Covid19 - How America must fall, unstoppable

We have heard the arrival of God's messenger in Donald Trump to bring down the American Empire. And Trump has dutifully and efficiently did what were needed to make sure the American Empire falls, not to be great again as his slogan claimed to be, and many of his unthinking believers believed so.

His pulled out from the Trans Pacific Pact was unbelievable, unexpected and dumbfounded many American allies. They were caught with mouth wide open, not knowing what to do when Trump pulled the rug under their feat. They became a bunch of headless mob without a leader and lived in fear for taking the side of the Americans against China. They wanted the Americans to remain influential in the Pacific region but Trump showed them the middle finger, not our business. And Trump continued in his isolationist policies, breaking away and spooking all the American allies from Japan and South Korea in east Asia to Europe, don't count on America, unless they pay up.

Then came the Climate Change Forum and again Trump turned away from the world, America would not be involved with the biggest challenge to the existence of human civilisation in the fight against rising world temperature. America's leadership in world affair was abandoned.

Trump turned against WHO, stopped funding and stopped participating the world's joint effort to find a vaccine against this Covid19 pandemic. (Psst, theAmericans already have the vaccine and waiting to launch it with huge profits). America is no longer part of the world, would not cooperate with the rest of the world.

As if this is not enough, as if his failure to control the spread of the virus in the USA and the horrendous death toll were not enough, Trump has embarked on a march to run over the cliff. In spite of all the warnings and scientific data about the contagious and deadly nature of this virus. Trump insisted on opening the American economy prematurely, ignoring the possibility of a big spike in infection and death of Americans when this happened. Trump admitted that the risk of more Americans dying is worth it.

Another warning came from the scientists a few days after the opening of more than half of the American states with many still seeing the infection cases going up and not under control. The new projections would be 200,000 daily infection and also a daily death toll of 3,000 Americans were laid on his table. It is like a death warrant on the American people being served to him.

And you know what Trump did? Yes, Trump would do as he was expected, his mission was to bring down the American Empire. And this death warrant was exactly what he expected and he accepted it without complaint, without uttering a word of reservation. This has been pre ordained, the Empire must come to an end, and this Covid19 is precisely doing as planned. It is God's will and Trump as a messenger of God, will do the necessary. Trump shalt not disobey Him. How not for the American Empire not to fall and come to an end when all the chips are in place with God's servant, Donald Trump, in charge and with all the power and evil men to assist him to execute it?

The fall of the evil American Empire will gather momentum. The projection of 200,000 cases of infection will come as soon as the end of May, counting from May Day. It is all predestined that the American Empire must fall and shall fall come what may.  When the right thing to save American lives is to continue with a lockdown, Trump is doing exactly the opposite, to open the economy when the virus is spreading like wild fire in the USA.  Amen.


Anonymous said...

Trump's behavior is weird, to say the least.

Remember, his father was from Germany. Ran to America as soon as WW2 ended and changed his name to Trump. He was a business man working very closely with the Nazi and reaped quite a substantial amount of money, enough for him to start his business empire building in those days.

With that as a backdrop, how did Don Trump became a billionaire?

He was bankrupt six times. Yet he still become a billionaire. How?

Anonymous said...

His family was linked to the KKK, racist hate group. He has racist blood in him.

It was rumoured that his money came from Russian banks that helped him when he was bankrupt.

Virgo 49 said...

See this:


The Fall of The American Empire.


Virgo 49 said...

Shud be the Collapse of the American Empire.


Anonymous said...

Trump raped a few women. They called it "sexual assault".

Anonymous said...

I suspect they already have the vaccine. But if they use it, it is a clear and irrefutable fact that they created the virus. So, what is 100 or 200 thousand deaths to Trump. After all, millions of Jews were executed by the Germans during WW2. He is of German ancestry right?

The US will make sure no other country will succeed in coming out with the vaccine. Trump already tried to buy a German company in the process of making a vaccine, and clearly and openly said that he does not want any other country having that company's vaccine.

Go figure it out!

Anonymous said...

