Covid 19 - Breaking news - 1426 cases today

Singapore reported 1,426 new COVID-19 cases on Monday (Apr 20), bringing the national total to 8,014.  CNA

This kind of numbers look like Singapore is on track to become the epicentre of Covid19 outbreak in SE Asia. And this is only the earlier stages of an uptrend. We are not seeing the peak yet.

With more than 300,000 foreign workers, plus maids, plus S pass and E pass holders, making more than 2 million foreigners here, you can imagine what a 10% hit rate is.

Would Singapore join the world's top 20 infected countries?

When is Dorscon Red going to be declared?


Anonymous said...

Singapore see liao.

Anonymous said...

But...... Sg/PR = 16 only, coming down.......will it be zero? We shall see......

Anonymous said...

I think many of the FWs tested positive but have very mild or no symptoms..... they are young.... hope for the best!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, the virus cannot escape from the dormitories.

Anonymous said...

The virus escaped to the maid's body!

Virgo 49 said...

Right your are!

The PAP will on the 4th of May opened Singapore for business as what's Dotard Trump is clamouring.

Do NOT worry Singaporeans, the community infections is less than 10 %

Majority 90% cases are the Dorms. We have them well in control. Already contingency plans working. MOST dispersed into several locations of ships, army camps, void decks etc etc.

Your only duties are to observe strictly the Protocol that we have already put in and the last one month of your practising.

We need to have the Elections On. Also need lots of preparations.

Dissolve Parliament etc. Singaporeans will be safe as fines of 300 and 1000 very painful.

See MRT trains, peak so crowded, where got local transmissions?

Singaporeans mostly immune already.

Don't worry. We know the situation well.

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong !!!!
1,426 new cases today.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Well done Ah Loong.

Your leedershit is amazing.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:58 pm
But...... Sg/PR = 16 only, coming down.......will it be zero? We shall see......

Coming down or going up,
We shall see...
if we need to share the medical/other costs burden for the 16 or 8014 cases.

Anonymous said...

The locals are ok. Mostly foreigners new cases. But they are isolated.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong reported no new cases today, Singapore reported 1,426 cases!

Wanna mock at Hong Kong, cock in mouth now!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what happens when PAP start to test our maids at home.

total WP 981k
domestic worker 255k
construction 284k

still got S pass 197k

Anonymous said...

Ah Sing
You laugh at Hong Kong.
Now they laugh back at you.

So Sia Suay.

Anonymous said...

1,426 new cases.

Praise Lee Hsien Loong.
Praise PAP
Praise Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Ai yah tis is jus peanuts lah or saab saab shui la, only 11 up the lorry mah, according to Long Gor Sg is still under control wat, no need to panic, use ur brain lah as wat PCK said lor, it jus means that we goto be grateful to the majority young & healthy foreigners workers for shouldering this corona virus outbreak, Sinkies ought to be thankful to them, guess that after this Crisis Long Gor will showcase these Foreigners Workers Heroes &some health care workers in the coming National Day Rally to let the Sinkies know the white population policy works! Showcases of these FW as heroes & attitudes to the World tat SG Welcome Foreigners Workers or Foreign Talents here, Sinkies will be in deep deep trouble as majority will of out of jobs after the general erection with increase in taxes UP Up & Away !

Anonymous said...

After successfully managing the Covid crisis;

Ah Loong and PAP must continue to increase population until 10 million.

Anonymous said...

Anybody got see Lee Kuan Yew?

Has he risen back from the grave?

Anonymous said...

Didn't his son said the current situation still under control mah.
Wait till his son or grandsons or Sinkies go cry out loud for tis old man, then maybe the Higher Ups might consider on his release. May God Bless Sinkies, May God Save the Foreign Workers, May God/Allah/Buddha help Loong to prolong his political party at all costs!

Anonymous said...



At the same time, local transmission is dropping --- showing that the lockdown is working .... same as in other countries.

