He said, it's done, and the Evil Empire collapses

The fall of the American Empire is on fast forward mode. Everything is coming together and happening so fast.There is nothing that the Americans can do to stop it when He decided it is time to end this Evil Empire. First He sent in his Angel of Death called Trump to hallucinate the daft Americans that their days of glory is returning with this messenger of God. Everyday they were shouting hallelujah. And no Americans in his right mind would dare to think of stopping the messenger of God. They did not know what to do with him and allowed him to do as he pleases. He is just doing the will of God.

After all the damages were done by Trump, now comes the final nail, the disease that the Americans have no natural resistance, to wipe out this evil race. Sounds familiar? Indeed, this was what the Americans did to the native Indians, spreading diseases that they had no natural immunity, culminating in the biggest genocide of human history, death of 100m native American Indians, and the few leftovers are at the verge of extinction.

With this virus, the Americans are hapless, defenceless. Look at how they fumble and fell over each other scurrying just for medical supplies and basic stuff like masks, PPEs and test kits! They could not make them.

And all the dummies in Washington know is to print money and more money. They did not believe that printing unlimited supply of money has very serious consequences. They still think they are exceptional and can print all the money they want. This could be the last round of money printing before the greenbacks turn into worthless banana currency. Inflation would swallow everything like the inflation they caused to countries under sanctions and blockade by them, a taste of their own medicine.

And the economy is at a standstill, virtually collapsed. To restart the economy means faster spread of the virus. Not to restart means many people are going hungry, no income and unable to put food on the table.

The Americans are like between a hard rock and the deep blue sea. Only He is capable of doing this to the mighty Evil Empire. No one else could. There is no escape. The end is nigh. And not a bullet needs to be fired.

When the virus first struck China, they were grinning with smugness and passing sarcastic remarks to belittle China. Now all the silly grins are gone. The faces are grim with fear, with hopelessness. No amount of clever people could save the fall of the Evil Empire when He said.... it's done.

Send in the US calvary, send in the aircraft carriers, send in the marines, send in the bombers....but where is the enemy?  All the trillions of weapons are as good as useless in the fight against this army of God. You can't see them, but they can kill you, as and when they deemed fit.


Anonymous said...

The virus was never meant to strike the USA. Trump told them this should never have happened to the USA. It was a hoax from his rabid mouth, but now he said he never said it was a hoax. He said, only when it became serious, that he knew it was a pandemic, but until then, he was telling all Americans that everything was under control and that it will go away like magic.

While elsewhere in Asia every country was getting ready, the USA and most of Europe were watching China's battle by passing sarcastic comments, derision and calling the action of the Chinese lockdown in Wuhan as 'draconian'. Even the construction of the two hospitals was the subject of much vile comments by US paid trolls, some wishing it to collapse on patients.

Everyone should watch the documentary on YouTube by CGTN titled 'Discovering China: Demystifying the hospital built in 10 days'. It was an undertaking of national unity, patriotism, human compassion and a project that was shrouded in immense difficulties, thereby showing how much engineering skills, technical skills and medical advancement that the Chinese have mastered over the decades.

With all the sophisticated spying channels, and the biggest spying network in the world, why is the USA not aware early of the seriousness of the outbreak, while other less endowed Asian countries were aware of the outbreak and were making preparations? Now the USA is playing the blame game!

How did Trump get this impression that the virus would not come to USA? Unless he had been told by someone that the virus would only target Asians. That is why Trump did not bother about testing kits or procuring medical essentials like mask and ventilators. And what did they find in their so-called emergency stockpiles? Out of date, unworkable ventilators and masks that crumbled to dust because of decades of non replenishment. Now we know that the USA is totally unable to function in case of a serious emergency.

Anonymous said...

Trump and his close associates in the White House have all been vaccinated and would not be infected. Pence just went visiting Covid19 patients in the hospital without wearing a mask. No need for any protection gear, already vaccinated. So were their families.

Virgo 49 said...

Evil minds that said the virus leaked from Wuhan labs must have done or experienced these types of deeds or evil works before.

