe and the USA were different with the latter much more deadlier.

WHO must conduct an investigation into the link between Fort Detrick and this pandemic. The allegation that Wuhan is the source is too obvious to be believeable, that it was a false flag incident. The fact that the Americans are desperately pointing the finger at China is a clear cut case of diverting the attention from the real source in Fort Detrick, to mislead the world that it was from Wuhan, China.

WHO should also investigate the contingent of American soldiers that participated in the World Military Games in Wuhan just before the virus breakout. The soldiers must be made available for investigation on their activities in Wuhan.  The US must also provide their medical records for analysis. Failure to comply is proof that the US is hiding their crimes.


Virgo 49 said...

Now most of the World's Leaders in their incompetence to handle that pesky pest virus began to start blame games that the victims die of other underling medical conditions.
Including our Son of A Gun.

Now more cases due to more testings and NOT due to the spread.

Not due to the Spread? Then how come the figures comes to hundreds and thousands? These not due to the Spreads? ??

Pompei now twisted his words that he and Dotard TRUMP is not sure that the virus is from the Wuhan Biological Lab but insisted that it still comes from China but by WHOM and WHERE he cannot confirm.

This brainless fumbling and mumbling idiot is killing themsleves when he said this.

By WHOM and WHERE, he is NOT too sure. He is pointing fingers and casting aspersions that they may be the culprits if he put it this way.

Meaning could be them and letting out their foxes tails.

The MORE they lied, the MORE they cornered themselves.

SSO said...

COVID-19 Not Originated In Wuhan But In The USA in September 2019

In a recent paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, Peter Forster, a fellow in archaeological research at Cambridge, said he found three main strains of the virus, labeled as A, B and C.

The A and C types are found in significant proportions outside East Asia, that is, in Europeans and Americans. In contrast, the B type is the most common type in East Asia.

The A strain was the founding variant because it was the version most similar to the type of SARS-Cov-2 discovered in bats, but it wasn't the predominant type in Wuhan, according to his research.

Of 23 samples that came from Wuhan, only three were type A, the rest were type B, a version two mutations from A.

His research also found that the coronavirus may have been circulating among humans and animals earlier than previously believed, based on an analysis of the mutation rate.

He found that there is a 95 percent chance that the original successful spread of the virus may have started as early as Sept 13, 2019. COVID-19 was first reported in Wuhan in December.

Link to the study: https://www.pnas.org/content/117/17/9241

Anonymous said...

I think someone needed to be sodomized jialat jialat to tell the truth

Anonymous said...

How can you sodomize the leader of our sovereign wealth fund?

Anonymous said...

Could be an infected American auditor went to Wuhan in Nov/Dec to audit some US company books and brought the virus to Wuhan.

Anonymous said...

have to blame china else they will become to powerful and bossy.

Anonymous said...

The whole plan was for the whole of China to be infected.

Not part of the plan was for China to be able to bring all the medical expertise, logistics and supporting resources nationwide, to converge in Wuhan to initiate a monumental effort to contain the virus and initiate a lockdown of the epicentre of the outbreak. All these on the eve of Chinese New Year, when most people were at home for reunion dinners. The worst possible timing for such an emergency. And to add insult to injury even control the outbreak.

Matters not if the virus comes from bats native to China or USA, but probably introduced into China via the fake USA military games athletes. Then conveniently put all the blame on the bats from China. All the necessary conspiracy tools are readily available there in Wuhan, to produce a Hollywood style blockbuster.

How could those athletes performed so badly at the military games, when the USA boasts of having the best and most well trained soldiers that are no pussies? They have all been around the world fighting fit and probably have been battling terrorist in jungles, deserts and concrete jungles. And they became tamed pussies competing against soldiers considered under par from third world countries? Does not add up.

So, blaming China is the last gasp effort to salvage the situation. Why not? Even their own election outcome is an occasion to blame any country that happens to be at loggerheads, Russia in 2016 and China undoubtedly in 2020. Already the Toddler-in-Chief in the White House has voiced accusations against China for wanting to see him defeated in November.

For the United Snakes of America, nothing is too unconscionable to lie, cheat and steal that may lead to war and rampage. Nothing pricks their conscience even with decisions that amounts to genocide against it's own citizens.

Virgo 49 said...

UassA is too powerful and bossy for so many deacdes.

Now, it's China and the Chinese to be powerful and boosy to you.

So that you learn lessons to be humble like us Chinese who are all the while been maganimous and humble to all except our own kind.

Anonymous said...

China's leadership would be mishandling its standoff with USA if it fails to increase its stockpile of nuclear warheads severalfold, just as the US mishandled the pandemic when it fails to increase its stockpile of masks and ventilators severalfold.

