Covid19 - What two half Chinese said....

Never one to mince his words, Edison Chen has taken to his socials to criticise the labelling of COVID-19 as a “Chinese Virus”.
In his caption, which was posted all in capital letters —  as per Edison’s usual posts —  he wrote: “COVID-19 IS A GLOBAL PROBLEM / SO STFU AND STOP BEING RACIST / ITS 2020 YALL”, along with the hashtag “wash the hate”.  From 8 Days

On February 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the 2019 novel coronavirus, which was previously known as the “Wuhan virus” due to its alleged origins in the Chinese city, would officially be called “COVID-19” in order to avoid references to a specific location and prevent stigmatisation.

A month later, Anthony has decided to take to his Facebook page a month later to air his grievances about this decision. “The Wuhan virus is the Wuhan virus. The WHO no longer has any prestige and no one listens to them anymore, and yet they bothered to change the name to something that’s so difficult to remember.”

 The outspoken 58-year-old went on to compare this situation with other ailments that are named after countries, suggesting that he refuses to refer to COVID-19 as anything but the “Wuhan virus” unless “'Hongkong foot' (athlete’s foot) is called 'China foot', Japanese encephalitis is called 'Chinese encephalitis', the Spanish flu is called the 'Strong Chinese flu', and German measles is called the 'New China measles'”.   From 8 Days

Edison Chen was politically sensitive about the stigmatisation of China and Chinese by the Americans. Though he was born and brought up in Canada, he still has pride in being Chinese.

Anthony Wong was dumped by his English father who left him with his mother in Hong Kong when he scooted back to England.  Did he care whether he lived or died? He was raised by his mother in Hong Kong and found success as an actor in Hong Kong. A few years back he traced his root to England, found his half brother, and left for England to become an angmoh. From his angry loose comments, it was obvious that he hated Chinese. Hope he did not hate himself for being half Chinese with Chinese blood and DNA.


Anonymous said...

Dear PAP Minister for "sex in a small space"

What does 400,000 young, male foreign workers do for female companionship in Singapore before Covid-19 virus was discovered?

Virgo 49 said...

MOM Sex in small place Minister said to the 400,000 young male foreign workers.

"Thank you for your hard work"

Now three quarters or even 90 percent infections are spread by your hard work.

Now you deserved Thai luxury foods as supplied by us.

Better than your Mountain of Rice with just curry gravey and a small piece of fish or meat.

Actually, frankly, have no quarrels with these Construction workers where majority are ok and laws abiding unless really provoked by our over demanding and high attitudes Sinkies who are too high handed on them.

It's the high class pariah actsy actsy who thought that they are the high class Brahims that screwed our Sctwerty guards Uncle that I cannot tahan them.

Even in our estate high and mighty. Lift space so big and yet they put their legs and whole bodies blocking the entrances that you have to squeeze yourselves to go in.

Then, they will start glaring at you as though you are their untroubales.

Never know that they are here as beggars in having jobs in our Country.

Virgo 49 said...

Also to add. It's our unscrupulous employers who exploited them like Rats in these domritories.

The MOM just shut their eyes.

Now heavens exposed their short comings in just making monies out of these humans.

Anonymous said...

You are right Virgo. The foreign workers in dormitories are not the problem. They worked hard, and do not cause much trouble. The ones with noses in the air, living in million dollar condos are giving them a bad name.

Do not put all the blame on these foreign workers for the spread. Blame the Government for allowing employers to exploit them, housing them in such unsanitary places. They do not have any choice, having to earn a living to feed families at home. These workers deserve sympathy. I am all for helping them at this time.

The irony is they are doing jobs that locals shun. That is the problem and why we need them here!

Anonymous said...