Did the Russians help him win to bring down the USA? Cold war tactics failed because the US was rich while Russia was unable to compete. Coupled with God's hand to punish the evil empire, the time is right to bring down the United Snakes of America.

Anonymous said...

The Soviet Union was brought down by the American lies. It is only rightful that the Russians will go all out to bring down the American Empire. All is fair in the game of cheats and deceits.

Anonymous said...

How many regimes did not fall because of USA lies?

The world were fed lies on Iraq and Libya and they fell.

With Russian and Chinese help, North Korea, North Vietnam and Cuba did not fall.

Now trying very hard to create conditions for Venezuela and Iran to fall as well.

Hong Kong will not fall, but will suffer economic disaster. Mainland tourist are avoiding the place and businesses are suffering big time. Go Hong Kong go. Terrorist from Hong Kong are welcomed with open arms in US and UK. Not human arms, but arms of another kind!

Anonymous said...

The hongkies deserved to be banished from Hongkong, China.

Anonymous said...

New Jersey Mayor infected by coronavirus way back in November

Belleville Mayor Michael Melham said he has tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, adding that he believes he was sick with the virus in November — more than a month before doctors in China first reported cases of the new disease.

Melham said he was sick toward the end of November and suffered from chills, hallucinations and a "skyrocketing temperature" after he left the League of Municipalities Conference in Atlantic City.

Anonymous said...

It seems that countries that have more efficient health care systems to detect viruses and discover the viruses first are being accused as the source of the viruses.

Anonymous said...

If NJ Mayor was infected by coronavirus way back in November, and was not tested for it, it means there was a cover up, pure and simple. And it was all blamed on the flu.

Now who is the one that has to be blamed? The world needs to wake up!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is a matter of time before the truth will be out, beyond reasonable doubt, and the American Empire will face its due justice for inflicting the world with this deadly virus.

The speed and spread of this virus is more than meets the eyes. They were spread consciously and conscientiously by agents all over the world to create a pandemic out of control and the world would have to go down on its knee to beg for vaccine at all cost, leading to Bill Gates' plan to vaccinate the whole world and put a vaccine free tag on every human bean, to be watched and monitored. This is the evil plan. Part of the plan is to let this pandemic to kill as many people as possible to reduce the world's population to something like 4b. That is one of the reason why they are holding dearly to their vaccine, not to be used until many people are killed.

Unfortunately China came to the rescue, identified this virus quickly, informed the rest of the world, and China would come out with a vaccine to preempt the evil doers from selling their vaccine for a ransom.

This evil scheme will fail as God up there would not allow evil men to benefit from their evil schemes against humanity. Bill Gates and his gang have already patented the coronavirus and the vaccine.

Will post this in another article.

Anonymous said...

In recent days there have been numerous reports around the world on conclusive evidence or people involved suggesting the novel coronavirus has been spreading in Europe and the US as early as the second half of last year.

The US administration must be terrified right now as these new discoveries are shaking the entire Trump administration's campaign strategy, exposing the Trump administration's "rancorous monodrama" of scapegoating China as a political farce to the world.

SSO said...

COVID-19: The Truth Must Come Out At All Costs.

It looks quite certain that Bill Gates already has the vaccine for the COVID19 CORONAVIRUS! And Trump's Inner Circle knows about it. That's why Trump is so confident of opening up US for business?

Just like how he created Windows version series until Windows 10. He put out Windows version-1 while he already has version-2. He put out version-2, when he already has version-3, and so on.

Now he is very actively trying to tell others why it is necessary to make the vaccine for the Covid19 coronavirus quickly. Why? So that he can bring his vaccine out for sale, through some "third party", such as a certain researcher in the biological Laboratories in USA?

Anonymous said...

The Evil Side Of Bill Gates Exposed.

Bill Gates is a hidden evil monster in reality.

Now his long-time partner Alan of Microsoft has revealed the Evil in Bill Gates that he has tolerated for years. At age 13, Bill Gates was already started to show his Evil side. Alan said "working with Bill is like going through Bell at times."