By 4th May, the infections for foreign workers will have stabilised & start to drop. Local transmissions should also be maintained at less than 20 per day.

That's why majority of Singapore company stocks barely affected by this surge numbers. Even for those companies directly affected e.g. construction companies, property developers, companies that provide dormitory services .... all also just affected a bit only by this matter.

As for hospital resources, so far only 22 in ICU .... not even use up 1 single hospital resources. Those in non-ICU wards are sup sup suay --- plenty of beds (private hospital beds also have been mobilised). And half are being discharged to Expo since they are so mild ... machiam like common cold.


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans strike first prize again Gold Medal for scoring 1426 points on Sunday, in the Corona-Virus Olympics latest event!

How is it possible for a country that boasted itself and praised by WHO for being able to keep the COVID-19 Pandemic under control three months ago suddenly strike jackpots in the game?


The only possible reply to the question is that Singapore leaders could have probably betted heavily in its Gamble and lost big time.

P/S: Bookworm pseudo scholars are book-smart but not street-smart. They have lost all their common sense!

Anonymous said...

Talking in front of mirror?

Virgo 49 said...

CNN past few days in their talk reports brought up the papies govt marvellous job of controlling the pandemic.

Praising the Circuit Breaker system that does not paralysed the Essential Services.

Now will be a shock that Number one in SEA.

Wah piang hopefully Matland ok Apr 28 and ours May 04.

Yearning to breathe some really fresh air without masks in Matland.

If possible cool air in the Genting Highlands.

Hopefully, back no SHN.


Virgo 49 said...

In front of CNN TV.


Virgo 49 said...

Only scared Matland ban us from going up.


Anonymous said...

Actually, foreign worker's residing in dormitories account for about 80% of total infections. Without them, citizens, PRs, non dormitory foreign workers etc make up about 20%.

That is only accounting for those having been tested, with more thorough and comprehensive testing conducted on dorm residents.

If you consider the fact that testing is not done on all citizens in all countries, the figures reported cannot be true reflection of that countries situation.

SSO said...


Some people, websites and Facebook have been POFMAed by the Minister for Finance for using a source from Taiwan that suggested that Ho Ching's remuneration per year is tantamount to about NT$210 (?) million, equivalent to about SG$99 (?) million. Three of them are Hardwarezone, The Online Citizen and Mr Lim Tean, a opposition party secretary general.

The funny thing here is that the original source in Taiwan has not been POFMAed. Why so bias and unfair? Is it because of fear, favour or ill-will?

The key word here is "salary", which is different from "remuneration".

It is probably believable that Ho Ching's salary (alone) does not reach SG$99 million per year.

What about in addition to her salary, the share options, the bonuses (standard annual performance bonus and special bonus?) and other rewards in kinds, plus allowances, if any?

Perhaps, if all-encompassing, the grand total of her annual remuneration could have easily amounted to SG$100 million or more???

Ministry for Finance has issued the POFMAs saying that the claim of Ho Ching's salary being SG$99 million is false, and that Ho Ching's salary has been set by Temasek Holdings' Board of Directors. Who sit on the Board of DIrectors. Let's take a closer look.

Temasek Holdings' Board of Directors:

LIM Boon Heng - Chairman
(figure head, same as Halimah Yacob, for endorsing and signing important documents, as scapegoat?)

CHENG Wai Keung - Deputy Chairman
(as as above, except that he does not need to sign important documents?)

HO Ching - Executive Director &
concurrent Chief Executive Officer
(same as the PM, has all the powers vested in her hands?)

LEE Theng Kiat - Executive Director,
concurrent Chairman of Temasek International.