Anonymous said...

Much of the USA defence budget is siphoned towards increasing its nuclear arsenal. Why they are unilaterally pulling out of it's treaty with Russia to limit it's nuclear arsenal, is all geared towards it's aim of unlimited escalation of it's nuclear proliferation programme.

Russia already realised the reasons the US does not want to renew the treaty. And I believe the Russians are well aware of the need for them to make accommodation for that. Russia is not the main target now for US demonization.

China is not a signatory to those limitation treaties, in view of it's small nuclear arsenal, so China should have, by observation of US behaviour, taken steps to enhance their nuclear programme.

China has the ability to fast track their programme to catch up, knowing their capabilities for undertaking massive projects, fast and steadfast to fruition. But they should keep their cards close to their chest in order not to evoke massive bouts of accusations of being a threat to world peace.

Anonymous said...

The US would never provide or open up whatever that can indict them. That is a pipe dream to think they will do that for those trying to investigate Fort Detrick. They may even get rid of witnesses to prevent them from testifying.

Virgo 49 said...

Already at the brink of bankruptcy and yet wanted to have a What's Space Force to be one step ahead of others so that they can threaten them into submission and obeying them.

Bullshits landing on Moon and even redundant all these years still unable to even land on the side of the moon wanted to have a What's Space Force Military's domination.

Let them spend and waste their wealth on these and the rest just simply aim their missles and bring them down.

Construction in years and destruction in just seconds and mins.

Still want to print MORE MONIES and try excuses to sanction China and renege their debts?

Real chow kars bastards.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans are the greatest liars on earth. The WMD and the bombing of the Twin Towers were all lies to invade other countries.

The greatest lie or hoax of the century is the moon landing. They claimed to have landed on the moon at least 7 times and the whole world were taken in by this sophisticated lie. They created all the images and material to lie to the world that they really landed on the moon. It was so easy and so many American astronauts had been to the moon.

Today the lie is no longer holding when they admitted that they could not go to the moon again. How could that be when it was so easy then in the late 60s and 70s. It was just like another ride on an aircraft to the moon.

With the advances in science and technology, the Americans confessed that they could not go to the moon but wanted to with China racing ahead of them by landing a vehicle on the far side of the moon. Now they panic and wanted to rejoin the race that they faked to have won.

Their inability to fly even to the International Space Station that is only a fraction of the distance to the moon exposed their lie clearly to the world.

Armstrong was the first man on the moon, oops on the California desert created by Hollywood?

They lied to greatness with this hoax of the century.

Anonymous said...

Pompeo now backing away from his theory that the virus came from the lab in Wuhan. He lied all along. With his enormous amount of evidence that he claims to have, why is he backtracking?

And that 'Liar in Chief' of the White House claims he has seen all the evidence as well. This professional habitual liar seems to know everything, but cannot produce one shred of evidence and runs away when confronted to produce the evidence.

He claims to know a lot of things that others do not know, but what others know and he should also know, like the danger of the coronavirus outbreak, he suddenly becomes the last to know. While other leaders were making preparations to contain the virus, he was golfing, rallying and spouting nonsense about the virus being a hoax, will go away by April like magic, everything under control and confusing everyone with atrocious claims of cures that boggles the mind.

Any investigation called by the global community must start at Fort Detrick, not Wuhan.

SSO said...

Countering The Evil US's Aggression And Nuclear Threats

The world today is no more the same as four years ago. With the US leaders bent on attacking China on all fronts of human endeavors, the message is loud and clear: "War is inevitable!"

To continue enjoying peace, progress and prosperity, China must strive to have a strong, unshakable and unmistakable nuclear deterrent capability AT ALL COSTS and on an urgent basis (within 10 years).

1. She must increase her nuclear arsenal in terms of quality, quantity and quantum leap, in order to serve as an effective and unmistakable deterrent.

2. The delivery systems must include stealth, speed and multiple targets in one go, covering long-range, medium range, short-range and close-range tactical nuclear ballistics (to support the ground, air, sea and cyberspace forces).

3. There must also be Plan B and Plan C, in case deterrent failed.

4. The aim must be to destroy the main US nuclear installations and deployments, if not all the US military bases, both on land and in the sea.

5. Simultaneously, China must develop the capability to destroy US Command, Control and Communications installations and facilities on land, sea, air and space (satellites).

6. Though China has vowed not to be the first to use nuclear weapons, China must be prepared, ready and willing to launch PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKES if the situation warrants it. In war, there is no such thing as self-limitations. All Options must be on the table!

In any case, the US has already been the first to use nuclear weapons in 1945, on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, albeit the atomic version. So, China can never be the first to use nuclear weapons any more.

Anonymous said...

