Covid19 - The inept of the USA and UK is a laughable, unbelieveable

We have seen how the Trump Administration fumbles and tumbles through this pandemic and showing the world that it was run buy a bunch of clowns headed by the biggest clown of all times. The number of infections and deaths are all for the world to see, from 1 case to nearly 1.5m to date and more than 80,000 dead and still climbing. No country can ever catch up with the USA.

Britain is next on the list, though it started a bit later but is fast catching up to be the two most affected countries in the world. Their failures to provide for all the basic and essential medical equipment and PPEs is not funny at all as their health care workers are dying while trying to save the sick. How could this be, did not have enough and proper equipment for healthcare providers is a sin, a criminal act, a disgraceful act of incompetence.

Though they bragged about their national stockpiles but when needed, many of the stocks have already passed their use by dates, expired, unuseable. And no one bothers to upkeep and check on these stocks and replenish them when required.  This is like the American nuclear arsenal, many would not work should the fire button be pressed due to ageing and lack of maintenance, old expired stocks.

Then there is the lack of test kits. They do not have test kits and went on a match scramble to acquire them. And when they ramped up their production capacity, most of the test kits are unworkable, faulty, unrealiable. My God these are two of the most advanced nations on earth and everyday laughing at developing countries like China for being backward and still have to beg China to sell them the needed test kits.

Until today they are still under testing their people for lack of test kits. Can you believe that? And in the case of the USA, without proper testing and a sizeable number of tests, they are opening up their economy and risk a bigger spread of the disease. Economy more important than the lives of Americans.

There are more to the test kits than just test kits.  All test kits are different and some work, some work with 95% accuracy, some 80% or less. Anything less than 90% accuracy is as good as useless. The American's version of rapid testing is failing for low accuracy. They dare not talk about it.

Having test kits is not the solution. The procedure to test is vital for it to be effective. The testers must be trained to take the sample for testing and the test must be done asap. It is a joke in the USA to do a test and wait for more than 10 days to know the result.What is the point? Even 2 days is too long. In fact after a test the same subject could be infected in the next few hours or days when exposed, or already exposed but not yet enough virus to pass the test.

Today there is another report of the incompetence of the Brits when one of their testing facilities failed to deliver. They sent 50,000 test kits to the US for assessment. How long would it take to do that, how many days before the subjects be finally informed of the results? This is an ex Empire and doing such basic testing in such a clumsy way and sending test kits to the most inept country, the USA for validation? Unbelieveable that these supposedly advanced countries are so amatuerish in handling a straight forward procedure as testing.

And while they failed miserably in testing, which they thought would be enough, they failed again miserably in contact tracing. No need to hazard a guess.  The sheer volume of people testing possitive daily would mean they need an army of people to do contact tracing, which they did not have, did not bother to have. So, what is the point of testing? What is testing for if contact tracing is ignored? And quarantine is hardly heard of other then staying at home.  If they were to provide for quarantine facilities like what Singapore did, can't imaging what kind of space they need to cater for the hundreds of thousands needed to be quarantined.

So much said and so much bragging but exposing a bunch of incompetents and clowns. Come to Singapore and learn how to do it the right way. Do not feel inferior when talking to our super talented million dollar ministers. They are the best money can buy. Oops, we also have a few hitches here and there but not for lack of test kits, lack of contact tracing personnel, but, well....Our foreign worker infection rate is an exception to the rule. Not counted. Nevermind if recovered patients can still be reinfected. Nevermind when asymtomatical cases can still infect.

The most important thing to note is that community spread is well under control and we can even be thinking of having a General Election very soon, I think. Where got community spread? The 20,000 plus infected foreign workers are all in dormitories, kept out from the community. Very safe.

Ok, don't laugh. I mean don't laugh at the Americans and Brits. Just praise them for doing so well, especially the Americans, they have prevailed as the number One most Covid19 cases, dead or alive.


Virgo 49 said...

In Real Disasters and Crises, then you will see the true colours and smell their true odours of their incompetence which all the while STUPID natives been believing that they are the World'd most intelligent and capable people.