When he started to use Windows as the only platform in the World, after destroying or buying over others, including the once freely available DOS (Disk Operating System), I had detected that this man is out to control the world for his personal benefit. This guy has the freaky desire to put the whole world at his mercy.

If you put two and two together (the Microsoft Windows and the Vaccine for COVID-19), it immediately rings a bell, isn't it?

One more thing. Bill Gates has been very close to Jeffrey Epstein for a long time. And he set up a fund jointly with Epstein to "help children" in order to benefit Epstein, when he already has his own US$40 billion fund that is also helping children. Something smells fishy here? He has been detected visiting and meeting Epstein repeatedly over the last few years. All his staff were against having anything to do with Epstein, yet Bill Gates simply ignored their objections.

Epstein, Gates and Trump are linked very tightly for many years, in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Trump and Pence were walking around like they have immunity against the virus. Mike Pence had been confirmed to have been infected. Was that a diversion? Have these two evils really been vaccinated to be so bold?

Yeah, the theory that the US has the vaccine ready all along seems logical. How else could Trump be so confident that the US will not be badly affected? But events have turned out that they cannot disclose possession of the vaccine, with the US Military being targeted for the Wuhan outbreak, which is going to incriminate them, while they are trying desperately to pin the blame on China.

Now that so much revelations have surfaced of the virus already circulating in France and elsewhere, even in the US itself, before Wuhan, this basically changes the whole picture.

Anonymous said...


"Alan said "working with Bill is like going through Bell at times."

Should read as:

Alan said, "Working with Bill is like going through Hell at times."

Virgo 49 said...

The Reason why Dotard do NOT want Fauci and his team to testify in the Senate is because they were afraid that secrets might have slip out from their testimonies.

Swear and hard questions by the Senators might inevitably broke down any covers ups and lies.

Also, he wanted to disband the Task Force of the Medical Team.

Till now, till pointing fingers and threatening China of Trade Sanctions and other threats.

Beijing said Pompeii had no evidence to substantiate his allegations.

Anonymous said...

Trump and Pompeo just blowing hot air.

Have they found their evidence against Huawei?

They may be experts in manufacturing fake evidence, like starting the Iraq War.

When it comes to real evidence, lots of hot foul air!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The modus operandi of the Evil Empire is to use misinformation, fake news, lies if they can't create false flag incidents or fabricate false evidence.

Most of the time they just accused, alleged and point fingers without having to prove anything and the western media would just blow it up. Then their silly cronies and lackeys would use their national media to repeat what the Evil Empire are alleging, told to do so and they cannot refuse. Semi colonies, cronies and lackeys would just have to do what the Evil Empire dictates to them.

Then the sillies and unthinking would just read think they are reading authoritative news, the truth. Today every American media is printing fake news and misinformation, including the NYT and WSJ according to Trump.

Anonymous said...

Here is an excellent rebuttal to Trump, Pompeo and all other likeminded anti-China freaks in constructing the conspiracy theory about the virus origin against China and WHO from an American health expert.


Anonymous said...

Though a prosecutor says he'll let a grand jury decide whether the man who killed Ahmaud Arbery will face charges, many in this south Georgia community can't understand why no one's been arrested. CNN's Martin Savidge reports.

This black man was just jogging and he was shot by a white man and his son claiming that he looked like a suspect and killed him in self defence when the black man was jogging in broad daylight and unarmed.

The stupid blacks have been the victims of white racists but dare not fight back and suffered like slaves did only to take on Asians like in this pandemic.

They did not know that they have been bullied and discriminated by the whites for centuries and loved or feared the whites and would only dare to take on smaller built Asians that have no defence against them, no guns to shoot and kill them and no justice dept or police dept to protect them after killing the stupid blacks. The Asians have never done any harm to the blacks but the unthinking and stupid blacks would only beat them up physically but cowered when beaten or killed by the whites.

Virgo 49 said...

Then, they deserved to be killed by the Whites.

Simple as that.

Believed in their imbecile idiotic belief. They preached but don't practice.

Slap on the left give the right.

Whereas they slap you on the left and also will slap you on thr right if you allow them.

