Solidarity Payment - All Singaporeans would get $600, non Singaporeans also get $300

Last Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced that all adult Singaporeans aged 21 and above would receive a one-off Solidarity Payment of S$600 in cash....

A one-off payout of S$300 will also be given to permanent residents (PRs) aged 21 and above this year who have a Singaporean parent, spouse or child, said MOF.

The S$300 payout will also be given to Long-Term Visit Pass-Plus holders aged 21 and above this year.  CNA

During this difficult time, every Singaporean is affected by shut down with some getting hurt more financially than others. PRs and non Singaporeans too would be affected but this is not our problem. Why should it be our problem?

For PRs with Singaporean spouses or children, giving them $300 is reasonable. But why the heck is the govt giving $300 to Long Term Visit Pass-Plus holders who are not citizens, not even PRs? Definitely never to NS.

Is this a case of too much money dunno what to do, or is this a case of OPM can anyhow give away? And don't forget, the reserves were built up by Singaporeans for Singaporeans and their future generations. Why is the govt giving money taken from our reserves to give to non citizens?

What do you think?


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB.

ALREADY told you the PAP loved the FOREIGN talents more than Singaporeans.

59.9 or 60 billions just to service the most another 6 months.

After that?

6.5 or 5.6 millions now. Only maybe half Singa Pore Lans.

Ah Kong or Ah Gong monies not from their pockets no feel pains lah.

Last few Finavanical and SARs crisis, WP requested for digging into Reserves for Singaporeans, they said cannnot any how take out.

Their blunders of 300 over thousands of FWs now in Sinking Land and made every possible accommodations for their well beings.They are the top infections carriers.

Same time blamed old uncles and aunties going to markets etc for flouting the CB or Chee B rules.
300 bucks to them are a lot of monies for survivals. Just a piece of paper and they were poorer by 300 bucks.

Subconsciously and unconsciously as old folks and habits they mistepped to near to another human bean and kena bull dozed.

Hopefully, be a political cause and back fired that these ex PAP strong supporters will voted against them.

Anonymous said...


The criteria to get $300 for the long term visit pass plus is the same as for PR.

I.e. spouse or child or parent is Singapore citizen.

In practical terms, LTVPP is more for Singaporeans who married foreign brides but the brides unable to get PR or pink IC due to "quality issue" e.g. Vietnam bride or Thai bride or certain China bride etc.

The CNA article that you got your info is not clear on this.

But if you had followed the parliament reports & other news sources, you would have known better.

Virgo 49 said...

LTVPP are those holding Long Term Visits Permits holders.

These are the Ones been employed by the various Corporations and Companies.

Even that 75% subsides also for these jokers wages for their employers.

Wah piang. Good times all profits goes into their pockets.

Now have to subsidise them with taxpayers MONIES?

Seriously, those have to KAPUT. Have to KAPUT. The Papies are just afraid that sinkies be unemployed due to their lack of economy foresights that they are now using past generations hard earned tax payers monies to save their skins.

Even want to save these LTVPP holders who took over local Singaporeans jobs

Anonymous said...

Every Singaporean get only $600!

What about companies like SIA?

How many billions is SIA going to be getting?

Anonymous said...

Do you think we should just let SIA go bankrupt and start up a new airlines called SIA-2 instead?

Anonymous said...

@ 8:27 am "ALREADY told you the PAP loved the FOREIGN talents more than Singaporeans."

You rest your case.

Singaporeans who owns more than one property, they received only $300 same amount as FT.

Yearly, that Singaporean pays for three (or more) types of taxes. (personal & two property taxes).

Anonymous said...


The Jobs Support Scheme (25% to 75% subsidy) is only for citizens & PRs.

LTVPP don't get.

Those families with LTVPP Vietnam wives or China wives may be jialat if employers sack them during this recession period --- lose 1/4 to 1/2 of household income.

Families with LTVPP foreign wives also tend to be lower income.

If no kids can still downgrade --- 2 meals a day eat broken rice porridge with cheap soya sauce. But if got young kids even more jialat.

Anonymous said...

"Let Them Fail" - Billionaire Explains

Bailout people.
Do not bailout companies.


FL said...

I thought the $300 could also be given to our NS boys who have not turned 21 this year (2020). It is not fair that their commanders and regulars (above 21) will get their $600) while the lower ranks under 21 get nothing. They are also our front-liners (or in NS term: the backbones of the army) in the even of a war, and have to train very hard during peacetime to prepare for the unpredictable future. It is still not late to announce it.

Virgo 49 said...

They have to pass a law to coerce the Property Commercial and Malls owners to pass over their property and other taxes to their tenants.

In good times, they kept their profits and paid themselves handsomely.

But now in a common pandemic that hits eveyone, they still wants to have earnings all to themselves.

Even, held the Ministry on their leash the Supply And Demand of their properties so as to maintain their asking prices.

These capitalists are self centered and monies grabbers. They should not be part of any subsidy of tax payers MONIES.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry lah!

We have a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


Anonymous said...

If the situation does not get better, this will be a time to test the resilience of who will get by in better shape.

The old can get by with meagre needs. That is a proven reality, and for those born in the aftermath of the war, they have faced adversities and joblessness before. Under threat of communist infiltration, rice rationing was even part of the way of life at one time, with rations according to number of people in each household. Never forget that we still depend totally on others for such essentials.

Of course, those born in the good times after that have no inkling of what it was like. Tell them that was the situation, and they will accuse you of spreading grandmother stories. It will be a good time and useful lesson to dispel the arrogance and ignorance, that all good things will never come to an end. Added to such worries are the personal debts like mortgages, car loans, education loans that the older generation do not even have to consider or budget for when they lost their jobs.

And of course, I must bring up the old story that people in the old days would shrink in horror when told to ask for aid from the Social Welfare Department. Such is their dignity and pride? Nowadays, attitudes are different and dignity no longer a trait.

Virgo 49 said...

Well said Anon 11.48

The present generation of Singaporeans just under simple CB semi lock down must have antics to keep themselves from what's boredom.

Just by staying Home.

Shits Times must prograte daily of how to keep themselves what's activities and what's activities.

Most still have their salaries.

Now, the time actually to think of the Aftermath after this episode which is far more frightening.