Covid19 - Trump's desperate gamble for a wonder drug

Trump has been praying for a wonder drug to save his Presidency for a second term and anything would do. He started with hydroxychloroquine that did not work. Then he turned desperado and suggested sunlight and the injection of disinfectant into covid19 patients. His last claim to success was Remdesivir which was not much of a cure. Fauci said the drug only helped to reduce the hospitalisation from 14 days to 10 days if it works.

Well anything is better than nothing and Trump immediately approved mass production of this drug with a cost of US$500m. This gamble is turning out to be an expensive one when a new drug, actually a combination of 3 drugs, has proven to reduce the recovery to 7 days. Once confirmed of its efficacy, Remdesivir would be as good as a white elephant to join the line of white lies.

This drug combination is reported in the Lancet, an authoritative British medical journal.  Below are some reports on this drug from the mothership.sg.

'The other experimental group of patients were given the cocktail made up of the HIV medicine lopinavir–ritonavir, the hepatitis drug ribavirin, and the multiple sclerosis treatment interferon beta.
The findings showed that on average, people who got the triple drug mix reached the point of no detectable virus at seven days, while those in the control group did so in 12 days.
The findings were published in the Lancet medical journal.

Kwok-Yung Yuen, a professor at the University of Hong Kong, co-led the research.
He said the combination drugs rapidly suppress the amount of virus in a patient's body, relieve symptoms, and reduce the risk to healthcare workers'

Once the next phase of the trial of this drug is successful, the US$500m invested on Remdesivir would go up in smokes. That is the price to pay for desperadoes grasping for straws in the water. And this could happen within months before the full production of Remdesivir hits the market.


Virgo 49 said...

It would be a REAL waste if Dotard Trump were to lose his Erection,oops Election this coming Nov.

I be rooting for him for a second term for the next five years for him to further destroy UAssA and provide clownish entertainment for the whole world to gap and laugh.

The Democrats in Joe Biden would be a worse adversary to China being more scheming and sober.

Let Dotard Trump provided entertainment and make his Americunts in estacasy and agony.

That's be better for China and the world.

Even his allies were be preoccupied and not so scheming if DT is still there to also atagonise them.

Also, provide some reliefs and talking some behind the scene scandals and clownish acts behind his back.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree. Trump's ability to solve problems is by talking away the problem, by bragging and lying, not solving problems. Trump should be re elected to speed up the fall of the Evil American Empire.

With Trump in the White House this is guaranteed. And the best part is that the Americans would know what hits them and would not know that the Empire is history and still gloating how great they are.

They would be walking around naked, like the proverbial saying, the king without clothes.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB.

Pray, hasten that this will be the reality.

No need five more good years of fantastic, incredible and unbelievable our Country in excellent shape and we are the World's largest economy to boast.

Two or three would be enough.

Now 30 over millions Americunts unemployed?

It would be the whole POP of UAssA.
Pooped, popped or KAPUT?

Many would be surfing and sunbathing to claim their unemployment benefits and their printing of US Bananas dollars would not be recognised.

Sadly, many Asian and especially our Imho bro and our White Papies Leaders would be crying and shout Beware of Commie Chuna

Virgo 49 said...

Sorry finger too thick click send.

Also flower eyes liao.

Shud be Commie China and the North Koreans.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha....V49 902am....

Not to worry.

He will be re-elected. Sure!

Americans ❤️❤️❤️ him!

We are living in a Mad Mad Mad world! Getting more and more and more interesting!


Anonymous said...

The Greatest Circus on Earth, The White House Circus starring head clown Trump and his bunch of wicked clowns.

And the world and the Americans are enjoying every bit of it. The Americans did not know that they are part of the bigger circus called MAGA.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They just reported that in April alone there were 20.5m reported unemployed. Before this, the last three months they reported 33m unemployed. So how many are unemployed now, 33m + 20.5m? Or somewhere between 33m and 53.5m?

Virgo49 said...

Sorry out of Topic

Just read that in the Pine Grove Condom Estate there is a dispute of their old Management Committee NOT giving way to the newly elected Commmitee- (Mdm Chan)

Old committee (Kogi Murthi) clings on to their members as they had infiltrated to be in control and do not want to give up their Power.

Wow oh wow. Sounds like Sinkieland been also be in the power of some alien powers and they also reluctant to relinquish their powers.

If Sinkies still asleep, this will be their fate.

Anonymous said...

This is foretelling what Singapore will become in the not too distant future when foreigners just usurp power and take over the country and Sinkies lan lan don't know what to do and see their country taken away from them.

Foreigners are not let daft Sinkies that would abide by the laws. Foreigners are above the law.

Virgo 49 said...

Think second incident after the Mandarins Garden.

So, sinkies don't think that staying in these condos are luxuries.

FOREIGN talents lots of liars, oopd lawyers by professions especially that place. Once in control you are dead ducks.

Cannot beat them..

Someone sinkies took things for granted. Thought Heavens are here in place.

Let their Guardians do everything for them that they have no minds of their own except rivalries in making more MONIES to boast like Dotard Trump.

Anonymous said...

I've had enough of all these CECA Indians.

Do you think PAP (Prata Action Party) is just like these CECA Indians?
Once elected into power, they will never leave peacefully?

Anonymous said...

First take over condos, then organisations, then ministries, then government, then country.

And our idiots are oblivious to it, only concern is their million dollar income. Did not know that when foreigners take over the country, everything would be taken from day, modern day colonisation without the use of guns and willingly given up by default by the idiots and the daft.

Anonymous said...

In the end I think, we should use what we in ASEAN call, a 'rojak' combination of drugs that might do the job.