All the while, these White Pirates, Mafias and Gangsters gang raped the World with their plunderings, conquests of other nations and looted all their spoils and also as worked donkeys for them.

Now, the reversal is turning into realities but yet still many numb skulled imbeciles natives still believe in them.

They still commemorating what's World Wars Heros and Veterans which they are the source of these scourges as created by them.

Only useless beans born to be destructive will joined the uniforms services just to maim and kill others. Thinking they are Heros.

The PRCs PLA and their forces are different that they are been used in civil disasters and indoctrinated to fight for their Motherland in the aggression by others.

NOT to intimidate and attack others just to dominate and control them.

Now the Japs are also following the Americunts and their cronies.

CHINA must give them lessons they will never forget in the case they try to meddle with them.

The DMZ in the Korean Peninsula is been watched by the dozens of not their business White nations war mongering Nations that divided the Korean People.

Letting their own kins of blood and flesh separated by outsiders.

Stupidity sure no cure.

They should kicked them out and not paying protection monies to these useless beans GANGSTERs for doing nothing but just watching the sceneries.

Anonymous said...

The stupid South Koreans everyday boasting about how powerful and superior they are over their Northern brothers. But when the Americans said pay up or they will pull out, they wet their pants and quietly pay whatever the Americans demanded.

Virgo 49 said...

Being influenced by the Americunts, they had adopted their decadence capitalists life styles.

Once lock down reopened, rushes to clubs, bars and discos and start spreading the virus again.

Theirs with so many sucidies all the time and stressful lifestyles and they think they are better off than their North Korean bros and cousins.

Handsome Kim will be laughing at their follies and they started calling them commies.

At least, China and North Korea as been labelled as Commies are trying to built a better life for their people.

Capitalism has failed full time.
Yet, the dafts still cling to them.

See millions of Americunts and South Koreans homeless and destitudes instead of the commies.

In India, open up straight away drink liquor. My God no food never mind. Liqour first.

Rock and roll mamas.

These are the decadence lifestyles of the West.

Anonymous said...

The 20,000 plus infected foreign workers should be shipped back to India!

Anonymous said...

Bro. Your post may be considered racist in nature so be careful. If not kena invited to Lim kopi then detained and kena sodomized by tuakee jialat jialat then u know

Anonymous said...


You are asking the Donald Sitting Duck Trimp's Evil Empire to learn from Singapore?

You must be joking?

You forgot that in the early days of this CONVICT-19 Pandemonium, the Donald Duck Trumpeted that he advised Singapore leaders how to handle the Pandemonium and that was why Singapore was praised sky-high (but now don't know where to hide their faces) by the WHO and many other western countries?

Singapore leaders had better to and get advice from China. But if too shy or arrogant to do so, then go and seek advice from Vietnam, Hongkong, and Taiwan; or even South Korea and Thailand.

However, I think multi-millionaire ministers will find it below their bloated up (by $$$) artificialised dignity to talk with the lowly-paid generally non-millionaire ministers of those countries.

Therefore, Singaporeans are screwed triple-ways:

1. unable to change government,

2. unable to have a really and truly good government and

3. unable to get good advice from effective leaders elsewhere.

Only scammers and scums like the Evil Empire's Donald Duck the Pussy-Grabbing Trumpeter come aclaiming to give advice uninvitedly.

Anonymous said...

The US cannot afford to stay under shutdown going forward, because it is an open secret that most of the downtrodden have no more than US$400 in their pockets for emergencies. That is the reason the Trump administration is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Not opening means more people will have to rely on soup kitchens for their most basic needs. Not opening also means no income to pay rent and more homeless people will end up on the streets. Opening up now also means more infections, which at present they really do not know how serious it has already become. If opening results in a second wave, they can shout "hallelujah' as loud as they can, to no effect.

As it is, Trump is still opening up more fronts to distract Americans from the real problem of his insidious genocide at home. Now he is picking on the Saudis for not cutting oil production more aggressively, by pulling out his military hardware protecting their oil facilities.

