Covid19 - Fork tongue Trump lies and lies

China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!

'Part of a broader anti-China US effort'

Barbara Plett Usher
BBC News, Washington

At one level, Trump's move is about the coronavirus. Administration officials have been sharply accusing the WHO of missteps in the handling of the pandemic, saying it was biased towards China....

In particular President Trump has latched onto the WHO’s criticism of his travel restrictions against China. But at another level, this move is part of a broader effort by the Trump administration to curtail China’s growing global influence, especially in international organisations.

Above are two quotes from BBC showing how this double headed snake talked about China.  When he was begging China for help, for more ventilators and PPEs, he praised China. Once he received the help, he turned around to bite China like a snake does. How can this kind of people be trusted?

His failure to manage the Covid19 crisis, with more than two months of advanced notice bought by China in closing down Wuhan and Hubei, is now an excuse to attack China and put the blame on China. Many countries had the same notice period and did what they had to do to protect their people.  Trump ignored the threat, calling it a hoax, did practically nothing, and claiming that all was under control in the USA and would go away miraculously. Now the virus has hit the US with a whammy, with more than 600,000 Americans infected, with more than 30,000 Americans dead because of his miracle talks, he is now looking for a scapegoat instead of owning up for his own folly.

China had no early warning. The virus hit Wuhan like the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour. China did not know what hit them and struggled to fight this devil like the Americans struggling to accept the truth in December 1941. Did China complain that it had no early warning, nobody told them that some evil men were going to hit them with the virus of unknown origin in an undeclared war.

American Surgeon General compared the American infection to Pearl Harbour. Bad analogy. The Americans had 3 months of pre warning that it was coming. They knew as much as anyone what this virus was all about. They were not caught sleeping.  They were caught with their pants down, with their eyes wide open. It was their arrogance, stupidity and mismanagement that let them to this predicament, the worse affected country in the world with many Americans dying due to the negligence of the Trump Administration.

It is God's punishment for the evil and wickedness of the Americans in starting so many wars, impoverishing people with wicked economic sanctions and killing and wounding so many innocent people, including children and women. The evil Empire deserves everything bit of this Covid19 pandemic. Stop blaming China, look at the mirror and see the horns on your forehead.

Evil begets evil. Karma! Retribution!

Trump may be the last President of USA as prophesied. The USA will be the Disunited States of America, with the conservative and racist pro Trump Republicans breaking away from the Democrat ruled states after this is pandemic. He is attacking the democrat governors and they are hitting back at this sneaky snake. Trump is also attacking all the media and the reporters and news makers drawing disapproval and anger and condemnation from them. He is dividing America into two camps.

Now that the Americans cannot call the shots in WHO, Trump announced that the USA would stop payments to the organisation. WHO should remove all Americans office holders in WHO.


Above is a 7 minute MSNBC's video on debunking Trump's lies.


Virgo 49 said...

Sen. Kamala Harris on CNN said 17 millions already unemployed.

The Governors are brunching together to defile him.

UAssA's new flag only have half the Stars and Stripes.

Breaking away like the Soviet Union.


Virgo 49 said...


Wow. Prepare for WWWar III when Chna loses her patience.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkieland's how many will be unemployed?

Doesn't matter. WWWar III Akan datang.

Anonymous said...

The fucking Americans planted the virus in Wuhan and spreading fake news that it escaped from Wuhan Lab. They think the Chinese are so stupid like the American Fort Detrick Lab where the virus escaped and spread to the communities.

Anonymous said...

Trump is like a rabid dog, biting at one and all and raving like one. While other world leaders are much more concerned with fighting the coronavirus to keep their people safe, Trump is looking for targets to pick fights with, despite the dire situation engulfing the USA. I am at a loss for words!

This 'Liar in Chief' of the den of liars is just impossible. What comes out of his rabid mouth contradicts what is happening on the ground. He still claims that the situation in the USA is getting better, but the death toll keeps rising, and new records set of death numbers, are made every successive day, like Wall Street. Does this indicate that it is getting better? Of course when stupidity has no cure, his supporters will remain stupid. That is the beauty of it!

Now, Trump is trying to manufacture evidence to point the blame to Wuhan for the ]USA Military Virus' outbreak, to deflect the crime. If the world did forget the lessons learned from Iraq, where evidence was faked by the USA and UK about WMD, then it is indeed true that stupidity has no cure. What about Afghanistan? There were no plausible reasons for the USA to engage in that war, and even their generals do not know why they were fighting the enemy. We, of course, know it was all to support the US Military Establishment.

World leaders are condemning Trump for withholding funding for the WHO at this point of time when the virus was still ravaging countries. Some say he is trying to create conditions to really decimate the world population. He tried to kickstart that in China, the most populous country to start his plan, during CNY when human migration was at it's most intense, but China did what he did not expect and that was it's ability to prevent an apocalypse, that will totally destroy China. Then it backfired! That was one more time I believe that God is indeed Great!

They still could not manufacture the evidence to stick on Huawei after all this time. But there is certainly an urgency to manufacture evidence to stick it on China this time. His re-election in November is more important than containing the virus. If he loses, he and his family and cronies will face possible prosecution. But, maybe not. Republicans and Democrats are all of the same feather. The Russian interference, the Jeffrey Epstein case reveals the ingenuity of Hollywood's scriptwriting mastery. And in the end it still is you scratch my back, I scratch yours, buddy!

