Chris Patten the last British rogue & robber baron governor in HK should be brought back to Hong Kong for trial for corruption.

     Chris Patten the last British rogue, crook and scoundrel robber baron governor of Hong Kong should be arrested and brought back to Hong Kong for trial for corruption. During his many years tenure as last British governor of HK he floated many schemes to reap off Hong Kong of billions or even trillions of dollars from the territory which has been causing lasting impoverishment effect to HK up to this day.

This bastard dishonourable plunderer of Hong Kong's wealth had dared to comment on China's enactment of National Security Legislation on Hong Kong. As governor of Hong Kong he had short Changed the servile Hongkies by manipulating the foreign exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Market which benefited UK by hundreds of billions of dollars.

But one of his worst crimes was in his criminal land deals which he colluded with local elitist crooks and scoundrels to  sell huge swathes of state lands to both local and foreign entities at a  huge discount below market rate.   With this huge illicit land deals the British Hong Kong government was able to reap off hundreds of billions of dollars which Patten secretly transferred to the British exchequer. Thus Hong Kong people were fleeced . The rich local crooks whose shady dealings with Patten enabled them to keep large holdings of land banks.They eventually become richer as they develop luxurious condominiums to sell only to the local wealthy people as well as to rich foreign investors and speculators.

After 1997 the newly China's local SAR's government couldn't build low cost housing fast enough to cater to the vast majority of Hong Kong people. This was also constrained by the shortage of suitable land areas as almost all the viable tracts of lands are owned privately by the elitists. This tremendous shortage of cheap housing for the people is a problem inherited from Patten and is the main contributing factor to the people's anger and dissatisfaction.

On Saturday 24th May, the scoundrel Chris Patten was quoted in the British Times newspaper as saying, " The Hong Kong people have been betrayed by China" and that "Britain, has a moral, economic and legal duty to stand up for Hong Kong." This bastard is farting through his mouth. He himself had gravely betrayed Hong Kong in many detrimental ways and now he tries to cover his rougish past with slick remarks against China. What has he, UK and USA got to do with HK now? He and his evil American counterparts continue to post snide and vitriol remarks against China. Hong Kong is China's sovereign territory and thus no amount of foreign venomous smear, provocation or blackmail will prevent China and the Chinese people from safeguarding national sovereignty and security. China's Hong Kong national security laws have been long overdued. It's time to deal sternly  and firmly with the Chinese traitors and no amount of them is worth keeping and even if there are a million of them they should be despatched promptly so that China and the Chinese people will not be stained by their disgraceful and disgusting horrendous servile behaviour with the West.  In the meantime the white American rogues and killers of non-white people should stop interfering in China's internal affairs in Hong Kong and Taiwan less they risk a war with China which they sure cannot win.

China should arrest Chris Patten and his ilks promptly if he and any of his fellow British scoundrels dare to step in any of Chinese sovereign territory. Also China should declare all NGOs of America and the West as personal non-grata and if any one is caught for entering China illegally he or she should be shot promptly as deadly spies coming to sabotage China and the Chinese people.

For public interests China can solve Hong Kong's housing problems by enacting laws to compulsorily acquire all lands from big elitist landlords who acquired large landbanks under shady deals during the roguish tenure of the robber buccaneer Chris Patten.


Tuesday, 26th May,2020.


Virgo49 said...

Hi Southern Glory 1

Is there actually a condition or clause that China must grant 50 Years of Autonomy to Hong Kong upon the return of H.K??

If not, then now simply revoked and give ultimatum to the Hong Kongers to stay or leave. One video of Aaron Kwok with his British Naturalized Passport arrived in U.K.

He lined up at the Queue for British citizens and was told by their IO to line up at rhe

Good to purge and get rid of these parasites and traitors.

Also, think lots of smelly prawns or chow heys as granted citizenships by the Brits when they are in control.

There bastards may be the shits stirrers.

See in their protests, so many chow heys amongst them.

Virgo49 said...

Sorry..regarding Aaron Kwok.

He lined up at the Queue for British citizens and was told to line up at the Queue for Foreigners.

Luckily, they did NOT put Foreigners and Chinese Dogs.

He said "I am a British Citizen"

The Brit Immigration Officer: Not anymore, you are a past Brit subject.
NOT citizen. So you line up at the Alien queue.

This should be a wake up call for the Hong Kies who still thought that the Brits are their Saviours.

Also lesson for all Asian Natives who thought like the Hong Kongers.

Sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

The elites in Hong Kong, after making all the wealth from corrupt deals with the British in control, have moved much of their wealth overseas, leaving the lower strata of Hong Kong society to suffer. There is no plausible reasons to blame the bad living conditions on the Government after 1997. There is no valid reason also to blame China for their plight.

When China finally imposes the security laws in Hong Kong and remove all those inciting the riots, the terrorists will be discarded like rubbish by the USA. I am surprised that the education system in Hong Kong is so screwed up, distorting history and feeding such propaganda to those Hong Kong students, that it is little wonder they are fighting for a clueless distorted cause.