With the oil glut and demand faltering by the day, due to lockdowns all over the world, US oil companies that rely on fracking are in serious trouble. Cheap oil will see many of such companies bite the dust and most of them are big backers of Trump's election campaigns, then and now.

Even if the Saudis do not cut production, the low oil price is already a problem and they need the revenue to sustain their lavish lifestyles. The Saudis are now having to resort to increase taxes to make up for the lost revenue, though the oil sheikhs are still loaded to their eyeballs. And even if the Saudis cut production aggressively, other oil producers who are also in the same dire straits due to the low oil price, may not be in a position to do so. They need in fact to produce more to make up for the low oil price and low revenue. It is a vicious cycle.

Another front opening up by Trump to distract attention is the claim that the Chinese are now hacking into their research into producing a vaccine. First it was said that 'China' is doing the hacking. Now it has broadened to 'Chinese linked' entities doing the hacking. Perhaps the next accusation would be that they have 'tremendous amount' of evidence to show that the Chinese are doing the hacking, and when pressed for such evidence, not one shred can be produced.

In any case, the Chinese are saying that their research into producing the vaccine are far ahead of the US. Why do they need to hack into the US research documents? Perhaps when the Chinese do succeed in producing a vaccine ahead of the US, they will claim that the formula was stolen from them. Never underestimate one who admitted to lying, cheating and stealing.

Anonymous said...

Sunday 26 April 2020 14:30

As many as 6 million people in the UK may have already contracted coronavirus, according to the scientist behind the government’s new contact tracing smartphone app.

Professor Christophe Fraser​ leads an NHS-backed team working at the forefront of efforts to track the spread of Covid-19 across the UK – with their app one of several measures experts hope could aid with the eventual easing of lockdown restrictions.

Appearing on the BBC to discuss the team’s progress, the University of Oxford epidemiologist was asked by Andrew Marr about the extent to which Covid-19 has already spread.

“There’s uncertainty around this but I would say nationally, somewhere between 3 and maybe up to 10 per cent of the population, will have had coronavirus by this stage,” Prof Fraser said.

“We’re still waiting for the definitive studies based on immunological assays, but this is based on our understanding base on the spread of coronavirus.”

Asked if it could be “several million people, "Up to six million”, he replied: “That kind of figure – probably a bit less.”

The Department of Health has confirmed nearly 150,000 Covid-19 cases, but moved away from contact tracing in mid-March, deciding to offer tests only to hospital patients – against the advice of the World Health Organisation.

Asked whether lives would have been saved if contact tracing and testing had been pursued earlier, Prof Fraser said: “I think so.

“I worked on the Sars epidemic in 2003 and testing and tracing is really a cornerstone of how you stop a serious infection. I do think that strategy, scaled up, is tremendously effective.”

He added that traditional methods of contact tracing are not sufficient because of how rapidly the virus spreads, and because around half of transmissions occur before a person shows symptoms – an issue he believes his team’s smartphone app can resolve.

He revealed the app, which follows in the footsteps of those already adopted in Singapore and Israel, could be ready for launch “within weeks”.

The technology would detect when two smartphone owners are within two metres and check their status against a database of Covid-19 carriers. If either party triggers an alert, the other would get a warning – and possibly an order to isolate themselves as well.

Privacy campaigners and the UN have warned that technological surveillance measures should be introduced only in a strictly optional fashion.

While in Singapore, less than one in five people have downloaded the equivalent app, Prof Fraser said that ideally some 60 per cent of the population would use the UK’s for it to be successful.

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore moving in lockstep with US on COVID-19 measures?

Initially, US won't implement lockdown. Singapore also.

US says no need wear masks. Singapore also.

Later, US reverses policy, says must wear mask. Singapore follows.

US implement lockdown. Singapore follows.

Now US eases lockdown. Singapore follows.

Anonymous said...

The next big challenger for the top ten most infected country is going to be India, the real dark horse. With 1.3 billion population, heaven knows what is going to happen if the real situation is revealed.

Indian curry is not going to be a preventive factor if what happens in Red Dot is anything to suggest.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkieland followed USA.

Employment rate in USA- 30 plus millions and still counting.

