“America Exists Today to Make War”


This is a good documentary that described clearly why there are so many wars today and why the Americans are doing it and lying to the world that they are peace loving country.

“America Exists Today to Make War”: Lawrence Wilkerson on Endless War & American Empire

Jan 14, 2020

Retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who served as Secretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff from 2002 to 2005, says the escalation of tensions between the U.S. and Iran today is a continuation of two decades of U.S. policy disasters in the Middle East, starting with the 2003 run-up to war with Iraq under the Bush administration. “America exists today to make war. How else do we interpret 19 straight years of war and no end in sight? It’s part of who we are. It’s part of what the American Empire is,” says Wilkerson. “We are going to cheat and steal to do whatever it is we have to do to continue this war complex. That’s the truth of it. And that’s the agony of it.”

LARRY ROMANOFF -- Replant the American Dream.“Your USA Today is The World’s Most Hated Nation”. Why?



A very punchy article by Larry Romanoff on the lies the Americans are spreading without knowing or blinded in their own arrogance and stupidity.


Anonymous said...

It is all a well know fact.

United Snakes of America produces and sells most of the weapons that the world needs. To sell those weapons they need to start wars or instigate countries to start wars. That is also the reason why USA is a well known two headed snake, that will help one side against the other, and when circumstances change, they will change tactics and aid the opposite side. It is a win-win situation for them and they reap all the benefits of their weapon sales. It happened between Iran and Iraq and now in Syria as well.

Without wars, how can they sell their weapons? The military establishment needs weapon sales to sustain their world wide bases, warships and subterfuge activities, including funding covert operations via the CIA.

In return, the military establishment also provides the military muscle and insurance that the US$ hegemony is well protected and they are able to provide the hardball tactics to cower smaller countries to obey or perish. Iraq and Libya are examples that tried to upset the US$ hegemony and paid the price. Now Venezuela and Iran are the targets.

The US$ hegemony is so important for the US to continue printing fiat money, that it's collapse is unthinkable. That is why the US is going after China, which together with Russia are the only world entities able to change the status quo - China with the financial muscle and Russia the military backing.

Virgo 49 said...

The Whites thru the Centuries prospered thru all these destruction of Others and looted their Wealth.

All these destructive useless human beans in armed services that caused destructions to Mankind, Most if NOT all felt proud as Veterans has no tinge of conscience when they finally retired. The destructions, killings and miam of their fellow human beans.

Only a few pricked their conscience like this Kernel.

Certain races are inborn with these genes. The Whites Supremacists, the Mats and also the Nehs WHO thought that they are warriors and Heros carrying arms and killing others.

The labourers and farmers are more productive than them. At least they contribute more to Mankind.

The Chinese, in their mentality for years classified these beans as thoroughly useless that only fits to be Government gangsters.

Unable to survive in the outside World.

Saying Good Sons no soldiering, Good metal no made nails. For nails are the lowest grade of useless metal to be hammered in.

Sinkieland's Generals thought too highly of themselves. A pee sai 200 sq metres land with nearly 50 chiak leow bee beans.

The Armed Services are for those without brains donkeys in just to shout and obey commands.

As Officers, the men are robots obeying their orders. So much so that when they held Civvy Ranks, they are ingrained that all must also obeyed them like in the Services.

After which, they just simply without any efforts parasites their ways into high positions of civvy streets.

Without even a tinge of knowledge of how a Nation runs and prospers.

Yet, they want to open their nonsense lectures to the Real businesses World.

See how they behaved without any EQ to the local populace.

No wonder Sinkieland is going into the sewers.

Anonymous said...

SCMP headline May 16: Could Singapore offer migrant workers a path to citizenship?

It'a happening! Your house guest now want to bed your wife and screw your daughter!

Anonymous said...

