Covid19 - What western media are not reporting or reporting about China


The above video clip by CGTN hosted by Liu Xin exposed the dirty western media in reporting everything that is bad about China no matter what China did to help the rest of the world in this pandemic.

China is running its medical supplies full steam to produce all the medical supplies needed by is being condemned by western media for doing so, condemning Chinese products, Chinese intent, Chinese manufacturers are profiting etc etc.

They would not say a good word for China. What would they say if China stop producing these products for the affected countries? On one hand they would not hesitate to grab all the medical supplies given by China. On the other hand they would bad mouth China. These are sick countries, sick people.

Evilness would get their evil karma for sure.

Should China stop exporting these medical supplies to those countries begging for them? Should China stop sending any medical supplies to the USA?

China should tell those unfriendly countries, go away, we are not selling to your countries. Go and ask Trump to help you.

As it is today, China has been sending medical supplies and experts to nearly every country affected by Covid19.  Many of the medical supplies from China were pure donations and others were sold often at cost or below market prices. But mischievous western media have been attacking China non stop and smearing and demonising China for helping the affected countries.

The Americans only claimed that they are going to send supplies to help Italy, France and Spain but nothing was sent. The truth is that it is Americans First and the Americans have been seizing medical supplies bought by European countries, hijacking them direct from the airport tarmac and scooted to the USA. These are what the Americans called helping other countries.  Germany has called it piracy. Below are some examples of American hypocrisies and treachery.

1. U.S. President Donald Trump has asked manufacturing giant 3M to stop exporting American-made N95 face masks to Canada. Mercedes Stephenson has the pushback from 3M and Canada's political leaders. Plus, Jackson Proskow looks at how desperation is deepening in the U.S., and...Global News

2. The US has been accused of redirecting 200,000 Germany-bound masks for its own use, in a move condemned as "modern piracy".
The local government in Berlin said the shipment of US-made masks was "confiscated" in Bangkok.
The FFP2 masks, which were ordered by Berlin's police force, did not reach their destination, it said.
Andreas Geisel, Berlin's interior minister, said the masks were presumably diverted to the US.  BBC

3. The president of the Ile-de-France region encompassing Paris, Valerie Pecresse, said this week that a shipment of masks ordered for her hard-hit department was snatched at the last minute by "Americans who made a higher bid".

"The Americans pay cash sight unseen, which obviously can be more tempting for people just looking to make money off the entire world's distress," she said.  CNA

The president of the Ile-de-France region encompassing Paris, Valerie Pecresse, said this week that a shipment of masks ordered for her hard-hit department was snatched at the last minute by "Americans who made a higher bid. "The Americans pay cash sight unseen, which obviously can be more tempting for people just looking to make money off the entire world's distress," she said.


Anonymous said...

The U.S. is undercounting the number of people who have died in the pandemic, experts say.

Hospital officials, public health experts and medical examiners say that official tallies of Americans said to have died in the pandemic do not capture the overall number of virus-related deaths, leaving the public with a limited understanding of the outbreak’s true toll.

Limited resources and a patchwork of decision making from one state or county to the next have contributed to the undercount. With no uniform system for reporting coronavirus-related deaths in the United States, and a continuing shortage of tests, some states and counties have improvised, obfuscated and, at times, backtracked in counting the dead. NYT

While they are undercounting everything, lying about them, the western media continue to lambast China daily for under reporting their numbers. This is what the biased and mischievous western media are doing best, telling disinformation to misinform their readers, planting ideas in them and setting the agenda.

Anonymous said...

With China's help, Italy's infection rate has slowed dramatically, overtaken even by Spain.

China knew earlier on, when the outbreak started in Wuhan, not to accept US help. They did the right thing. Now, China has no obligations to help the USA, except for humanitarian reasons affecting US citizens. Helping the snake to get well will only invite criticism, derision, ingratitude and more provocations.

