'Racist Singapore' has two choices on migrant workers from the subcontinent

The label 'Racist Singapore' is not cooked up by me but by many racists from the subcontinent that have been accusing Singapore of being racist towards migrant workers and white collar workers from the said continent. Though none of them have been beaten up in the streets of Singapore like they had in Australia, UK and the US, these racists have been very vocal in calling Singapore a racist country and Singaporeans, particularly Chinese Singaporeans as racists.

How did Singapore came to earn this glorified label from the racists in the subcontinent? Read this from theindependent.sg for a start.

'While the Singapore Government has “done well in safeguarding the lives and livelihood of migrant workers”, there are underlying issues, such as racism and a lack of embracing diverse perspectives, that cannot be ignored, according to a letter published in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post on Sunday (May 10).

The letter writer, Gauri Venkitaraman, was responding to the letter “Singapore is not racist: City has stood by migrant workers in coronavirus crisis” (April 26) from Lee Teck Chuan. 

Lee had defended Singapore’s handling of the outbreak of coronavirus cases in the country, writing that foreign workers’ lives and livelihoods had been well taken care of. He gave the examples that they had been given SIM cards so they could keep communicating with their families, and that meals, accommodation and medical treatment were given for free. Lee had asked: “Is it fair for our international audience to think that Singapore is a racist society?”

Gauri responded by writing that all the good the Government has done “does not justify the racist undercurrents, nor address a problem that some Singaporeans refuse to acknowledge”.'

What is the problem of these racist writers to attack Singapore as a racist country? What did Singapore do to deserve this honour or dishonour? The sin of Singapore is to provide employment to the hungry jobless men from the slums of the subcontinent. These poor and illiterate and unskilled workers were given good decent jobs, decent income that they could not imagine, would never even get a job in their slum country, and living in decent dormitories that were many times better than where they came from, with proper sanitation and toilet facilities that they did not have. But these are not enough, to these racists critics, the workers must be treated better, how better is up to their wild imagination. They could not even provide these poor workers with a job, with 3 meals, let alone a decent place to live and are demanding Singapore to provide for them, things that would be a luxury in the slums where they came from.

Since these critics are so unhappy with Singapore, why don't they provide a better alternatives to these workers, bring them home where they would be happy and with decent jobs and decent incomes and a better life and not be 'discriminated' in Singapore with good jobs, good living quarters they could never dream of, and a better life for their families. Why come to be exploited in 'racist Singapore' that treated them so badly?

Singapore has two choices to avoid this stigma of dishonour, one, by stopping migrant workers from the subcontinent to work here. Period. The racist critics would provide them with better jobs and better lives in their slum country. No doubt about that. Why go all out to please these ungrateful foreigners and treating them in many ways far better than Singaporeans? 

But if the daft in Singapore want to continue to employ these workers, provide them job and a future they could look forward to, a better life, then the alternative is to adopt some of the suggestions of our good and wealthy citizens and provide the foreign workers a lifestyle similar to Singaporeans, live like Singaporeans, live among the Singaporeans. Perhaps Singaporeans should even integrate them into their lives by marrying their daughters to these single workers. That may please these critics and Singapore would not be called a racist country by them.

Raise their salaries to that of the average Singaporeans, provide housing like those of Singaporeans, in HDB estates and enjoy the same cost of living as Singaporeans. Treat them like first world citizens, good pay, good accommodation, good environment etc etc. The employers would be very generous to raise their pay and would be able to continue to run their businesses profitably for sure.

What do you think? Is Singapore deserving of the label 'Racist Singapore' accorded by the racists from the subcontinent? Is Singapore doing enough or need to do more, like having them living in districts 9, 10 and 11 and have meals in restaurants, foodcourts or hawker centres? What do these racists want? One good spacious place to accommodate them is the big garden in the Istana and the President can lullaby them to sleep.

By the way, below is reported in theindependent.sg.

'More than 38,000 netizens have signed a petition calling for more protection for migrant workers from the Covid-19 virus.

The petition, started by one Kokila Annamalai a week ago, shared it with the hopes that Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo would take notice.

