Covid19 - A very tentative situation that can blow up

SINGAPORE: Some people are deliberately spreading fake videos to "foment trouble" in foreign worker dormitories, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said on Wednesday (Apr 29).
These videos can lead to serious law and order incidents, he said, adding that the authorities were watching individuals who spread the videos "very carefully" and will charge them if a crime was committed....

Mr Shanmugam said the authorities were watching the people who spread these videos and photos "very closely" and added "where it's clearly criminal, we will charge".

However, he declined to give details on how many people were being investigated for circulating such posts, only adding that they comprised both locals and foreigners.
Mr Shanmugam reiterated that such posts could lead to "serious" law and order situations, including a "riot-like situation".

"You can see that when people are together and they are not going out to work, a small spark can create a serious incident," he said, referring to the Little India riots that took place in 2013.  CNA

I have read many racists commenting how bad the foreign workers here are being treated or mistreated, amounting to racism. In my earlier post I have commented that Singapore is the best place to be for foreign workers in a crisis like this, no need to work, full pay, free food, first class medical care by the best doctors in the world with doctors attached to the dormitories 24/7 to care for the foreign workers. And very safe no racial discrimination or ill treatment.

How could these racists be posting inflammatory articles, and now fake videos to incite the already tense situation in the dormitories when workers are living closely together 24/7? The boredom and lack of activity are already a challenge and there is no need to push them to the edge.

I hope Shanmugam meant what he said and arrest all the mischievous rumour mongers spreading lies and fake news that may lead to social unrest asap. It is going to be disastrous if there is a mass breakout from the dormitories. The numbers would be too big to handle for the police and the military even if they are called in.  When one fugitive like Mas Selamat escaped, a few hundred policemen were activated to search for him. Can't imagine how many thousand men, police and soldiers, would be needed to put down an outbreak of tens of thousands of unhappy workers, frustrated, frightened and in a foreign land.

The confinement in so many dormitories of single men, mostly uneducated workers, is a tinder box that not carefully managed can just blow up. The situation can only worsen if bad people continue to incite and provoke these frustrated foreign workers holed up in the dormitories.  There are just too many of them to take care of, a situation that should be carefully studied and reduced after this crisis is over. The island state cannot afford to be filled with so many foreigners, hungry men that could turn wild at the slightest provocation. When things are stable and peaceful, all is well as if it is so easy to manage, no problem. They are so nice. When the problem explodes, it is no joke. No one would be able to handle and control them. It would be hundreds of times worse than the Little India Riot.

The provocateurs must be arrested quickly, nip in the bud. Don't pray pray with hungry and potentially wild men in big numbers. Take very good care of them, sayang sayang them. To have so many of them in this little island, a few hundred thousands of them from practically one country or region, is the worse case of stupidity has no cure thinking.

Now Shanmugam would have sleepless night hoping that all is well.

PS.  Almost S$130,000 raised for families of 3 foreign workers as at 7 May.


Virgo 49 said...

They should have realised this scenario before they brought in by the thousands.

Confined too long in like Detention Barracks can caused frustrations and anger.

Some more, they are treated like detainees. Have ex SAF or other Agencies enforcement regulars or everyday scold people jokers to strictly controlled them. One of them just goes Amok and you have it.
Frankly, most are very law abiding as they are here just to earn for their families. It's the how lian Sinkies that can cause the sparks.

Just One little incident and you will have the scenes of Hongkong in the streets soon.

Now, they panic. Add to this Pandemic, these disturbances will further aggravate and affect Singporeans greatly.

Let it be. They gonna lose their supports in the coming GE.

Heaven's Will. Same downfall as UAssA.

Anonymous said...

Poor M ulti-Millionaire Minister Shanmugam, unable to take immediate action. Just like the COVID-19 Tasked And Forced Team that, even up till now, still have to monitor or watch "closely", always two steps behind the virus or culprit. This must be a very untenable position.

It is really terribly bad and horribly terrible for the heart of an old man with so much responsibilities, holding two hats Somemore.

If I were him, I would have thrown in my towel long ago and call it a day. Pat pat my backside and pack up, and leave this rocky island for good, to go and enjoy with my dear wifey the multi-million dollars wealth that I have amassed over the last 30 - 40 years, from a career that paid so well.

What for continue in a thankless job to get so stressed up and become so panicky, and even paranoid?

Anonymous said...

During LKY times, all these provocateurs and trouble makers would have already been arrested under ISA and locked away for good, where got like current Ministers still watching and monitoring them closely.

Anonymous said...

Shanmugam is my MP. So many years already, whenever we meet him on the ground in Chong Pang, we have yet to see him smile.

His job must have eaten him up so badly that he has forgotten that life can be relaxed and easy going; don't need to be so serious at all times.

What for earning so much money and wielding so much power but can't even smile?


Anonymous said...

Maybe that is an expression of power rather than unhappiness.