Anonymous said...

If Sinkieland's situation does not improve, we are sunk. Closure for another month will see many businesses bite the dust and unemployment is going to be a big problem.

Losing jobs for those younger people means problems with mortgage payments, car loan payments, student loan payments, credit card payments and anything to do with money. Can the Government continue with prolonging the help?

Our 'grandmaster of deflection' said that if we are not careful, our wives, daughters and sisters will have to work as maids in neighbouring countries, maybe even forced to eat hairs picked up from bathroom floors. But not to worry, He also assured us that he will rise from the grave to put things right. When it worsens, Sinkies will be waiting with anticipation, maybe with lots of prayers, hymns and recitations. The problem is, even prayers at places of worship are forbidden right now. How?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

At the rate of new infections, there is no way that the circuit breaker will be lifted. In fact the opposite is more likely, ie Dorscon Red. Be prepared, we are heading towards a crisis situation.

As for the liar racist king, he is even attacking Obama and blaming everything on this black President. It is everybody's fault, not his.

Many American medical staff are infected and dying due to a lack of PPE. Soon there will be a revolt and they would down tools and not wanting to risk their lives in the front line. Trump could be prosecuted for his mishandling and mismanagement of this crisis.

Anonymous said...

Another new recent finding, fact or fiction, that the virus of infected patients were found more than 13 feet or so away from the patient. That makes safe distancing of 1 or 2 metres a real mockery and a farce.

It is the same with the 14 days isolation call for those who came into contact with infected people. Who made that call and how was that time line arrived at? Some now say the incubation period could be as much as three weeks or even longer.

So much information, so many sources, so much confusion, it is really getting out of control.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.47

All these actually all guessworks.

They have to do some action by what's social distancing and just one metre away safety.

Same time getting all these Medical Expurts to give one story after another.

They needed sort of guidelines to follow and hopefully it's the correct Protocol.

What's nonsense protocol when their own don't follow the protocol.

Yesterday's morning at Bukit Merah View lining up one metre apart from a hawker's store as afraid that my 600 bucks became 300.

Slowly, inched forward as the guy in front moved forward.

Two young ambsaddues

Anonymous said...

Worry not. Worry not.

Lee Kuan Yee will rise up from the grave to save Singapore.

Lee Kuan Yew jiayou.

Virgo 49 said...

Sorry handphone finger thick thick clicked on send.

Contd Two young ambassadors lined up behind me also wanting to buy from same Hawker.

But they were talking to each other only six inches away.

Are they been exempted?

No wonder old uncles angry and punched them when they start telling them off.

Wah, now it's seemed all Ministries had arrest and detain powers.

Worse than in Military Camps where you can be charged even the flimist offence.

Now, in Civvy street, more dangerous than in Military camps.

Anonymous said...

The US is said to have failed to pay the United Nations for Decades.
Does it pay to the World Health Organization on time for its participation ?

Anonymous said...

First time $300. Second time it is $1,000. Third time, meet Justice Pao and dunno how much must pay! Definitely not just invited to 'lim kopi'.

Days ago, it was first time warning. Second time $300. Taking back is fast and furious.

Also, looks like GE is a sure bet. All the horses' legs have been exposed!

After all, throwing all those money must have a purpose. Make a guess!

Virgo 49 said...

Last time No Wear Masks, you are FINE.

Now no masks, you are FINED.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China and WHO shall conduct an investigation on the virus breakout in Fort Detrick and demand the Americans must come clean, be transparent and give a detail account of what happened there.

Virgo 49 said...

They the UAssA wanted to malign China.

Sekali boomerang the Evil Acts pointed to them.

China, wanted to rest matter as most importantly to curb the Pandemic World wide.

These WarMongers eat too full, no shits to let go wanted to rake the matter and later kena blown in the Face then Whole World will curse them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China must be on full military alert. The evil Americans are preparing for war and would be making a case to attack China just like the 8 nations invading Peking and burning down the Summer Palace.

And there will be many lackeys and cronies willing to go along.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. Good morning.

USA is now in Shits!

Many in many states protesting against the Lock downs.

Think the latest statistics of nearly 22 millions unemployed and with the cheques coming in slow for this Dotard Trump, pompous and mad to put his beautiful signature there are getting them restless.

So many Governors defiling him.

So with his Evil Popeye Pompei they tried to divert attention to China.

Dotard knew that his chances of the November election is getting slimmer as Biden, ex VP is challenging him.

The only last antic is to find trouble with China and in the case of a War, can held to Emergency Powers and hopefully write off their Trillions Dollars Debts.

China must once and for all eliminate this Son of a Bitch.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This virus is just hitting the US. It is the beginning, not going to end soon. Wait for 2m or 3m infection cases and a few hundred thousand dead, wait for their soldiers to be killed by the virus and raise their white flags.

God is in the process of killing this Evil Empire and the former colonial Empires that invaded the world and killing millions and millions of innocent men and women and children in their bloody conquests against defenceless people of other countries and states.

In the past, the invading European powers and then the Evil Empire had and have been misquoting the name of God when they went killing people. This time none of them dare to call God to help them. They knew that this is an act of God to punish them. No more God help us. God is going to destroy all you evil doers.