China warned Australia of boycott if it still insisted of investigations.

Now they mild down saying inquiry.

Anonymous said...

Trump is obviously trying to corner the market for vaccines. How plausible is it that he and his cronies are hatching a plan to monopolise the coronavirus vaccine market? Is that also why he is not participating in the WHO's plan to engage all member countries to participate in producing a vaccine for the whole global community? Is that why he is finding fault with the WHO and even stop funding them? Will Trump use underhand tactics to undermine the WHO's effort to bring the international community to produce a vaccine?

Trump even wanted to buy over a German vaccine maker, if that German company manages to produce a coronavirus vaccine to rival Trump's interest. The German company told Trump that Germany is not for sale.

If indeed the US already had the vaccine, that is even more plausible that they started this virus globally, confidently thinking that the USA already have the means to deal with it. Does that not tally with the attitude and behaviour of Trump and his cronies so far?

Had China and the rest of Asia failed to control the outbreak, and the USA has the vaccine, that would be the perfect plan for Trump and his cronies to reap in the dough and laughing all the way to the bank. But first they must make sure that China is the culprit and not the USA, in order for the plan to work. And the demonization has been fast and furious, with more attack dogs joining the fray.

One question, though, is why is the vaccine not used widely in the USA to stop unnecessary deaths? Of course that would let the cat out of the bag. So, hang in there USA. What is 100 to 200 thousand deaths in the eyes of Trump? The economy and re-election is more important.

Anonymous said...

Recent anthrax outbreak had been traced to Fort Detrick. The outbreak of Ebola in Africa was also caused by the Americans, and the many outbreaks of bird flu and swine fever in China were the acts of CIA.

Anonymous said...

The Evil US Empire has the idea of Biological and Chemical Warfare long ago, way back before World War I. They used biological warfare against the Red Indians, killing them by the millions and then pillaged, raped and robbed the Red Indians' land. After that the Evil US Empire together with the Evil British Empire used opium to poison the mind of the Chinese people, and startled the Opium War,where they won and forced China to secede Chinese land to US, UK, Japan, Russia, India and France. After that the Evil US Empire dropped two Anatomic tombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to force Japan to surrender unconditionally. Then they used Chemical Warfare (Agent Orange, Purple Rain, and Napalm) on the Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians. And in recent years, the Evil US Empire used chemical agents in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen. And also created the various new viruses to spread throughout the World. And now, trying to deny that COVID-19 is not their doing but came from China's lab.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 5.45

That's why every now and then they must keep harping that China is the cause of the Virus Pandemic for fear that they would be suspected culprit.

Guilt conscious, you can see thru their insecurities they must point fingers at China first.

When the Truth is uncover, all the Nation's Arsenals of Nuclear will at the agreed time fire to the UAssA and blast them into oblivion once and for all.

They kept up the Psychological Warfare trying to have nations to take side and their cronies and running skunks to keep the blame game for them.

Virgo 49 said...

Right you are Anon!

Now they claimed Remdesivir is the cure for COVID-19.

They wayang for few months to have few hundred thousands DEATHS before they cornered the World by having this cure.

Evil Agenda of what's wrong with making more MONIES.

But you know Americunts are Great Liars.

China be the first to find the cure.


Anonymous said...

All kinds of cures from all parts of the world. Because India has relatively low infections for such a large population so far, they claimed that eating lots of curry is the reason.

But then, our foreign workers are eating curry, probably three meals a day, yet why is the infection among them so high? Free food is being thrown away maybe because there is no curry!

Is Remdesivir advertised by Trump too? Who makes them and is Trump or his son-in-law or other family members or White House cronies are having major interest in that company?

Virgo 49 said...

USA now on witch hunting with their full force of Republican Senators in support of investigating China for the Virus Outbreak.

Trying to deflect attention of Trump's blunders.

China gonna be the punching bag.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No that easy. Who punch who is still to be decided. Now they dare not even take on Iran after all the threats of invading Iran. China is a totally different kind of fish.