Covid19 - Singapore needs Donald Trump

After issuing his Covid19 guidelines for Singapore, an American alternative truth or in plain language, a white lie, Singapore is now one of the most successful country in controlling the spread of this disease. (I wrote this piece in March when things were still looking good for Singapore and being praised to sky heaven as the gold standard in fighting this pandemic). Trump is a national hero in Singapore. Unfortunately no Singaporean knows that it was Trump's guidelines that helped Singapore to contain the virus. With the current situation in Singapore, maybe there is some elements of truth given the similarities in the spread of the disease in the USA and here. What Singapore is doing is exactly what Trump is recommending, no lockdown, open the economy, let everyone come in and go out, and Singapore also have all the medical equipment that Trump is bragging in the USA. There is really no shortfall of any medical equipment here as in the USA.  In the US, the health workers are lying when they cried for assistance in getting medical equipment. Trump has given them all they needed. We have all the PPEs and ventilators for our infected. We have enough stockpile of surgical masks as well. Trump would be very proud to be in Singapore and enjoy the bragging rights that are based on facts and not wishful thinking and wild imagination. Trump is a walking miracle! He can talk and will the pandemic away.

At the moment Trump is still boasting about helping American allies with more medical equipment when all the governors are crying out loud for more PPEs and ventilators and medical supplies. Just wondering how is he going to help American allies when the US did not have enough of them and frantically trying to find them, trying to produce them? Maybe words would do. Just brag about it, just tell the American health workers that all the masks and ventilators are coming, never mind if it takes another 6 months or a year. Just brag about helping the allies like Italy and UK and Singapore. Yes, Singapore can do with more help from the Trump administration, like more Trump guidelines.

And if Trump is to be the PM or President of Singapore, he can help to make Singapore Great Again. Trump's unmatchable ability to brag, similar to Singapore's version of punching above our weight, to talk loudly in areas when others dare not thread, would be a great asset to Singapore. When Trump becomes Singapore's PM or President, and when he brags, no one would dare to talk back.

And Trump will work for free. He is so rich he would not want to take a single cent for the job of PM or President. That would set a good example to our millionaire ministers that think they need more pay to do a good job like Trump did. What they are getting is not enough. If they did not get their million dollar pay, the private sector would grab them to be their CEOs without any hesitation. For the time being, since they are paid so well, the private sector could not get hold on them and therefore have to seek the second best, Indian talents from India and some trash that cannot make it in Hong Kong or UK or the West.

OK, a caveat, if Trump becomes Singapore's PM or President and set a bad example by working for nothing, all the millionaire ministers would quit and join the private sector and would become CEOs of MNCs. The poor Indian talents and CEOs would definitely lose their jobs. They are no match in talent to our millionaire ministers. This is the price Singapore must pay if Trump becomes its PM or President, hypothetically of course. I have to say this in case some dumbwits think this is going to happen and pofma me for spreading fake news.

Trump will definitely open up Singapore to the world, much bigger than the open leg policy on immigration. His megalomaniac personality suits Singapore very well. We are Number One in everything, even in this pandemic. We have traded our gold standard to be Number One, if you know what that means.

Singapore must start to think seriously about having Trump as its PM or President as Trump is unlikely to be reelected and thus would be available to the highest bidder. Singapore likes to pay high high for foreign talent and should bid for it. Trump's ego would be inflated if Singapore is willing to pay him $10m for the job. And the best part, Trump would say thank you and would volunteer to work for free. In this sense, Singapore can even offer to pay him a 100 million knowing that he would not take it but happy just to be flattered with such a glorified pay.

What do you think of Trump becoming the PM or President of Singapore?


Anonymous said...

If Trump becomes President or PM, Singapore will be No. 1 in everything? Including lying?

SSO said...

First question to ask is:

What will the present Aristocrats of the Lee Dynasty day?

Anonymous said...

You can see what Trump can do to the US. He does not lie, because he is making the US great again. They are still No. 1 in everything, including coronavirus infections and deaths!

If he opens up the US, more citizens will die. If he does not open up the US, more citizens will also die with no jobs, no money, no food and homelessness on the rise, with social unrest on the way. Then they can all continue to laugh at China, a third world country, consumed by poverty, draconian rulers, paying bribes to every global organisation like UN, WHO, every scientist that speaks or praise China.

Like China said, the US is famous for talking to itself!

Anonymous said...

Or talking about itself!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.... good morning..

This is a Mad Mad Mad world!


Virgo 49 said...

Sinkiekand needs Dotard Trump as PM.

He will straightaway open up the mole hill economy straightaway.

What's so fearful of a few thousands Deaths? Everyday, people die also what?

Afterall, MOST infected are thr migrants workers what? Die, just blame it on the virus lah. Or blame it on China or Xi.

They came here to plough for gold and that's a risk everyone must undertake what. Here, better than in their own homeland with much bigger POP and also poorer sanitation.

Oooh oooh, scared kena sue and screw by that Moody ah? You don't owe them a living you know. See ME countries all repatriated them. You want to be also let people know you have hearts for them. You have hearts for your own citizens or NOT?

Why so scared? Just give them posthumously Tummy Sick Bravery Medals.