Sinkieland- 118,000 plus and still not able to stop counting

ADB forecast.

Virgo 49 said...

Oops Unemployment Rate.

Not employment rate.

Sorry, forgot UN-

Virgo 49 said...

JT aka Sex in small place of MOM told Sinkies not to be alarmed at the high figure of infections as this is due to our intensive testing on the migrant workers.

So proud that Singapore is the one WHO conducted such intensive testings on OUR workers. Meaning the migrant workers.

So proud? Why so proud?

This is their itchy backside no burden carry burden self brought created problem and yet so proud to proclaim that we are the Best in the World in this intensive testings.

If not, long time no need CB liao. Also wearing such uncomfortable masks that first time in my life wore for so long.

Sinkies badly affected by such long queues even for a simple haircut.

So many, so many inconveniences and yet they so proud that we are number one in this intensive testings of their silly problem.

Also the COSTS.

Can use for our real needy Singappreans.

Anonymous said...

COVID-19: Four US Wisconsin Supreme Court Judges Playing Politics In Total Disregard Of The Health And Life of Wisconsinites

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, dominated by pro-Republican judges, strikes down the Wisconsin State's stay-at-home order.

Wisconsin governor:

"Four judges have thrown our state into chaos!"

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down the state's stay-at-home order during the coronavirus pandemic as "unlawful, invalid, and unenforceable" after finding that the state's health secretary exceeded her authority.

In a 4-3 ruling, the court called Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm's directive, known as Emergency Order 28, a "vast seizure of power."

The order directed all people in the state to stay at home or at their places of residence, subject only to exceptions allowed by Palm, the ruling says. The order, which had been set to run until May 26, also restricted travel and business, along with threatening jail time or fines for those who don't comply.

Although the ruling says the judges weren't challenging Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' emergency powers, but the decision effectively undercuts his administration and forces him to work out a compromise with the Republican-controlled Legislature.

One of the dissenting justices, Rebecca Dallet, said her conservative colleagues in the majority were the ones who were exceeding their authority, and she noted precedent for Palm's directives — a monthslong stay-at-home order during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.

"This decision will undoubtedly go down as one of the most blatant examples of judicial activism in this court's history," she said. "And it will be Wisconsinites who pay the price."

The decision is the result of the Legislature's lawsuit against the Health Services Department alleging that Palm's directives overreached and asking the court to grant relief to give the Legislature a "seat at the table" in the rule-making process.

During oral arguments, Justice Rebecca Bradley suggested that the order amounted to "tyranny," and at another point, she referred to Japanese Americans' internment during World War II.

Chief Justice Patience Roggensack actively questioned both sides and was later criticized for seeming to have downplayed a spike in cases connected to a JBS meatpacking in Green Bay.

Spikes in cases "were due to the meatpacking, though. That's where Brown County got the flare. It wasn't just the regular folks in Brown County," Roggensack said in response to the Health Services Department's highlighting the spread of the virus.

There have been almost 11,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin and 421 deaths, according to the NBC News coronavirus tracker.

"Republicans believe business owners can safely reopen using the guidelines provided by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation," the Republican leaders of Legislature said in a statement after the ruling.

Evers said, "Up until now, Wisconsin was in a pretty good place in our battle against COVID-19."

"We cannot let today's ruling undo all the work we have done and all the sacrifices Wisconsinites have made over these past few months," he said in a statement. "I am disappointed in the decision today, but our top priority has been and will remain doing what we can and what we have to do to protect the health and safety of the people of our state."

lth said...

Not all in USA are in synch with your views wherever you get them....the reports by cdc is different...please quote your sources otherwise dun drive the narrative.

In singapore talk singapore...

Anonymous said...

Look at the following comment and you know the writer is not only a stupidity has no cure case, but also an ostrich who tries to tell others to become ostriches, like him/her/shim:

@ May 14, 2020 5:46 pm

"Not all in USA are in synch with your views wherever you get them....the reports by cdc is different...please quote your sources otherwise dun drive the narrative.

In singapore talk singapore..."

Anonymous said...

Ya agreed that the dude needed to be sodomized jialat jialat