Virgo 49 said...


Dotard hopefully contacted the Wuhan Virus as shouted by him and die a sorrowful state. Unleash the virus and now it comes back to him like a pigeon home to its owner.

Still try to cover that he is negative.

Preach to his silly Americunts to be Heros and die with the virus for the nation and now himself got it.

Have a beautiful picture of him in the coffin with all his wife, Pelosi and Obama and many others looking and smiling at him.

Anonymous said...

Donald Tramp has a Barbie Doll -like Spokeswoman.
Time for
Melania to worry.
Pussy Grabber Trump could change his bedside partner anytime.

Anonymous said...

China to Expand Nuclear Arsenal to Counter US Aggression

Facing rising strategic threats from the US, China will increase its number of nuclear warheads and complete a technologically advanced nuclear triad by developing the H-20 strategic stealth bomber and JL-3 submarine-launched ballistic missiles to deter potential impulsive military action by US warmongers, experts said on Friday.

Having a nuclear arsenal appropriate to China's position will help establish a more stable and peaceful world order, which will be beneficial for the whole world, they said.

This year, the US has been applying amplified military pressure on China, sending all manner of warships and warplanes at an increasing frequency to areas including the South China Sea, East China Sea and Taiwan Straits.

The Pentagon is also planning to deploy ground-launched Tomahawk cruise missile installations to the first island chain to contain China's military development, which would not have been possible had the US not quit the INF Treaty, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

Since May 1, the US has sent B-1B strategic bombers to the East China Sea on at least three occasions, edging near the island of Taiwan.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt nuclear-powered aircraft carrier strike group and the USS America amphibious assault ship carried out exercises on March 15 in the South China Sea. After COVID-19 broke out on the aircraft carrier, even more frequent military provocations were made by the US in an attempt to show the US' military strength had not been hindered.

Making matters worse, the US has been advocating the development and actual use of low-yield nuclear weapons, claiming they are "safer" than more destructive ones.

Chinese military experts said the country must expand its nuclear arsenal to deter the US from its ambition to contain China through military means and dispel thoughts of irrational military action by US warmongers.

(Global Times May 08 2020)

Anonymous said...

No need to worry about this evil Empire. They would not survive this pandemic. Good possibility the USA would be like the Soviet Union, break up into several states.

Anonymous said...

China could cut US debt holdings in response to White House Covid-19 compensation threats -- SCMP

China may move to reduce its vast holdings of US Treasury securities in the coming months in response to a resurgence in trade tensions and a war of words between the world’s two largest economies over the origins and handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

US news reports indicated that White House officials have debated several measures to offset the cost of the coronavirus outbreak, including cancelling some or all of the nearly US$1.1 trillion debt that the United States government owes China.

The mere fact that the idea has been discussed could well prompt Beijing to seek to insulate itself from the risk by reducing its US government debt holdings.

That, in turn, could spell trouble for the US government bond market at a time when Washington is significantly ramping up new issuance to pay for a series of programmes to combat the pandemic and the economic damage it is causing.

Any move to cancel the debt owed to China – effectively defaulting on it – would be counterproductive to US interests because it would likely destroy investors’ faith in the trustworthiness of the US government to pay its bills, analysts warned.

This would send US interest rates soaring, making borrowing more costly for the government, as well US companies and consumers, and in turn strike a sharp blow to America’s already very weak economy.

The news that the idea was discussed by top US officials is likely to raise concerns among Chinese leaders about the growing risks of holding a large amount of US government debt at a time when relations appear to be deteriorating rapidly.

According to the latest US Treasury Department report, China’s holdings slipped to US$1.09 trillion in February from a peak of US$1.32 trillion in November 2013.

imho said...

Yankee better not fall.
The chinkee are worst.
Totally based on cronyism and corruption.
Otherwise our forefathers no need to escape to nanyang.

Virgo 49 said...

Then you better go to your beloved Yankee Land.

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Your fore parents must be stirring in their graves in agony.

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You be one of the species to be killed by them if they also gets sick of you.

Go, go and lick their arses.