Countries like South Korea, Japan, the EU, South American countries and Africa can now see the real face of the evil US, hijacking products meant for them to save lives and resorting to modern day piracy. Does the US care a damn what happens to them? Definitely not by a long shot! In times of crisis, one must be able to differentiate real friends from fair weather friends. Taiwan is still antagonising China by playing into the hands of the US.

Japan is now facing reality. Why is Japan in this situation today? It turns out that Japan still had intentions to hold the Olympics during the early outbreak in Wuhan. There are reports that Japan only tested about 20,000+, thus able to report such a low infection rate in order to tell the world everything is fine and the Olympics can go ahead. Now that the Olympics has been postponed, the real situation is beginning to unfold. And unfold it did with escalating cases and Abe is said to be declaring an emergency today.

Should China help Japan? Japan did send aid to China when Wuhan was in trouble. Like Italy, I think China will not forget that help and will return the favour for humanitarian reasons, whatever unfavourable past memories may surface. Taiwan is a sadder case, of Chinese siding with Whites against Chinese. Let's see if the US will really help Taiwan when the shit hits the fan. Oh yes, help already came in the form of buying weapons from the US!

Anonymous said...

Trump's is now trying to wriggle away from responsibility by pushing the blame to the State Government of different states.

Mark my words, when the situation goes beyond control, Trump's supporters will still think that he has done a good job and that it was the State Government's fault all along for allowing the situation to go out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Even as many Chinese-Americans have weathered racist remarks and some physical attacks over the coronavirus, small groups throughout New York and New Jersey are uniting to fight the pandemic in the United States.

Using mostly WeChat, they are creating vast networks and rallying their contacts in the United States and China to procure supplies for doctors and nurses.

Some equipment has come from China, from companies like Dasheng in Shanghai. And while some companies require bulk shipments, networking via multiple groups on WeChat has helped with that issue, said Tingzhou Wu, a spokeswoman for a group in Millburn, N.J.

“We’re saying, ‘Let’s chat. Do you guys want to buy this together?’” she said.

The Long Island Chinese American Association in New York has delivered more than 10,000 masks to three hospitals and nearly 8,000 surgical masks to the Visiting Nursing Service of New York. The Coalition of Asian-Americans in Private Practice has raised close to $250,000 since January and expects to get 80,000 N95 masks to New York hospitals this month.

A group of Chinese-American professors at Rutgers University in New Jersey raised $12,000 and collected more than 4,000 masks to support a hospital in New Brunswick. A church in Parsippany donated thousands of masks to hospitals and even to local gas stations, where attendants are legally required to pump customers’ gas.

“It’s been a community consensus,” said Maria Wu, another spokeswoman for the Millburn association. “We need to stand up and do something to protect the people who are protecting us.” NYT

No matter what the American Chinese do to help, to prove that they are also Americans, it would not make any difference. The Americans hate YOU because you are Chinese. After 200 years of hate news against the Chinese, it is second nature in them. Look at all the hate Chinese news and social media, particularly the Australians, they just HATE anything Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Many of the brainless black Americans also hate Chinese without knowing why. They were made into slaves by the whites, not the Chinese. But after decades of repeating Chinese is bad, these unthinking descendants of slaves also think and act like the white Americans, simply hate Chinese in their ignorance.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is obvious that the Trump Administration has all the reports of the Conronavirus Exercise conducted by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and think China would be history after the virus attack on Wuhan.

They would never know that the joke is on them, the evil doers.

Anonymous said...

Hate calls against Chinese will still continue even if they buy and donate masks to hospitals.

Helping them also evokes hatred. Not helping them also evokes hatred.

When Wuhan was in the midst of the virus outbreak, Chinese in US were accused of buying up all the mask to send home. They can create situations to incite hatred for everything, big or small.

As a Chinese, I would not want to be in the US at this juncture. This hatred of Chinese will remain for a long time to come, if the death toll in the US reaches the million mark (it actually was meant for China, but heaven has eyes).