The fact that America thrives on War is well known for decades, but there is nothing much we can do about it. A wise observer mentioned the unholy trinity, the endless circle of US$, War, and Wall St. The US$ is strong because War machinery is mighty in Usa. (There is no gold to back it up since the decoupling 30 years ago). The strong military muscle makes the dollar appear strong. The war machinery is backed up by the market, which benefits from the strong US$. It is a house of cards. If the War machine is reduced, the entire house will collapse!!!!!! Do watch the show "Lord of War" (Nicolas Cage thriller), it summarises the pathetic state of the Usa in high entertainment.
signing off,regards,

Anonymous said...

The most important human digit are the farmers. Everyone, elites, soldiers, politicians, rich and poor are all beholden to the farmers. Without farmers, what does wealth, or power or ego do when there is no food to buy. Eat the money? Even eating grass must make sure they can grow under the trees.

SSO said...

The elites thrive on exploitation of the farmers and peasants.

They do not directly deal with the farmers for fear of challenges, confrontations and conflicts, as well as to protect their self-imagined false dignity and status. So, they recruit balls-carriers, boot-lickers, cronies and a host of minions (in all fields) as middle-managements, to deal with the farmers and peasants.

The US is modelled along the same methodology. It uses cronies like Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Indoa, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines to deal with China.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

SCMP headline May 16: Could Singapore offer migrant workers a path to citizenship?

It'a happening! Your house guest now want to bed your wife and screw your daughter!

Be frighten, be very frighten, cause the idiots would say yes.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.24pm

Who are the idiots?
PAP or the people who vote PAP?

Anonymous said...

Josephine Teo.
Lee Hsien Loong.

Lampar song boh ???

Anonymous said...

US intelligence agencies alerted Israel to the coronavirus outbreak in China already in November, Israeli television reported 16 April.

According to Israel's Channel 12 news, the US intelligence community became aware of the emerging disease in Wuhan in the second week of November and drew up a classified document.

Information on the disease outbreak was not in the public domain at that stage.

US intelligence informed the Trump administration, “which did not deem it of interest,” but the report said the Americans also decided to update two allies with the classified document: NATO and Israel, specifically the IDF.

The network said Israeli military officials later in November discussed the possibility of the spread of the virus to the region and how it would affect Israel and neighboring countries.

The intelligence also reached Israel’s decision makers and the Health Ministry, where “nothing was done,” according to the report.

In the week ending April 11, ABC News reported that US intelligence officials were warning about the coronavirus in a report prepared in November by the American military’s National Center for Medical Intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Sincere apology.
Off Topic.

No sound and no shadow of WSG Guy.

lsolated by COVID-19 ?

Anonymous said...

President Donald Trump on Friday boasted that US scientists had begun developing the first vaccine two months before the outbreak in the US initially occurred, substantiating accusations that US politicians are attempting to cast China as a scapegoat for its own failures in handling the epidemic.

"Scientists at the NIH [National Institutes of Health] began developing the first vaccine candidate on January 11th," Trump said on Friday regarding vaccine development. "Think of that, within hours of the virus's genetic code being posted online. So, January 11th. Most people never even heard what was going on January 11th. And we were out there trying to develop a vaccine, not even knowing what we were up against," Trump crowed.

China shared genome sequence information of the new coronavirus with the World Health Organization on January 12, which sounded the alarm of prevention to the world.

An article published by Business Insider on May 12 also questioned the US potentially hiding the epidemic titled "the US probably had coronavirus in December, but was too busy watching China to notice."

Virgo 49 said...

Think WSG and Matilah, one and same guy.

Alternatively, nothing to boast anymore as his war chests all washed OUT.

Or no more mountain to lean and cannon.

Anonymous said...

Think WSG has been infected by COVID-19 Coronavirus because he told us that he went around to restaurants and high class places to enjoy big discounts. Perhaps, he is in iCU now?

Virgo 49 said...

Without Matilah to chorus with him, he felt lonesome with his italics highlighted comments.

Many suffered these types of attention seeking compulsive behaviours.

Also, as I said many who had chewed more than they can swallowed are now in fears of the future happenings.

So they're quiet now

Anonymous said...

in other words, man exists to make war.
so get rid of man ?

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