China must never relent on it's resolve to pass the security law, never mind what the USA threatens. The sword cuts both ways. Sanctions will hurt both sides and giving way would encourage more of such terrorist acts in future. Any other country has a right to make sure there is security in place.

The USA should not even talk about championing human rights and freedom for Hong Kong, because in the global 'Human Freedom Index', they are way behind what the Hong Kong people currently enjoyed and are basically protesting for more, which is going to bring them less. The protestor's really have itchy backsides fighting for a lost cause and being used by foreign elements to further their agendas, and will be discarded soon.

Anonymous said...

the Same happenning in Sin over the Last Few Decades ?
how different is Sin to Hong Kong ??

Anonymous said...

If the same is happening in Sin, why aren't the USA and UK not funding and inciting protest, riots and terrorism in Sin?

Why also is the US so intent on highlighting the fake plight of the Muslims in Xinjiang, while saying that what is happening in Kashmir, which is as real as daylight, is an internal matter for India? Why is the US not taking action over the recent Indian Citizenship laws discriminating against Muslims? Why oh why?

Anonymous said...


Aaron Kwok must have thought he is still in Hong Kong, and expected to enjoyg his celebrity status. In UK, and being Chinese, he is nobody, British subject or not.

Even our old man did not get the treatment he expected at hospitals when his wife suffered a brain haemorrhage (if I remember correctly) years ago and he had to charter a plane to fly her back to Singapore for treatment.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

This video actually is to remind the Hong Kies the Reality that they are now living in.

Aaron Kwok is doing a Great Service to China.

Think this is China's video to wake up the Hongkies.

YouTube maybe still can view.


southernglory1 said...

Re: Virgo :10:29

Comrade Virgo: The autonomy pertains to self-rule on home affairs only but national security and foreign affairs will still be under China's Central Government. The USA - CIA organized riots and terrorism in Hong Kong last year, 2019 which lasted for eight or nine months threatened China's security. Hong Kong is an integral part of China and its security is China's responsibility.


Virgo 49 said...

Right Southern Glory 1

What I meant is why should CHINA so generous to give them 50 Years of Autonomy?

Spolit the kids!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Glory. I think the dude needed to be sodomized jialat jialat so he won't talk nonsense

SSO said...
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SSO said...

Fame, Power, Status, Wealth, Possessions and Life Do Not Last Forever

Not a single human being has lived forever.

Not a single person's fame,power, status, wealth, possessions, wives, children and grandchildren can go with him/her when he/she is dead.

Famous Stanley Ho of China, people call home the King of Gambling has died at age 98, unable to reach 100. He left behind 4 known wives and 17 known children and many unknown "wives" and illegitimate children.

He owned and controlled more than 25 casinos in Macau, Portugal, North Korea and elsewhere.

He also owned hundreds of properties in Macau, Hongkong and elsewhere.

His networth is estimated at US$7 billion, conservatively.

The conceited and deceptive Evil US Empire's President Donald Joker Trump arrogantly boasted of a networth of US$11 billion but had to declare bankrupt after opening only one casino. (His real networth is about US$2 - US$4 billion?)

Message to all world leaders:

When our time is up, we have to go. So, don't be a bastard to your people or other countries, when you are in power. Your legacy means nothing in this world, at the end of time! Nobody remembers you after 1000 years. Be kind and helpful instead. Co-existence is the way of nature because everything is linked and interdependent.

Virgo 49 said...


No body remember you after you turned to ashes or lie six feet underground.

But, many will still curse at you if leave a legacy of ill disputes.

That's why Chinese Gentleman tried to leave a Good Name behind when they are gone.

For been.cursed after DEATH is a terrible happening worse than when you are Alive.

The Scandalous News Media will be waiting for Ho's so many wives and families disputes after his passing.

MOT. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

It's true. His death is bound to set off quarrels over his wealth. With four wives and seventeen children, even with a will, anything can happen. Have we seen it before?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let him RIP.

Anonymous said...

We will let him RIP, that is for sure!

SSO said...

We do not have the power or magic to let anyone RIP.

We can only wish and hope that he/they can rest in peace.

That person's karma will determine whether he can rest in peace or not. In other words, a tormented mind can never rest in peace. Only a calm, serene and peaceful mind can rest in peace.

SSO said...

One who cannot live in peace cannot rest in peace.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

WEALTH can be a blessing and also a curse.

Especially to the Chinese families.

When wealthy patrich with too many wives and concubines and children and step children when they stepped into each other for the WEALTH, then Heavens help you.

This is the Karma of fooling and having a wayward life when one is wealthy.

Chinese Saying Fight from first day of New Year till the end of that New Year.

To most if NOT ALL Chinese, WEALTH is the most important living in life and the rest is secondary.