Anonymous said...

There are Americans with similar COVID-19 symptoms in the US in early January.

Peter Antevy, a pediatrician and physician in Florida, said on Twitter on Friday that "In January I got very sick (flu-like illness but much worse)," and he "had no idea what it was. Today I checked my COVID-19 antibody status and it showed IgG+ only (sign of past infection)." In other words, it means positive.

Antevy said in a comment that this was in the first week of January. Many Twitter users also said they had similar experiences or symptoms like raspy cough, chest tightness and fever, and they worried that the COVID-19 could have existed in the US long before the US government was aware of it.

According to the tweet and the picture uploaded by Antevy, it means he got infected at least a month ago, in early December, a virologist said.

The first confirmed case in the US according to the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was on January 21.

If Antevy and other Americans with similar experiences confirmed positive after the antibodies test, it could mean the COVID-19 existed in the US well before the first confirmed case of the virus found in the US.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The hate negros, despised negros as semi human beans, slaves, lasted for a few centuries. It only took a turn after many negros died fighting for the USA during WW2.

Would it need to take the lives of many American Chinese to fight this Covid19 and die in the course of saving fellow Americans before they will be accepted as Americans and not hated anymore?

I don't think so as the whites are racists, always think they are superior race and the more the Chinese rise in the fields of science and technology to challenge their superiority, the more they will want to suppress the Chinese from challenging them. To them the Chinese should only be cooks and laundrymen, kept like a genie in the bottle under their control, to be demonised, bullied and insulted and kicked around, to be bashed as and when they like it.

Just listen to the hate news being published daily by the Australians and you will know what the future installed for the Chinese in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

Lina Evans, the coroner in Shelby County, Ala., said she is now suspicious about a surge in deaths in her county earlier this year, many of which involved severe pneumonias.Credit...Bob Miller for The New York Times

Anonymous said...

Why do many Chinese people become much more patriotic and defensive about China after living in the west?


Anonymous said...

COVID-19: US death toll is currently 10,335, with more than 347,000 confirmed cases, according to John Hopkins - reported by one John (John Trump) and monitored by another John (John Hopkins).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans are lying about their numbers. The day before confirmed cases were 337,000. The average increase in most countries at this stage of infection is 15%, meaning the increase should be about 40,000 to 50,000.

An overnight increase of 10,000 is unbelieveable, unreal. This is less than 5% increase. This si typical of Americans lying but accusing others of lying. American cases today should be around 390,000.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

CNA online this morning reported that US confirmed cases were 357,000, an increase of 20,000, still much lesser than the 34,000 from a 10% increase or and much lesser than 40,000/50,000, the expected increase in a normal situation.

The Americans are hiding their numbers. Their lackadaisical attitude and free roaming people could only mean a bigger number, not smaller, unless it is due to too little testing or faulty test kits.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The overall tally of confirmed cases in New York, the US epicenter of the pandemic, grew by 7 per cent from the previous day to 130,680.

There was a 24 per cent per day increase in positive cases on Mar 30, but the rate of growth had slowed to 12 per cent on Monday.

The above numbers are from CNA. New York's 7% is possible as they are hitting their peak. New Jersey's 24% is typical as they are entering an explosive phase. The rest of American states are approaching the explosive states and the numbers must be in excess of 10%, thus a less than 10% overall for the USA is unreliable and likely to be fake.

Virgo 49 said...

Also another Dotard in intensive ward- Johnson. Long form for John.

Elder bro asking pharma companies to save him.

Elites only saved their own.

Americunts no hew, you die just a small miniscule of their POP.

Anonymous said...

They only tested about 1.5 million to reveal an infection of more than 350,000. Does that not tell the whole story?

When the USA lies about what others are doing, you can be sure they are doing exactly the same thing. That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Anonymous said...

Johnson was supposed to go for a check up. After 10 long days with symptoms? Now he is in intensive care. What's next in the news?