Everyone seems to have a cure or are in the process of having success with a vaccine. The problem is all are fragmented ideas, with no one having any thought of bringing all those expertise into one whole group whose objective is finding or concocting a vaccine. Everyone is looking at big money to be made and does not want to share it with the world. This is what happens when some people say that 'greed is good'. In what way?

I can bet my last dollar that whoever managed to come out with a vaccine will be bought over immediately by one big pharma from the US.

Anonymous said...

WHO is coordinating an international effort to fight this pandemic and to develop a vaccine for it. Only the selfish and evil Americans are out of this joint effort. They want to develop their own vaccine to sell to the world at huge profits.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If you know how computer viruses came about and who are benefitting from it, you could easily guess who is behind this Covid19 and going to benefit from it at the expense of the rest of the world.

Create the problem and sell the solution.

Anonymous said...

Red Dot has already been taken over. Indian President, Indian DPM, Indian Chief Justice, Indian Law Minister, Indian Central Bank CEO, and an Indian Construction Brigade that, if we do not handle properly, may be like what happens in Venezuela.

Incidentally Channel News American seems trying very hard to promote hatred of China. Today, two negative piece of news about China are hardly newsworthy. The first is about the 'fistfight' between Indian and Chinese troops at the border. I never heard of fistfights between two armies confronting each other. This must be a unique battle strategy, dating back to the prehistoric age.

The second is the report of the purported 'inhuman treatment' of Indonesians on Chinese Fishing Boats. Both are minor incidents, but their impact is insidiously amplified in this atmosphere of China bashing. It instigates. We all know the chequered history between China and Indonesia, the anti-Chinese riots that led many rich Chinese to fled to Red Dot, and the nationalisation of their businesses.

If working longer hours on board Chinese Fishing Boats equates to 'inhuman treatment', I think many households employing domestic maids would also be guilty of 'inhuman treatment' of their domestic workers. Honestly, I hear a lot of talk that some domestic helpers work from daybreak to around midnight, which is about 18 hours. Does anyone talk about it, or look into it as 'inhuman'?

Anonymous said...

For years I have been thinking about those virus creators, and those selling anti virus software for computers, and I honestly believe they are the same people.

Of what real benefit does common people derive from creating those viruses that wasted lots of precious time and resources? Unless they are also the creators of anti-virus software.

And it is questionable that Microsoft can sell software that allowed such loopholes for virus creators to exploit is just unbelievable. Are they on the same wavelength all along, scratching each other's backsides?

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates' US$75 billion fund is waiting and watching like a shark with wide open mouth to "buy over" whoever individual or whatever organisation that invent the COVID-19 vaccine , just like what he has been doing in buying over all the software creators in order for him to monopolise and make the whole world at his mercy, using the Windows and Microsoft platform everyday.

Anonymous said...

This vaccine, when created, will be the forerunner of more vaccines to come out of the creative minds of vaccine creators to counter future viruses that will mutate.

This coronavirus is believed to have mutated from the SARS virus, but the vaccine for SARS does not seem to be effective on this mutated version of SARS virus. So, there is really big money to be made by the one that can come out ahead of the pack.

Has the US been hiding something and is not going to share it with the rest of the world? Why are they distancing themselves from the WHO initiative to bring the world together to create a vaccine to help mankind? What is their evil mind plotting?

Anonymous said...

The behavior of Trump in this World Pandemic is at the very least very suspicious. There must be something up his sleeves, that he presently hiding. Unable to reveal because the time is not ripe yet. If he reveals it too early, he would let the cat out of the bag, and. All the suspicions against him Will be confirmed.

Virgo 49 said...

Their genetically lab created Virus definitely very deadly and potent to make sure that no vaccine is easily found as anti dote.

You van see Dotard and his useless Vice President going round with no masks and behaved so confidently.

Must have ALREADY been vaccinated long time ago.

Californian Governor, Gavin Newsom, had given an important order that autopsies be done on bodies of influenza deaths in Dec 2019.

Dotard TRUMP is worry that he cannnot frame China for the infections.

Anonymous said...

The number of Americans who died "due to common flu" surged three-fold from September2019 onwards. They traced the cause of this sudden surge to a military biological lab and quickly closed it down, disbanded the team of researchers and destroyed all evidences. However, they are a few whistleblowers still alive and now are coming out to tell the truth.

Since the Republicans refused listen to those whistleblowers, the Democrats seized the opportunity and lent their ears.

Trump is now afraid that the Democrats would use this to topple him in the coming Presidential Election.

Trump's popularity rating has already dropped 10 percent.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wait for the results of anti body tests down in New York state and for Cuomo to investigate and trace how far back the infections were started.

Anonymous said...

Who's lying? Pompeo or the others?

Virgo 49 said...

Now we have another trained Trump's White House spokesperson in Kaitlan Collins in using the words incredible in our testing and monitoring of the COVID 19.

Using comparison with South Korea of their recent deaths in their clubs and entertainment lounges saying Americans DEATHS are lower than them.

These bloody Americunts lackey and crony of South Korea which is under the balls of their White Masters and also with their decadent Americunts life styles deserved their DEATHS.

NATION divided and own blood and fresh just next door, they ignored their extistence and sucked up to the Whites WHO together with their cronies divided them with barbed wires and fences.

Idiots indeed.

Going to be the same for Sinking Land if the Whites in charge still carry the balls of their White Masters.

Virgo 49 said...

When a Chinese Reporter asked her about something about testings, Dotard TRUMP just said " Ask China" and tried to avoid further questionings and just walked off.

What's a President cannot faced a Reporter's questioning?

What's a Joke.

Virgo 49 said...

Shud be ask Him.


lth said...

You a wharton grad...what trump ever do to you....or ccp for that matter?.