Bobby CHIN YC - Director
FU Chengyu - Director
GOH Yew Lin - Director
Stephen LEE CY - Director
Robert NG CS - Director
TEO Ming Kian - Director
Peter R VOSER - Director
Marcus WALLENBERG - Director
Robert B ZOELLICK - Director

Glaring Question:

Why can't Temasek Holdings simply reveal Ho Ching's total rewards and remuneration per year for all the state-holders (Singapore taxpayers and CPF contributors/members) to know. We all have the right to know. It is ridiculous and absurd for Temasek Holdings or Ministry of Finance to continuously keep it as a state secret.

Anonymous said...

1,426 Covid cases.

Ah Loong.
Lampar song boh?

Anonymous said...

No need $100 million figure.

Even just earning annual salary of $63 million, excluding bonuses and perks, for 16 years at the helm would net more than $1 billion !

Anonymous said...

Why are Singaporeans so interested in Mdm Ho Ching's salary??? If she is a capable CEO then she deserves whatever she gets paid. I think those Singaporeans that constantly grouse about her salary are just jealous. Maybe she just deserves her salary.

The subject about Ho Ching's salary is getting boring, so you jealous people, just stop it.

Anonymous said...

Why are Singaporeans so interested in Mdm Ho Ching's salary??? If she is a capable CEO then she deserves whatever she gets paid. I think those Singaporeans that constantly grouse about her salary are just jealous. Maybe she just deserves her salary.

The subject about Ho Ching's salary is getting boring, so you jealous people, just stop it.

Anonymous said...

Hope this vid strain only duplicate until a sertain times

After that it STOPS.

Anonymous said...

WSG don't take thing so relax as cases can turn to worst anytime. We don't have 8000 ICU beds. For taking such an attitude u really needed to be sodomized so u can wake up to the danger

Anonymous said...

Who do you think is the Richest Family in Singapore?

Intrigue: The more one tries to hide, the more people want to know. This then becomes public interest. It is now truly of public interest alright. Who says the matter is not of public Interest? Say again, please.

For example, if in one year, I am so fortunately lucky to strike a lottery of $100 million, then with a streak of fantastic unfathomable luck continuously for 28 years (since 1992), how much "lottery" money do you think I have amassed?

Conservatively, easily $2 billion, based on the average of 28 years of highs and lows?

The combined riches of my super-lucky family, I venture to make an educated guesstimate, could have easily reached $10 billion, isn't it?

Please don't POFMA me. This is not falsehood. I am just making a guesswork about myself, my good fortune.

My guesswork may be close to the actual figure or far from it, is of no significance whatsoever.

What is significant is the way someone's wealth can be shrouded in mystery for such an unexplainably long time, without recourse. And the 5.7 million population is so totally powerless to even utter a single word.

Anybody is entitled to make a guess if the truth has been kept hidden continuously, guarded and protected like a nuclear bomb.

If any of you are privy to the truth, please share your knowledge. Don't need to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. It is not a crime.

Did someone said that it can be charged under the Official Secrets Act? Come on, don't be ridiculous!

Even if get charged in court, it is worth it, because whomever charge you has to prove that you are wrong. In order to prove that you are wrong, he has to show the judge the truth! As a result, the long protected, cannot see day-light, "secret" is exposed by that person himself. This is like Shakespeare's irony of ironies.

Intriguing and entertaining?

Virgo 49 said...

Wah, por lam par Ho Jinx admirer now spamming the blog.

Go and see Steve Jobs video before his passing away.

More in a Human Being than just been a Human

Steve Jobs had many many times Ho Jinx kuching kurap salary woman's salary or remuneration but he coax you there are MORE meaningful things in life than your hoarding of your MONIES.

"MONIES in banks but Soul in HELL"

Virgo 49 said...


Good Fortune can become also Misfortune!


Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew
Where are you?

Why you never rise up?

Did you lie when you said that you will return if Singapore is in trouble?

Anonymous said...

Where is our Singapore Zombie?

Lee Kuan Yew.
Where are you?

Anonymous said...

Some super duper giat woman is still posting, posting and posting on FB. Her man really cannot control her.