Anonymous said...

On April 19, one Saraphine Ang opined on her Facebook post:

“I have no more trust and respect left for this government. Now, voting them out is no longer just an option, it is no longer just a choice, it is a necessity”.

She added, “They were so busy planning for a covid election, they forgot all about the foreign workers”.

When asked about a possible General Election amid the current COVID-19 outbreak, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that the Government needs to consider if it is possible for them to conduct an election at this time, among other factors.

KNN, at this hour (the number of known cases already hit 15,000) still can say "the Government needs to consider IF IT IS POSSIBLE to conduct an ELECTION AT THIS TIME"???

Still stuck at the back of his mind the POSSIBILITY to conduct an ELECTION AT THIS TIME! Still don't give up? Only when see more coffins then can WAKE UP?

A Cruel and Ruthless Heart indeed!

Anonymous said...

I remember the mutiny carried out by the prisoners in Pulau Senang in 1963. It is one of the worst riots in SG, with the many prisoners setting fire, fighting and killing of the officials stationed at the island. Pray nothing of this sort happens.

Anonymous said...

Election amid the pandemic is definitely on the cards. How else to explain PAP MPs still going around markets and hawker centres campaigning in the guise of helping with the social distancing work? Yesterday from the bus I saw an elderly Malay lady walking in Hougang pushing a trolley plastered with the PAP logo. She may be employed to distribute the materials to households in the area. Campaigning amid the lockdown is essential work, but only for the PAP.

Anonymous said...

PAP MPs can go around during the lock-down but other political parties are disadvantaged. Always hit under the belt. Pui! Pui!

Anonymous said...

Singaporean Covidiots.
Die also must vote PAP.

Anonymous said...

"If I could rewind the clock", I would vote Opposition in 2015.

"If I had the luxury of hindsight", I will vote Opposition in 2015.

Anonymous said...

I think cannot talk about anything regarding Sinkieland, or else the Sham will come down hard on you.

Asking about reserves may be the next item that we cannot talk about. Asking about Temasek CEO's remuneration may also be another out of bounds issue. Because we are touching on national security matters. Ouch!

Virgo 49 said...

Right you are Anon.

Smart smart.

Indians if you see them smile at you, can bang 100 big and 100 small on 4D.

Sure got chance.

They have to put on a serious and high caste face.

As their cultures only high class status then can have serious faces to show that they are Smart and a class above the Rest.

Serious faces considered as high class and SMART mah.

Likewise, our Papies Ministers and MPs especially that Ting Ting Tong Tong one.

Only peasants have to lower their faces as lower castes.

Anonymous said...

From now on Sinkies have a new name called COVIDIOTS!

Must think whether I go and vote or not. Better stay at home. Never trust whatever measures they may put in place during their ex-Generals' Erections. Later Kena their spunks shooting out from their ejaculation.


Anonymous said...

Covidiots are being led to the slaughter house by the Covidiotic leaders.

Anonymous said...

Vote opposition also get PAP. Might as well not vote. After all, voting in future is going to be an exercise in futility!

Anonymous said...

If no opposition party in pa-lee-men, there will be no more semblance of democracy, then Singapore becomes a full-fledged Communist country.

Then US, UK and EU countries will treat Singapore as a Communist country like China.

Therefore don't vote any opposition party members into the pa-lee-men.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

USA also the same. Vote Republicans get Deep State. Vote Democrats also get Deep State.

The system is set up to be like that. The people think they are voting for change, but nothing changes. Like drain the swamp, but the people now realised that they voted for the slogan, but the swamp gets dirtier. Nothing changes. When Democrats became the Government years ago, they shouted 'vote for change'. Nothing changes.

American politicians, like everywhere else, will continue to shout enticing slogans before they are elected, but after being elected, it is back to normality and the show goes on.

We will build a big, beautiful wall and Mexico will pay for the wall. Yeah, and everyone cheered and clap. Now who is paying for the wall?

Anonymous said...

India PM Modi (in phone call to other small countries' Prime Ministers): "Please take care of our virus-infected nationals in your country, for free. Please don't repatriate them back to India."

Other countries' Prime Ministers : "Yes Sir!"

Anonymous said...

What Is The Real Costs Of Over-Dependent On "Cheap" Foreign Workers?

Your answer is required: Think and list down every item you can think of.

E.g. Depleting the Healthcare resources and facilities during a pandemic, thereby depriving Singaporeans of proper and timely medical attention, hospital bed, treatment and nursing care.

Are the "Cheap" Foreign Workers really cheap?


To the employers, these foreign workers help them to save Labour costs because they are willing to accept lower wages and work longer hours. That means wages for Singaporean workers are suppressed forever and their standard of living cannot go up while the costs of living keep rising every year. So much so even obscenely paid ministers like Goh Chok Yong and Teo Chee Hean keep grumbling and complaining that their salaries have not been raised for the last few years!