One lie that China should tell the USA: "We don't nuke first."

Anonymous said...

Social distancing by Foreign Workers at the Singapore Expo:


Ah Loong !!!
What happened ???

SSO said...

"We don't nuke first" is not a deterrent. It is foolishness.

The US has already deployed it's most lethal Naval Nuclear Forces in the South China Sea, bringing them closer to China's doorstep.

China must tell the Evil US's Mafia Gangster Chief, in no uncertain terms,

"Any indication that US Nuclear Forces in the South China Sea, South Korea, Japan or anywhere close to China, are going to use Nuclear Weapons against China and/or Chinese people, China will launch all her nuclear weapons onto Continental USA without warning!"

That is real DETERRENT concept.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 'we don't nuke first' sounds weak. Since survival in a nuclear war is not certain, just a few precision hits on a few nuclear power plants will put the US on it's knees. If it does reach the stage of total extinction of humans, so be it.

Kim Jong Un had little firepower by way of comparison to the US, but the US knows Kim is prepared to lose all by retaliating. And Russia and China will not just stand idly by and watch. The Korean and Vietnam war showed their resolve.

The Iranians are even more aggressive hardball players and the US knows if Iran goes nuclear, the US will have a hard time. The Persians are well know warriors in olden history. They will fight to the last. They retaliate, as recent events have shown.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

American nuclear weapons are in Japan and S Korea. In the SC Sea will be in their submarines and warships. All these are first strike targets of China and Russian. All 3 know that there would be no winners except losers in a nuclear war. Even a limited war can easily escalated into a nuclear war. Thus war between the nuclear powers is a no go.

However, the irresponsible and reckless Americans are flirting with such a war thinking they could avoid an all out nuclear war. A flash point is in the SC Sea when the provocation could lead to a misstep on either side and boom it goes.

It is a matter of time before China is provoke to a point when it would have to sink one or two of these gangsters in the sea. Very likely the first warship to be sunk by China in the SC Sea would be an Australian or Canadian ship. These are two unthinking silly white brats that think with America behind them China would not hit.

China is waiting for an opportune moment to take down one of these warship to avenge the attack on its Belgrade Embassy and they would start it off with a lesser power like Australian or Canadian.

Just wait for this to happen. Remember how China forced down an American recon plane to land in Hainan and broke it up into pieces before returning it to the Americans?

Virgo 49 said...

Canadian Armed Forces water guns only.

Display air shows also crashed.

China no fears of them.

Take them guinea pig for training.


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, why O why are you so anti-United States of America? Live and let live lah. Take it easy. Reduce you blood pressure. China is not squeaky clean, so have a more balance view. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

To be neutral between USA and China is NOT a balanced view given that the US is so very evil and called the GREAT SATAN by Muslims!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, why O why are you so anti-United States of America? Live and let live lah. Take it easy. Reduce you blood pressure. China is not squeaky clean, so have a more balance view. Stay safe.
May 18, 2020 9:29 pm

Before I answer you, tell me your ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

RB, that running dog must be a Dalmatian. Probably MATILAH in disguise.

Virgo 49 said...


Those WHO preached Live and Let live will NOT let you live.

Those who preached when slapped on the left plesse also give your right will also slap you on your right.

It's just their bullshits antic to lull you into being maganimous so that they can screw you right and proper

The meek shall NOT inherited the Earth, they will be bullied and annihilated.

So, China trying to be meek and be maganimous to the world just because of been accused and lied to be an Dictatorial and Communist Nation should kicked some arses of killing the chickens to frighten the monkeys.

It's just like bringing down a bully by a meek person that strikes fears that he is not meek to be bullied anymore.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi, whether he is a dog or a devil, I will only engage him if I know who he is. There is no point wasting my time with a person that would not even dare to tell me who he is.

Hideous characters are best to be left in the dark corners as they cannot see daylight.

Anonymous said...

China is not squeaky clean. Name me one country that is squeaky clean.

Even the Vatican is not squeaky clean. Are every member of your family squeaky clean? What does being squeaky clean or not have to do with who to like or dislike?

Is the USA squeaky clean? It is the most evil, dirtiest, immoral country in the world. By comparison, did China do regime changes, false flag operations, invade countries by manufacturing fake evidence to seize their assets, used atomic bombs on another country and used biological/chemical weapons to destroy another country's ecological landscape?

These are valid reasons to hate the USA. Decades of propaganda about the evils of Islam cannot be compared to what evils the USA itself has done to Muslims and those countries that condemned their evil actions all over the world. After the cold war and breakup of Russia, the bogeyman of the evil empire, they created 911 to shift the bogeyman image to the Middle East and Islamic threat. Now, China is the new bogeyman.