UN getting more idiotic by the days

GENEVA: Taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to erode human rights would be unacceptable, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Thursday (Apr 23), unveiling a new report on the issue.

As governments around the world implemented extraordinary measures to deal with the outbreak, activists have increasingly warned of strongmen regimes using the crisis to roll back rights.
Rights groups have called states out for everything from violence, threats to press freedom, arrests and smartphone surveillance implemented to fight the wave of infections.

"Against the background of rising ethno-nationalism, populism, authoritarianism and a pushback against human rights in some countries, the crisis can provide a pretext to adopt repressive measures for purposes unrelated to the pandemic," Guterres said in a statement.

"This is unacceptable."

He called on governments to be transparent, responsive and accountable.  CNA

Is this what Guterres thought is important to him and the UN? What about the human rights of people in Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea and those countries under ridiculous sanctions by the evil regime in Washington and now suffering from Covid19, and the Evil Empire still refused to lift its outrageous sanctions, not allowing medical supplies and equipment to these countries? Do the people of these countries deserved to be treated as human beans and their human rights respected?

What is the UN going to do about other than talking nonsense and making noise but unable to do anything meaningful and useful to the people of these countries victimised by the Evil American Empire? Why is the UN not passing a resolution to lift those obsolete cold war antics to set these people free from the clutches of the evil and wicked Americans?

This is the time for the UN to stop the American nonsense in the name of human rights and humanity, to pass a resolution to lift all the sick sanctions dictated and imposed by the Evil Empire.

The UN must have the gall to do something useful to save lives and sufferings and break away from years of haplessness and shame while eking a living in the shadow of the Evil Empire. Abolish all the wicked sanctions once and for all.

With nearly 1m people infected by this agent of God and more than 52,000 killed, and standing at the top of God's Ladder of Punishment for evil doers, the Americans have not learnt anything, unrepentant and continue to commit evils and spoiling for wars and more sanctions on other nations, many for more than 50 years or more, their people suffering from poverty and misery. God must punish the evil Americans more until they go down on their knees to beg for mercy.  More Americans shalt die in the hands of God. No country can deal with the Americans, but He can.


Anonymous said...

The racist white Western nations always crow about human rights. What about sovereign rights - the freedom of every nation to determine its own path, choosing its own friends, its own system ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I was quite depressed last night after watching a few documentaries about Navajo Nation. Most people did not know what this Navajo Nation is all about. Please google and read more about the plight of these people, forgotten and left to live or die in the wilderness of the American prairies. They were the original people of USA, the natives that lost their land, their culture, their language, their way of life, their dignity and pride as human beans in their own land.

Heard of Cheyenne, Sioux, Apache, Lakota, Hobi.... Remnants of these people are still alive in the richest country on earth but living in poverty, few with running tap water or electricity in the 21st century, in the USA. In some cases, the nearest well is 50 miles away. Watching them trying survive in their own land, the bulk of which were stolen by the whites, is so pathetic and depressing.

In a time like this, these original people of America are also suffering from Covid19 but wiyh practically no assistance from the white govt. While billions and trillions were channelled to wars and as aids to American allies and crony countries, the original people of America were left neglected, to die and fade away and be extinct from the land they were born.

Anonymous said...

MAGA - Make America Go Away.

Anonymous said...

UN stands not for United Nations but for Uncooperative Nerds.

Anonymous said...

Isn't sanctions against human rights? What has the UN done on the issue of sanctions against countries that have been at the receiving end of US sanctions?

The world should note that the UN has been US-centric all throughout it's existence. That is why the world body can do nothing whatever the US wants to do. The UN just makes lots of noises, mostly prompted by the evil empire, but failed to walk the talk when it comes to protecting smaller countries.

The UN will only bow to the USA for rubber stamping of their support for military action, like in Iraq. In some cases, the UN's rubber stamp is not even needed.

Little wonder that Russia had suggested moving the UN headquarters to outside of the US after Russian delegates were denied visas to attend UN session.

Anonymous said...

Of course the UN should stop all the sanctions and deprivations of human rights which are imposed by World No. 1 terrorist. However that does not mean the call by UN to stop racism in the current pandemic, is wrong, i do not see any reason you should condemn this as "idiotic". By doing so you are implying it is wrong for UN to tell people not to be racist and bully others.

Anonymous said...

The MSM in the west will never highlight the plight of the Red Indians, the Australian Aborigines, the Blacks in the US, the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the sufferings of civilians in countries that they bombed to the stone age, and anything that impinge on their conscience, if whatever conscience is left in their evil minds.

