Covid19 - China to legislate against American lies and deceits

Beijing: A leading CCP politburo member proposed legislation that would authorise the Chinese president to impose far-reaching sanctions on the USA if it fails to give a full account of events leading to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Fort Detrick.

The politburo member closed to Xi Jinping said he was convinced that had it not been for "deception" by the American leaders, the virus would not be in Wuhan, China, where it has infected more than 80,000 Chinese.

He also said USA had refused to allow investigators to study how this outbreak started and added in a statement: "I’m convinced USA will never cooperate with a serious investigation unless they are made to do so."

He said his "COVID-19 Accountability Act" would require the president to make a certification to the People's Congress within 60 days that USA had "provided a full and complete accounting to any COVID-19 investigation led by the China, or UN affiliate such as the World Health Organization (WHO)".

It would also require certification that the USA had closed all "meat factories" that have the potential to expose humans to health risks, and reinstate all advocates removed from their posts in post-pandemic crackdowns and in opposing the premature reopening of businesses, he said.

The Bill would authorise the president to impose a range of sanctions, such as asset freezes, travel bans and visa revocations as well as restrictions on loans to American businesses by Chinese financial institutions and banning American firms from listing on Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges.

The source of the above information is yet to be verified. But it is likely fake news similar to those spread by hostile western media against China.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just because clown Trump does not care about the lives of Americans but only about the economy and his reelection, he is adamant about re starting the economy. And because the clown is taking the lead, all the unthinking clowns all over the world are also eagerly wanting to do the same. Only a few level headed leaders like Andrew Cuomo of New York and the governor of California would not blindly follow the clown for good reasons. The unthinking would not want to listen to Fauci's scientific based advice.

This virus is not as straight forward as the simple minded wanted to believe. It can come back any time and quickly. It is unpredictable. People without symptoms can be carriers. People who have tested negative can still have the virus in them. People who had been infected, recivered and think they are well can still be reinfected and to spread the virus around.

There is no such thing as a safe bet. So Singapore is to release the apparently recovered Covid19 FWs and those asymtomatic cases into the workforce as if they are well and free from the virus. Good luck to Singapore and Singaporeans.

Stupidity has no cure is indeed a deadly disease. The sufferers of this disease are ignorant of their infection.

Anonymous said...

The Evil US Hegemonic Empire has been using its highly corrupted and political Congress to pass illegal, unlawful and lawless "laws" arbitrarily, like a car manufacturing plant, in order to impose its will against other countries with impunity, and without respite, like a mafia crook.

When the US failed to impose its will against Iraq, it passed illegal and unlawful "laws" arbitrarily, under false and fabricated evidence about weapons of mass destruction, to legitimate itself to invade Iraq.

When the sneaky, murderous and heinous CIA, under the Evil US President's order, failed to effect a regime change in any country (Venezuela is the latest), it passed illegal and unlawful "laws" arbitrarily to strangle these countries economically through punitive sanctions and freeze their assets.

When the Evil US Empire's technological process in certain fields lack behind other countries, it resorts to stealing, robbing and cyber crimes to get ahead or checkmate the other countries. Hitachi, Samsunc and Huwei are some of the victims. When stealing, robbing and cyber crimes failed, the Evil US Congress will again arbitrarily pass illegal and unlawful laws to make use of its highly political and corrupted legal system to imposed punitive, obstructive and destructive measures to cripple or destroy other countries' technology companies.

The above three examples are just the tip of the iceberg. If you do an in-depth research you can easily dig up much more deliberately engineered crimes committed by the Evil US Empire, include overt and covert military and war crimes.

The world must now unite as a counter-force to stop this Evil US Hegemonic Empire from imposing its criminal mafia-like activities against other countries for its own selfish interests with evil intent.

Singapore has been openly supporting the Evil US Empire, even to the extent of building a Naval Base for the US Navy to serve as its forward operations base in the South China Sea. This action cannot be easily disregarded as a neutral action.

Virgo 49 said...

President Xi of China should in their Congress exclaimed that the UAssA is the Culprit that genetically engineered this COVID virus to destroy China.

Let Dotard Trump and the Americunts spend the next few months disputing this allegation.

They will spend their time and efforts to put down the allegation as they feared that the Truths be out.

Let them expend their energies and distracted their attention to stir shits on others. Also let the Americunts die more.

Unless, they will have to learn from the PAP to PooBoo (PooFma) China.

Asking them to take back their allegation. In a way like the PAP, we no need to prove that we are wrong. You must take down or make a correction that yours is not correct no matter what. Or else? Ahem? Ahem?

Thank you PAP. Dotard sheepishly and grudgingly will learn from Red Dot Pee Sai.

Anonymous said...

It is not fake news. China is planning to put more US companies on it's 'unreliable entities list' including Apple and Qualcomm.

The US$500 billion trade deficit on the US side is only one side of the equation. How much those companies in China made out of their business activities has not been quantified. Apple makes handphones to sell all over the world. It has been reported that the Chinese side made less than $10 assembling the final product, with most of the money going to chipmakers and other part makers all over the world. How much apple makes on each handphone is phenomenal and obscene.

Both sides can play the same game. Let's see who has more appetite to stomach the fallout.

Like the tariffs, China is not going to pay for the increase in tariffs. Like the wall, Mexico is not going to pay 2 cents for the big beautiful wall. Go figure!

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

Understand one time China's Rep in their Meeting with the US trade delegation mentioned that China just have a US5.00 workmanship on a pair of Nike sports shoes.

So who is NOT playing fair?

Whereas the shoes are sold to all in hundreds of dollars to all those idiots around the World.

Paying STUPID MONIES on their Brand's name.

What's the difference when I get a pair of other sports shoes at only RM25.00 in Melaka.?

Both also spoilt and worn out after some use.