She asked that their living conditions be better taken care of, explaining that “in current dormitory set-ups, which are overcrowded; There has been consistent evidence of unsanitary and very poorly-ventilated environments”.

Workers often do not get their meals on time, and there is a shortage of face masks, she wrote.

“Fear and anxiety are high among workers, who aren’t allowed to leave their dorms (or their cramped rooms, in the case of the dormitories gazetted as isolation areas). Many feel akin to sitting ducks trapped in a ticking ‘time bomb’”, Ms Annamalai wrote.'

If these 38,000 people really wanted to have, it can be easily done by offering to invite a foreign worker to stay with them and enjoy the comfort of their homes. Surely all the homes in Singapore, including HDB flats, would have space for one foreign worker to sleep in and not feel crowded.  As for those living in landed properties, they would easily have a few spare rooms to offer.

If this is done, the foreign workers would be so happy that more would be queuing up to come here, calling Singapore a paradise for foreign workers instead of 'Racist Singapore'.

PS. My observation, Singapore has no Chinese race. The whites and other racists may threw vicious attacks against Chinese, verbally and physically, no Singaporean Chinese would react. They did not see themselves as Chinese but Singaporeans. They have no race, no ethnicity. They are aliens. Thus they cannot be racist in any terms. And they love foreigners, especially angmohs and Indians and many have married them. And many key positions in Singapore are filled by Indians, including the President, Chief Justice, DPM, senior ministers, the national bank etc etc. 

A racist Singapore never allow these to happen. These are facts, not imaginations of the racist critics.


Virgo 49 said...

I lived in this Tanjong Pagar Estate my whole life of 71 years and this particular enclave of LKY's previous
Blue eye Enclave of nearly 100 per cent PAP supporters of mainly ex PSA staffs and also Evil Serpents.

When I badmouth to my neighbours of the PAP's controversial policies, I was unduly been criticised and looked with scorn and unbelievable beliefs that staying here can anti PAP. One lady neighbour even warned me not to be so vocal in dishing out your opinions or you may get into troubles when they marked you.

Made my day the other day when I was visting the neighborhood minimart when I over heard a conversation between two neigbours just passing by them

Oh my, I thought this is PAP 100% strong supporters special ward.

Not so now.

First gentleman: KNN, see how much taxpayers monies been spent on these migrant workers.

Second: Ya lor, they real have good lifes been well taken care of.

First: KNNN, My whole life, I even no CHANCE to have a stay in a Cruise Ship. These jokers can stay three and even resort hotels.

Second: KNN, still complain food no good. MOM minister said we be trying to give them better as now maybe still some teething problems.

First: You see our ah peks and aunties sometimes at markets looking at us eat so poor things like cannnot afford even our simple meals. They dared say Food no good.

In my opinion, these critics are been too swell headed as our Papies Leaders really pampered them too much.

Even Lau Goh also wore their National Dress. Don't know got wear underwear or not with their customs.

So, think there's hope for Opposition to come to our Constituency and have a GO. TCB or TSG or CJS please come.


Anonymous said...

This type of attack on Singapore, why garment did not take issue with and haul them up for investigation?

Anonymous said...

They keep on spreading lies to attack Spore. After some time people would believe Spore is really racist country. If untrue must refute. Cannot keep quiet. Keep quiet, not disputing means true. This is Spore's stand and logic.

Anonymous said...

Why Singapore always got slammed as racist country?

Why Singaporeans got beaten in UK, Aust, USA, no one says those countries are racist countries?

Anonymous said...

Without naming who, I can make an accurate guess.

How do they treat their own? They even have a caste system of segregation. How do they treat the Muslims? The most racist country is trying to act like the one that champions human rights but is the biggest hypocrite when it comes to walking the talk.

This USA attack dog is just trying to act like the Whites in nineteenth century China. They think they are going to dominate Asia and be the world number one super power. They should open their eyes wider. Keep dreaming!

Anonymous said...

The USA has a very distinct and wide network of organisation, whose job is to provide or manufacture fake news to attack countries that do not bow to the USA, such as China and North Korea. The US, via the CIA, funded many worldwide organisations in many countries, whose job is to instigate and create friction and mayhem, for example in Hong Kong and Venezuela.

