Shocking naked truths behind USA / Western billionaires charitable benevolent funds and organisations.t

Behind the facade of false decency and great benevolence of the USA /Western  million or billion dollar charitable funds and organisations is the devils wheels at work to kill millions of Asians and Africans to fulfill their satanic objective of bringing down the populations of Asia and Africa to about one billion people.

The hideous crimes of most of the USA and Western billionaires whose million dollar charitable benevolent funds and organisations are just fronts and veils covering and hiding their crimes against humanity.  Their atrocious crimes are revealed in a video in the internet.

You will be shocked to learn that these seeming smiling innocent looking multi-billionaire philantropists are in actuality despicable monsters who make their billions through the killings of millions of innocent lives without showing their bloody hands or leaving any trace of their hideous crimes. They are the worst criminals and most dishonourable people.

Part and parcel of their evil scheme is their NGOs their medical personnels, their doctors in their medical services at work deep in Africa and Asia. These vile billionaires are a vital link as investors and supporters of most of the USA and European well known big pharmaceutical corporations. But the actual devil behind these big business corporations are the rogues, crooks and scoundrels of the American and world  Jewish Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati cabal who are the robber barons not only of Wall Street banks and stock market but also of the whole worlds finance and currencies.

In the course of their charitable medical service in Asia and Africa, people whether men, women or children are dispensed with medicines, vaccines and injections laced with secret chemical elements to induce infertility of reproduction and to cumulatively reduce or destroy the people's natural immunity or resistance to fight germs, virus and diseases. In short their medicines and vaccines are genetically altered and programmed to destroy the anti-bodies which our bodies produce naturally to fight diseases. Thus without the natural anti-bodies and the natural immune system people would succum to all kinds of diseases and die.

These fake USA / Western billionaire philantropists are deadly silent killers, murderers and genociders. In the course of their fake benevolent service to society they have raked in annually billions of dollars in profit from the sales of their vaccines and medicines worldwide. They effectively kill people by the millions without seeing blood. Their unethical monstrous satanic scheme must be exposed and stopped forthwith permanently.


Tuesday, 14th April, 2020


Anonymous said...

But not to worry. Like the coronavirus, those foods, medicines, injections will also end up in the bodies of whites as well. Out of control, like the virus, it can also destroy their creators. Remember, man proposes, God disposes.

How do most of these people get so rich without devising systems for impoverishing the poor? The rich bankers used the fractional banking system, which is devised to basically robbing the rest of the world to enrich themselves, as well as creating boom and bust cycles to transfer wealth to themselves. During such cycles the middles class slowly lost their bearings.

Why do these billionaires, with all their wealth, still want to do such things? Wonder how true is the saying that it is more difficult for a rich man to go to heaven than for a camel to go through the eyes of a needle, or something like that. There must be a basis for such a saying! I guess Satan has no intention to worry about heaven!

Anonymous said...

American gigantic corporations Dupont and Monsanto which dominate and have an almost total monopoly of the world's production of fertilisers, insecticide and herbicide are also in cahoot with the big western pharmaceutical corporations of the same crime. Monsanto's fertilisers and insecticides and herbicides are widely and extensively used and applied to all kinds of agricultural plants from fruit trees and plants like apples, oranges, pears, peach, apricots. mangoes, and durian trees and grapes to cereals like rice, wheat, maize, oats, barley and soya beans as well on all kinds of vegetables. No wonder now adays most young married couples are unable to have babies even after they have been married from five to fifteen years. Many even cannot conceive after over twenty to thirty years of marriage..

Anonymous said...

American processed food and drinks like all the cola drinks, burghers and fried chickens are all poisoned and can eventually cause all kinds of diseases like cancer, diabetes, kidney failure and heart related diseases. Avoid taking such junk food and drinks to avoid sickness and death

Anonymous said...

A lot of American and European food products are genetically modified . They are all poisoned products and should be avoided at all cost.

Anonymous said...

By now Asians and Africans should know white men hold the bible with one hand and proclaim the slogan 'thou shalt not kill' but they kill with the other hand which holds the gun and not the bible. Oh! yes, they mean do not kill white racists but its ok to kill non whites.

Anonymous said...

Asian and African countries should stop using American and European fertilisers and insecticides. Asian and African governments should jointly take up the case with the United Nations Organizations and file for massive compensations against the American and European pharmaceutical and chemical corporations which exported their poisonous products to Asia and Africa.

Anonymous said...

It is too late.

Have people notice that many kinds of fruits now are seedless? How do you grow new crops without those seeds? The reason is Dupont, Monsanto and the like now have a monopoly of providing those seeds, which cannot be found or bought from anywhere else. Even South Asian Indian farmers, growing cotton plants, now have to buy seeds from US by taking up loans. They have no choice! And suicide is the only way out should there be outbreak of diseases. Such is the control that those corporations have over the rest of the world.

In the old days have we ever heard of bird flu? Today, any bird flu outbreak will force the culling of millions of chickens all across the world. Was this a human creation by such conglomerates to ensure the elimination of competition. It could well be! What about swine flu etc etc. The world is supposed to be finding ways to eliminate diseases. Instead we are bringing new diseases into being to destroy nature.

Today, it is no longer a question of wanting or not wanting to eat such foods. The choice is no longer there for some foods. Basic stuff like rice, soya beans, sweet corn, sugar from cane cannot be things we can avoid eating, even if we want to.

Anonymous said...

Elites have no problem. They eat organic rice, organic wheat, organic veggies, organic meat, organic fruits,
organic abalone, organic bird's nest

Anonymous said...

Drink organic water, use organic toilet papers, breathe organic air, smoke the organic pipe etc. Good for them!

Organic stuffs are touted to be grown using less harmful insecticides. It is not free of insecticides altogether. It is a fallacy to believe that insects will not touch those fruits and vegetables without insecticides. Further, they have to spray more of those less harmful insecticides more frequently to be effective, which makes it even more harmful in reality.

So, continue smoking the organic pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

Drink Newater better.