You cannnot have your own citizens suffered because of them you know. Not fair. So many or kong being confused by your what's CB or Chee B.

So many kena locked up IMH you know.

So, just open up and said we have an incredible and number one economy in the world.

Why played copycat? Looking at others opening up and learnt from their mistakes.

Thought you all are highly paid intelligent Ministers with lots of degrees. Somemore many with so many Stars on their shoulders from America's powerhouse prestigious Military Academies and Colleges.

Ooh, ooh. Forgot. America's all these institutions just teaches them how to lie, flag FALSE narratives and steal and stole and how to paw lam pars.

Military degrees in the end only best jobs security or scwerty guards and screwed by your foreign talents citizens.

Now Papies just learning the lessons from others. Like SKorea so many infections from night clubs and bars that clubbed and.barred them so that these will be the last businesses to be open.

Aiyo, so smart and highly paid Ministers, no need copy lah.

Just make your brilliant decisions.

SSO said...

What would Trump do if he really becomes the PM or President of Singapore:

1. I think Trump would very much enjoy firing every single one of the self-declared and self-appointed aristocrats. Of course, he would first put them under him as his lieutenants and then find out their weaknesses and then fire them in the "interests of "national security", "national stability" and the "greater good".

2. Next, Trump would do away with the waste-money, waste-time, powerless, shambolic and symbolic figure-head post of the present President of the Republic of Singapore. And make himself as the President with real powers, like in the United States.

3. Once become the real President with full powers to run the tiny piece of rock, Trump would rename it as the Kingdom of SIN-gapooree, and make himself the Life-Long
Emperor with a new Queen and numerous concubines for him to grab them by their pussies.

4. Trump would retain the post of the Prime Minister as a symbolic figure without power but to serve as a scapegoat for any blunders made by the Emperor. He may appropriately appoint the present incumbent Lee Hsien Loong to do that job, giving him a good opportunity to taste how a powerless figure-head scapegoat feels like.

5. Trump, to save money for the country, would also do away with other office-decoration ministerial posts such as Deputy Prime Minister, Senior Minister, Minister Mentor, Emissary Senile Minister, Minister Without Portfolio, Minister of State, Senior Minister of State, etc. These posts are a sheer sinful wastage of the hardworking taxpayers of Singapore.

6. At the next level below, Trump would also enjoy firing the do-little, do nothing good for people except for party, Mayors and Town Councillors. And bring their functions back to the HDB and the Ministry of National Development.

7. Last but not least, Trump would abolish National Service and call in the US marines and mercenaries to defend Singapore. And perhaps also defend Malaysia and Indonesia.

From the doctor who talks a lot but also jokes sometimes, just for fun.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Lucky you added that you were joking and talking for fun. If not some dimwits would take what you wrote seriously and you know what....

Anonymous said...

Like that, with Trump in charge, Red Dot will become the new Guam, with all the most updated nuclear arsenal, aircraft carriers and warship base, submarine base, military intelligence base, blah, blah, and blah. Everything the most fantastic, spectacular, best in the history of Red Dot blah, blah, and more blahs.

And Trump will bring back all the US jobs from China to Red Dot and import more Indians to man the factories. US and India are now bedfellows, China watchers to be precise. It will be a win win situation for both of them.

Then Trump will build a tall beautiful wall to isolate Red Dot from Matland and Matland will pay for it. But Matland may stop supplying water and food to Red Dot. Never mind, Trump can import all the soyabeans etc from US farmers. It is again a win win situation, for US and Red Dot.

Trump may even pronounce himself the new founder of Red Dot and Raffles statue will go to Haw Par Villa to become the new attraction.


Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, everyday eat soya sos or soybeans Lao sai.


Anonymous said...

The death toll in the US has exceeded 80,000. By end of May it will definitely be much more than 100,000. In any case, Trump has shifted the goalpost to 135,000 from his initial target of 100,000 overall.

If it does not go over 135,000, he will declare it as 'a spectacular success' by his administration in containing the virus. If it goes over 135,000, well, he will just continue shifting his goalpost and bragging about how well he has done.

In the meantime, I suspect Trump will do some underhand manoeuvres, like grabbing pussies, to lower the infection and death figures. He already is not happy about the figures, commenting that the US is reporting more than the actual figures. Now, why would any country want to report more?

Virgo 49 said...

America's Big Luminous Digital Signboard with these words and figures and still counting:-


imho said...

It will not happen cos he is a yankee.

Anonymous said...

The show across the causeway is starting to get interesting once again.

Anonymous said...

IF Trump becomes the PM or the President of Singapore, he would probably do a better job in either position.

Anonymous said...

If Donald Trump rules Singapore, Temasek Holdings will become part of The Trump Business Empire. And GIC will be his Financial Resources.

Anonymous said...

I believe 70% or more of voters in Red Dot, not much different from US voters, will elect Donald Trump to lead the Government here.

But, apart from Temasek and GIC being hijacked by the Trump Business Empire, most Sinkies will have to worry about their CPF, whether withdrawable or not.

But, rest assured, Trump will be able to convince them. Trump's lies always work like a charm that can lure clueless birds down from the trees.