Dear Minister for Manpower,
Dear Minister for Trade and Industry,
Dear Minister for Health
Dear Minister for Environment,
Dear Minister for Social Services,
Dear Minister for Foreign Affairs,
Dear Minister in-charge of Immigration,
Dear Minister in-charge of All Ministers (the last shall be the first)

Have you even bothered to think how the 456,000+ young, active, vibrant sex-staved construction, shipyard, off-shore oil rigs, sewage, cleaning workers and labourers spent their off-days before and during the COVID-19 PANDEMIC was DECLARED? Looks very obviously you have not. If you had, then the explosion of COVID-19 corona-virus infection would have been arrested much much earlier before it ignites, is it not so?

Most of us could see and imagine that these foreign workers and labourers only stand around by the roadside and open spaces at Little India, Geylang Red Light Area, Peninsula Plaza Area, Lucky Plaza Area, Golden Mile Complex and Changi Beach, to chat and chat during their off-days, from Sunday morning to Sunday night before their companies' buses came and collect them back, squeezing shoulders-to-shoulders for at least 45 minutes, along the way probably exchanging saliva droplets and corona-viruses unknowingly, drunkardly or happily.

We could also see and imagine that the foreign female workers and helpers spent their off-days, some openly, some discretely with their male friends happily, joyously, cheekily or flirtingly.

What have happened behind our backs, away from our eyes, out of our minds are not beyond our imagination. They will do what every young and sexually-active men and women do!

You may ask: What has that got to do with COVID-19 pandemic?

My answer is:

What you are seeing now at the dormitories is what you get.
Extrapolate that to the foreign female workers and you will get an even bigger picture.

Extrapolate that to the Singaporean families that the foreign female workers are working for and living with, then you will get the complete picture.

My question to all of you extremely highly paid millionaire ministers is:


Anonymous said...

At the end of all this, no minister will admit wrongdoing.

The old man knows that admitting wrong is a sign of weakness. He should have taught this lesson to his successors well.

So, any wrong will be denied vehemently, even suing those who make accusations that 'cannot' be proven. When the heat dies down, they quietly correct their mistakes or even reverse course, with no one being the wiser. Sometimes giving the excuse that circumstances change, so the tactics must change will likewise be sufficient to stop any further speculations. Not that he needs to use his 'knuckleduster' often to put people into place.

Even Trump adopt this strategy, but without the finesse of our former great leader.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

FOG has just provided the answers to all the unlinked cases.

Anonymous said...

"We are deaf to all criticisms"
- Lim Swee Say

The speed of Singapore's Covid response is limited by the speed of understanding of the most stupid PAP Minister in the cabinet.

Anonymous said...

728 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore today, 16 April.

Lee Hsien Loong:
--> Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew
---> wake up, wake up.
---> time to rise up

Virgo 49 said...

Please bring on the GE!

This time round, they won't be able to sweep clean.

Lau Angkors tulan liao! Everyday kena hassled by the over zealous ambassadors who had been empowered even by the Water and Resources Ministry to book so called silly offenders.

These young punks been briefed that they are high and mighty rubbing off the arrogance of the PAP been too high handed towards the Elderies.

Wow, now also wore RED armbands like the Red Guards or the old Provost Unit MPs of yester years.

This time round, they gonna give them a sound thrashing they beh lien chu.


Anonymous said...

Why is Masagos still blaming locals for not playing their part when the biggest cluster of infections are at foreign worker's dormitories?

Local infections now accounts for only about 10% of total infections. Does that indicate that locals are breaking all the distancing rules? Have they been looking in the right direction? Or is the ivory tower too high to do that?

Hmmm, maybe they should issue canes to the Red Guards to cane those who broke the rules, like what our neighbour up North is doing. By the way, we are not far off overtaking our neighbour up North in total infections. What is happening? Quick, wake the old man up!

If only the old man was around. No funny nonsense like 'mahu' 'tak mahu' rules about wearing or not having to wear masks when running, cycling and brisk walking. What is brisk walking may have different definitions between the old and the young. The old man would put his knuckleduster down and insist, must wear means must wear, no 'mahu' or 'tak mahu' business.

Anonymous said...

600+, 800+, now 924 Cases and climbing .... 1000, 1100, 1200 ....