Likewise, the MSM in the west will never highlight the progress of China because it will bare the inadequacies of their Government by comparison. Their most important mission is to keep all this news as far away from their citizens as possible, and keep these people ignorant and blur about events happening outside their arrogant, inflated, egoistic, bubble.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The real and main problem is the evil Empire and the white racist regimes. Remove them and there will be less racism. They live on racism since their conquest of the coloured world.

A new process is taking shape, reversed colonialism and conquest of the white lands. The coloured people are moving in large numbers to take over the white lands. A lot of the whites are guilt stricken and simply allowed it to happen. Soon the whites in Europe would become a minority when the coloured people multiply and take over these lands. Same as in the USA. It is unstoppable.

Anonymous said...

To @1035
Please lah the american bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was an action which brought peace to SE Asia because the japanese were very very evil (Yamashita... Tojo... all genocidist japanese racists hate everybody). Usa did many many evil things, but bombing japan led to Japan immediate surrender and brought peace and ended WwII. You benefitted from it. be grateful Japan was down to its knees and japanese withdrew from Syonan To. (Singaporr. in case you know not history).

Virgo 49 said...

You are right that people should not bully others.

Basic human rights must still be adhered to and respects for any human beings.

Take for instance Today's Panic Pandemic and many Govts took advantage of their errors and for your own good excuses that they are overstepping others basic rights.

Same time, a stone that kills two birds and showing off their powers in a Psychological Way that they controlled unreasonably over you.

Take for Sinkieland for example.

The General Local POP is been penalised unfairly by their blunders high handed protocols.

Local infections just like when we were in that SARs epidemic was just minimal. Our movements and freedom was not greatly affected as now.

The main panic of a few thousands cases now is due to their blunders of having too many of human beings been in to close promity and the MOM.Minister can still harped that it is a very difficult decision to lock down these migrants as due to whats their ecomonic or idiotic agenda. Trade off of the local saftey of the POP against their what's wrong with making more monies.

Local Singaporeans were unduly been harassed by their idiotic protocols. Many were confused esoecially the older folks were penalised unfairly by their over zealous ambassadors and their civil enforcement officers.

Many were jailed, fined and harassed unnecessary by them.

Even one local posted some remarks on their migrant workers that is the real cause of our OVER whelming problems is been investigated by the SPF.

On the ground of racsism.

These happenings are caused by their lack of foresight and in a dictatorial way brow beat the locals into submission.

It's a sad sight to see the Elderies struggling in light of their changing rules that had their lives in difficulties.

Lining up in long queue in markets and been told that they cannnot go in today due to their ignorance and illiteracy.

They had Singaporeans older generation lifes very unbearable with their hefty fines and punishments.

So, human rights must be still be respected as in the hands of power crazy scoundrels can be very dangerous.

Even now practically all even non enforcement agencies are empowered to hassle all citizens that had them been in power for too long and rubbed with arrogance.

Any idiot just simply appointed by them tended to show off their powers. Not knowing that it's PAP way of using the people against their own.

Citizens must strive to serve their own and NOT to haasle their own.

Sad happening today in Singapore.

Virgo 49 said...

A must Read by Mr Leslie Fong.

"Time to wake up the Western Media"


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I would agree with 11.08am that one of the things the Americans did right was the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They should have bombed Tokyo and Kyoto as well as the atrocities of the Japanese were abominable and cannot be described in words alone.

The Japanese deserved a few more atom bombs to avenge their crimes against humanity in their invasion of Asia as well as the unannounced attack on Pearl Harbour. Their cruelties is beyond comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.08

Did the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused much horror and sufferings? What I am saying is there is little attempt by the Western MSM to highlight such horror and sufferings, not whether the USA dropped the bomb and not whether I benefitted from it. Who does not know the cruelty of the Japs? Please lah, you understand English or not?

In any case, Japan was already on the verge of loosing the war due to its overstretched army and logistics. The same with Germany and the Normandy landings. It was the Russians that did the actual work of defeating the Germans, and the US and it's allies just did the mopping up operations. And history credited them with defeating the Germans. The US and it's allies were just waiting on the side-lines for Russia and Germany to destroy each other, and seeing that Germany was succumbing to the Russians, they wanted all the credit.