The saga of Kim Jong Un's ill health and even death recently, was one such fakery that was the rage all over the world, and all the major MSM in the USA were the participants in the lying spree. So, do you think the MSM reports the truth when no speck of evidence exists to support the claims and they still splashed the news all over the world.

I suspect Red Dot should not be a target, being a US-centric entity, but since it is a majority Chinese country, well, you know that India will never miss an opportunity to take down anything Chinese.

Anonymous said...

PAP: Pro Apuneneh Party

PAP: Prata Action Party

PAP: Part-timers Action Party

Anonymous said...

Go to https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cna938

At the "VIDEOS" section, see what is common of the 4 interviewees.

Anonymous said...

That must be the reason why the late elder Lee says Red Dot is not ready to have an Indian PM.
Elder Lee knows what the consequences will be.

He was perfectly spot on. Had Red Dot, after elder Lee, been in the hands of an Indian PM, I wonder whether Red Dot will now also have an 'Indian First' policy today.

Anonymous said...

The dumb idiot is still sleeping in his job and did not know what is happening. One day a knife would stab in his back and he dies without knowing who did it.

Anonymous said...

Red dot become black dot liao.

Anonymous said...

Modi may be pulling the strings in the background, for an eventual takeover of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

With idiots in charge, Singapore deserves to become a slum city.

It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

Anonymous said...

Christmas Island was sold to Australia without many people knowing it.

Red Dot may suffer the same fate, being taken over by Indians without us knowing it.

Elder Lee may have all the precautions built in to prevent that, but are the present leaders aware of the dangers of so many Indian foreign workers stationed here? That they are demanding and attempting to instil racial disharmony is a very dangerous step that could go out of control.

Modi is hanging on to power using the divide and rule in India, like isolating the Muslims, and is exporting his handiwork to countries in Asia, like Kashmir and smaller countries like Red Dot.

Anonymous said...

Anything about China on Yahoo and the whole hogwagon of US trolls will let out their hogwash comments, squealing their usual vitriol.

It really must have cost the CIA a fortune to feed all these hogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 1149am

Are you sure they are idiots?

Don't play play lah....

They got 70%!

Very very very soon, they can smelly smelly get at least 80%!


Virgo49 said...

See that LowRan talked to the Residents of Singapore.

Wah lan eh, like lecturing primary school pupils.

Behaved as though he is doing you a favour and for your own good that you must follow strictly to their procotols and rules in their CB.

LowRan Wong together with the Ah Singh knew that Sinkies would not want to change horses in mid stream..just too afraid to lose everything.

At least that Son of a Gun has some soft approach and appealed to the masses to observe their rules.

Virgo 49 said...

Everyday the Media of Shit Times will brainwashed the maganimous Sinkies doing so much for the mirgant workers and also our needy Singappreans.

Why 35 companies returned back the Jobs Subsidies?

Only for two months. What's for? They gonna to restructure and fired most of their enployees.

What's for subsidies for two months.

Sinkies are already a lost tribe been overtaken and under the thump of the Papies and their cronies FOREIGN talents.

Chinkees Sinkies in MOT would be the underclass with these leaders who rode slip shod over them and in league with their instant citizens to hold on power

Anonymous said...

What would it be like if the Indians become the majority and take over the government?

What would happen to the Lee family?

Anonymous said...

No more Chinese names. Names will be something like 'Modlee', 'Leemugam', Ramasamlee' etc etc.

Everyone may even have to wear a 'dhoti'.

National language will be Tamil, replacing Malay. Everyone must learn, by law.

Roti Prata will be the national favourite food, by law.

MediaCorp Channels 8 and U will only broadcast in Tamil, Chinese programmes only 3 hours a day.

Etc, etc


Virgo 49 said...

Previously, MediaCorpse Programme, the subtitles came out nicely for English programme is Chinese and Chinese programme is English.

Now you have to choose every switch of programme yourself including TAMIL.

Luckiky,for every programme they don't put Tamil only and you have to switch subtitles your self.

See the difference now.

Also, Starhub boasted that they give 100 plus free preview for this CB.

But only Tamil and Others channels.

Not sure Sing And Tel. As non subscriber.