However, the Labour Costs saved by the employers like NTUC, GIC, Temasek Holdings, the Government, Constuction, Manufacturing and Services Industries, foreign MNCs and Parasite Businesses like Dormitory Owners and Canteen Operators are defrayed into hidden costs (both tangible and intangible) upon the Society and Singaporeans as a whole in many areas and aspects, such as loss of jobs, stagnation or lowering of wages, social problems, health costs and problems, faster decay in existing infrastructures, incessant transport congestions, breakdowns and delays, long long queues everywhere for many things, rising property prices and rentals, limitations in the use of entertainment and recreational facilities, etc. etc. etc.

Most significant loss to the citizens is the full undivided attention, care and focus of the elected government and leaders towards the welfare, well-being, progress, prosperity, qualitative job opportunities, livelihoods and happiness of Singaporeans, the bedrock of society and nation-building; and the long-term survival of Singapore as an independent nation.

It is no difference from being invaded, conquered and trampled upon by a coalition of foreign powers.

Anonymous said...

There're still unsolved rape cases involving Uni students victims over the past few years, and some clowns are now campaigning for acceptance of foreign male workers to be housed in HDB heartlands!

Remember the Serangoon Gardens dorm spat that residents had with PAP, after which the elites lost Aljunied GRC to WP.

Anonymous said...

"We will build a big, beautiful wall."
- Donald Trump

"We will build a big, beautiful workers' dormitory."
- Lee (gold standard) Hsien Loong
- Josephine (rewind clock) Teo

Virgo 49 said...


Now Singaporeans taxpayers had also bear the costs of what's happening now.

Cost of building dormitories. Even luxury criuse ships and resorts hotels and the medical expenses for treating and isolating these migrant workers.

Whereas the Dorm operators earning when times are good are also laughing behind their backs.

S11 abandoned coffee shops business and go full swing into Dorm Operators.

Think all these are their kakis and cronies that are well protected and taken care of.

It's the Singaporeans who are the ones at lost.

Lost of jobs. Stagnation of salaries etc.

Soon. May Day speech. How many gonna retrenched and eat grass?

May Day, May.Day. Sinking Land.

Anonymous said...

The facilities in the dorm, the sleeping place, beds, kitchens, the food, salary etc etc...

Compare to what they had at home, where they came from, whatever that are provided here are luxury to the foreigners or white collar workers. Stop comparing them to your quality and standard of life. They came from a different world where our toilets and even the floors of MRT stations and shopping centres are cleaner and better than their homes.

They are not mistreated. The food they are getting to eat are as good as what many Singaporeans are eating, including what your goodself would buy to eat.

Where is the discrimination and exploitation? If they are being exploited they would not be queuing up at our doors, borrowing money from loan sharks to be here.

Anonymous said...

The greatest fear must be that if foreign workers go into riot, the local may join them.
Such a scenario cannot be ruled out.

Anonymous said...

Yes, agreed. Foreign and local may join force because of the prolonged pent-up frustrations and anger.

Locals now include more than half a million
people who are ether new citizens or permanent residents.

These new citizens and permanent residents are still very "foreign" in their psyche in many ways. They are still loyal to their motherland or fatherland. Therefore, it is easy for them to identify with and take side with the foreign workers. Especially, those from India under CECA privileges and power, who are now controlling and commanding the job-markets and private enterprises' workforce to a large extent.

Counter-SS Organization (CSSO) said...

Evil Trump plans to punish China for the Coronavirus spread in the US. He said that he suspected the Coronavirus came from China's lab.

This is getting very serious. It may lead to war with China.

China must be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, including Nuclear War.

The Evil White Secret Societies that control the White House and the US President are bent to reduce world population to only 500,000 million.

That means only the Whites are allowed to live.

All other races will be annihilated. This is the long-term plan of the Evil Whites Secret Societies, with their HQ in Heinderburg.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is the most bizarre creature on planet Earth. I think his brain is drunk with power and by power, being the most powerful creature in the world today.

Anonymous said...

Worry not about US President Tramp and any Other Whites.
We are all mere mortals subject to the Disposal of nature.
Enjoy Your Existence and be thankful for it. Take care of oneself so as not to burden others.
What happens to the World is the Pregorative of Nature, not Mortals.
May All Enjoy Healthy and Happy Living.

Anonymous said...

Right. White or yellow or black, when the time comes, it is all of one colour, the colour of ashes.

What we took from nature, we have to return it.

A nuclear war will extinguish all living things, render all possessions - castles, palaces, yachts, jets, diamonds, jewelleries, bonds, treasuries, shares etc all into dust, to be extracted by the next cycle of life on earth, thousand of years later. And the cycle begins and will end in the same way.

Archaeological diggings and existing structures discovered, showed that there were also very intelligent beings on earth and they just disappeared. Why? We blame it on natural disasters. What about man made disasters?