History? It depends on which side wrote the stories and wants all the credit! Russia was the main player in the defeat of Germany, but was not a party to the anniversary celebrations in Europe of the Normandy landings recently. Why?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The demonisation of China is war by other means by the United States and its allies

Anyone without scales over his eyes and who has not succumbed to cerebral shampooing by the West will have realised by now that large parts of its media are biased, if not outright antagonistic, in their reporting of China.

Above from, A must Read by Mr Leslie Fong.

"Time to wake up the Western Media"

Virgo 49 said...

Mr Leslie Fong, ex Chief Editor of The Straits Times. Now also SCMP contributor.

Together with a Mr Xxx trying to recall his name. Ex- ISD chief now residing in West Malaysia are very outspoken and critic now of the PAP policies.

At that time, they were made DUMB by them as still under their balls and also OSA Acts.

Now. They spoke with their conscience knowing the atrocities as by you know who.


Anonymous said...

The problem with @1035 is that he lumped the "plight of the red indians aborigines and blacks together with the japanese. Read again his first para. The japanese "plight"? Hardly. Unlike red indians aborigine blacks, the japanese deserve to be bombed. RB went one step more and said Tokyo and kyoto also should be bombed. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Though Ho Ching's Remuneration Remains A Closely Guarded Secret, It Does Not Mean We Cannot Make An Educated Estimate, Isn't It?

As Temasek Holdings (Private) Ltd is considered to be a private sector company, the Executive Director cum Chief Executive
Officer, Ho Ching, must have been paid in line with top earners in the industry, with a little extra perks.

Up till now, how much Ho Ching is paid from our Reserves Funds, nobody knows except the Finance Minister, the Prime Minister, Chairman of Temasek's Board of Directors, the Chiefs of CPF Board and inland Revenue, her personal banker and Temasek's Chief Financial Officer.

There are three pointers that we can use to estimate how much Ho Ching's total Remuneration is, including share options and other perks:

1. She is unlikely to be paid lower than any of the CEOs under her.

Three years ago, the highest paid GLC CEO was Piyush Gupta of DBS Group. He was paid $10.3 million that year. Assuming that this lucky new citizen Gupta had worked 365 days a year, that means he received $28,219 a day.

2. As the CEO of a $300 billion SWF with heavy responsibilities and double appointments, it would be absurd for Ho Ching to be earning the same pay the lucky new citizen Gupta at $28,219 a day. Therefore, Ho Ching cannot be earning below $10.3 million a year.

3. Next, in 2009, when Temasek Holdings approached Charles Goodyear to be its CEO, he was one paid $54 million in 2008. Therefore, Temasek must have offered Goodyear more than his $54 million salary at BHP Billiton.

Supposing in 2009, Ho Ching was earning $54 million then, and had worked without any break, this works out to $147,945 a day or about 25 times of her dear husband the PM’s net income.

But clearly, Ho Ching must be earning
much more than $54 million a year, because Temasek’s doubling in portfolio value has been credited to her efforts.

As such I dare say, conservatively, Ho Ching is currently paid at least $205,000 a day or $75 million per annum, inclusive of bonuses and allowances but excluding share options. (Don't forget she is wearing two hats - Executive Director and CEO.)

In common men's terms, what she is being paid for one day's work, takes many people ten years to earn that amount of $205,000.

So, who is more lucky? Gupta of DBS fame or Ho Ching, the PM's second wife?

Anonymous said...

Both are lucky!

But being super rich does not a happy family make. Siblings against siblings. Daughter-in-law against daughter-in-law, Uncles against nephews. Cousins against cousins. What a mess!

Anonymous said...

If one earns what one deserves, then one should be proud of it and no reason to hide.

One only needs to hide if one earns what is not deserving or the amount is so obscenely unjustified.

Anonymous said...

A secret among secrets is one that if revealed will shake the foundations of a nation. Her salary?

Anonymous said...

shall ends with stench in History.
Very Lamentable that it is going to end in the Hands of a Family.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The President should be paid the highest since she holds the key to the nation's reserves which is a combination of Temasek Holdings, GIC, MAS and everything the state owns, including our CPF.

This logic, fake or real, when used to determine a person's salary is nonsense to the people not getting the money, but fine to the people benefiting from it. It is not based on contribution, work done, but on the pool of money out there. A person can claim a percentage of the pool of money even for losing money every year or not doing anything worth a single cent.

Anonymous said...

What you have just said above, Uncle RB, you have identified the whole PAP government.

Anonymous said...

Same logic can apply to security guards. The more expensive the building he guards, the higher must be his pay.